Friday, September 27, 2013

The People's Voice And Alternative Media - Support The Cause


For what is the truth,.. if you are never told?

What if you never learned of it,... not even when you are old?

How do you live your life based upon a lie?

Is that something you want for your family, friends or I?

What about your children, grandchildren... and on?

Would you want them to speak and learn of truth, long after you are gone?

Then the time to act, is indeed now,

Not off in the future,.... and this is how,

Find a source that you have come to trust,

Who believes veracity is an absolute must,

Give them your time, support and more,

So, we can begin to heal this planet, straight down to Her core,

For in each center, you must have truth,

You can NOT live in integrity,... if you do not know your roots,

Let the lies be undone and the TRUTH be told,

We want cures for diseases, FREE ENERGY, and whistle-blowers of bold,

Throw to the wayside sources who have proved to be under another’s control,

For it’s become evident, that they have soured, become corrupted, and turned to mold,

The Alternative Media has galloped to humanities rescue, many now say,

So, NO turning back from this reflecting moment,

DEMAND only truth from this day.

                                        (Written by Kelly Horan)

What is more bizarre, than an entire planet of people growing up and living in a vast sea of lies?

What if the few who control your intake of information, have perverted it to the point, where the genuine history is hidden, things thought to be ‘scientific laws’,…aren’t,…wars are fought and people murdered based upon staged deceptions,… and all this remains unaccounted for?

People need the right to speak freely, for without it, you can NOT arrive at truth.

George Washington once said,

"If freedom of speech is taken away,

then dumb and silent we may be led,
like sheep to the slaughter."

Evil forces have infiltrated into where your intake of information is highly suppressed. Games are played upon the public, with such things like, ridicule, re-direction, denial of truths, staged deceptions, and much more.

Ridicule is one of the largest tools you will notice on the chat boards of truth speakers. People who are paid to maintain the nefarious agenda of suppression, will be hard at work, deriding the truth speaker and their important message.

Knowing the truth, can make the difference between a war based upon LIES, and peace.

Knowing the truth can make the difference between sickness and HEALTH.

Knowing the truth, can heal our planet, for energy is FREE.

Knowing the truth, can take a person from their deathbed, and give them back their life, with the use of a NATURAL plant.

Knowing the truth, can restore, FAIRNESS, BALANCE, HARMONY, FREEDOM, EQUALITY and PEACE, to the great family of earth.


Below you will hear the words of David Icke, who is creating such a space for the human family. David has crisscrossed the planet to get to the bottom of this reality, and he has done so for much of his life. Now he has dedicated himself to bringing forth this public forum called The People‘s Voice, and it has never been needed more.

The people who bravely step to the front of the line, and guide the masses to the lighted path, are indeed Way-showers.

Their spirits are mighty, ancient, with a knowing they feel in the pit of their being. These special people agreed to come here, for this time period in humanity, for they are dearly needed to return the masses back, to what has been long hidden from them, and assist us all in the process.
You will recognize these people when you see them, as they speak with conviction, emotion, clarity and have a deep outrage for the deceit that is steadily given to the population.

God, or Source or Creator, has a way, of using life itself (for we are all energy) to return the balance.

Truth Speakers are a VERY special breed.




David speaking,…

“Hello,.. just a few weeks ago I stood here and I was about to show you the space for the studio and the newsroom area for The People’s Voice, which was an idea for a non-profit-making operation that we had only in May and here we are in only September and look how things have moved on.

Let me show you, the space that you saw before with nothing in it, is now a newsroom or in the process of becoming one. We’ve got the furniture thanks to a friend of mine John ______ for arranging for that for us and we have coming soon a state-of-the-art (which you

will find in any mainstream newsroom) .. a state-of-the-art computer system which is specifically designed for a newsroom operation where someone can sit here on the computer (David motions where the system will be) and they can put scripts in the running order just like that. I can sit my desk ( I won’t be spending much time there.. in the near future) and I’ll be able to write scripts from there, 2 and a half hours away, and they’ll come up in the system instantly.
I said when we started this, if this was going to happen, if this was going to work, we were going to do it properly.

