Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ohio State Reformatory

Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory looks more like Dracula's castle, than a prison. The ponderous buildings were built in the Romanesque Revival style by F.F. Schnitzer, between 1886-1910 and they sit upon 15 acres of land, in Mansfield, Ohio.
It is over 250,000 square feet in mass and at six levels in height, the reformatory remains, the largest free-standing cell block, on the planet!

The sewer system and the massive rock wall that surrounds the facility were built by the first group of inmates, to arrive for their punishment. Over 155,000 inmates lived within these stone blocks and walked the long, dark echoing hallways, leaving behind a dense energy. More then 200 pathetic souls, would never leave because they were claimed by the Grim Reaper.

They turned out the lights in the facility, for the last time in December of 1990 and it is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Though no longer a prison, the building continues to be of service to those who want a dramatic and startling atmosphere. Hollywood has come calling for many movies, such as the "Shawshank Redemption", which was released in 1994.

The prison has seen it's share of evil and barbarous characters, such as the notorious, " Mad Dog Killers." This heinous duo, were both former inmates of the OSR. Upon being released from prison in 1948.....they went on a rampage of murder......terrifying the entire region.

First on the macabre list, was a tavern owner named Earl Ambrose.....followed by John Niebel, his wife and daughter. All three family members were taken out to a remote corn field and slaughtered in cold blood!
Next in the murdering mayhem, came farmer Tiffin and his new bride. The young bride managed to somehow escape but her newlywed husband was not so lucky. The very last victim on the horror spree, was a truck driver, whom they shot dead. Within two days of the last murder, the police had the pair trapped inside a road block.

Another shocking character of the OSR, was an inmate named, Lockheart. A former inmate gives a complete account, of this frightful event that took place in a particular cell. The account is relayed to Zak, a paranormal investigator, from the Ghost Adventures Crew, during a recent tour. This seems too dreadful to even imagine but Lockheart actually doused himself with paint thinner , then calmly took a match and set his fragile body ablaze. Lockheart was cooked alive, by the time help could arrive. As they pulled his still smoking carcass from the cell, chunks of melted fat and burnt flesh fell from Lockheart's skeleton and stuck like hot wax, upon the floor. The smell of burnt hair and flesh, on that very dark day, was nauseating.

Suicide attempts and actual suicides, came as no surprise to the staff at the OSR. One inmate successfully killed himself hanging by his neck, inside of his dank .....dreary prison cell.

It was also common place, for the inmates to turn on each other. Another gruesome account at the OSR, states that two convicts were placed into ONE solitary cell for the night. By the time morning arrived, one man had been horribly murdered and was laying crumpled and stagnant, under the bed.

The inmates were not the only ones to die untimely deaths. Two guards were murdered while on duty at the facility. One was shot to death, during an escape attempt and the other was bludgeoned to his dissolution, by a prisoner ...... wielding a metal bar inside of solitary confinement.

The energy inside of this gloomy place is heavy. The misery, sorrow, and dread that were daily emotions here, can still be felt when you walk in............and of course there are always the souls of the damned, that have remained behind. There they sit, invisible to your eyes but felt by your being.

MANY SOULS ARE STILL THERE..........AT THE OHIO STATE REFORMATORY. Rage and hate weigh heavy upon their chaos filled spirits, grounding them to this plain of existence.
The Ghost Adventures crew shot a lock down episode at the OSR and it aired on the Travel Channel. Here is a clip from the show.......................................................
Want to take a tour? Are you brave enough to go on a ghost walk?
Check out the Ohio State Reformatory website for tour dates and times........................................

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pennhurst State School

Pennhurst State School

Pennhurst was designed as an institution for the mentally and physically disabled and it is quite elaborate in size and detail. With much thought and consideration, it was carefully placed upon 1,400 acres, in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania, between Montgomery and Chester County.

The scale of the compound is enormous, more like a small city, with enough room to house 3,500 patients at a time.

Located on the property was...............................................................................................

*Barber shop
*General store
*300 bed hospital
*Numerous dormitory styled buildings for the residents.
*Storage buildings
*Baseball field
*Recreational parks
*Farmed fields,...(The farmed fields, were managed by experts and much of the food supply was grown on site.)
*Even it's own Power plant!

