Friday, May 16, 2014

American Spring To Take Place Today

Retired Col. Harry Riley, founder of American Spring, has been talking to alternative media about today's happening.

This is extremely interesting, here we go.

Today, May 16, 2014, citizens from across the nation will be
converging upon Washington DC, to voice their multiple
grievances against the government and the bankers they serve.

Desiring a crowd of 10,000,000 to 20,000,000, they will be the latest group of Constitutional Patriots, to descend upon this corporate city.

First came the bikers (whose numbers were impressively high)
followed by the truckers and veterans. Now the rest of America,
(who have turned off their TV and keyed into the truth) are about
to make their voices heard.

This protest is to be peaceful, nonviolent, lawful and adhering to
our Constitutional Protection, as this right belongs to every
citizen. The Washington DC police have been fully notified of this massive event.
The nation is bubbling with energy, as each citizen has learned of a
particular truth. From wars based upon deceit, to false flags to
bring in a nefarious agenda and everything in between.

Such as,......

* The Patriot Act (which is the most unpatriotic document ever

* The NDAAs (which states you can be arrested without due
process and disappeared for forever,.... on a say-so.)

* The NDAA,.. Which states citizens are possible terrorists, for going to church on Sunday,....

* The NDAA,.... Which states citizens are possible terrorists for
having two weeks worth of food,......

* The NDAA,.... Which states citizens are possible terrorists for
having waterproofed their bullets,.....

* The militarization of our police force, which is unconstitutional
and highly illegal, as NO standing armies are to be formed
against the people,....

* Wars without Congressional approval,....

* The missing 2.3 trillion,.... announced the day before 9-11-2001,..

* Secretive underground cities, built without public knowledge or

* Poisons dumped in our public water supply (fluoride),....

* Poisons dumped into the air we breathe (chemtrails, see video below),....

* Weapons given to known criminals ,resulting in American
deaths (Fast and Furious),....

* The IRS being used to persecute citizens, who speak out against corruption,....

* GMOs in our food,...

* The suppressing of free energy,....

* Suppression of the ET reality,....

* Suppression of the secret space program, off world training, and interplanetary travel,....

* Funding and supplying the AL Qaeda rebels in Syria,....

* Spending billions to destabilize and overthrow, democratically
elected nations,...

* The BLM, stealing farmer's cows, murdering them, leaving the
babies to die of starvation, while trying to pirate over $1 million
in fines and fees, because the farmers cows walked on public land and ate grass ( land theft and public relocation are part of the nightmarish Agenda 21 Program ),....

* Fining citizens for having a garden in their yard,...

* Arresting the Amish for selling whole milk,...

* Arresting citizens for collecting rainwater on their property,...

* Illegally telling citizens they cannot speak freely, unless they are
in a 'free speech zone',....

* Pursuing and arresting whistleblowers, that report on the crimes of the government,...

* Illegally spying on the entire country and much of the world,
through 'smart' devices,...

* The testing of disease, upon a trusting and unknowing public,...

* Over $130.00 to cross a bridge in New York (trucks) which is
outrageous piracy,.....

* The largest theft in the world, in the giving of trillions to private
banking families,...

* Death panels for United States veterans at VA hospitals (see video below),...

* Police taking control from a Mayor, forcing him from his house on a Sunday, to attend an illegal town hall meeting (see video below)

This list could go on and on,.... and so the American Spring

This movement is not based on race, religion, political party or
ideology,... although I just gave you a long list of reasons why
many Americans are upset.

We have in our government concentric circles of secret societies,
who are working to destroy the country as we know it, beginning
with our Constitutional rights and freedoms. We see our liberty
being signed away by those who serve another master, all the while making it illegal to speak out on this collusive criminality and to speak the TRUTH.

Our three branches of government have been destroyed with the
birth of the 'Executive Order'. An executive order gives dictatorial
like powers to whomever sits at the helm of the White House. This is an outrageous slap in the face of our free way of life and the Founding Fathers vision for our nation.