We were going to take the mainstream media on as best we can, without resources and we’re not going to scrimp on quality and that is exactly what is happening.

By the Way, this is the reception area where people will come when they come to be interviewed,…. there will be a couple of sofas here and some more desks. This area here is being worked on at the moment,…(David continues walking into rooms)… there’s going to be some walls put up and doors as well,… (I find it’s best to put doors in walls, do you reckon?) In there you’ll have editing going on initially, but it’s also a space where we have the option

(when we get the resources) of a second studio. We will be able to record programs while the live stuff is going out.

Okay moved on around here to,….. you might remember if you saw the first walk around I did that this wall was quite a mess,… umm it’s not a mess anymore as you can see,…and there’s going to be banks of monitors here,… and here’s going to be (and we’ve already acquired it) a big mixing desk, punch up the cameras and the sound and take people from outside,… and take the phone calls.

And this is going to be what they call in television the ‘gallery area’ ,….and the studio area that I talked about last time was a bit of a mess,…not quite such a mess now,…. as you can see we are moving on.
The momentum is moving on.

The windows I showed you with the view of Wembley Stadium over there, (waving to where the windows use to be located) well they’re gone now, they’re all covered in, because of the obvious nature of the studio.

The walls are done. The ceiling has been sorted out to a large extent,… you can see it’s all painted black now and it is just very clearly moved on massively, since the last time I spoke to you from here.

Here (speaking of the obvious) are two television cameras,. absolutely quality, the kind you get in a top news studio,…we have five of these. This is only the first two

(slaps the camera with his hand.)
So you can see,… The People’s Voice has made great strides and is making great strides,.. and I can tell you now that the first program will be broadcast from here on November the 18th.

So,.. When you look back to May
when we made the first appeal, to make this happen, I said that if we raise the money, we would be able to create a quality studio newsroom operation to put out uncensored news and information across a great swathe of subjects that are censored in the mainstream,.. not just news,… not just conspiracy,.. but the nature of health,.. natural health, alternative forms of healing,… the nature of reality, all of these things we will be covering.

I said that ,..we raise that money on appeal, that we would create the technological capability to, in a quality way, (because were using fiber optics, so the quality of the picture will be brilliant) and we will be able to stay on the air for short time with that money, before we would run out of money,…. and that we had to then find other ways of ongoing funding.
Okay so,… Everything that I said we do, we are fulfilling and by November 18th we will have fulfilled.

This video is headed ‘The People’s Voice - The Facts Of Life’…. and these are the facts of life that I want to share with you. By November 18th, we will have this all together, it will be fantastic. It will give a voice to people, it will give the free flow of information for people, free to air,.. whenever they want it,.. and we’re aiming for 24 hours a day but certainly it will be a massive chunk of the day, on the way to 24 hours a day. Whether or not we can do 24 hours,…it’s up to funding, …it’s up to staff,.. which in the end comes back to funding.

But where do we go from here,… once were on-air,..and we’re on air for a few weeks, which we can just about manage that,… but,… where from there?

Now to fund something,… that is not only NOT promoting the corporate, political, media system,… but is challenging it and exposing it, is very, very challenging for us, because there are great swaths the potential advertising we will not touch.

No way in the world, are we going to take advertising or sponsorship from companies we are likely to be doing stories about, exposing their activities. So that is a big chunk that is not open to us and as I’ve said from the start I would rather this People’s Voice adventure, fail doing the right thing,.. acting in integrity,..than to succeed and just be another corporate prostitute, taking from the system and serving the system. I would rather this did not work then go down that road.

So therefore,… we’ve got to find, another way of working, that bypasses that.

Now there are three forms of potential income, on an ongoing basis,… (and I’ll tell you, if you want to do this right, this television system that we have,.. it eats money) even though we’ve got a lot of volunteers it still eats money,… if you want to do it properly.
So there is three potential sources of funding.

