Monday, April 26, 2010

Crop Circles....Alien Communication?

Crop Circle Formation

Crop circles are a very important mystery for you to understand. Once you come to comprehend some consequential facts relating to the circles,.......the enormity of this information, will change your current understanding of reality.

OK, what is a crop circle?

The simple definition of a crop circle, is the formation of patterns (from simple to the elaborate), found most often in crop fields of rye, soybean, barley, wheat, or corn.

However, anyone who actually examines the evidence for longer then 5 minutes will come to a conclusion, that they are anything,........BUT SIMPLE.

Some will try to make you believe that it is a NEW and modern phenomena,....IT IS NOT.

Crop formations as we know them, have been going on for the last 400 years and have sporadically been published in texts, newspapers and magazines along the way. All speak of the strange, bizarre, mystic, otherworldly and elaborate formations found in the crop. One seventeenth century write up, while grasping for an explanation for the event, referees to the mysterious formation as being mowed by the Devil himself.

It wasn't until the arrival of the airplane, that a full and complete aerial view of the impressive work could be seen. Discoveries of the circles have been found in more than 30 countries around the planet, with thousands of them being photographed and their statistics documented.

The sizes vary widely. From the simple and relatively small formations to creations that measure almost three quarters of a mile in length! A real crop circle appears in moments, and has been witnessed by multitudes of people. Those who have watched a real formation being created, say it was completed in under 20 seconds.

One of two things was always present in the formation of a witnessed circle,.............................

* Light anomalies, in the shape of a shaft or a ball, that moves over the affected area, quickly and quietly creating the formation.

*The presence of a alien ship, that sits stationary in the sky, over the affected crop, while the formation is being created.

The circles relay information. Some of the information imparted is so intellectual that you would have to be a mathematical genius to have made it. One particular circle was actually a NEW mathematical theory,.......that didn't exist on our planet! Quiet often the formations are what is called sacred geometry.

Contact has INDEED been made, as you will see later in this write up. Undeniable and unalterable proof has been given to the masses, as "they" (aliens) want us to know of their existence.

Beware of the fools, hoaxers, and disinformation agents. They are out to confuse and mislead you from understanding an extremely important truth. The harmless ones, like artists are out simply to make a name for them selves,. ..however the disinformation agents have an agenda.

These dark agents are the ones behind the stooges, that are propelled forward and offered to the public as a scapegoat for the phenomena, in the dire hope that you will look no further.

Military aircraft and black helicopters have appeared over fields, within moments of the sighting of a UFO and the formation of a circle. Farmers have quietly reported being told to, "Get out there NOW,.... and plow that field." Anything from threats of harm, to compensation, to the insistence that it is a matter of national security, is used to motivate the farmer to comply with the request. With independent investigators, now continually monitoring the crops from privately owned aircraft, it is getting harder for the governments to hide the evidence from the public.

It is of no use, to report the events to your government. Most countries are in a state of denial, and will stone wall, ridicule,...or give a laughable excuse for the event. What is important to remember, is that some countries are not lying to their people, they understand this is indeed happening and are working with the populace on UFO events.

As you come to understand this truth, it is best to form independent groups to catalog the events you come across and share information amongst one another.


OK, how do we know a real circle formation when we see one?

It is very easy to tell the difference between a REAL CROP CIRCLE and one created by hoaxers.

Hoaxers all state that they use a wooden board, with a rope tied to each end. The rope ends are held in their hands while they walk along with their wide planks of wood and stomp on the crop, creating flattened stalks of plant life. The delicate live plant, is snapped and broken at the base. The majority of the plants in a hoaxed circle, do indeed die.

The real alien created circle contains the following,.........................................................................

* Plant life that is not killed by the breakage of the stem,....instead the stem is BENT OVER. The bend in the stalk occurs about an inch above the earth's surface and a cellular change has occurred in the very NODE of the plant! It appears as if they were zapped with a type of energy and after bending into their new position, the cell structure hardens in that position. The plant is still alive and continues to grow!

