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Alien attack......Colares Brazil

Just like there are good and bad people on this planet, there are also good and bad aliens in the universe. The good or "benevolent" aliens are concerned with our development in a harmonious way, which would involve peace, love, equality and respect for our individual rights. They mean us well and their desire is for us to evolve,........... without negative control or manipulation.

The bad or "malevolent" aliens do not care about any of the above. They do not care if we are in a state of war and wipe the entire human race, off of the planet. The evil aliens are all about control and do not respect our rights as sovereign beings. They consider themselves far superior, and regard us as little more then a usable resource.

It was the bad aliens that came to Colares, Brazil in 1977 and hunted down humans,.. leaving them injured, hospitalized and in some instances....... dead.

Amid the cries of the people, Air-Force Captain Uyrange Hollanda arrives to investigate the scene. A four month long, in-depth study of the unworldly activity, is carried out under Hollanda's expert supervision. A mountain of evidence is obtained.

Retired Air-Force Captain, Uyrange Hollanda

Flash forward to October 2nd, 1997, when the Captain is found dead inside of his home.

It was Hollanda's own daughter who made the grisly discovery that horrible night, when she went to visit her father. The honorable Hollanda was found hanging by the neck, from his own bed post. It was staged to look like a suicide, however those who study ufology are convinced, that this was indeed a murder.

You see, just two months prior to his extremely suspicious death, Hollanda gives an earth shattering interview, on the alien attack of the Brazilian people. The detailed recount is compete with photos, drawings and witness statements. The entire interview is video recorded for accuracy.

The former Captain speaks of the alien craft flying toward Colares and proceeding to cover the Amazon in neat, formatted sections,.... he goes on to say, that four months into the military investigation, they were given an order to halt all operations.

In his own words, Hollanda speaks of the multitudes of injuries to the terrified people and the unfortunates who were killed, in that appalling period of time, in 1977. In a very candid way the Captain speaks of the events he witnessed while in command of this operation and the precise records that were kept. Attention was paid to the smallest of details.

Friends,... family,... as well as associates, who Hollanda knew professionally, all believe he was murdered , silence him from talking further on the subject and prevent him from giving any future interviews.

The Island of Colores is where this whole drama of attacks takes place. The people targeted by the aliens were quiet, peaceful and live a humble existence, near the mouth of the Amazon. For the most part, the populous is made up of hard working, fishermen and farmers. Technology with all of it's bells and whistles is used very little, in this simple part of the world.

Photo of an injury caused by the alien lights .

The story,.. as recounted by a few of the documented 3,000 witnesses.

*Witness Emidio Campos Oliveira- In this segment Emidio recounts his terrifying experience, by pointing to a spot on his upper thigh and describing the dreadful burning sensation he suffered when the alien light landed upon him.

Going back to the awful night, Emidio says,... at about 11pm he tenderly kisses his wife for the evening and proceeds to lay down in his favorite location, which is a comfortable hammock in the living room. He closes his eyes briefly, then is shocked to see a powerful beam of light penetrating down through the ceiling and the upper roof tiles! The blinding white rod of light , heads straight for him and stops directly upon his upper thigh.

* Witness Orivaldo Pinheiro- This account takes place several days after Oliveira's attack. Orivaldo decides to go fishing with his friend. They are out for quite some time , when suddenly a luminous object is seen in the evening sky and it appears to the fishermen, to be flying straight towards them!

They describe the ship as completely silent and it struck fear into their hearts to see something so large, yet so ominously quiet. The aghast men fled as fast as their legs could possibly carry them, towards town.

Frightened and out of breath when they reached town, they excitedly recounted the event to everyone that would listen.

The pair of men are told by the gathering crowd, that many of the towns people have experienced the same alien craft. The worried group, go on to describe being hunted by the ships, as they zig-zag through the trees and structures, running down the fleeing villagers, with it's razor sharp beam of light, projecting out from the ship.

