Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cave Demons

In this ever changing world, it seems as if mysteries and bizarre creatures are around every dark corner and can be found in deep bodies of murky water. They appear in abandoned buildings, colossal tracks of desolate land, spooky swamps and the vastness of our underground and cliff side cave systems.

Ever heard of a Cave Demon?

They are the latest unknown creature to be spotlighted for public discussion. The show " Lost Tapes" recently ran a program on Animal Planet, that was all about these mysterious winged beings.

The show highlighted famed naturalist , Ivan T. Sanderson.........who journeyed on an expedition in 1932, to the Rain Forest of Cameroon and found an extraordinarily fearsome entity. The report given by Sanderson stated upon entering a cave, the entire exploring party were swooped down upon, by giant bat-like beings. Ivan's exact words described them as,......."Black as coal with membranous wings and long sharp teeth!"

Although new to us here in the Western world, they are nothing new to areas of the planet with warmer and wet climates.

The natives in Cameroon who often see them, refer to the creature as Olitiau. The beings are described as terrifying to look upon, with what looks like a mixture of human or monkey.......... and bat-like features in the face. Long, wild, disheveled, hair around the head, much like a mane, with pitch black fur covering the entirety of it's body. The wings are massive 10-15 feet wide, with thin membranous skin, closely resembling that of a common bat. The body of the fearsome creature stands about the size of a human being upon clawed feet and it's teeth which can clearly be seen, are razor sharp, pointed daggers.

Around the world throughout our history, you will find evidence of these giant Bat People/ creatures,.....going as far back to the Mayan Civilization in Mexico! An entire Mayan cult worshiped, carved and painted pictures, as well as made sculptures of what they called the "Death Bat."

The people of Java, claim their Rain Forest is home to a bat/ human being, that they call the, "Athol." The name is derived from the sound the witnesses have described hearing the creature make, when it soars over their heads.

Even in Vietnam, a creature that matches the giant bat/human descriptions is seen and deeply feared. They call it the "Night Flyer," and they claim it is aggressive, making multiple attacks on it's targeted prey.

Other surprising accounts come from soldiers who have been at war, throughout our history. A large number of men have come forward and given testimony to this creature, that comes soaring out, when the sun begins to set in the sky. Maybe it is because the soldiers are exposed to the open of the night, when hunkered down in the fields , that they have had so many sightings.

Although not as common in the United States as other parts of the world, it has been sighted on our soil numerous times. The most widely recorded account belongs to mountaineer...Butch Whittaker. The sighting took place in the year 1994, when Butch was out preparing to climb Mt. St. Helens, in the state of Washington. In the broad light of day, the creature soared overhead near the volcano top and even though Butch was in a state of disbelief about what he was seeing, he managed to get several photographs of the winged humanoid, before it completely disappeared. It was later described by Butch as having blood-red eyes, purplish toned skin, wings of a Pterodactyl and the head and face of monkey mixed with the features of a bat. It was immediately dubbed, "Batsquatch."

Other places where it has been seen and reported include but are not limited to,..........................

*Brazil--they are reffered to as, "Bat People."
* Senegal--it is called, "Guiafairo."
*Ghana--it is called, "Sasabonsam."
*Madagascar--it is called, "Fangalabolo."
*Middle East--it is called, "Bar Juchne."
*Saudi Arabia--it is called, "Anka."
*Philippine Islands--it is called, "Manananggal," and other areas,..."Alan."
*Indonesia-- it is called, "Orang-Bati." The villagers in this particular area claim the winged creature lives in the long dormant volcano tops and comes out in the dark of the night to feast upon warm blooded bodies. The Orang-Bati has been witnessed snatching away small children in the villages for it's next meal. Fear of this winged marauder runs extremely high, in this region.

So once again we find our self asking the same questions,...........

What are they?

*Did a race of higher intelligences play God, a long time ago and tamper with the DNA of two different creatures,........humans and bats?

*Are they from another world and slipped in through one of the star gates, located on our planet?

*Did they just evolve here and somehow managed to keep a rather low profile?

