Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Demon Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road

Clinton Road New Jersey is also known as DEMON ROAD and this winding stretch of blacktop is reputed to be one of the most haunted travel ways in the United States.

Sometimes when horrible activities happen at a particular location, it has a tendency to bruise the very atmosphere. The area then seems to become a magnet for other bizarre events to take place ......and an unseen doorway magically opens.

Such is the case with Clinton Road. It is a narrow, two lane, paved road, located in West Milford, New Jersey and runs through a rather desolate area for about 10 miles. The road begins at Route 23 and ends at Greenwood Lake.

The weird and frightening reputation goes back to the turn of the century ,..(1900)...when people were warned to stay far and away from the area , as it was bustling with evil witchcraft taking place in the dark of the night and vicious bandits in the woods awaiting the innocent.

The gloomy history of Clinton Road goes on to include.............

The stories of old, that claim the natives of the late 1800's trapped and captured the unsuspecting walking through the settlement of Clinton. The unfortunates were then slaughtered and eaten by the mountain clan , which legend states were cannibals!

The dismal history of the wretched area, is believed to have attracted the Satan worshippers, who sacrificed the living at Cross Castle.

The Castle , which was built in 1905, near the water reservoir, has since been demolished, by Newark's Water Department, after falling into ruin.

Walking trails can still be found that lead to the remaining castle foundation.

It is about this time period that the road starts to become known as "Demon Road."

A dark area,.................. attracts dark and evil spirits,.....such as Richard Kuklinski. The embodiment of macabre........ was Kuklinski, as he was an admitted hit man for the Mob. Richard lost count of the amount of people he murdered after hitting 100..... and the area surrounding Demon Road, was a favorite dumping ground for his victims.

One such victim was found in 1983 by someone passing by, who noticed a pod of vultures, feasting upon the bloody, inert body.

Richard froze most of his bodies, before dumping them, which resulted in Kuklinski being dubbed the "Ice Man Murderer."

This area has become a VORTEX of paranormal activity, with ghostly people,....... animals........ and vehicles of every description. Reports have ranged from being followed by phantom cars or trucks, seeing a ghost boy by the small stone bridge , to actual Werewolves stalking the dark wooded area!

Can an area physically become cursed,.... when so much evil has happened there?

Want to take a midnight drive and find out?

If you make it, .............................come back here and let us know what happened!
Want to see a video? Here is a great video by the Travel Channel............................................................................
Want to take a ride down Clinton Road? Watch the following video.............It is excellent.


  1. i believe, but i am struggling between fear, and anxiety of visiting that place. it sounds so evil and horrid. who would be dumb enough to go where evil lurks.

  2. OH MY GOD!!! I want to, but I don't want to die! What do I do?!!

  3. Seriously, this whole thing is totally hyped up. Yes, some of it is true: Richard Kuklinski is real, the road is desolate...but I live no more than 4 minutes away from the thing and have been on it so many times (yes, at night too) and NOTHING has happened. It's not haunted, it's just a whole bunch of legends, and I love my town and don't think it's scary or haunted...seriously, it's just rural and beautiful, and definitely a place to visit, but NOT haunted.

  4. Thank you for your informative comment,...(Anonymous Apr 1).

    I do plan on a visit in the future, as I have read so many varying accounts.

    Some have hair raising stories to tell, others (like yourself)have no such experiences.

    Certainly an interesting and historic area.