Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Subterranean Cities for Disaster

Denver International Airport

Is there a government plan to save certain people in the United States from the coming earth changing events?

Are bunkers being built right under our feet in strategic places on the globe?

Do scientists have something to say about what is going on with global events?

We will review the answers to these questions in this write up, I know many of you want to understand the times we are in.

If you decide to read this,...I must ask you to do something for me. That is,.. read and learn all you possibly can,...but despite what you come to understand,....keep your thoughts high and focused on the world that you want to live in.

I know,... I say the same thing in just about every piece you find on this blog,....but it can't be emphasized enough. Your thoughts have the power to change our solid three-D reality.

So get informed,....but stay focused on a positive outcome.

Here we go.

Some experts believe that the cataclysmic earth changes that are already under way,...will peak in the next year or two for the rest of the entire planet.

Scientists have come forward and openly admitted to massive solar flare activity,... that is just around the corner time wise. According to NASA,..the sun is going to go through a series of flares, sending electromagnetic energy out toward our earth. This radiation has the potential to knock out our electrical systems across our country,... and the world.

Think about that for a moment.

I mean really think about it. Are you prepared for such a life changing event?

Evidently, the government is well aware of the NASA prediction,...and they have done nothing to sure up the electrical grids, for those of us who will remain on the surface.

It appears that time, energy, and finances are being discharged by those in the 'KNOW' into building underground bases, so they can safely ride out the coming events.

FEMA has a massive base in Mount Weather, Virginia, where thousands can be housed very comfortably for such dire events. We understand that this complex is designed to continue the operations of the government, in cases of emergency,...but what about the other dozens,... upon dozens ,.....UPON DOZENS,...of underground cities?

Exactly who are those for?

As you search around the Internet for the answer to that question, will find the people of the Internet, have arrived at a general conclusion of who they think,... has been invited.

They are,...

* People who are 'in the know' about what is really going on with our planet.

* Certain elites.

* Politicians who have been offered a seat, in exchange for their silence on the coming events.

It seems you and I will be left to fend for ourselves.

 Contractors, (who have hidden their identity) have stated that massive amounts of money are being furiously and continually poured underground for the past ten years, from coast to coast. These include, drywallers, painters, mechanics, engineers, carpenters, electricians,...they are all regular people,...who have quietly admitted to what is taking place in the subterranean of America.  (I wonder if this could explain the missing nine trillion dollars that nobody seems to be able to account for?)

 As for the rest of us,.... they are simply not concerned with shoring up even the basics,.... such as the electrical grids on the surface of the planet.

As you continue your reading and researching, will quickly find out, that alot of infighting is occurring among these selected elites, to whether or not someone should be included in the underground safe city. A desire to oust people already selected, and replace them with someone else,... seems to run amok. If true, seems to be a truly self centered,...and devious group.

Laurence Joseph, who is an author and scientific researcher, comes forward and speaks out on the imminent events in regards to the solar flare activity. Laurence says, "We all had an anniversary a couple of days ago. It was the 150th anniversary of the greatest solar storm ever to belch out and hit the earth. Back then it didn't do much. It made the Northern Lights sparkle plenty,...and made telegraph wires burn a little bit,...but today,....if we were hit by that same size solar storm,....the entire electrical power grid would be knocked out."

Laurence goes on to say, "According to the National Academy of Sciences,....not just me Governor (speaking to Governor Ventura in this particular interview),...the National Academy of Sciences,...which is the closest thing we have to a Supreme Court of scientific opinion in this world,......up to 130 million people would be without electricity for months,...or years! We would lose basic security, emergency, telecommunications,....FRESH WATER,.......because the pumps are electric,....and we are vulnerable." 

This particular solar event is predicted to occur by 2012,..according to a written report released by the National Academy of Sciences.

Damage was discovered in the magnetic shield that surrounds our earthly home. This devastating void was found by five different satellites and it is at least ten times larger than was believed to have existed. This was ostensibly reported in 2008, by NASA.

Well,....why is the magnetic shield important?

Because the shield acts as a protector to our planet by warding off  blasts of protons from the Sun,....that can range in the billions of tons!

Our current power grid is performing at very high frequencies, with extraordinary voltage, and it is in a genuinely precarious state.

There is a solution available to us,....but no one seems to care.

If ground resistors were to be installed between the ground and the transformers, could keep these units from shorting out when the solar flares shoot forth. The nation would stay electrified,...and we could breath much easier. Well,...we would at least have light in the dark of the night.

Why isn't this being done?

Why isn't this admitted probable catastrophe, as stated by credentialed scientists,.....NOT being considered a number one priority?

