Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Evil Influence in Mayfield, Kentucky


The evil influence at Natchez Trace Road, Mayfield Kentucky

Try to stay positive, try to stay bright,

Keep your path planted firmly upon the light,........

For when we sink into mires steady foul lows,

Things come creeping up,....and out of the shadows,..........

Sneaky and steady they crawl on the sly,

Most can not see them,....unless you've opened your third eye,......

So, develop your discernment and stick to the light, 

Or,..you will attract dark beings who dwell in the night.

by Kelly Horan

 The following interview that you will read is absolutely true and comes from the Travel Channel and a program that they run called 'The Dead Files'. All credit for the interview of the subjects goes to the show. The links for the Dead Files are posted on the bottom of the write up.

Enjoy the trip into the nether worlds, located in Mayfield, KY.

The Investigators on this are show,...

* Amy Allan who is our treasured EARTH ANGEL! She has one foot in each world as she sees, hears and feels the energy of the deceased. The entirety of her life, has been surrounded by other worlds who have let themselves be KNOWN to her.

Spooky shadow beings loomed, frightened and plagued her as a child.  ( I also, have had this happen in my life.) This led Amy to pursuing a greater understanding of what she was seeing. This journey, has resulted in amazing clarity of the either worlds.

While walking in our material world, Amy has dedicated herself to helping people solve the problems they are having with beings behind the physical veil.

You DO NOT DIE, she understands this actuality very well.

 Amy has worked with many, many people becoming one of our EARTH ANGELS. She helps them to understand this simple truth and further solves their problems as best as she knows how.

The other investigator on the show is,.....

* Steve DiSchiavi a hero of a man who genuinely cares for people! His compassion shines through his eyes, and people feel safe talking with a man who has spent his life in pursuit of the TRUTH.

Slick, suave, AND a polished dresser (who drives very cool cars, I must add) Steve veritably has it all!

His memoir shows he has spent more than 21 years with the New York Police Department. Steve retired from being a homicide detective and now he belongs to ALL OF US (courtesy of Travel Channel of course).  He is a blazing example of what ALL POLICE AND INVESTIGATORS SHOULD BE,....now OUR good guy gets all the facts, history and interviews necessary to solve the most complex of cases, and those cases involve,..... the between worlds.

Steve is simply magnificent, and when he and Amy get together at the end of each show, the pair have summed up what is taking place at each location.

Artists sketches of what Amy has seen with her third eye, along with realities Steve has put together are presented to give the people involved a better understanding of what is taking place at their location. The creep factor can't be over stated here as Amy is SHOWING YOU WHAT SHE IS SEEING!

A list of things to do, which will help or possibly cure the situation, are then given to the clients.

It is an excellent show and the hour seems to sail on by before you know it! You find yourself looking forward to next weeks episode,...where oh where,...oh where will it be?

Where ever it will be, the clients (as Steve refers to them) are always in need of assistance, and Amy and Steve are the perfect pair to provide support!

Get the popcorn, a blanket and someone to cuddle ready,.... for the DEAD FILES is on!

The evil influence in Mayfield KY,....

Steve, " I'm in Mayfield, Kentucky,...it's a small city in the South Western part of the state. I got a call from a mother who was HYSTERICAL. She thinks that whatever is in the house, is going after her two kids,...destroying her own health and ripping her family apart. She told me, she has tried everything and we are her last hope."

Matt, " Before Amy arrives, I clear the house of any leading information. Removing family photos and religious icons. When I am finished, the location will be ready for tonight's walk."


Amy, " The first thing that I saw was a hill. There's a hill,...it starts to roll,...there are THINGS INSIDE IT,....(whispers) there's alot of them.

It makes me feel uncomfortable. The dead in here are SCARED. They know this land and they know that it's BAAAAD. ( Said with a look of mixed horror and surprise.)"

Steve, " Well, Socorro when I talked to you on the phone, you sounded really upset."

Socorro, " I am. It's NOT safe here. I am AFRAID for my kids. It's been very difficult, nobody should have to live like this. Honestly, I mean,....you are our last hope."

Steve, " Who exactly lives in the house still."