*Why is it that these accounts which number in the hundreds of thousands, rarely get recounted in our major media?
Want to see a brief, 2 minute video?
Special note: Do not confuse the Cave Demon with Mothman. The descriptions of the two vary greatly. All who have seen Mothman describe the enormous size of his eyes in comparison to the rest of his face. The descriptions say the eyes take up half of it's face and the statement ," they were the size of baseballs," has been used by eye witnesses. The height of Mothman is also much taller then the Cave Demon, which is said to stand around 5 feet in height.
On the descriptions of the Cave Demon, ALL who have had an encounter and lived to tell about it, state that it is clearly a bat/something (human or primate) type of creature.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clovis Wolfe Manor..... a ghostly sanitarium

Clovis Wolfe Manor

Clovis Wolfe Manor is a 9,000 square foot mansion, that was built in 1922, by Tony Andriotti, as a home for his family. Located in Clovis California, it's design is plain to look at from the outside, however the inside was quite lavish for it's time. A formal ball room occupied the fourth floor and a swimming pool was built right into the basement! The entire cost of the project put Tony into deep debt and with the assistance of the Great Depression, he went bankrupt.

After sitting vacant for a long time, the lovely mansion was finally sold in 1935 and became the Hazelwood Sanitarium, a hospital for those with terminal illnesses. Many long suffering patients took their final breath inside of it's once opulent walls. After a period of seven years, the building would change ownership again and Mrs. Brashears opened up the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium. The mansion was now licensed by the state of California, to treat those with mental illness. With the very best of intentions, a facility was opened to care for those who were unwanted in society, however a very dark turn was taken along the way and the patients ended up being gruesomely tortured, neglected and abused.

The building became overcrowded with 150 residents packing the space. These unfortunates were actually sleeping out in the open, of the hallways. The death toll would inevitably number in the thousands and staff estimated a resident would die in the facility, every single day. The horrible conditions made it hard to maintain employees and those who remained behind were burned out and over burdened. They would chain troublesome residents to the toilets and lock them in the showers in the same manner. The metal wearing on skin created festering wounds, which would puss up and in some instances become gangrenous. The high stress levels of the residents had them turning on one another and with little or no supervision, several murders occurred.

The horrendous neglect had the bodies stacking up in the basement, where the dead awaited removal. Days would pass, until a coroner from out of the area would take the drive, to retrieve the stale corpses.

With the enormous amount of negative energy swirling around.....disease, torture, neglect, and death,..... the stage becomes set for ghostly hauntings at the manor.

Before it finally closed down in 1997, staff members who walked away from the facility, told family and friends of the shocking amount of paranormal activity within the dreaded building. The good people of the town, feared the angry and insane spirits would wander beyond the gates of the sanitarium and disrupt the surrounding tranquil homes. People started having crucifixes and rosary beads blessed with holy water and would weave the sacred objects into the fence that surrounded the cursed facility, in a dire effort to contain the lost souls.
In walks the Ghost Adventures Crew (paranormal investigators), from the Travel Channel. While gathering information on the manor, they interview a retired police officer who claims they received three phone calls a week, that originated from the closed sanitarium! When inspected, the building was found to have no telephones of any kind left inside the structure, nor was telephone service even hooked up!

Were the abused and angry spirits still calling for help?

Reports are given to the Crew by witness that include,... the sound of a walker being slowly dragged across the floor,.... doors fiercely slamming shut,... people getting violently pushed / shoved,..... hair being painfully pulled,...... and one account where a man almost broke his neck, when invisible hands yanked his ankles and he fell to the ground, while trying to exit the basement crawl space!

Later on in the lock down investigation, by the G.A.Crew, Zak gets grabbed by his neck, while trying to get back out, of that very same crawl space!

Spirit voices caught on tape during the investigation,....

* A lady lowly moaning.
* FELT and heard deep labored, breathing.

* "It wasn't me Zak." -------This is said when one of the investigators says, "I just saw a flash."

* "Get out!" -----This is said when the investigators say, "We are here to help, talk to us now."

* "No." ----This is said when Arron gets sharp pains in his head and Zak asks, " Are you doing this to us?"

* "DIE!" -----This is said while Zak is simply standing beside the dark opening of the ominous crawl space, in the basement.

* "Want your energy." ----- This is said while Zak is INSIDE the nefarious crawl space,....alone.