*Witness Lucia Helena Marques- A 25 year old dentist, describes her encounter near the beach. While browsing through the market, a rumble of nervous voices goes up as two separate lights in the sky come flying towards them, at a rapid pace. An eerie effect of light flashing,... on ......then off, is seen taking place between the pair of alien ships. One would blink on,.... the other would blink off.

The feeling among the many witness watching this demonstration take place, was that the ships were actually communicating to one another. The colors that were being flashed in the sky, were red, green, and yellow. The anxious people watched the entire event,.... then the ships disappeared in an instant.

*Witness Carlos Mendes- Carlos is a journalist and he recounts the many calls that came into his office, from the terrified people of Colares. The callers pleaded to have the matter looked into, as they were frightened for their very lives. Mendes immediately contacts the newspaper photographer,.. and they head straight out for Colares. When the gentlemen finally reach the town, they are at once surrounded by frantic and upset villagers.

It seems as if everyone has had an account, of being hunted and attacked by the alien craft,.. that project the mysterious beams of burning light. Shirts are lifted and pants dropped to show bizarre marks containing many pin holes, in a circular formation, upon reddened and in some instances,..... blackened skin.

Photos are taken of the painful injuries, while the witnesses give their testimony. While recalling their individual events , they speak of the lights ability to penetrate through solid objects. One woman voices, how she became paralyzed when hit with the light beam and points to the marks created upon her chest, that appeared to be, ....many tiny puncture wounds.


*Dr. Wellaide Carvalho- This important witness speaks of the patients that were brought into her health care center, in a very serious state of health.

One woman, after being attacked by the lights, was immediately sent to the larger hospital, as she was in a critical state upon arrival. Five days later another patient arrives, completely rigid, in the back seat of a squad car. The patients legs were seen hanging out of the car door, because those in attendance could not bend them. The very inflexible woman was in a dire state medically and Dr. Carvalho gave the order for her to be sent to the city hospital.

Both women later died.

Carvalho wanted a diagnosis on the patients and a cause for their untimely deaths. The records given by the city hospital simply listed the cause as,.......unknown.

The Dr. and the local officials got together in town, and pleaded with the mayor for help in this mysterious situation, that seemed to be injuring and killing the local people.

The Mayor then contacted the regional Air Command of the Brazilian Air -Force, also known as COMAR.

Captain Uyrange Hollanda, is assigned to lead a military team of Air Force Officers in an official investigation, into the frightening events taking place on the island. The name given to the mission by military executives is.... " Operation Saucer."

* Witness Pinon Frias- is a 38 year old co-pilot, who is brought into the investigating Air -Force team, along with engineers , scientists, and other officers. Their first concern was to find out WHO was violating Brazilian airspace. A barrage of equipment including, telescopes, cameras, recording devices and shelters are erected on the most active areas. The residents of the island watch with rapt attention, as the activity from the team unfolds.

The co-pilot explains the heightened fear level among the villagers and notices that the people were sleeping in shifts. Always leaving a sentry to watch for the attacking lights. The people readily showed their injuries, which in numerous instances had turned from dark red to pitch black, on their skin. The town was understandably upset and refused to be consoled.

The investigative team starts to take pictures, of the vast amount of injuries and documents their oral accounts. The team then heads towards the local health care center, to speak to Dr. Carvalho. They question her about the injuries she was seeing,....and the patients who later died.

The Air-Force then tries to insist to Dr. Carvalho, that she MUST tell the town's people,..that they were simple suffering from a case of hysteria.

It is at this moment that the Dr. realizes, that this investigation team is not interested in telling the public the truth. With each insistent word by the military, it becomes evident they are trying to cover up the entire situation.

The Doctor REFUSES to follow the offending instructions. Carvalho's conscience would not allow her to trick the good people of the town, especially when the people were being badly hurt and in some instances dying.

The invesitgation continues.

Hollanda proceeds with the investigation, painstakingly gathering evidence. Emldio Oliveira, who was badly burned on the upper thigh area, by the alien lights is contacted and interviewed. Pictures are taken of his injury and attention is paid to every particular, of Emldio's story.