*Magnetic phenomena. This anomality has affected compasses, cell phones, batteries packs of every kind, cars near the created circle and aircraft that fly overhead. The field becomes electromagnetically charged!

*Radioactive isotopes, which do NOT occur naturally, have been recorded inside the circle. When a new formation has been found, these isotopes can be found for at least 3 or 4 hours after it's creation.

*Some stalks in the formations are bent (cellularly changed) ,... and leaning only a few degrees from upright! (IMPOSSIBLE to change a plant a few degrees with board stomping.)

*The pattern is pure and clean. There are NO GUIDE MARKS to be found.

(Guide lines are patently visible in a hoaxed pattern, as they are needed to refer to strategic points in the completion of the image.)

*Seed embryos of the affected crop have been distorted.

*Elaborately woven stalks,.... that have been intertwined and are up to 4 or 5 layers thick, with all seed heads remaining flawless!

*The earth of a real formation has the appearance of being baked.

*Radiation soaring to many times it's normal level. In some instances the change is 300% above the natural measurement.

*The physical body becomes affected in people and animals in many instances when they enter the circle. Effects like dizziness, confusion, nauseousness are most commonly stated.

*The increased energy in a real formation can be detected long after the crop itself has been plowed under.

Special note: Crop circle formations have even been found on thin ice! The ice where the circle was discovered,.......would not support more than 50-60-lbs. of weight, without cracking.


Crop Circles


The following crop formations are going to change how you perceive your world, the universe and everything we thought to be true.

It happened in 2001. A portrait of a face was placed in the field near Britain's largest radio telescope. The alien face was done in a screen technique of light and shadow. (See center photo.)

Left-Alien response.....Center-Alien Portrait......Right-1974 Sagan Message

Three days later, a long rectangle of information, resembling a data strip emerged. The message left in the field, was in binary code and it matched the Arecibo radio telescope message of 1974.

For those of you who don't know about the 1974 message,.......... I will tell you. Respected astronomer Carl Sagan worked for NASA and he designed a binary message to be transmitted out into space. This message gave out specific facts, about the human race and the planet we reside on.

Sagan's message showed,................................

* Our calculation system.

*The dominate chemical substances within the elements that create life on earth.

*Our DNA code and structure.

*Humans height and the quantity of earth beings.

*The planet that we inhabit.

*A sketch of our radio telescope.

The right hand side of the above picture shows you the message that was launched into space.

Flash forward 27 years later,.....and an exact replica of our binary coded message is returned to us, only the information now contains facts about the aliens and their WORLDS. The response strip is strategically placed near the alien's pictogram portrait. (See the left hand side of the above photo.)

Well, what does the alien code say?

*The aliens responded with a matching calculating system, (so that we can understand them.)

*Silicon is shown as the most dominant element in their life forms, (as compared to our carbon.)

*A humanoid figure with a large head, compared to it's body, is shown and they state they are 4' tall.

*They show an extra string in their DNA code.

*They inhabit the 3rd, 4th, 5th planets in their solar system.

*Their population is 21.3 billion.

*The depiction of their telescope is considerably more complex and elaborate compared to ours.

One year earlier, from the information strip being left in the field, a crop formation depicting the layout of their telescope system was placed in a nearby field. This formation matched the binary code telescope formation, EXACTLY.

Alien binary coded message

The above photo is of a crop formation, that was left a year after the information strip was given to us. It also contains a binary coded message.

Paul Vigay,, a data expert deciphered the code. In order to do this, the image was greatly enlarged and clarified by a computer. Once converted to our alphabet the message became easy to read.

The alien message says,......................................................................................

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises,

much pain but still time,

There is good out there,

We opose deception,

Conduit closing."