The digital voice recorder then gets put on the ground beside an old sofa, that was left behind and a new piece of equipment called an ultraviolet camera is aimed in the direction of the recorder. This camera is able to capture a much wider spectrum of light. A purple light is then seen hovering around the recording device and the word, "stay" is picked up. The light moves and appears to lay on the couch,.....then it leaves. Zak walks over and sits on the couch while talking ...and he invites the entity back into the room! The purple light briefly shows up on the sofa once again and says,.... "Zak".....into the recorder.

Paranormal researchers now flock to the manor and have captured all types of evidence. Spirit voices that have been recorded, number in the thousands. The local residents consider that plot of land to be a "BLACK HOLE" and take extreme measures to avoid it.

Currently owned by Todd Wolfe, the manor is slated to become a HAUNTED HOTEL and will be opened to the public.
Want to take a peek inside Clovis Wolfe Manor? Here is a 10 minute video where the Ghost Adventures Crew take a look inside the structure, lay out their plan and start the investigation...............

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bobby Mackey's Haunted Country Western Club



Get your cowboy hat and western boots out, it's time to go dancing in an extremely haunted, country western club.

Bobby Mackey's Music World, is located at 44 Licking Pike, in Wilder, Kentucky and they have it all. Want to ride a bull?........Have a drink?...........Dance the Two Step?...........or..... Do you want to SEE A GHOST?

Get ready for a real adventure, because some people think that this is the most haunted saloon in the country!

Constructed in the 1850's, the building became a slaughterhouse for the region. The deep ghostly well, that is in the basement , was created to dispense of the vast amounts of blood, that came from such a horrendous operation. After the slaughterhouse closed down in the 1890's, the vacant structure with it's gruesome past, attracted a group of devil worshipers, who used the blood soaked well for their evil ceremonies. Their wretched acts, added even more innocent life and blood to the rueful well.

The ghosts are many at this macabre location and the stories are riveting. It all goes back to the late 1800's, when Pearl Bryan was a beautiful young woman of 22 years and found herself to be 5 months pregnant. Pearl came from a very good family and was the youngest of 12 children. As a high school graduate, who was popular among her peers, she was much sought after by the young men of her time.

Pearl was introduced to Scott Jackson by her cousin William Scott. Young and confident, Scott was a student at the Ohio College of Dental Surgery and was considered of good enough stock by Pearl's family, to court their youngest child.

Pearl became pregnant with her secret lover's baby and in a state of panic confessed this to her cousin William. The information was then relayed by the cousin to Scott Jackson.......who together with his roommate,....Alonzo Walling, tried to preform a crude abortion on Pearl using their college dental instruments.

Pearl was screaming in agony from their botched attempt and hemorrhaging at a rapid pace,so the men decided to murder her. Pearl was alive and awake when they took her life. The despised and bloodied dental tools that had just been used to rip apart her insides, were now being used to sever her head from the body.

Pearl's body was found near the Alexandria Turnpike, a little over a mile from the slaughterhouse and she was identified to the authorities, by the stamp on her shoe. It was later discovered that Scott had wanted to continue cutting up her body and then discard the pieces in the area sewer systems. The plan got scrapped, the body was abandoned and Pearl's head was secreted away with the men. It is believed that the head was used, in satanic rituals.

Though they would never tell anyone where they placed the head, it is accepted by all that have had paranormal experiences at Bobby Mackey's, that the head must have been thrown down the well in the basement of the club.

Paranormal investigators now believe the old well , is a portal to another dimension.

Both men were offered life sentences, in exchange for the information, on the whereabouts of Pearl's head. They refused the offer and instead issued a curse on the ground. They were hung by the neck until dead, out side the courthouse on March 21, 1897.......the very last gallow execution in Campbell County.

The trial for Pearl's murder was so large, that the courthouse actually sold tickets to hear the proceedings! The overflow of angry people, which numbered in the thousands, stood outside.

Dark groups .....continued to use the abandoned structure until the 1920's, when the slaughterhouse was finally torn down. A road house was constructed on the exact same location and the WELL OF HORROR, REMAINED IN THE BASEMENT. Now a speakeasy and gambling hall, it became heavy with MOB activity. More nefarious acts, violence and murders transpired, adding to the over whelming negative energy already present, damning this piece of earth.