A direct example of criminality in government is the following statement:

" Before the Freedom Of Information Act, I use to say at meetings,
the ILLEGAL we do IMMEDIATELY,....the
UNCONSTITUTIONAL takes a little longer."
-Hennry Kissinger

Why are these things being done?

Because the dark side wants to control the world with THEIR fake
money system.


"We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent."
-Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before
the U.S. Senate.

Of course people are concerned that the American Spring is going
to be packed with agent provocateurs who work for the dark side.
You should expect these agents to be there, sabotaging and
character destroying every opportunity they get. After all,.. look at what happened to the Occupy Movement,... homeless were paid by the bus load to character assassinate the movement.

However,... if any citizens are harmed during the American Spring gathering, the corporate controlled city of Washington DC will not have 1, 10 or 20 million to worry about,.. they will very quickly have 300 million on their doorstep.


Because almost every citizen in the United States is upset with
something the government has done , varying degrees.
Currently, ...our government has the lowest approval rating in the history of our nation!

Just remember, agents provocateur do not wish to have their true
identities discovered,... so get anyone you see doing something
nefarious on video and you will have a record.

The national leader of the militia is mobilizing for today's event
and that could be anywhere from 1.2 -1.8 million people.


Overpasses for America, will be manning all of the overpasses around Washington DC today, May 16, 2014. Many in the Tea Party are also expected to attend.
Those who have the ability, are asked to stay in Washington DC until they see change.

Recent events around the world have shown us that when people
are courageous and determined, and they take to the streets in
huge numbers, ...change will occur.

People are shocked , sickened, disgusted and outraged, by the
Federal Agencies, threatening and intimidating the individual
states. Overstepping their bounds, and trampling upon state rights, is what we witness the feds doing on almost a daily basis!
Our country has now become a place where a pen, a phone and a
drone can murder an American citizen, without due process!

Is that the America you want?

Life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness are Divine Rights,.... NO
man can give them,.... nor can a man take them away.

You have a Constitutional right to speak freely (without being in
a 'free speech zone ') and have your grievances addressed.
You owe it to your children ,grandchildren and great-

grandchildren, to restore our Constitution and the freedom and liberty associated with it.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

-Thomas Jefferson

' We the people' are supposed to be in control of this great

nation,...NOT...' Them the government',... whom are supposed to be
our servants.

Mainstream media have shown themselves to be useless, so I
wouldn't even waste my time, should they decide to report on this
However,..there are those who are going to be covering this event
live and you can expect a plethora of videos to be uploaded to the

Look to your favorite alternative media personality to cover this
happening,.. as this is history in the making.

Politicians who are currently holding an office and would like to see a return of our Constitutional Republic, YOU,..are being asked to attend this outpouring.

Let's do the right thing by our heart, mind and spirit, without ever
forgetting that our freedoms were given to us divinely and should never be tampered with.
Do NOT do to another being,....what you do not want done to yourself, and finally,...stand firm, tall and strong for the sacred freedom that has been given to you.

Remember this,..

"When the government fears the people you have liberty,...
When the people fear the government,.. you have tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson

This Sunday there will be a prayer service on the steps of the
Lincoln Memorial ,..everyone who can , of all faiths,.. are asked to attend. God is being called upon, to assist humanity in this grand effort to return our freedoms.

Special note on coverage ,.... will be live

streaming the event, as well as

Go to for more
information on this convergence.

 Videos of interest:

* Outrageous clips of the police state in action, assaulting citizens and criminally violating the people's Constitutional right to protest! In addition the appearance of the all too few politicians (current & past) who are larger than life heroes to the masses, as they shout out to the world the need for JUSTICE, freedom, and a Constitutional return of our rights.

This is disturbing, but a good watch.

Video about 20 minutes.

* Anonymous,... Operations Spring.
Video is about 4 min. long.

* Arizona Mayor Ed Foster, being forced from his home by the
police to attend an ILLEGAL Town Hall meeting. Must see.
Video is about 20minutes.