I really don't have an answer for you on this question. All I can say is there seems to be much in-fighting,....and the concern seems to be centered around completing their own safety facilities underground.

 Which brings us to DUMBS.

What is a DUMB?

A DUMB,...... is a deep underground military base.

When investigators looked at satellite views on Google Earth,...they discovered numerous facilities that appear to be DUMBS.  The investigators promptly contacted the people who supposedly work and run these bases and a line of questioning was posed. 

The response given,...was a flat out DENIAL of their existence all together!

So,... what exactly is it we are seeing by satellite?

How about civilians,.....are typical people joining together and doing anything for the coming events?

The answer is a resounding YES,...and they are doing it in droves!

In the middle of Kansas, civilians are preparing for their own survival by building very deep housing into the earth. Old missile silos are being turned into survival condos for those who wish to buy the very costly space.

These missile silos have walls that are nine feet thick and are created out of epoxy hardened cement, with 600 tons of reinforced re bar. They go down into the earth an estimated 14 stories. Planers and architects have incorporated into the designs,.... swimming pools,..mezzanine levels, out facilities,....hydroponic planting areas,....and living areas, which are privately owned condos.

The builders are planning on incorporating Geo-thermal heat exchangers,....wind turbines,...and other green technology into each center. The air supply is carefully considered when planning the construction of these units. How many people can each condo facility hold, such as occupant load, is extraordinarily important. The entire facility can survive being completely submerged under water for a period of 100 hours and can withstand fires in the area up to 1,200 degrees for six days!

 Incredible. I must admit,....that is some condo.

 Why are they worried about water so far inland from the shorelines?

 Well, is believed by those that are furiously building these many units,...that a 5,000 to 6,000 foot wave may in fact crash upon the United States. I can understand completely why they believe this particular scenario,... as it is stated by multitudes of seers.

Do your research, will see these predictions time and time again.

The planners of such housing say they can't keep up with the demand of the public. One of the underground architects is Brian Camden and he works with Larry Hall in creating this safe housing, that is desperately being sought by the general public.

Underground Government Bases

When investigators went out searching for the many government bunkers that could clearly be viewed by satellite,....the response to their presence was shocking to say the least.

Placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere are these many centers, that are secured by armed guards. The road is blocked by a gate and the investigator who was sent to look into the matter,..was told by security they could not discuss what they do at the compound.

Landing strips for planes, are plainly evident. This of course could be used for shuffling in people and the many supplies.

The government seems to be buying up supplies that are necessary in creating an underground compound. Private contractors that are building for the public sector, have stated when they tried to order filtering equipment or certain valves that are strategic for an underground environment,...they could not get them,...because the government had bought up all the product.

One of the largest government facilities is alleged to be under the Denver Airport. The underground area is reported to be about 300,000 square feet, and was specifically created to ride out the earth changing times that are ahead, well as hide from the fury of the masses over the designed collapse of the economy.

It certainly makes you wonder when reading and viewing all this information,....if the weather and earth changing events are being helped along by engineered devices, that have the ability to create earthquakes and tsunamis? (Such as HAARP.) If so,....are they used against the people of the world as a means to control the population,.....silence dissenters,...and harness those who do not listen to their dictates?

So,... how do you dig into the earth and build a massive structure,..the size of a small city without anyone on the surface noticing?

You hide it under a surface structure that takes up 4 or 5 square miles. Then the work on the surface disguises the work being done underground. No one questions the massive amount of earth moving equipment,....tremendous contractor involvement, and mountains of supplies being ushered into the location.

Even with the armies of workers, and enough ground matter being removed to create literal mountains in the surrounding area,.....people on the surface don't really notice, it is paid little attention to.

Cheyenne Mountain Colorado.

Is a US military command center, and a survival bunker that is openly admitted to the public, and tours are selectively offered. It is considered the most secure facility in the world. Cheyenne Mt. Deputy Commander, Robert Wynn, says, " We like to call it America's Fortress."

A total of fifteen buildings are housed inside the mountain,... of which twelve of them are three stories high! The road leading into the center, is bored through the solid Pikes Peak Granite making up the mountain.

Deep in the mountain you will find fitness centers,...hospitals,....sleeping areas,...eating areas, enough to take care of at least 1,000 people.

What is NOT admitted to is the underground railway.

Experts have come forward and admitted to underground rail systems,... that run on magnetic pull complexes which were designed to connect the many underground bases in the country. 

It is speculated that Cheyenne Mt. is connected to Denver Airport via these magnetic trains.  

The Denver Airport.