Extreme design and engineering went into the labyrinth of buildings and they were connected underground by a sophisticated tunnel system. The system was put into place for the speedy movement of residents and supply transportation. What was once a salute to genius in design, now the bleak, dark, eerie bowls of the buildings, that now house the wandering spirits, of the mysery filled patients.

The long history of whispered abuse, went prime time, when NBC did a report on Pennhurst called, "Suffer the little Children," in 1968. It portrayed the complete and utter neglect and dehumanization of the unfortunates that were housed there.

The school closed it's doors almost 20 years later, after numerous lawsuits.

The complaints included constant sexual abuse of the patients, physical and mental abuse that were inhumane and dangerous, unsanitary and down right foul living conditions.

Cruel and unusual punishments,...... included having every single tooth pulled out of your head, by a dentist........ for making a second attempt at biting someone. The offending dentist chair still sits in the under ground maze, daring anyone who looks upon it, not to imagine the souls who suffered there.

The patients ALL regressed once they were admitted. Those who communicated well upon entrance, quickly lost the ability to speak , due to lack of interaction and proper stimulus. The ONLY noise that could be heard, was the constant frustrated screaming of the residents.

The infuriated spirits that were stuck in the bodies , of the disabled....are now free to lash out and vent their long pent up emotions on the living.......AND....some of them have remained behind at Pennhurst State to do JUST THAT!

They SCREAM FOR................being chained to their beds.

They scream for...........being left in isolation for so long, that they lost the will to live.

They scream for........being forced to sit in their own feces for days on end, due to neglect.

They scream for........the grown children that were unable to walk, because they simply were not taken out of their cribs and taught.

Their screams were deafening in life and they can still be heard in death.

The Ghost Adventures crew shot another fantastic lock down show at Pennhurst and actually show you an aerial view, of the massive and elaborate lay out of the grounds.

Here is a clip from the show where Zak interviews a witness, who captures a really gross, ghostly sound on tape.
Want to see more? In this clip you will get an excellent history and orientation of this haunted,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poveglia the Haunted Island


(Read on ,....if you dare)

The magnificent beauty of Venice, is in stark contrast to what lies in it's horrid south lagoon,....................................

Poveglia,...............the "Island of the Dammed."

The history of the island screams out in despair for what has taken place here. The macabre island has been a grim host to bloody wars, grisly murders, massive tsunamis that wiped out multitudes, a holding pen for those infected with disease and finally, a last stop for the
unwanted and insane.

It all started in the year 1576,when.......IT CAME. Death creeping in it's long black cape, killing everyone that IT touched with it's long bony fingers. IT,......was the Bubonic plague. Bodies of men, women and children littered the streets. They were piled in every alley, the stench and rot made the senses reel..... and was beyond horrifying.

Those that were in charge at the time gathered together and decided they needed a place to dispose of the rotting corpses............and the unfortunate island of Poveglia was chosen. From this moment on the island became dammed and doomed to it's fate, of being cursed for all of eternity.

As the days became months, with no end of misery in sight, hysteria and dread over took the people. The authorities then declared an order, to take all people, including the still living, that have any sign or symptom of the plague.............and send them to the island of the dammed.

Entire families, were removed.... screaming from their homes, placed in a boat with a doctor, who wore a strange bird mask, with a large curved beak upon his face. The doctor would stuff the beak of the mask with herbs, which they believed at the time, would filter the dirty air, and prevent them from getting the plague. On the boat between the doctor and the doomed was a pot of burning herbs, the wafting smoke arose slowly into the air, as the boat rowed ever closer to the feared island.

Once there, the unfortunates were physically thrown into the pits of the dead and dying. Their minds, souls and bodies screaming out in absolute desperation.

Can you imagine the horror of being thrown ALIVE, into that pit? Well, that very misery has scarred this small patch of land, forevermore.

Three times the Black Death spread across Europe and in each and every occasion,....Poveglia was the dumping ground. According to legend 160,000 people were disposed of here.
Imagine that for a moment,..........160,000 corpses,.........on one tiny piece of ground.
The sadness of it all, takes your breath away.

You can not take a step, without the ash of the burned bodies circling up around your legs. What appears to be white glass, marbles or sea shells is actually human bones, that lie about.