Socorro, " Well, I have a photo over here. (She gets out the photo to show to Steve) This is my husband Tim,....this is our oldest daughter Bianca, she is 14,....and then this is our youngest McKenzie, she is 8."

Steve, " What year did you move in?"

Socorro, "2006."

Steve, " Now, if you can,... just give me a list of what is going on in the house."

Socorro, " There been KNOCKING,.....there has been FOOTSTEPS,.....things moving ON THERE OWN,.....SHADOW FIGURES."

Steve, 'OK."

Socorro, " Now,....THINGS SEEM TO BE GETTING VIOLENT. I feel it's picking on the girls and picking on myself. McKenzie hasn't slept in her room in the last 4 or 5 years. She has been sleeping with my husband and I. No 8 year old girl is suppose to go through that."

Steve, " Well, that can't be great for the marriage?"

Socorro, "It's taken a very big toll on our marriage,...but at the same time she is scared. WE'RE the parents,...we are suppose to protect them."

Steve, " What about you, how are you holding up?"

Socorro, "It's been very hard. There's days where,..... I just think I am going crazy. I've also had medical issues with my right leg. I've been to the doctors, I've been to the specialists,....and NOBODY CAN SEEM TO TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LEG!"

STEVE, "Is that the only physical problem you are having?"

Socorro, "Other than my anxiety."

Steve, " So,...when these anxiety attacks happen, tell me what happens to you."

Socorro, " Almost like I CAN'T BREATH & MY CHEST HURTS. Something doesn't feel right,...almost like I'm crawling out of my own skin. It's just NOT normal,...I know,...it's not normal."

Steve, with tremendous caring in his voice nods his head and softly says, " Well, we're here. "

Socorro, Now with eyes that have turned red & tearing from emotion says, "I just hope you guys can help."

Amy in the quiet and dark of the night, is STANDING IN THE BEDROOM of the farmhouse, she says, " This is a BAD ROOM,....very BAD. I see a man and a woman fighting. She has bad stomach problems,....HEART ISSUES,....she is like real sick,...really,... really f*cking SICK. Panic, anxiety,....really depressed,....ooh."

Amy walks to another room in the house, she is moaning out in pain and says, " This is TERRIBLE,....THIS IS AWFUL. My God, like this person has like MAJOR ANXIETY ISSUES. There is like this feeling of like she can't take it anymore. I think she thinks she is loosing her mind." Amy then whispers,.....'I think she kinda is'....(now doubled over in distress) Oh my God,....ooh."

Amy then proceeds to walk to the KITCHEN area of the home.

The interview cuts to Steve in the same kitchen DURING THE DAY WITH THE HOMEOWNER.

Steve, "OK, so why did you bring me in the kitchen?"

Socorro, " In here we hear a lot of UNEXPLAINED NOISES coming out of the kitchen area. Doors slamming, THINGS shuffling in the cabinets."

Steve, " Now,....you actually SEE the drawers opening and closing?"

Socorro, " No."

Steve, "Do you ever have evidence that something has been moved?"

Socorro, " No,... we don't."

Steve, " Anything else?"

Socorro, " In the laundry room area I felt a punch, like something just HIT me,...It was woof, RIGHT IN THE RIB CAGE, knocked the wind right out of me,...and I've seen a SHADOW FIGURE right at the door. It's tall DARK,.... MALE FIGURE,...AND IT'S THERE FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS,...then,.... it's gone."

Steve, " You got alot of lights from cars going by every once in awhile,...what about that? Could it cast a shadow on anything you got in there?"

Socorro, " NO,..I don't believe it does,...no."

Steve, " So,...this SHADOW FIGURE you saw,...you feel that this thing is THREATENING?"

Socorro, " Yes, I was scared. Being stared at,...it's a STARE THAT MAKES ME VERY, VERY UNCOMFORTABLE."

Steve, "I'm surprised you didn't run the hell out of here."

Socorro, " WHERE DO YOU GO?"


Amy, " The living woman, she sees the figures from outside,.... from INSIDE THE EARTH. "

Matt, " Do you know what these THINGS would look like to people?"