This is strongly believed by those who study this information, to be one of the largest survival units in the entire country. Built in 1995, specifically for the coming earth changing events, (according to believers) can still be seen taking place , upon the colossal area that surrounds the complex.

In the formation of this one airport,....about a third of the earth was pulled out of the ground,...that was actually moved to build the Panama Canal!

 It is estimated that the size of the underground city at Denver Airport,.... is easily 5 times the size of the bunker built into Cheyenne Mt.

All that movement of earth,...... for a supposedly surface airport?

The new Denver International Airport is a full 25 miles away from the city of Denver. The old, perfectly functioning airport,.. was only 6 miles from the city and was able to handle the populous and air traffic quite well.

Perplexing items that investigators have taken note of include,..........

* It is built with enough fiber optic cables to comfortably handle the capacity of a city.

* A massive fueling system can be seen above ground,.....much more ponderous than any air transport center would ever need.

* It is built on a segment of land that is twice the size of Manhattan.

* Tunnels have been incorporated into the design,...that can accommodate large vehicles, trucks,... and they can drive freely through the labyrinth that winds underground.

* Barbed wire fencing that surrounds the property is facing IN,...which is done when you want to keep people in an area,.....not OUT.

Horse of Fury

* A six ton, 32 foot high sculpture of a nightmarish looking blue Mustang is erected on the property. The horse is reared up on it's hind legs, with it's mane standing straight up, and the eyes are wide with fury in a face bulging with veins.
The eyes light up a spooky RED color when darkness falls. Is this horse a representation of the horse of the apocalypse?
(All I can say about this one is,....eeww.)

* Property surrounding the airport complex, being bought up by certain royalty,....and other elites,...using pseudonym names.

* Massive construction is still under way on the 53 miles of barren land that surrounds the airport. While driving on these meandering roads that encompass the compound you will see many interesting sites. (That is if you don't get approached and threatened with arrest for being in the area.) Stacked in neat rows are large U shaped structures,...that appear to be the segments for creating tunnels or hallways.

Other extremely bizarre symbols are found the moment you walk into the building. Such as,.......

* A plaque stating "THE NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISSION" is placed boldly near the entrance and sports a MASONIC symbol. Many people have tried to find out WHO this commission is,...and their perspective members,....but no one is talking.

* Not far from the plaque is a huge series of murals covering four walls,..that are disturbing beyond words. It apparently depicts a massive solar flare,...resulting in raging fires,.....crying children, lovingly clutch animals to their chest. Laying dead in coffins are people depicting the many races from around the world,... along with cheetahs representing the animal kingdom and depictions of marine life. Flowers are scattered around the bodies, the humans remaining are standing around the scene in fear and anguish.

* Next is a mural of the destruction of the world. It shows
 people curled up living in a hole in the ground,...or a basement,...surrounded by starved, misery filled refuges, who appear to be on the surface. An extremely menacing figure is then shown,..sporting an eagle on his green military garb and a gas mask on his face. This bringer of death is holding a AK47 in one hand and a sword in the another hand,...which he has used to strike down the white dove of peace.

(Recently this end of the world mural has been painted over, people flocked in to see this shocking display.)

Enough to give you nightmares yet?....Wait there is more,...much more.

*The next mural in the series, shows the children of the world,.. who have survived the mass killings,...coming together and handing over their war weapons. The hellish figure is laying prone,...while a pair of doves sit upon the butt of the assault rifle. 

Final mural.

* The final mural shows a figure with a lighted halo of sorts, in front of a growing plant (symbolizing rebirth) and is surrounded by humankind and the animal kingdom. It appears to depict harmony, and a balance with nature as a human reaches out to gently stroke the fin of a great whale,.. as it rises up out of the ocean.

One of two gargoyles that are located near baggage claim.

* A demon or gargoyle is sculpted coming out of a suitcase,....and is staring out over the airport from his position high on the wall. The winged creature is holding his beaked face in his human looking hands,... with a narrow thin tongue curling out at you.

* A symbol of Au Ag is strangely placed on the floor. Believed by some to be a gold and silver reference,....but others think it has a more nefarious meaning. The Australia antigen was discovered by one of the sponsors of the airport,....and it is a very deadly strain of hepatitis,'s symbol is also,...AUAG. The strangeness of this symbol is further magnified,.... as it is placed in front of a mural on the wall that shows the extermination of the people of the world. The same painting where the dove is being killed.

The existence of these underground cities are no secret,.....what people do not know is how many there actually are,....and exactly WHO they are for.