* One is sponsorship of programs and there is an opening for a sponsorship of the whole station and that will have to come from companies or individuals that are in integrity, in terms of what they do and the products they sell. So anyone that advertises or sponsors on The People’s Voice, you’ll know that unless someone tells us different, we think they are in integrity, or at least neutral in their impact, and not negative in their impact on society.

* Another one is advertising,..same thing, just a different way of promoting something, through advertising between or in programs rather than sponsoring the whole program, then that’s what I prefer because I think that’s a much better way of doing it,… but we’ll have to take what we can.

The sponsorship opportunities on this station, broadcasting worldwide, 24 hours a day, are fantastic. Not least for companies like,… nutrition companies or,…. alternative health companies,….etc.,… because,…

A.) They will have an open door audience, because anyone who watches The People’s Voice, is already going to be awake too many things,… or else they wouldn’t be watching. Some people are going to come, they’re curious and they’ll see it and it will expand the number of people who are aware of what’s going on. Basically they’re talking to an open door audience in terms of health and all these other things.

Secondly,.. By supporting The People’s Voice, we will be here 24 / 7, to a large part challenging the very oppression, suppression, and censorship of the alternative health arena. Things like, Codex Alimentarius, this local food code, which is there to create regulations around the world, global regulations that suppress,… and it’s happening all the time and in the European Union and in other parts of the world. To suppress what you can sell as a health product,… what you can say about it and all the rest of it,.. and what is it doing? It’s working on behalf of big Pharma. Big pharmaceutical, which we’ll also be challenging, in terms of its grotesque impact upon human society.

So for someone like a nutrition company, or alternative health, that area…..this is a gimme,… that ticks every box,…in terms of support.

* But then there’s the third one, and I think this could end up being the most important, because you know we’re trying to get together an advertising sponsorship team,… there’s so many things to do when you take this on, and so few people to do it,… but there’s just so much demands on time. Were starting to try and get this together. We’ve been promised a few things, by a few people,” Oh, we’ll get you this“…. or.. “We’ll get you that” …well,… words are easy, producing would be preferable please,..after the words have been delivered.

That’s not happened yet.
So we’ve come to the third area,… of financial support for this nonprofit making operation,…everything goes back into the station, to keep the output going and to expand it. Which I think will end up being the most important. Why? Because this is The People’s Voice,…it is the people’s station and you know when you look at that appeal figure of 300,000 pounds, ….months and months and months ago now, which made all this happen and much more that’s coming, the vast majority of that money, did not come from people with lots of money and who could fund this station for a year, and it would be a round of drinks, (some of whom incidentally have said to me over the years, “Oh it’s great what you’re doing,….you’ve got to do something about the world.”)

Where are you? Nowhere.

So if they really believe in what they say, well then they need to get their finger out, or their finger in,… their pocket. “Put your money where your mouth is.”

Great phrase.

The vast majority of that 300,000., came from people probably with not very much,…giving a little, and there was a great number of them,… and we need your help to keep this going.
Those that are truly committed, not those that go out like that and then look the other way,….not my problem. This is not about me, this People’s Voice, it’s not about even the people working on this,… (for nothing) the reward that comes back is the change that we make,… the contribution we make to society,.. in freedom and justice and the free flow of information.

This is about,… not even our future,…this is about our now. If we do not change the direction of human society,.. heading towards the nightmare that it is now,… this global Orwellian State, (you don’t need glasses to see it now)….you know…. it’s in our faces day after day.

If we’re gonna divert that from its intended outcome, than this is about now,… not some future,…but if you want to talk about even further ahead,… this is not just about us, the adults of today, this is about the children and grandchildren, who are gonna have to live in the world that we are hurtling towards!

If we think it’s bad now, (look at what the NSA in America is doing, their surveilling everybody) what do you think it is going to be like,….. five years from now,….. 10 years from now,……20 years from now?
Think global prison state, and you pretty much have it.