Amy, " Like SHADOW PEOPLE. They are kinda tall though,...they are around her ALOT. She is attracting them to her, because of what is happening,.... or what has happened to her in her life. Somehow she KNOWS that there are these BAD THINGS, so she is like INVITING this evil in." (Amy flashes a cringe as she utters the last sentence. I don't blame her.)


Steve, " How long has McKenzie been sleeping with you guys?"

Socorro, "A little over 4 years. It's alot to deal with and it has taken a strain on our marriage. "

Steve, " OK, you mentioned that you had some stuff going on in here. "

Socorro, " Yes,.... umm I was lying in bed (Steve, 'OK') and I saw a DARK SHADOW FIGURE standing over my bed. I closed my eyes several times and prayed and OPENED MY EYES AND IT'S STILL THERE!"

Steve, " Your sure you weren't dreaming though?"

Socorro, " NO,...I wasn't dreaming."

Steve, " Did it ever happen again?"

Socorro, " In the bathroom,...AS I'M IN THERE TAKING A SHOWER, I FEEL LIKE I'M BEING STARED AT. It's horrible. There's been another incident just recently, I'm laying in bed and I felt a tug on the blankets. McKenzie usually tugs at the blankets and then crawls into bed with us. So I turned thinking, 'well OK McKenzie' well McKenzie is NOT IN BED WITH ME."

Steve, " What about the dogs, do they ever,...?"

Socorro, " No, they get kenneled at night."

 Steve, "I mean HOW ARE YOU LIVING LIKE THIS?  I mean just listening to your stories is,...

Socorro, "It's been very hard, it's been difficult Steve. I don't know what's here. I know that WHATEVER IS HERE IS NOT A GOOD THING. "

A look of PURE CONCERN flashes across Steve's face.


Amy, " I feel like I'm going to throw up. THEY'RE ALL OVER. THEY'RE ALL OVER IN HERE. She sees like two to four of them. I think,... she thinks,... she is loosing her mind. Subconsciously she INVITED them in. They are attracted to negative people. So, if the person is having a really bad time, or they are depressed,....THEY SEE THAT AS AN INVITATION. You know it's kinda like she is ALMOST TRYING TO SELL HER SOUL. Like she is trying to make a deal here."

Matt, " For what?"

Amy, "She is saying she would give up HER ETERNAL SOUL. She doesn't really see another way out."


Steve, " So,..McKenzie, I was talking to mom and I was talking to dad and umm, they were saying you were having some tough things going on here, things that scared you,..." ( McKenzie sitting on her bed, looking adorable in her beautiful and brightly colored room, nods and says, "Yeah." )

Steve, " Now, this is YOUR room, right? (McKenzie nods again and says, 'Yeah'.) Steve in his gentle way continues,...."BEAUTIFUL, I wish I had a room like this, but...you don't sleep up here?"

McKenzie, "NEVER."

Steve, "Are you scared to be up here?" (McKenzie nods.) You are, OK. Are there thing that happened that you can tell me about,...that scared you?"

McKenzie, " Well, one day, whenever I was sleeping in my mom and dad's room, I saw A BLACK SHADOW AND IT WAS GOING ACROSS THE YARD."

Steve, " And that scared you?" (McKenzie nods) Steve continues, " Do you play up here?"

McKenzie, " Sometimes."

Steve, " Okay. Are you alone when you do that?" (McKenzie shakes her head no.) Steve continues, " No, Okay,...how come, tell me."

McKenzie, " Because I always feel like someone was like watching me."

Steve, " You do?" (McKenzie nods here head.) Steve continues, "Okay."

AMY IN McKenzie's BEDROOM,......

AMY, " THE DEAD LADY WANTS THIS ONE BAD. She wants this one very bad. She doesn't want me to come in here. She just says weird shit like, ' I'm going to EAT HER. I'm going TO EAT HER FOR DINNER. She like watches CONSTANTLY this one.

WATCHES,.....WATCHES,.....WATCHES. Follows every where,...every where...watches.

(Amy sort of sniffs the air),...BAD,...BAD. I think she's sort of influencing this person, or WILL influence this person. Whoever sleeps in here the most is ...(grimaces)....they're in trouble. Very HAUNTED PERSON. VERY HAUNTED.

