Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Conversation


The Conversation


“God,.. did I do enough, was I good in my life?”


“Yes my son, you worked hard, took care of your family and you loved your wife.”

But what of all the problems we had, the turmoil and the strife?”
“ Well, without them you would not have learned the important lessons in life.”

“ What of all the things in my life, that were left yet to do?”
“ Your loved ones will pick up where you left off, and start anew.”
With an exasperated sigh he says, “ I hear what you are saying Lord, but I can’t help but feel, --

that the problems left behind, will never heal.”

“ Yes, I understand and I hear what you say,
But, because of you, others are not lost and have found their way.”

With a confused look and a frustrated sigh,
he says, “ Lord,.. please tell me about life,.. the HOW and the WHY.”
God said, “ How? -- By your actions not by your words,

They were pure and came from the heart, like the singing of birds.”

“ The Why?-- Well you see, something magical happens when an acorn falls from a tree, though small and unknowing it roots into the ground,

And the mighty oak it fell from, stands tall while it’s branches protect it, from the wind whirling round.”

“ And the young tree flourishes protected from wind gusts, even when buried in the snow,---

then another day comes, the old will die, and the young will grow.”

“ But it seems as if I have made no great changes there on earth.”

“ Ah, but you have,” said the Lord, “ It took the love of two to give birth.”

“ It is because of her, all your life’s work is worthwhile---

And in turn, because of you, she will walk the extra mile.”

“ It is the good she will do in her life, you will see--

Her love growing on, is indeed Heaven’s key.”

“ For you have made your little girl want to be a better person, that is clear,---
And that love rippling on, is the secret to life my dear.”
The man smiled and nodded, for he knew he did his best,--
And the Lord God said, “ Come Peter my son, for you have earned your rest.”
(Written by Kelly Horan)
Christmas time reminds us all of the lighted path, 'The Way' that Jesus came to this realm to teach. Our hearts fill with compassion, as we reach out to one another in a spirit of generosity and affection. It is at this time we become the 'Christ Heart.'
Many others have come to this plane of actuality, and spent the entirety of their lives teaching the divine qualities, that enhance our spirits.
However, the beautiful season of peace, love and giving, can be bittersweet for those of us on earth, who have had a loved one cross over to the other side.
It is a transition we all will make one day and you must understand that you absolutely do NOT DIE.
The physical body dies away to this weighty dimension, and the light body ascends into the many realms of heaven.
Even when you confidently understand that as a being, you are ETERNAL,...the loss of a family member or friend, can be so very painful, that it stalls our own growth.
As the mesmerizing Christmas lights twinkle in trees, bells jingle in store entryways, beribboned wreaths grace our doors, and people everywhere exchange warm greetings and joyful glances,....the hearts of those effected by a death or separation, are heavy and filled with an ache.
We can't seem to find the same enjoyments or feel the same happiness we remember feeling before our loss. We become stuck, and question the reason for our own existence.
Those who have died away to this earth do NOT want us to become plunged down in the mire of misery. They very much want us to be healthy, happy and to continue on with our life lessons,.... and for others (you know who you are) to follow through with your agreed upon mission.
For those who have an agreed upon mission, this knowing is rooted by the desire deep in your heart and the stirring in your soul to do what is right by humanity, as a whole.
Even those friends and family who are still alive, but separated by other circumstances, want for our most high spiritually. If not in their human existence, then by their higher self,...or 'spiritual self.'
As a spiritual being, the eyes can see tremendous distances and thought can transport you in an instant. The colors become much sharper, more varied, and so much more glorious,... that the languages on earth, lack the ability to properly describe them.
When the living concentrate upon the departed, it can bring them around you, for they FEEL your emotional ripple effect.
You see,...EVERYTHING is connected.
EVERYONE and EVERYTHING matters,...greatly.
Many find they are isolated from those who are part of a family bond, for other reasons. Maybe there is anger, resentment, jealously, pain, trauma, failures, lack of responsibility, abuse, addiction, poverty, or sickness of the mind and/ or body,....whatever is the reason, the best way to heal yourself is to mentally thank the offending being, for doing the best that they could at the time. Most likely, it was all they knew how to do. Remember, they too come with their own set of circumstances, past experiences, and karma. When you do this it means that you have absorbed this lesson, and it breaks the heavy ties of hurt, that keep you mentally bound to this individual.
Genuinely thank them in your mind and heart for what ever they did that was good, right, loving and correct,...and FORGIVE them for their weaknesses and failures. This helps us return back to our own growth and missions.
NONE OF US ARE PERFECT,...and we expect to be loved and valued,...therefore,..pass that sentiment on.
Those who are in our circle of family, friends (many times friends become our family of choice) and acquaintances,...made a decision long ago, on the other side. We made a soul contract. There is something to be learned,...(be it ever so tiny or as great as the majestic mountains) that this particular person will guide us to understand.
Karma is also playing out like never before, as time speeds up and the birth of the New Earth continues to unfold.
The lesson is LOVE.
Love is the greatest of all energies,...for it has the power to move the very mountains of this planet.
Be love,... know that you are loved dearly and that you are NEVER alone.
My arms are wrapping around you now, my dear earth family, with genuine warmth and LOVE.
Merry Christmas to all,.. and may your celebrations be of your hearts desire!