Not even a right to your own thoughts, never mind your own expression of voice.

I have been on this journey for the best part of 25 years, and I’ve done it full-time, all of that time.
It’s been my life,.. it’s been my every waking moment virtually,… and I’ll tell you this, if The People’s Voice doesn’t work through lack of funding, and it doesn’t work in terms of the massive, massive, massive contribution we intend it to be, to global awareness and global awakening,…. then I can tell you after being on this road for 25 years, I don’t know where we go from there. I really don’t.

In so many ways, in terms of the free flow of information,…. the last chance corral.

The mainstream media are being pushed back and push back in a fantastical level of truth and exposure that they were involved in before. They are being pushed back all the time. The alternative media, overwhelmingly fantastic you know,.. wonderful people doing wonderful things, but they are increasingly holding the line to censorship and Internet censorship. What we’re intending to do, is to run at them in that direction and start reeling this back,…and when they come and say you can’t do this and you can’t do that,…. we’ll say, “WATCH US! Watch us! What are you to do about it?”

Now,…it were gonna be able to do that,.. and do it ongoing,.. then we need funding ongoing.

What we’ve got,… you’ll see under this video, is a link to a page where people can contribute and donate,…. and also,…this is so important,… we’re going to do this ongoing. So they can contribute,… and donate on a monthly basis. This is so we get some idea, of what our income is, so we have some idea of how far we can push the line, in terms of what we can do.

It could be 5 pounds a month,…. you know somebody who’s not got a great deal,…gives 5 pounds a month,… I mean that’s an amazing contribution. The people who can afford it easily, you know to 250,….1,000 pounds a month,….10,000 pounds a month,…. I mean,.. like I said earlier,… that’s around drinks to some people.

So,…we are at this point now, where we have fulfilled,… (in just a few weeks from now,.. we will completely fulfill our part of the bargain) which we said we would do if we got the support, in the appeal.

I mean it’s unbelievable, the help that we been given and the support we’ve been given to be able to put together a studio of the quality this is going to be,… for I tell you a fraction of what it would be otherwise,…a fraction,.. and we are now at this point where we need to keep this going and ongoing.
So,… If you can help us,.. please do,…..because I need your help to make this happen,… ongoing,….. and I need your help so that we can help each other,… so we can help your children,… your grandchildren,…and my grandchildren,.. and children,…so we can help each other.

Together, we need your help,… so we can help the world in general, to understand and appreciate, that the world they think they’re living in, and the direction the world is going, is not the world they are really living in,…. and it’s not the direction they think they’re going.

So,… It’s The people’s Voice,….it’s the people station, if the people support it,… it will be here, for as long as it’s supported.

If it’s not,… we’ll be here for a few weeks.
That’s the choice, and given what we’ve achieved already, given what incredible support we’ve had with the initial appeal (that has made this possible) what a tragedy it would be, if this wasn’t here 10 years from now, 20 years from now, because I’ll tell you, if it is here 10 years from now, this will be a different world, and it will be a world very different to the one that will be here,… if this isn’t here for 10 years.

I hope you can help us.

Thanks for your time.”

This is the video ( about 19 min.) were David shows you the work being done on this fantastic project, for the family of earth.

Here is the link that takes you directly to David’s donation page, for the People’s Voice project.

This is David’s website,..



This next TRUTH Speaker is Christopher Greene. Many of you may already be a fan of his Youtube videos, where Chris gives us his understanding of current events and does it with emotion and sometimes humor.

People from around the globe have fallen in love with Chris’s honesty and genuine love of humanity.
Many of his segments will end with “ I love you all”….well Chris, we love you too.

Here is a brief video, where Chris talks about the importance of alternative media, and his need for our continued support. Make this special media personality, one of your favorites, I know you will love him also.

Lets heal this planet and our human family,…and lets start with TRUTH.

Video about 6 minutes long