* Police who beat a man to death,...this is horrifying.
Beware,... very violent!
Video about 8 minutes.

* Wars based upon LIES.
Video about 20 minutes.

* Veterans secret death lists.
Video about 1:28

* Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson talks about CHEMTRAIL death dumps upon the populous.
Video about 2 minutes.

 Update on Operation American Spring:

In looking for an honest, heartfelt report of what took place in Washington, I found Dahboo77, who has a rather large following on Youtube and is truly sincere.

Dahboo, declares the protest a fail (due to low turn out numbers) and thanks those who did show up, with much love. While the people were emotional over our current state of affairs, they were deeply caring for one another, and made the offer of rooms, for those who needed it and the sharing of rooms, for those who had space available.

Col. Harry Riley could not be found, as Dahboo marched from the White House, to the Capitol Building, to the Lincoln Memorial!

Highly disappointing!

Months were spent attempting to get word out on the internet, however,.. with the void of factual news on main stream media, information of this event became a challenge.

(If this doesn't show you that main stream news is controlled and futile,...than nothing will.)

1,500 - 2,000 citizens made the trip and took a stand. It is always the few historically, who have the courage to stand for the many, and say "NO" to the unacceptable.

As for those who were seen ridiculing the Patriotic citizens, I would make the safe assumption of 'placed plants' as to deride those who stand tall, ....this is a continual game of the dark side.

Dahboo, carried through marching until there was only a handful of people left. All the while looking for Harry Riley at the speaking platforms, buses and trailers that were there for the happening.

Needless to say, frustration and anger are the result of being leaderless at such an important gathering.

Two thousand people is still a poignant amount of devoted citizens, however, it is not the millions who were projected and anticipated.

Dahboo speaks of the 'watchers' and possible saboteurs as he spied what is believed to be CIA (who are not suppose to operate in the United States) all over the marching and speaking areas.

In closing, the Youtube account of Dahboo is experiencing ongoing problems with an accurate view count, and subscribers being repetitively bumped from his page. Followers speak of being ejected from his site half a dozen times or more.

( I have also experienced the same, as my view count went from over 7 million,..two years ago, to a handful today. I received a message that my 'page had been altered'. I guess that is what sabotage is called by the dark side,....'altered.')

More to come is promised by Dahboo, as the Americans who made an effort in this occurrence, will not stop attempting to return our freedoms.

Here is Dahboo's account with, love, gratitude, anger and frustration.

Video about 13 minutes

UPDATE: Riley found

 Col. Harry Riley found on day four of Operation Spring and interviewed by Greg Alexander. (Truly a relief!)

People are still holding down the forte (so to speak) of all ages, races and religious backgrounds. So please, do not allow the divide and conquer mentality of the dark side, to psychologically undermine the event.

The interviewer asks questions regarding the snickers and insults by those in the main stream media who are pushing the 'official' propaganda lines of the government. (Otherwise known as those who would like to see a return of Nazi Germany. You wonder how Nazi Germany happened? Well you are watching it roll out right before eyes. Liberties being steadily annexed, while people stand by and do NOTHING.)

Riley is asked about the deriding by the likes of Glenn Beck, where the Colonel responds, by speaking of the honorable and noble intentions of the mission and a desire to return the Constitutional principals back to our nation.

The Colonel goes on to add that our freedoms being restored to the nation, while those responsible for lawlessness upon our land are held accountable, is a desire of the Operation.

(On a side note, I have learned that the happening of Operation Spring is continuing to move forward. I have read comments where people are still en route to be part of this movement.)

May the Creator bless each and every one of you, who stand up for our nation,....for what happens to ONE of us, affects us ALL.

" But for the grace of God, ...go I." 

(--Believed to have first been stated by John Bradford.)

This video of Col.Harry Riley is about 7 minutes.

Love and blessings to you my dear earth family! I pray that where ever you are on our planet that your freedoms and rights are divinely protected, and your life has abundance, health and bliss. ♥