Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Changes Predicted by Seers, Prophets and Remote Viewers

Ancient Prophets,..modern day seers,....remote viewers,....and divine astrologers,.....have something to say about the times we are in and the changes that are to take place upon our earth.

There are variances amongst them all,...because what they are able to see,..... is in the NOW,...... that it is viewed in. In other words,.. 200 years ago what was seen, different than what may be viewed or predicted today.

Why are there variances,....depending upon the time viewed?

The simple reason is,........ you.

You probably still have no idea how important you are in this universe,....but the truth is, are.

You are a breath,....a heartbeat, expression of the Prime Creator,....or God. Every emotional thought you have goes into the Universal Mind and it has a very important ripple effect upon the entire cosmos.

Because earth is a free will school for learning,....what you desire and call forth has an effect upon our solid reality.

Many people are just waking up to who they really are as spiritual beings in an earthly body. They are using their emotional and mental will to bring forth a gentle change.

Therefor what one seer views as a catastrophic change upon the earth,.....another at a different date, sees as a gentler transition.

So remember nothing is written in stone,....and you have an effect upon the now.

With that said, is remarkable how similar most of the predictions are. I am going to give you generalization of what is being talked about currently on the Net and combine this with what has been written about for ages. All information given in this write up, pertains to the imminent and future events of our earth.

I have to make a note here,....many people are in complete denial in regards to the earth changes that are upon us, as well as many other realities that conflict with their limited understanding of the universe. They don't like the message, they decide to hate the messenger instead.

If you don't want to read this information,....then I suggest you stop here.

The following information is for those who want to be prepared,...and therefore increase their likelihood of survival.

Lets start with the earthquake in Japan. This had us all in a state of shock. It was and continues to be absolutely devastating. We need to send love and healing prayers to the good people of Japan,....and do everything possible to assist in their recovery. There will be many more earthquakes in varying degrees of intensity,...and other tsunamis as a result. Sadly more land loss is predicted to occur for Japan.

(I do pray with all of my heart, that these prophecies turn out to be wrong.)

This event has people all over the world nervous,...wondering what may be next. Well,... here is what I have been able to find out.

The very core of the earth,...or the heart is changing rapidly due to the activity of the Sun. Many the world over,... believe the vibrations of the earth are in a cyclical state of change, in this long predicted and foretold time. The earth Herself is changing as we change.

A tremendous amount of tectonic activity will be occurring, creating earthquakes in the Ring of Fire,...but also in many other areas of the world.

The low islands of Hawaii are in great danger of being consumed by the ocean waters, as this activity continues to unfold around the planet. The main island is survivable,....if you move up to higher land when the waters come in.

About one third of the population of the entire planet will not make it through all of the earth changes. This is very distressing. Some prophets predict more loss of life,....others predict less. Remember your importance in this matter,....keep your thoughts high and we will try to work towards a gentle transition.

In the coming six months the amount of catastrophic activity upon the earth is going to have people in a state of terror and shock. Please, is extremely important to remember at these times,... to center your being,.....keep your thoughts focused upon what you WISH to see happen upon the earth.

Continue to acquire as much information as you can, knowledge is enables you to BE PREPARED,... so you can have the best opportunity of survival.

The Sun is sending the earth solar flares,...and it affects the heart of the planet. More energy is on it's way,....and a flare big enough to knock out our electrical grids IS coming.

In the next couple of months a sequence of high powered solar flares are going to collapse Earth's magnetic shield. Many places in the world will lose all of their power.

Satellites will go down around the planet, burning outAre you prepared for loss of electricity? Does your water supply depend upon an electric pump? If you don't have an old- fashion well in your yard,...the time is NOW to store water.

Use consumption safe containers and get rain barrels that you can to hook up to the down spouts of your house. In a good down pour, can collect hundreds of gallons of water from your roof.

Remember, your pets are going to need water to drink,...and you need about a gallon in the back of each of your tanks, to flush your toilet. You should throw your used tissue in a separate disposal bag,...and try to flush your toilet only when absolutely necessary,...but often enough to ensure a successful flush. Keep a bleach tablet in the back of the tank.

You will not be able to get gas when the electricity is out, you will be extremely limited as to where you can go. Stores and restaurants will close down, whatever you have stored at home,...will be what you have to live on.

Put away canned goods,...dry goods,....extra medicine,....hygiene items,....first aid,....your pets needs (as in food, litter, hay, straw, etc.)......think,....what would I need if I went camping for a very long period of time?