Carl Sagan's 1974 binary coded message.
It is Ok to freak out a little. The world is not what we have been taught it is,.........there is so much more.
One thing that you hopefully have been taught remains true,........treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. It is indeed a golden rule. We are all sovereign beings with a free will while on this earth. No one is more important then you in the universe and love in all of it's forms is what we are to learn.
WE are one human family of love and light.

Here is a 6 minute video, on the most consequential formations of our time.

Here is the 10 minute video, on a device that was built......., based on the "Barbury Castle Tetrahedron" formation of 1991. Please see the comments section of this article for a written description.


  1. The earliest account of a crop circle, comes from an area in Holland, known as Assen.


  2. Crop circles serve a purpose. They are either relaying a message, for the human family,......or.....they are stamping the earth with energy.

    Most of the creations are a form of sacred geometry and it is believed they are created with the use of radiation, AS WELL AS THE USE OF SOUND-WAVES.

    This comment, is only in reference to the GENUINE formations.

  3. OK, that you know, we are in fact dealing with advanced civilizations, lets take a look at what some of the formations have shown us.

    All over the Internet you will find people who are investigating this phenomena and uploading the results, to the World Wide Web.

    Most with reasonable intelligence, come to the understanding,... that the evidence presented in the crop formations, is overwhelming and the need to understand the communication, by studying the symbols, SOON TAKES OVER.

    Students with majors in engineering and physics, as well as PHDs in the same fields, have given the matter much thought.

    One particular case on the Net is presented by Chris Heart, who believes that the circles contain keys to build advanced technology.

    The hypothesis, in the uploaded video goes on to state,......that the complete design in certain crop circles is for a STAR SHIP, which would be capable of traveling to other star systems.


    In a prominent design from 1991, called the Barbury Castle Tetrahedron, you will see at it's core a solid circle with two surrounding rings. Multiple appearances of this symbol have been created in the crop formations.

    Tn early 2001, a device was built based on "The Barbury Castle Crop Circle."
    While taking a physics course he realized electromagnitism and gravity were correlated. Remembering the crop circle, he considered that the cavities in the formation could be microwave resonators. The tetrahedron shape structure had a magnitron, which is a microwave emitting device, pointing downwards to 3 large spheres through which huge standing electromagnetic waves would quickly accumulate.

    The magnetron was encased in a strangely shaped wave generator, which was completely based on the crop circle formation.

    THIS IS THE ASTONISHING PART, of the corners of the device would LIFT UP OFF OF THE GROUND, about 1/2", soon as the device was switched on!

    It is the belief of many, who study the GENUINE formations, that this information is being provided to the masses for,....................




    *SPRITUAL DEVELOPEMENT,....which include the understanding of the following,.........

    Once a symbol has been identified, it can be used in decoding other formations, where it is also visible.

    Each season brings more amazingly brilliant information!

    Remember: The hoaxers and Misinformation agents are out to confuse and mislead. Look for the identifiers of the REAL FORMATIONS, and pay the hoaxers no mind.

    I will upload the "Barbury Castle Tetrahedron" device that was built based on the crop formation, of the same name.


    The formations are being studied more and more as time goes on, as people slowly begin to realize the colossal information that is being relayed.

    As they are being studied, hoaxers who claim to have created a particular formation, THAT THEY INDEED DID NOT CREAT, are being exposed.

    Doug and Dave, two well known hoaxers, made claim to crop formations, that they were LATER QUESTIONED about.

    An astronomer was studying the intricate crop designs and came to a startling conclusion. The designs in the field contained geometric ratios which equated with the frequencies of the diatonic musical scale. These unique musical/geometric relationships, are no longer even formally taught, in learning institutions.

    Contact was made with Dave & Doug, where the scholarly astronomer questioned the elderly pair about the antediluvian principals.

    The two aged men, had NO KNOWLEDGE or UNDERSTANDING of what was presented to them.

  5. Correction:

    The correct spelling of of the builder's name, of the "Barbury Castle Tetrahedron Device," is...

    Chris Hardeman.