Tuesday, August 12, 2008

United States haunted sites!

Did you know that the United States government has sites around the country, that are officially listed in public record as being haunted?---------Such as the Whaley House in San Diego, California. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you live now, or have you ever lived in a haunted residence? Tell us all about it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are many, MANY... people who have had experiences.
(Please post only true and actual experiences in the comment section. )
Haunted Whaley House video,........... this is a 10 minute video of the history and photos of the property. Guaranteed to spook you out!


  1. Point Lookout State Park is reported by state employees to be extremely haunted. It has a dark history as being the largest prision camp in the Civil War.

  2. OK, Here is a spooky list of extremely haunted sites around the country that you seriously have to look into. Inevitably, on the blog I will give an overview on each of them, so check back often.

    1.)--Gettysburg Battlefield--Located in southern Pennsylvania.

    2.)--Bell Witch Cave-- Located in Adams, Tennessee.

    3.)--Myrtles Plantation-- Located near St. Francisville, Louisiana.

    4.)--Bobby Mackey's Music World--Located in Wilder, Kentucky.

    5.)--Waverly Hills Sanatorium--Located in Louisville, Kentucky.

    6.)--Lemp Mansion-- Located in St. Louis, Missouri.

    7.)--Bachelor's Grove Cemetery--Located in Midlothian, Illinois.

    8.)--Lincoln Theater--Located in Decatur, Illinois.

    9.)--Old Slave House--Located near Junction, Illinois.

    10.)--Moore Home/ Ax murder house--Located in Villisca, Iowa.

    11.)--Alcatraz Island--Located in San Francisco, California.

    12.)--Winchester Mansion--Located in San Jose, California.

  3. On the "Extremely Haunted" list of 12, everyone can be viewed and toured except for the "Old Slave House".

    That would be one heck of a road trip!!

    Talk about hair standing on end, and tingles all over..........

    Send me a post card when you get there.

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  5. Gettysburg Battlefield--------------------------

    On a three day slaughter in July of 1863, where more then 51,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured, during the Civil War, the earth became so soaked with human blood, that to take a step, was to saturate your shoe.

    This piece of real estate is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the ENTIRE world. Ghosts have been felt, seen, photographed, heard and there are even reports of phantom scents!

  6. Acknowledged as offically haunted, is the blustering stone building called Preston Castle. Built in 1894 it was a state reform school.

    Tours are given on the first and third Saturday of the month.

    See the post titled "Preston Castle" for more information on this very spooky site!

  7. Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island is another offically haunted US site.


    Lots of haunted tours offered around Halloween.

    See my post titled, "Haunted Pea Patch Island" for more information.

  8. A personal account of living in a historical and HAUNTED BUILDING-------------------------

    I lived in a building thought by many, (including myself in the final years there) to be haunted. The home was located in Easton, Pennsylvania, known as a very historical city, and many of the structures are in fact pre - revolutionary war. This 3 story stone block building was located about one block from the river front, and had many lives. It was a rectory, a hospice to Civil War soldiers during the Civil War, church, convent, school, nursing home, personal care facility and as of this date, not sure if it is in use.

    Many people have lived and died in this beautiful old home. Upon acquiring the history rich real estate, many stories were related to me, by people who were on the premises, to work and guard the property. The stories being told,.. by these trusted individuals, included the front parlor chandelier swaying slowly back and forth, for no apparent reason, .....doors opening and closing, when no one is there,.... ghostly footsteps heard walking the hall at night,...... the overwhelming feeling of being watched, ...........and a light phenomena that shot into the dinning room while some folks were painting and made a loud thundering boom noise.

    I myself finally had an encounter in the middle of the night while alone in the building. The TV was on very low, and I was tossing and turning not able to sleep, when I flipped over and looked up, I saw "it". I usually looked in my dresser mirror to see the reflection of the TV, which provided a clear view of the program, when my skin went cold. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "IT", just stood there! I blinked, wiped my eyes, and "it" was still there. The figure was in the outline of a human, about 6', a total black shadow, as if a man had put on a long cape. No face or hands could be seen, and it was standing in the corner of my bedroom, between my closet and my bedroom door. Just looking at me. I took in this image which didn't move nor go away. I felt frozen. Petrified. My heart was racing in my chest. My breath became fast and shallow. I didn't know what to do. I thought of running from the room, but in order to do that I would have to run right next to it, as it stood near my bedroom entry door. I then rolled over in my bed, proceeded to pull the covers over my head and started to pray. I know it sounds silly to pull the covers over your head,......but trust me on this one,........it was far better then doing nothing. I started my reverent prayers to heaven, with the Lord's Prayer. I prayed for about 5 minutes, then turned back over to peek.

    The "figure" was still there!

    I continued to pray, near tears with fear, covers back over my head, and after about 15 minutes I peeked back again and it was gone. A flood of relief washed over me. I fell into a fitful sleep some time later, when the sun finally started to come up. This was the only time I had actually seen the apparition while living in the truly historic Easton building.