NOT EVEN A F*CKING CHANCE MAN. Not even a fighting chance.

Steve, "Socorro and Tim don't know alot about their property's history. So I got on the phone and called a bunch of locals. A historian just got back to me and told me that one of the earliest owners of my client's property, has a story I'm definitely going to want to hear about."

Interview with TODD HATTON,......

Steve, "You mentioned on the phone that previous owners of my client's property had a pretty tragic time. Who are these people?"

Todd, " Well, George and Agnes Wyatt are the owners of the property. They bought it in 1919, to farm tobacco on with their only child Virgil. George & Agnes came from very good farm families. Here is a picture of George in his mid 30s, as you can see, he is a big strong guy. Agnes came from a very prominent family she was one of six children. Her father was very well-to-do and was even elected city assessor."

Steve, " Okay, So how did it go for them? You mentioned a tragedy,... what is the story?"

Todd, " Well, in 1937, George got very,....very ill. He was experiencing intense pain in his upper-right abdomen. Nausea, vomiting, fever,...even jaundice,..yellowing of the skin and the eyes. They took him to the Mayfield hospital and he was diagnosed with a gallbladder inflammation,... two days after his surgery, he died in his hospital bed. It was NOT a painless way to go at all."

Steve, " Ok, so a far as Agnes, goes,...is she remarried, what is the story?"

Todd, " She did not remarry, she remained on the farm by herself until she dies."

Steve, " Okay, so how soon after George dies, does she die?"

Todd, " 5 years. She died in her own bed on October 20th, 1942." ( Hands Steve a document.)

Steve, looking at the document says, " She dies of the same thing as her husband?"

Todd, " Same symptoms,...SAME DIAGNOSIS."


Amy, " Okay,....the old woman,...she doesn't want me to know anything about HER. TERRIBLE,...TERRIBLE,....TERRIBLE.
This is probably her family's property. Who is this f*cking person? (Amy walking down the steps in confusion.)

A LOT OF MONEY THERE. A lot of money there. She had siblings, lots of siblings,...umm...something like 5 or 6.


Steve, "Okay, so I got to assume Virgil is the only kid,...he gets the farm.

Todd, " No, she cuts him out of the will. When Agnes passed away, in 1942,...here is a copy of the will,...it says in the will that Virgil doesn't get anything.

Steve, "Why would she do that?"

Todd, " It would appear as though she doesn't trust him."

Steve, " It sounds like she is a MEAN WOMAN.

Todd, "Yes, it does certainly seem that she could be very SPITEFUL at times."

Steve, " So,...why didn't she trust him?"

Todd, " He went off the farm to train to become a machinist, which is a very skilled profession,...but he didn't hold that job for very long. He ended up becoming a laborer for the Kentucky department of highways. Which is a very big drop in income."

Steve, " What do you think happened?"

Todd, " Well, that is the interesting thing, there are indications that he may have had trouble with alcohol. He ended up dying at the age of 62, from complications,...an enlarged liver and kidney failure,..which is indicative of alcoholism.( A certificate of death is handed over to Steve.)


Amy, " The old lady doesn't like the teenage boy. She says he get in the way. She can't abide it,....she's mad. Some kind of weird dynamic here. Totally,...just f*ucked.
The old man is laughing,...he's like, 'Oh, you met the b*tch up stairs' He hates her,...HATES her. Are you guys related or somehow? (talking to spirits as she walks through the home) I don't know."

They knew her father, he is saying that someone should have just shot them all, like KILLED them all, because they were all like demented."

Steve, "So far, I have a family living in fear on a property that has seen at least TWO DEATHS,...but I need to see if there is anything else that could help my case. Searching through records I find not one but 4 men who were killed while working on my client's property. All by A SINGLE BOLT OF LIGHTNING. I'm heading over to meet with an archivist, who says that those men NEVER HAD A CHANCE."


Steve, " Well, Nathan thanks for helping me out with my case, but why are we out in the middle of nowhere?"

Nathan, "Well, I wanted to bring you out here to a working tobacco farm to kinda give you a glimpse of what your client's property probably looked like at the time."