The next four months are spent recording UFO's,... of different shapes and sizes, along with documenting the painful lights hunting the town's people. Statements continue to be taken from those who were injured, as well as photos of their injuries, all the while having hushed discussions with the town's officials.

Every hour of the day and night, the sky remains under the teams surveillance. The results of the investigation are purposely kept away from the public. The people who were tensely waiting for the truth, from their own military,........are now ABANDONED BY THEM.


The people of the town suspected something was wrong from the beginning, as the investigating team arrived without any weapons. They had cameras, telescopes, recorders, everything needed to document the events, but nothing to stop the attacks from happening. The public found this strange since they were indeed being assaulted!

The Air -Force team drew in great detail, sketches of the various UFO's that were flying about the area and added this to the enormous report that was being formed.

Once again the investigators visit the local Doctor. In this interview, she states she honestly had a hard time believing her injured patients,... and their descriptions of predatory ships in the sky, poking and burning their skin with lights,...............that is until .................she witnessed an alien craft with her own eyes!

At 6PM, the Doctor is returning home, when she sees a female fall down on the ground. When the Dr. looks up, she sees a ship just hanging in the sky, at about the height of a ten story building.

The ship is described as cylindrical in shape and moved in elliptical movements over the physicians head. Then, an instant,.........the ship disappears.

Actual photographs from the Air-Force investigation.

During the lengthy investigation, five hundred photographs are taken of the mysterious ships, people's injuries and other surrounding evidence. A total of fifteen hours of film is shot of the related events and paperwork is neatly gathered of the three thousand witnesses, who gave a personal account. The information is sent back to COMAR headquarters as ordered and the Captain with his team proceed to leave the town of Colares.

Over the next few months the attacks on the people begin to subside.

Flash forward to 1997.

Retired Captain Hollanda decides to speak about the entire horrifying ordeal, in a video taped session to A.J. Gevaerd.

Gevaerd is a ufologist and he records the Captain saying, "The ship gave an explosion, like thunder, it was a very strong explosion and brightness. It took off at an incredible speed, toward the atmosphere and disappeared among the stars."

For two long days the the ufologists, Marco Petit and A.J. Gevaerd, stay with Hollanda and interview him. The former Captain states he came face to face with alien ships,.... that were 100 meters in diameter and the ships would vary in shape.

Hollanda, "We could hear a sound like an air conditioner,....a kind of dull sound,.......(woo, woo, woo.) Deep inside the sound, there was a clicking noise, like the sound of a ratchet, this noise coming from the ship was very clear."

Hollanda describes in excruciating detail,... three separate encounters with alien space ships.

"The light came close to us and stopped high, it was high,..... quite high up there, stopped and actually made a circle around us. It made a circle, then it took off toward the east."

Drawing of the alien craft submitted to COMAR.

Drawing of the alien craft submitted to COMAR.

Sketch by Hollanda, of the being that appeared to him.

The visit.

Hollanda explains in his interview, that he was indeed visited by an alien being, while resting in his bed. Hollanda, " I was lying on my side, suddenly a very powerful flash lit up the room. I was startled. I heard a strange thing, ....then immediately afterward, was a being behind me,..hugging me. It was a rather strange situation."

The Captain goes on to describe the alien," It was a meter and a half tall,...more or less. Dressed in a suit resembling a astronaut,.....or a diving suit. It was kind of soft, wasn't very tight. I didn't see the face. It had a mask that was lead grey and I couldn't tell the details of the face. I didn't see any eyes. I didn't see any shape."

Hollanda tells the ufologists that the creature spoke to him, he says, " I was very frightened and that thing behind me,.....hugging me,......squeezing me,.....and it spoke into my ear in Portuguese,...with a sound,...seems like,....a computer,.....that metalic voice. It spoke into my ear. (Alien said),"Take it easy, we aren't going to do you any harm."

The alien then disappeared.

Hollanda explaines, the ships came from the sky, the ocean and in the direction of the trees. They seemed to come from everywhere.