In the one bunker located at Cheyenne Mt.,.. that the public is actually allowed to view (on occasion) a question was posed as to how they would handle the public seeking harborage, their dire attempt to get to safe housing.
 The response was, the event that hundreds of thousands of civilians stormed the gates of Cheyenne Mt, due to a catastrophic event,...the armed guards are prepared to do what it takes to keep the people OUT.

Here is a four minute video with Len Horowitz explaining the bizarre symbolism inside the airport.

In this next video you will hear a discussion about the many levels under the airport. Contractors terrified by what they had seen while working under ground,.. relay information on the QT. What they reported, included many rows of cages, with barbed wire, that appear to be holding pens for humans.

As of 7-31-11, earthquakes in the 6.0 size seem to be occurring every day now,.... upon MULTIPLE areas of our planet. A 6.1 just struck New Zealand in the Northern area of Vanuatu.

A few years ago, large quake activity was measured at about the rate of one per week. NOW,...we are having one or MORE large quakes,...... DAILY!

The following link is to a weather caster, who tells it like it is, giving people of the world the TRUTH. Dutch shows you the 3D graphs,....and even follows the HAARP impulses. He is spot on accurate.

The below link is a 2 minute video, on current quake activity around the planet.

Please,.....absorb information,.....but keep your thoughts on the most high. Keep your focus on PEACE, FREEDOM, LOVE, HARMONY, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, COMPASSION, EQUALITY, and you will in fact create it here on Earth.

It is your only chance to blow the evil off the planet.

The power of your heart and mind is more powerful than any weapon.

Lets will love into this world.

Think LOVE!


  1. Russia Today,.. released an online, video, news report regarding safety shelters.

    5,000 underground harbors will be built in Moscow. These units are to be completed by 2012, and are designed to house the general public.

    It certainly seems that Russia is looking out for the people in their country,...and are NOT just looking to protect the elite of society.

    Bless you, Russia,...for caring for all the people in your region. I hope your land serves as an example for other countries in the world.

    Everyone matters,....everyone counts.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. In the past year,....interest in building underground survival shelters, has risen by a whopping 4,000%!

    People,...(especially those with a sixth sense)..are preparing for what might come to pass.

  4. Look at the Denver airport on google earth, the runways are shaped like a nazi swastika!!! Who would do that?

  5. The government built numerous continuity of government underground facilities, during the cold war. A massive underground facility was built at the Green Briar resort in West Virginia for the use of Congress. Complete facilities were constructed for the Senate and House of Representatives. The facility was built in the open, using local contractors, with a cover story that it was a new wing for the hotel. Does this sound like the Denver airport or what? The base was exposed by a reporter and turned into a museum after the fall of the Berlin wall.

  6. The most well known of the government underground complexes is the Cheyenne Mountain complex in the rocky mountains in Colorado. This base was built at phenomenal cost in the early sixties as a secure facility for Norad.....the North American Air defense Command. From deep in the mountain the air force kept constant watch for Nuclear attack from Russia during the cold war. Norad also kept track of anything in earth orbit or, in the air over North America. Prior to becoming President Ronald Reagan got a tour of the facility. Reagan got the idea for the Star Wars missile defense shield when he was told we could track the missiles inbound, but could do nothing to stop them. Also recently Norad itself moved out of the mountain facility into a conventional headquarters building at nearby Peterson AFB. But, the cavernous mountain facility was kept in a "warm and ready" state. Warm and ready for what?

  7. Two of the governments less well known underground facilities are Mount Weather in Virginia, and Ravens Rock, on the Pa-Md border near Camp David. Both facilities were also built in the late 50's-early 60's nuclear war scare, but they remain fully operational. Mount Weather is not only fema's emergency headquarters, but the primary emergency relocation site for the president, executive branch, and Supreme Court. Regular exercises are run at Mount Weather, and in times of crisis, such as just after 911, at least one cabinet member in the line of presidential seccession is present. Ravens Rock, or site-R is the backup secure pentagon. After 911, site-R was reportedly the secure site where V.P. Cheyney spent time. The military has several other confirmed underground facilities. The Strategic Air Command underground headquarters are at offutt Afb in Nebraska. Several older SAC bunkers were built, in Massachusetts, at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, and at March AFB in California. The first location Air force One landed at after 911 was at Barksdale. The Chicopee Ma facility has been turned into a book depository.The Treasury department formerly had a bunker called Mount Pony, located near Culpepper Virginia. The government stockpiled millions of dollars in cash to restart the american economy in the event of nuclear disaster. Fema itself has a series of regional underground bunkers. The first was built in denton Texas, others are located near Atlanta Ga, Boston Ma, suburban Maryland, and in Idaho. All of these facilities are well known and can be researched on the internet, but what is unsure is how many others have been built, and remain in secret.