Steve, " Okay, so what is the story with this accident?"

Nathan, " On September the 2, 1939, seven farmers had been out cutting tobacco and they were taking it to a barn to hang it, when all of a sudden a HUGE STORM BLEW UP. It was one of the worse storms to hit the area at the time,..and you can see here, massive flooding, power lines down,...a number of roofs were blown off buildings, pretty ruff storm. The lightning strikes all seven of the men,...they all go down."

Steve, " That's incredible."

Nathan, " Unfortunately 4 of the men die."

Steve, " WOW,...did these guys even know it was coming?"

Nathan, "I doubt that they had any idea that it was coming."

Steve, " Okay."

Nathan, " Here is there death certificates here. You have three women who became widows that day and two children who lost their fathers. Horrible event."

Steve, " So,...this is just bad luck,...."

Nathan, " Bad luck,....OR SOMETHING. I don't know of anyone who has been hit by lightning here in Western Kentucky, and I have lived here my whole life."


Amy, " These shadow people they are ALL OVER THE PLACE,....but mostly stay in the ground,....it's almost like a burial."


Amy, " There is something with the OUTSIDE,....with the LAND. There is something wrong here with the EARTH. Some kind of like ENTITIES or something,....like I kinda want to say,...it's kinda of evil."


Steve, " During my research, I came across something that caught my attention. I traced the property deed back more than 130 years,...and couldn't believe that the average person stayed there less than three. It just doesn't seem right. I'm heading over to meet with the local real estate agent, to see if this is a strange as it sounds.


Steve, " I'm sorry when I pulled the chain of title on my clients property, I couldn't believe what I saw,....it was 47 owners in 131 years! Your a veteran real estate agent,...for that neighborhood is frequent turn over, on properties and homes common?"

Fred, " That is alot of transactions for any particular area, and this area for certain. Most people that buy homes there, they stay there for quite some time. It is one of the better and safer neighborhoods of our whole county."

Steve, " Now, when you look through the records here,...anything stand out?"

Fred, " There were some things that popped out at me. For instance, in 1919, I noticed there were EIGHT different transactions in just THAT ONE YEAR. Also, there was a lady that bought it and only KEPT IT FOR 10 DAYS."

Steve, " Wow,....when my chain of title search came in I saw all these transactions when it was a tobacco farm, but yet the turn overs continued after my clients house was built in 1989,....they were already the FOURTH OWNERS. I just thought that to be odd."

Fred, " Yeah, ...no doubt about it."

Steve, " So, the property I'm investigating has some unusual numbers attached to it."

Fred, " Very much unusual."

Steve, " OK."

THE SKETCH,..........

Amy, " I encountered several entities during my walk, but the OLD WOMAN taunting the living girl,....HAD ME THE MOST CONCERNED."


Amy, "This old female, her head way very narrow and long and she had long grey hair, and she was wrapped around this young female child. Kinda,....'I'm in control of this kid.' "

Sketch artist, " Is this what you saw?"

Amy, " YES."

THE REVEAL,..........

Steve, "Now that Amy and I have completed our investigations, we are ready to reveal our findings to each other and our clients for the first time."

 Steve to Amy, "Amy, I would like you to meet Tim & Socorro, now from the time they moved into the house in 2006, THINGS WERE BAD but THINGS JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE. The biggest worry they have is their two beautiful daughters. This is Bianca who is 14 and this is McKenzie who just turned 8. The kids don't feel safe in their own home, and it's killing the parents here.

THE ACTIVITY in the home is tearing the family apart and WE ARE THEIR VERY LAST HOPE."

Steve to the family, "So now that Amy knows a little bit about what is going on in the family here, I'm going to ask her to describe her walk for us."

Amy, " There's alot going on here. I'm going to start off discussing the conscious DEAD that I encountered here. The first individual that I met was an elderly male,...over in the dinning area,....he is in his 60's and I heard him talking alot about his barn ( I think he lived here a long time ago). He seemed to be pretty negative and pretty abusive and now IN DEATH he is still very ornery. Something is telling me that when he feels somebody says or does something stupid,..HE'LL TRY TO HIT THEM,...and what he was telling me is that when he actually does hit people,..one of his favorite things to do is TRIP PEOPLE. If they fall down, HE GETS A LAUGH."