In 1933, the building received a new owner, ....E. A. Brady.....who turned the real estate into a casino and tavern, and called it the Primrose. It was wildly successful.

Hearing about the extraordinary success of Brady, the MOB once again came sniffing around. These thugs tried to just walk in and steal the business... but Brady wouldn't allow it. Brady was told, better take on some new partners.... but he adamantly refused. Then the MOB, offered him ridiculously low amounts of money to buy the business outright ......but Brady stayed firm in his conviction and rejected the offensive offer. It is at this time that the establishment starts to get repeatedly vandalized. The local police considered harassment, and vandals a low priority, and weren't of any help. The patrons were next on the list of dirty deeds and they were getting assaulted and threatened, in the parking lot.

Brady had finally had enough and tried to kill one of the criminal thieves named Albert Materson, however he didn't succeed and was charged with attempted murder. With all faith gone in the legal system and tired of fighting the MOB, Brady finally sold out to the blackmailers and robbers,......but left them with a curse.

The curse,.............that they would NEVER PROSPER FROM HIS LOSS.

Brady killed himself in 1965.

The new name of the business was The Latin Quarter and it operated as a full night club. The daughter of the current owner was named Johanna and she was deeply in love with the attractive singer at the club, named Robert Randall. On the last night of his performance, the two love birds were going to go away together. The infuriated father found out about the plan and through his criminal connections had Robert murdered. Filled with rage and misery at the terrible loss of her love, Johanna poisoned her father and then proceeded to ingest the poison herself. The father recovered but Johanna and her baby did not. Johanna had been 5 months pregnant by Robert when she died.

Johanna took her last breath in the basement dressing room, of the cursed building and her sweet rose scented perfume can still be smelled by current guests of the club, when her ghostly figure floats by.

It seems that the curse worked, as the new owners were arrested on many occasions and the gambling equipment was confiscated by authorities.

In 1970, the building reopened as the Hard Rock Cafe, however in 1978 several murders took place on the property , the area officials and local law enforcement shut it down,.........once again.

Along comes Bobby Mackey, a well loved country singer, who has recorded numerous albums,.... and his wife Janet. They purchase the building and opened up a country night club and bar in 1978 and didn't have long to wait to meet the resident ghosts.

Janet suffered a horrendous encounter ,when something physically grabbed and swirled around her,........ pulled her to the top of the basement steps, then proceeded pushed her down! Janet states empathetically, that she heard a voice say in a husky tone, " Get out,......get out!"

Janet was 5 1/2 months pregnant when she was attacked and pushed down the stairway. The baby survived and was delivered prematurely.

Bobby hired a caretaker, by the name of Carl Lawson and gave him an apartment on the second floor, over the bar area of the club. While living there, Carl felt that he was being pulled to the basement by an invisible force, on a regular basis. The paranormal activity was at it's height near the sealed up well. After many fitful nights of lost sleep, and the endless voices that wouldn't leave Carl alone, he hatched a plan. With a bottle of Holy Water in his hand, Carl went down to the basement,.... walked over to the evil well and sprinkled the water over the offending ground.

The spiritual activity seemed to explode after the blessing of the earth. Lights went on and off.....speech ....laughter......and whispers were heard everywhere. Everyone now seemed to be experiencing the phenomena.

Carl himself actually became possessed and had to have several formal exorcisms, to disengage the evil spirit.

To this very day, ghostly happenings occur at the club. The apparition of a ghost with no head has been seen walking the floors. Phantoms troll the bar area and even play music selections that are not found on the jukebox, the "Anniversary Waltz." Music has been heard as coming from the jukebox even when the power is turned off and the plug has been pulled from the electrical outlet. Patrons report being touched, scratched, pushed and kicked. One particular ghostly attack was so violent, it resulted in a lawsuit, which was quickly dismissed. Due to the fantastic amount of ghostly activity, a large sign was erected that reads,....

"This establishment is purported to be haunted. Management is NOT responsible and can not be held liable for any actions of any ghosts/ spirits on this premises."

The club is open to the public every Friday and Saturday,....7PM-2:30AM. There are guided ghost tours available.
Want to hear one of the ghosts at Bobby Mackey's say "spirit stalker" on tape? Watch this amazing video by the Travel Channel.

Watch this video,..............................................................................................................................