In 1922, an asylum for the insane was built upon this infernal site. The patients immediately started to complain about the misery filled ghostly visions, of dead plague victims walking the grounds, lamenting in distress.

The complaints fell on deaf ears,.......for the doctor that was there to care for them,......was himself seriously disturbed! The doctor who obviously had too much creative freedom and not a hint of oversight, became extremely barbaric with the pathetic patients that were trapped there. Using a basic hammer and a chisel, he would bang away at the skull of his living patients, in an attempt to lobotomise them.

Many died at his hands.

After many years of experimenting on the unfortunates and butchering his patients, it is said the doctor took his own life. Many say,..... it was the spirits of the slain, that encouraged the doctor to climb the bell tower and jump to his fate.
The doctor did jump.........but not all agree that the actual fall killed him. Some tales say that he was still alive, when an avenging fog of angry spirits, arose from the ground and strangled the last breath, out of the mad torturous doctor.

The legend goes on to say, that the remaining patients, gathered up the body of the murdering physician and encased his body in the bell tower. The doctors spirit remains imprisoned.... forever more.

All people are banned from visiting the island, by the government of Italy. Locals will not step foot on the body soaked earth and the fishermen of the surrounding areas will not even fish the death tainted waters, of Poveglia.

It is one of the darkest spots on the planet and NO paranormal investigator has ever spent the entire night there and investigated it,..............UNTIL NOW.

The Ghost Adventures crew spent a complete night, alone on the island!

Here is what they experienced.

*Black mists rising,.... forming in the air.
*Loud moans that could be heard without the equipment.
*Screams, of anguish.
*Footsteps, coming toward them.
*Camera and equipment malfunctions.
*Orbs of light. One in particular flies past a meter and the meter seen to spike at the exact same time.
*Radical temperature change,.......from 82 degrees to 69 degrees, in moments.
*Extremely loud banging.
*The energy of the crew, gets repeatedly drained.
*The crew becomes dizzy, feels like the equilibrium is severely off, they collectively become weak.
*Zak feels a sudden onset of anger and rage,........then suddenly,....screams out!
*The investigation actually needs to be stopped, for a blessing and a cleansing. Much footage was cut from this episode, because it was so distressing to the investigators.

Spirit voices captured:

*" Let's fight!" This is said to Zak.
* "Zak!" This was said while Zak was standing in the burning fields, where the bonfires were held to incinerate the bodies.
* " Hey." This is said after the investigator issues a challenge. A bright light flashes, then the camera mysteriously shuts off!
* "Bye-bye." This is said in a sarcastic way, as Zak leaves the room.

It was an EXCELLENT investigation. Watch a clip here from the Travel Channel, of Zak in the "Burial Fields."

Want to see more? Watch a longer clip here of the Ghost Adventures Crew, making contact with the departed.

All that remains today is the ruins of the hospital, the doctor's office, a church, and a crematorium that turned so many bodies to ash.

People of the region report seeing strange lights floating on the island and hearing the moans and screams of the anguished. truly haunted ground.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Was Spring Heeled Jack a marooned alien?

Spring Heeled Jack has been described by eye witnesses as having a menacing and frightening appearance when you look upon his face. Jack's eyes protrude and glow like red fire,........... he has a slim, pointed nose and ears, an elongated jaw, phosphorus type breath when he breaths, that at times shoots out blue and white flames, when he hisses! His build is lean and muscular and witnesses have described him as being quite tall. Sharp metal tips are found at the end of his claw like fingers and he is dressed in a tight fitting white or silver type body suit, under a long dark cape. Some of the myriad of reports claim that Jack was seen in a type of helmet. The voice of this strange visitor, is said to be extremely high in pitch and his diabolical laughter has been heard many times, after an encounter.

The gravity of our earth did not seem to have the same effect on Jack, as he was seen leaping to extraordinary heights with a single bound!

Jack has been around for a very long time. He was first reported in 1837 and the last official sighting was in 1986!

Sightings were reported all over England, Scotland, Czechoslovakia (his name was changed to Perak, Spring Man of Prague) and he has even made an appearance in the United States!

The long story, all begins ......with a gentleman returning home from work in 1837. The report states that a "man" leaped out over the cemetery fencing and landed directly in front of the witness. Although the witness was not physically assaulted, he was distressed over the ghastly appearance of the "leaping man." The description that was given..... states that the man was devilish in appearance, large pointed ears and nose and protruding.... glowing eyes.