Tim, " Yeah, when I was standing at the top of the stairs and getting ready to come down and I go to take a step and the next thing I know,...BOTH MY FEET ARE OUT. I'm at the bottom of the stairs,...it freaked me out."

Steve, " Tim's an iron worker,...he is use to being on beams and HIGH UP,...and balance is his life,...a guy like this doesn't just trip."

Tim, " No."

Steve to Socorro, " Now,...you got punched IN THE BACK."

Socorro, " Yes,...I was walking in from the laundry room and as I turned and was walking back into the kitchen, I FELT A PUNCH, it just knocked the wind out of me."

Steve to Amy, " So,..this sounds like something this guy would do?"

Amy, " Yeah,...both of those things would be right up his alley."

Amy to Tim & Socorro, "The next person that I encountered is a teenage male. He was kinda a wild child, he's kinda crazy and out of control. Mostly I saw him upstairs in the larger bedroom,..very noisy, very loud,...he often makes GROWLING NOISES as well,...IT IS DRIVING THE DEAD CRAZY."

Steve, " This kid is driving living people crazy too."

Socorro, nodding in agreement.

Steve, " Explain to Amy how Bianca hears the growling."

Socorro, " She's come running to me several times and Tim & I (Tim interjects, 'WE HEARD IT.').

Amy, " What does it sound like?"

Socorro, " A dog, but it is not a dog."

Steve, " Now Bianca described it to me as half animal half possibly human."

Socorro nods.

Tim, " It's something I'll never forget that sound."

Amy, " The next individual was a elderly female she hates, HATES the teenage boy. Somehow they are related. She was also saying that he gets in the way of everything. I saw her in EACH OF THE ROOMS UPSTAIRS specifically. She is causing TROUBLE. There is problems there. I got that she lived here, she had like 6 or more siblings,..and that she had money,..."

Steve, " That's interesting,...it could be along shot, but there was a woman who lived on the property, her name was Agnes Wyatt. Now, Agnes moved here in 1919 with her husband George and her son Virgil and they came here to farm tobacco. Now,...this is George (puts a photo of George on the table for all to see) I have a photo of Virgil that I was able to get. Agnes did come from a wealthy family,..she had 6 siblings,..there was a couple of other strange things about her,...in 1937 George dies after gallbladder surgery 'cholecystitis' is what they called it. Five years later, Agnes dies of the SAME EXACT THING, which I thought was odd. Now Amy, you mentioned that the woman didn't like the teenage boy. Now, when Agnes died, she cut her only son Virgil out of the will,...cause he was a drunk."

Amy, " That's alot of hate."

Steve to Amy, "Now,..you said the woman was trouble though?"

Amy, " Yes."

Steve, " What did she do?"

Amy, " I think that she is possibly a threat to the living. When I went upstairs I saw her in the lavender bedroom and I saw her coming out of the closet, being,..... LIKE A MIST and like hovering over the bed. The other thing was that I saw an unusual relationship between her and the female in that room. The female there felt like this was somehow protecting her,....BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY MAKING HER SICK."

Steve, " That's Bianca's room." Socorro nods.

Amy, " Is Bianca Okay up there?"

Socorro, " No, she is not." Steve & Socorro both say,...."She doesn't sleep."

Socorro, " Because something up there doesn't let her sleep."

Amy, " Then I went into the pink room,....the old lady, she is VERY FIXATED on the child in that room,...umm she is ALWAYS WATCHING HER,....tries to be around her as much as possible,... WATCHES HER ALL THE TIME and one of the things that she said was that,.... she WANTED TO EAT HER!"

Socorro, " McKenzie will NOT SLEEP in her room, she said that there is something in her room that bothers her. She feels like something is watching her whenever,..."

Amy, " Has she ever described what she is seeing?"

Socorro, "McKenzie won't talk about it, it scares her. She doesn't like for us to talk about it."

