Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Mystical Bermuda Triangle

The stunning and frightening waters of the Bermuda Triangle

The submerged road discovered off the island of Bimini, as predicted by Edgar Cayce.

Map of the Bermuda Triangle
It is the people in the world that KNOW THE MOST, that have a firm understanding of just how little they actually know about universe and everything in it,..................and the people who guffaw.......chortle..........and snicker, who THINK they know it all,......who in actuality,... know the very LEAST of it.

Do you think our world is all there is?

Do you believe in parallel universes?

Do you believe our beloved earthly home, currently has multiple star gates?

Have you come to the understanding that aliens interact on a grand scale with the human race?

Well strap your self into your seat,........because there is an area on our planet where our fellow human beings are simply disappearing ,....from the face of the earth,.......never to be seen again!

It is.......... the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle has many names, including the name "Devil Triangle" due to it heinous acts upon the innocent and unsuspecting, that take place within it's boarders. It is about 140,000 square miles in over all size and stretches from the island of Miami, San Juan, Puerto Rico. It does indeed form a triangle.

A very sinister triangle, where people have in the past and continue to go missing at an alarming rate.

It is in this very spot, where the laws of the universe as we currently understand them,.....cease to exist.

The most common phenomenon reported by the survivors, include------------
* Missing large chunks of time.
*Having all clocks/watches stop, at the exact same minute.
*Having all batteries drained of power within their equipment.
*Their magnetic compasses spin wildly, rendering them unreadable.

Pilots and ship captains have reported inexplicable apparent time travel, where they managed to journey impossible distances in a fraction of the time! Air traffic controllers have documented unaccountable disappearances, of aircraft from their radar screens. One moment the craft are being tracked on radar,......the next moment they are completely gone! A period of time elapses,....10.......15.........20 minutes,.........(then for the lucky ones), the aircraft reappears, as if nothing had happened.

Those who have survived to talk about it, go all the way back in time to Christopher Columbus, who himself was an eyewitness. They have described seeing luminous craft and strange lights dancing erratically in the sky, over the mysterious water of..... .............."The Triangle." Columbus documented his 1492 account, in the ships official log.

Formidable weather phenomenon, is another constant in this inscrutable area of the earth, that deeply frightens those, who are in it's presence. The bizarre weather includes, walls of unknown grey material that spring up in front of ships..... to eerie fog that appears spontaneously and has been known to form a long spinning cylinder, around the flying aircraft.

Pilots have reported that their craft, both the interior and exterior, began to light up and ominously glow. Ship captains reported burning themselves when they touched metal areas of their own ship, and stipulated that in this same time period, that they felt faint headed and dizzy, accompanied by breathing difficulties.

One surviving witness to the Bermuda Triangle experience, is pilot Bruce Gernon. During an occurrence, that Bruce will never forget, he speaks of a cloud coming alive around his plane and the feeling of weightlessness, as he floated up in his seat. The attached seat belt, was what kept him from drifting through the air within the plane's cabin.

The list of surviving witness is impressive and long, however...........what about the THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS, that are never seen again?

Where did they go?

Are they alive in another universe?

Were they abducted by alien beings?

Many of those who have disappeared did so while in mid-sentence during radio contact, on beautiful sunny days! No one knows what brings on the mystery of the triangle, as some disappear, while others remain unharmed.

Some of the MANY ships and planes that have vanished include,......but are not limited to,----

*The USS Cyclops---Vanished in March, 1918,.....with 300 people on board the ship.
*Rosalie---The crew completely vanished in 1840, but the massive French ship was discovered floating, with it's entire cargo intact.
*Proteus & Nereus---Vanished in December, 1941,.....these were sister ships to the USS Cyclops.
*Superfort---Vanished in 1947,......this was a U.S. Army C-54.
*Star Tiger---Vanished in January, 1948,.....this aircraft had 31 people on board and had recently radioed that they would be arriving, on the scheduled time.
*DC-3---Vanished in 1948,.....this aircraft held 35 passengers and communicated beautiful weather to control, directly before the disappearance.
*Star Ariel---Vanished in January, 1949,........this airliner was between radio contacts and had also reported beautiful weather, when it disappeared.
*B-25 bomber---Vanished in 1956.
*Marine Sulphur Queen---Vanished in 1963,......this cargo ship completely vanished before reaching it's destination of Norfolk, Virginia. It's route took the ship through "The Triangle."
*Witchcraft---Vanished in 1967,.......This cabin cruiser was only a mile from shore, when the captain of the boat notified the coast guard, that the boat's propeller had hit something. By the time a rescue boat arrived to assist.......... the Witchcraft was missing!

Einstein believed in time travel, so do many of the more scholared physicists in the world. Time is an illusion for the living, it is another medium that is woven within space and it is bendable, fabric. Knowing this,...... do you think it is conceivable that a wormhole cone was bent and formed, within this mysterious area, by advanced life forms, for easy entry into our planet?

The Atlantis connection.

Edgar Cayce predicted, that we would discover evidence of the Lost City of Atlantis,...... and indeed we did. Ancient submerged roads became visible to flying aircraft, in the late 1960's .....and have been under study ever since. What are known as "The Bimimi Roads" are in the very area of our mysterious triangle. Were the Atlantians (an advanced alien race), attracted to this area because of the magnetic power,.............or............... is the strange energy and power that are ever present in the area, due to something left behind by the Atlantians themselves?

Just to be safe,....on your next vacation,........make sure your ship or plane goes AROUND the mystical waters of the Bermuda Triangle!

If you ever experience anything weird while traveling through it, and survive to tell us,........come back here and let us know what happened!


In this 23 minute video, the Destination Truth team investigate the deeply mysterious waters of the Bermuda Triangle,.....where they experience magnetic and electrical problems, as well as some physical symptoms to their being.
In this 9 minute video of the Bermuda Triangle, you will get a very good history,... as well as first hand accounts. This is part 1 of 2. The second video you will find on the side bar of the Youtube page.


  1. The most famous and confounding disappearance to ever take place in "The Triangle" was that of flight 19.

    Flight 19,,.. was a training flight for Avenger bombers, whose last day on this earth was December 5, 1945.

    The flight, (five planes in total), was conducted under the guidance of Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, who was a highly respected and very experienced pilot within our military.

    On a beautifully clear day, with a relatively short training mission, they lost radio contact after relaying strange troubles to control.

    Once contact could not be regined, a search and rescue mission was immediately dispatched. A 13 man crew was placed upon a rescue Mariner aircraft and they set off to find the lost squadron.

    The Mariner itself lost radio contact also, and was NEVER SEEN OR HEARD FROM AGAIN!

    The Navy officially reported that flight 19,.. as well as the rescue Mariner, were lost due to "CAUSES OR REASONS UNKNOWN."

  2. Another notorious experiencer of the extraordinary effects, of the dreaded triangle,... is the great Charles Lindbergh.

    Alough Charles survived to recount his tale, many do not.

    Stating he witnessed many unusual events while flying within the Bermuda Triangle,... this was later recounted in his autobiography.


    UFOs have been seen flying in and out of the waters of the Bermuda Triangle with such frequency, that it is speculated there may be an alien colony or base in that region.

    The sightings of UFOs flying in and out of the ocean, go all the way back in time to the journeys of Christopher Columbus!