On to October 1837, where we have the report of Mary Stevens. Mary had just got done visiting her parents in Battersea and was on her way to work in Lavender Hill , ......when it happened. While walking through Clapham Common a man leaped out at her from a gloomy side alley. The man proceeded to grab Mary and hold her tightly in his arms, while pressing kisses on her face. The figure was hysterically ripping at her bodice and groping her tender bosom, with his sharp claws! Mary let out a frantic, blaring scream and the attacker fled with incredible
leaping bounds.
A search was quickly brought about by the residents of the area, to find the culprit. No one was ever found!

Only 24 hours had passed from the last incident, when the bizarre character leapt directly in front of a passing carriage, which resulted in the coachman loosing control of the vehicle and crashing to the ground. The coachman was severely injured. Witnesses to the event said the figure leaped a 9' high wall, while letting out a very high pitched laugh.
It was at this point that the press named him.....................................

" Spring Heeled Jack."

Events involving Jack, now seemed to be everywhere. Reports came in from Kensington, Hammersmith, Ealing, Stockwell, Brixton, Camberwell, Vauxhall, Lewisham and Blackheath.
The strange experiences were reported in "The Times" as well as other national papers. Letters were coming in from all over London, to the Lord Mayor, describing the clawed , red-eyed culprit. Some of the reports claim that people had literally died of fright,.. upon seeing Jack.
The Mayor ordered the police to search for Jack and cash rewards were offered to the public.


On February,19, 1838, Jane Alsop answered a knock, at the front door of her house. A man, standing in shadow, stated he was a police officer and needed Jane to bring a light, because " We have captured Spring Heeled Jack, here in the lane."
Jane fetched a candle and walked out to the cloaked man. Upon handing the man the light, he spun towards her,...throwing off his long dark cloak.....instantly revealing skin tight clothing, resembling oilskin.

Jane screamed in horror when her eyes met, his red eyes of fire. Jack hissed...... shooting out blue and white flames, from his mouth. The frightening looking specter began clawing at her dress, trying to rip it open, while Jane desperately fought him off. After an intense struggle, Jane managed to get away, and ran back to her front steps. Jack continued to reach and claw at her, ripping open the flesh on her neck and arms. Jane's sister heard the commotion outside the front door, and ran to Jane's aid. Upon the sister coming out, Jack immediately fled the scene.

The next very well noted account took place on February, 28, 1838. Lucy Scales accompanied by her sister were on their way home from Limehouse. They were passing along Green Dragon Alley, when they noticed a shadowy figure, standing in the passage.
As they came upon the cloaked person, he spewed blue flames into Lucy's face, which momentarily blinded her! Lucy fell to the ground and was seized with violent fits for several hours.
The brother of Lucy, a butcher who lived nearby, heard the screams of the girls, and ran to their rescue. He discovered his two sisters, who had just got done visiting him, on the ground having a fit. The police were contacted and an official report made. Many people were questioned by the authorities,..............but

In 1843 sightings were becoming common and covered the country. A favorite pass time of Jack's was to leap out at the mail coaches, and attack the drivers.

Spring Heeled Jack went on to be sighted and reported in 1870,1872 and 1873. Many stories to the events were published in the "Illustrated Police News", "The Times" and the "News of the World" newspapers.

In August of 1877, a group of soldiers in Aldershot's barracks, reported a run in with Jack. A sentry on duty noticed a figure bounding straight toward him, while making some kind of metallic noise.
The soldier yelled out a challenge and the figure disappeared for a brief time. The soldier then returned to his post....and the strange figure reappeared right beside him! The stunned soldier stood frozen, while Jack slapped him several times in the face, with a cold hand.
Hearing the tumult, several men raced upon the scene. The strange character lept over all of their heads and landed directly behind the group. One soldier fired his gun......but it appeared to have no effect on Jack. The figure then bound into the darkness.
The soldiers dubbed him. "The Night Terror."

In Lincolnshire, in the year 1877, Jack was fired upon again! An angry mob managed to chase him down and had Jack cornered , while some residents shot their firearms at him. Jack managed to use his leaping abilities to escape the rage filled crowd and
vanish once again.