Tim, " She'll tell us 'you guys stop talking about it'

Amy, " It just seemed to me that the old lady had some kind of weird obsession with McKenzie. I think that it is her energy that she is absorbing, which can be/have very detrimental effects on her and her health. I did a sketch on what this old woman is doing to McKenzie."

Steve, lets out an exclamation upon seeing the sketch, then hands the paper over to Socorro & Tim, " I'm sorry guys to even show you this but,.."

Socorro's eyes immediately tear up, "No wonder she won't sleep up there."

Tim, " Wow,...that's scary."

Socorro, continues to cry (understandably so) and says, "I don't know,...she is so innocent, you know? Kids shouldn't have to go through that." ( Her eyes now turning a very bright RED with emotion.)

The picture that is shown is of an OLD WOMAN who is standing directly behind and a sad child. The spooky woman is clutching the child by the shoulders, while she  stands inside of her bedroom. A simple black and white sketch, that without uttering a single word, can show so much.

Socorro, "That is what she sees,...cause she has told us she sees something in her room."

Amy, "I actually got alot of information on you guys. The female of the house was not in good shape, as far as mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was seeing fights with a living male. I got that you were very, very ill,.. that there were stomach issues, heart issues. I experienced ALOT of different emotions,...DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and then feeling PANIC ATTACKS. I could FEEL all of this pain and misery, it was excruciating for me and I got really dizzy from it, and like kinda fell to my knees."

Steve, " Amy you hit on just about everything that made Socorro call us."

Socorro, " I've had panic attacks,...anxiety attacks."

Tim, " She's woken me up because she couldn't breath."

Socorro, "You know there are days when I feel like I am just crawling out of my own skin. I am angry,...screaming and yelling and just NOT myself,...I feel as if I'm going crazy. I've got medical issues that can't be explained with my leg,...I've been to doctors and specialists,...and NOBODY CAN TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG."

Steve, " Now, you mentioned fighting,..."

Socorro, " Yes."

Tim, " It is like I can't do anything right, you know,...she probably feels the same way. The girls don't need to be seeing it"
Socorro, " This is it. You are our last hope. Just to know, you know,.. what is going on, I almost feel like,...to prove to Tim that I'm not going crazy. (Amy, 'Oh NO.') Yeah,...I'm NOT crazy, even though I feel like that alot."

Amy, " The last thing I feel VERY CONCERNED about,..what I saw was a hill and the GROUND WAS ROLLING and it was making me very nervous,...and I saw like THROUGH THE EARTH, and I saw like these little THINGS. They mostly stay in the ground and I got like some kind of burial,....that they were in fact human once but now there like these humanoid shadow creature things,....and when I was in the master bedroom, I saw that at least 2-4 of them had started to surround you,...and that you were or had SEEN these things,... and were or had FELT THEM. The thing about these things,...they won't go to someone unless that person is in bad shape already. So like if that person is unhappy or stressed out,..or in a NEGATIVE situation,....THEY START TO COME."

Steve, " You do see shadow people."

Socorro, "I do see shadow people,....ALL THE TIME. Does that mean I am doing it?"

Amy, " Not on purpose."

Socorro, "Well, when I go outside, I feel like I'm being watched."

Amy, " Oh, yeah,...your BEING WATCHED,...oh yeah, um-hmm."

Socorro, "In my bedroom, I don't sleep with my back to the wall, because I feel something is staring at me. Is this something that can hurt me?"

Amy, "YES,...they could hurt your body, they could make you sick. The ones that are around you now, are ALWAYS AROUND YOU."

Steve, " Are they around her right now,...these shadow things?"

Amy, " Yes,...they are over there. (Amy motions with her eyes.)"

Socorro, " Oh,...my gosh."

Steve, " Now, did you see anything else?"

Amy, " No."

Steve, "So,...there is one other thing I need to tell you about, cause it's on your property. Maybe somehow it's related, I don't know. Back in 1939, when this was a tobacco farm, there was 7 guys working out in the field right here,..trying to get their crops ready to get stored. Well, this storm came through, they tried to out run the storm, lightning hit them,..ALL SEVEN GOT STRUCK,....four of them died. There are death certificates here,.. four guys. Three wives became widows, and two kids lost their father that day.