The Captain then says he has been implanted, then offers up his arm to the cameras, where you can clearly see an object moving under the skin of his left forearm. When the area gets pressed with his thumbs, you can see a rod shape move in his flesh.

Hollanda. " Flexible plastic, you press (he presses the area with his thumbs) and it shows up there, this point here."

Question posed to Hollanda. " Did you ever get it x-rayed?"

Captain, " Yes, but it didn't show anything."

In July 1997, the Captain's story is published in UFO Magazine.

On October 2nd, 1997,.......the Captain is found dead.

Offical cause of death affexicia. All who are familiar with this case and this intelligent and brave man are convinced that he was murdered, for speaking out on the alien agenda.

Forward to 2004

The massive military report sits in government archives for over twenty years, with no sign of it ever being released to the people. In March 2004, A. J. Gevaerd and Marco Petit, demand access to the classified Colares report, under a campaign they created called, " Freedom of UFO Information Now."

Bravo ............for a job well done gentlemen!

On May 20th, 2005,...the ufologist arrive at Brizilian Air -Force headquarters to examine the classified documents, that they had pressured the government to reveal. They are able to see that the military devoted much time to the investigation and the statements are taken down in miniscule detail,.....however,......they are prevented from viewing ANY of the films, they are only allowed to see 200 documents, ......out of 2,000 pages of text and 500 photographs in the report.

95% of the investigation is still kept away from the public's eyes.

The people of Brazil are right to believe their brave Captain Hollanda was murdered. The exact same thing happened to one of our military people, who came forward with the truth, about the alien agenda.

His name was Phil Schnieder, and he was found dead in his apartment in the same manner in January of 1996, after giving a series of public speeches.

Phil was a structural engineer and a geologist who worked for the government on BLACK PROJECTS, for 19 years! Phil built underground secret bases for the government inside the United States, while carrying a level three security clearance. The ultra secret AREA 51, S4 AND lOS ALAMOS, were some of the covert bases that Phil worked on.

Rest in peace Captain Hollanda and Phil Schnieder. You are both brave heroes who came forward with the truth, despite the threats to your safety.

You are an honor to your countries, and your people thank you.

Here is a brief video, on the attack of the people of Colares.

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    The exact same type of alien attack happened in India, during the summer of 2002. The area was Uttar Pradesh, and the horrifying accounts match what happened to the good people of Colares, Brazil,.....precisely!

    Hundreds of villagers were injured, while others were killed, by lights chasing them down and entering their homes.

    The frightened people were in desperate need of help and protection,..... however it did not come.

    The people ran into the same ridicule, lies, and dismissive attitude, that was offered to the people of Brazil.

    The India populous became enraged over the uncouth treatment of their suffering friends and family members and STORMED the police station by the thousands.

    The police fired on their own people, killing two distraught civilians.

    Foolish explanations were offered to the people as the cause of the attacks, which included ,...

    *A grasshopper- This was said to be the culprit responsible for attacking the people. (This is so ridiculous that the people SHOULD BE OFFENDED.)

    *Ball lighting- This is another laughable and offensive excuse given to the villagers of India. Ball lighting DOES NOT CHASE YOU DOWN,... Nor does it stealthily enter your house and attack a sleeping person.

    Remember this,.......the medical staff in Colares Brazil WERE TOLD to lie to the public and to blame them for hystiera and the self inflicting of wounds. The military repeated the orders they were given to medical personnel. In many instances, they did NOT KNOW who gave the origional order.

    Flash forward to India.

    *Alien attack.
    *The people are lied to.
    *They blame the public for hurting THEMSELVES, and proceed to give insuling reasons for their suffering and death.

    I see a pattern,......DO YOU?


    *Some doctors in Brazil REFUSED to lie to the public, despite being ordered to lie by the military.

    * The military Captain Hollanda, who headed the investigation in Brazil, finally came forward and told the people the truth about the alien attacks. (God bless you Hollanda, you are a hero.)

    India needs some caring people in authority to do the same for them.

    WE ARE ONE HUMAN FAMILY, lets all help and protect oneanother on this planet.