In 1888, Jack was clearly spotted, just sitting on the roof of Saint Francis Xavier's Church in North Liverpool.

After being fired upon, it seem that Jack realized he had worn out his welcome and wandered out of England. A fantastic amount of reports came in during the years 1939-1945....... from Czechoslovakia! A figure that matched Jack description exactly, was up to his old tricks. In Czechoslovakia he was known as "Perak, the Spring Man of Prague."

It seems Jack has even visited the good old USA! On June 18th, 1953....a figure whose description corresponds with Jack's completely, was seen perched in a pecan tree in the yard of an apartment building, in Houston Texas. The witnesses.....Hilda Walker, Howard Phillips and Judy Meyers, said a man in a black cape, with skin tight clothing and quarter-length boots, was roosted up high in the tree,
peering down upon them!

The final report was made in 1997. A salesman named Marshall, living in in South Herefordshire, near the Welsh border, stated he encountered Jack in 1986. Marshall said that a man came bounding along the road with inhuman leaps and upon passing Marshall on the road....SLAPPED HIS FACE! The salesman said he was wearing a skintight black body suit of sorts and had a very elongated chin.

(I know it is wrong,.....but this just makes me laugh!)

So what is he?

Who is he?

Is Jack a marooned alien from a planet with much stronger gravity, then that of our dear earth? Is Jack's home planet of a different atmosphere then our earth,...which gives him the phosphorus or fire type breath?

It certainly seems to me that this fella is not from around here.

After all,........where do marooned aliens go?

There is a tremendous amount of written records, court documents and newspaper articles on our otherworldly friend. I have no doubt that he is very real,..........the question is WHAT IS HE?

Here is a short video on the history of Spring Heeled Jack..............................

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Demon Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road

Clinton Road New Jersey is also known as DEMON ROAD and this winding stretch of blacktop is reputed to be one of the most haunted travel ways in the United States.

Sometimes when horrible activities happen at a particular location, it has a tendency to bruise the very atmosphere. The area then seems to become a magnet for other bizarre events to take place ......and an unseen doorway magically opens.

Such is the case with Clinton Road. It is a narrow, two lane, paved road, located in West Milford, New Jersey and runs through a rather desolate area for about 10 miles. The road begins at Route 23 and ends at Greenwood Lake.

The weird and frightening reputation goes back to the turn of the century ,..(1900)...when people were warned to stay far and away from the area , as it was bustling with evil witchcraft taking place in the dark of the night and vicious bandits in the woods awaiting the innocent.

The gloomy history of Clinton Road goes on to include.............

The stories of old, that claim the natives of the late 1800's trapped and captured the unsuspecting walking through the settlement of Clinton. The unfortunates were then slaughtered and eaten by the mountain clan , which legend states were cannibals!

The dismal history of the wretched area, is believed to have attracted the Satan worshippers, who sacrificed the living at Cross Castle.

The Castle , which was built in 1905, near the water reservoir, has since been demolished, by Newark's Water Department, after falling into ruin.

Walking trails can still be found that lead to the remaining castle foundation.

It is about this time period that the road starts to become known as "Demon Road."

A dark area,.................. attracts dark and evil spirits,.....such as Richard Kuklinski. The embodiment of macabre........ was Kuklinski, as he was an admitted hit man for the Mob. Richard lost count of the amount of people he murdered after hitting 100..... and the area surrounding Demon Road, was a favorite dumping ground for his victims.

One such victim was found in 1983 by someone passing by, who noticed a pod of vultures, feasting upon the bloody, inert body.

Richard froze most of his bodies, before dumping them, which resulted in Kuklinski being dubbed the "Ice Man Murderer."

This area has become a VORTEX of paranormal activity, with ghostly people,....... animals........ and vehicles of every description. Reports have ranged from being followed by phantom cars or trucks, seeing a ghost boy by the small stone bridge , to actual Werewolves stalking the dark wooded area!

Can an area physically become cursed,.... when so much evil has happened there?

Want to take a midnight drive and find out?

If you make it, .............................come back here and let us know what happened!
Want to see a video? Here is a great video by the Travel Channel............................................................................
Want to take a ride down Clinton Road? Watch the following video.............It is excellent.