Amy, "Wow,...that's kinda crazy actually."

Steve, " Do you think these guys could be the shadow people you saw in the hills outside?"

Amy, " No, I think they go back HUNDREDS OF YEARS, possibly Native Americans. I don't think that this land is very good."

Steve, "Well, Socorro when I spoke to you and your family, I knew that things were really bad,...but I didn't know it would be THIS BAD,..and I'm sorry for that,...I really am. I know you guys have heard stuff tonight that's really troubling. The big question is,...can you guys raise your two daughters here in peace? So for that answer, I'm going to turn it over to Amy."

There is ALOT OF STUFF that you guys need to do and the steps you need to take need to happen relatively quickly,...so it's going to be intense. First thing you are going to do, is you are going to contact a Reiki master,..this person will come in and they will remove all of the negative energy from the house and they will bring in only positive, balanced, harmonious energy INTO THE HOUSE. It's very important in this situation because the energy in the house is SO NEGATIVE and your bodies are encountering this negativity,...and when they do that cleansing, they are going to remove all negative attachments which means,..... (Steve interjects, 'The shadow things'.) ...Yes,...and with McKenzie, it will remove the dead woman from her. So here is the key,...YOU'VE GOT 24 HOURS,..they're going to want to reattach. So the next thing that needs to be done, I want the same Reiki master to come back with a medium, they are going to help move on the dead that are in the house. So then they are gone and you all are balanced and the house is harmonious."

Steve, "So after everything's done, will McKenzie at least be able to sleep in HER OWN ROOM?"

Amy, " YES! Yes."

Steve, " When you came to us to do this case, you were done."

Socorro, " I was at my breaking point."

Steve, " But,..now you got a game plan."

Socorro, " Now,....I got a plan and we know what to do."

Steve, " Are you going to take her advice?"

Tim, " Yeah,...for my family,...I would do anything for my family."

Steve, " Alright good, I'm glad to hear that."

Socorro, "It's going to be a family thing and it's going to not only bring us closer but have CLOSURE. Start a new chapter."

Amy making a last statement, " I really feel for Socorro, as the dead tormenting her family present a SERIOUS DANGER,...but with the help of a medium and a Reiki master, they will be able to rid their home of the dead and the negative energy surrounding it."

Update given since the show left their home,......


For those of you who do not yet understand how the universe works, there are people who have opened their third eye. Some are born with that open, others developed their talent over time. They will still not understand ALL the universe has to offer, as there is much to learn and it takes many life times to do it. Your spirit will get educated in numerous worlds,...it gets complex, lets just say for now, PEOPLE CAN DO THIS. Some better than others.

There are people who will get angry at this information. Sometimes it's jealousy, sometimes it's frustration or many times it is just a case of not understanding how the dimensions work and how our spirit grows. People dwell and seethe when they don't understand something. They prefer to stay in small circles around people who know (or think they know) as much as themselves.

However these abilities are an indefectible fact. You do have them whether they are developed or not.

Some can SEE what is taking place (like watching a movie in your head),...some can HEAR messages of what took place at a particular location (their guardian spirit speaks directly to the receiver, or the DEAD themselves will communicate) others will sense or FEEL the vibrations and use discernment to relay their messages.

Some people will do all three,...SEE, HEAR & FEEL.

Yes,... even SEERS of the future exist, although this is much more elaborate as the PEOPLE themselves will affect time lines. Time line are constantly shifting, like sand moving in the wind. Even though you can give the most probable result of a future outcome, the power of an event lies in the NOW.

IN closing I would like to say,....this family is in great need of your prayers. If you happen to have a moment of time, and love in your heart, say a brief but heart felt prayer for them. Close your eyes and see a white light blazing out of your heart, that is blessed with your LOVE, touched by the hand of Jesus (where the power of that love will multiply greatly) and then send this blessing out traveling to their very LAND, HOME  and to THIS FAMILY....they will absolutely receive your gift.

This costs you nothing but a moment of your time.

You have the most powerful energy generator WITHIN YOU, and YOU have the ability to change our world with your intent.

USE IT, and the world will change before your eyes.

Peace, love & blessings to you, my dear earth family. ♥

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