Do you have plastic, tarps, wood, sure up your home if it gets damaged in an event? Is your water heater strapped and secured to a stud in the wall, prevent flipping over in an earthquake? Do you know where your ON and OFF switches are to the electrical panel,....the main water line,.....and the gas line that comes into your house? Is your fuel tank braced to the ground, to prevent it from snapping off of it's base?

Large items like big screen TVs,....hutches,.....wall units should also be secured into a stud on your wall, to prevent them from toppling over in an earth moving event.

If you have to leave quickly due to fuel or electrical fires, you have an emergency bag ready to go for your car? Do you have pet carriers for your animal friends, to take them with you?

Remember hurricane Katrina, can not abandon your pets!

They are part of your family and they are completely dependent upon you. Include them and their needs in your emergency preparations.

When the electrical grid gets taken out, will not have the things we have all become accustomed to,.... such as...., cell phone communication and running to the ATM.  Taking out cash will not be possible.

Do you have extra cash on hand? Things like a map, compass, batteries for a walkie-talkie and flash light will be incredibly necessary. 

This coming year,....if at all possible,... stay close to your loved ones, who will need you in a time of crisis. If you are far away chances are you will not be able to get back to them.

Any environment that is underground is vastly more secure than one that is above ground. Many are not that lucky to have an underground shelter,.....and will have to remain alert and aware to their surroundings in the coming months.

Make friends with your neighbors, if you have not done so already and form a tribe that can work together in this time of need. You want people in your tribe who are peaceful, compassionate, and work well with others, as you will not be able to go through this alone.

People will have to depend on one another. Things like seeds for planting a garden will be highly prized. Growing a community garden and sharing amongst each other will be necessary for survival. The time to get a good and easy to understand survival book is NOW, as you will need to know how to do the basics in life.

Security units will have be worked into your tribe to protect your neighborhood. The police will most likely be protecting their own families and safety will be a large concern. (Once again think Hurricane Katrina,.....where the devastation, crime and violence became so overwhelming at such a rapid pace,.... that a police officer shot himself in the head,...and many others handed in their badges,...and left the force to protect their own families, who desperately needed them.) 

 People who are prepared will be in a more centered place and able to handle the future events. People who are in denial,...and largely unprepared will become desperate and panicked.

By the year 2013 if you are not in a safe zone,....or sanctuary, may be one of the many people who will not make it.

This is a picture of the MANY maps that are available on line. Please do your own research, as there are differences in the maps that have been drawn by seers, throughout our world. Most of the prediction maps actually have a larger portion of the West under water. You must use your intuition and trust in that feeling, as to whether or not you feel safe in your area.

The New Madrid seismic zone is going to be the next large earthquake to hit in the world.

 The areas that will be affected include,.Illinois,..Indiana,.Mississippi,.
Arkansas,...Missouri,...Kentucky,...Tennessee and a small area in Alabama.

Nuclear plants are of great concern in these areas.

The majority of the human fatalities are predicted to be in St. Louis Missouri. The Mississippi river is going to widen greatly and possibly change course to the North of St. Louis,...and run right through it.

The Calloway Nuclear Power Plant is of great concern, in regards to it's condition and it's physical location. The area around this plant is not a good place to be located.

Canada and it's danger zones are anywhere West of the Rockies. Massive amounts of water are going to slam into Vancouver. Southern areas and Eastern areas of Canada will have safe zones for survival. I strongly urge you to view the many maps created by these seers,......and select an area for your family.

Tremendous ocean waves will crash upon Seattle, Washington.

For the people who reside in the cities, is going to be the hardest, you are inundated with people who will become very dangerous very quickly. If you can't get out of the city, will have to adopt the bunker down and ammunition mentality to protect your family. Same is true for much of Alaska,... survival supplies are in abundance in your area,...however for the people who remain,.....the tone becomes an ominous one when the electricity is gone.

There will be many areas in the United States, where people work together in harmony for the benefit and protection of all. These areas of safety are found in small towns, where the people know one another and react swiftly to assist the populous in establishing stability.

The East and West coast of the United States are going to be deluged with water flowing in from the ocean. This will be in response to the enormous quake activity.

You can forget about survival zones in the state of California, Texas and the Gulf states,... as well as the majority of the North East.

     Some safe zones will be found in Eastern Oregon and an area of the Pacific North West that lays against the Canadian boarder. Arizona and parts of New Mexico will have survival zones as well as a few tiny areas found on the South-Eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. Sections of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and areas in Illinois will have safe zones that are clearly seen by the viewers.

 West of the Great Lakes has been predicted to be a location where people will work together well,..... and stabilize rapidly.

Not only are earthquake generated tsunamis going to hit the coast lines but a pole shift will cause them to be uninhabitable. Coast lines anywhere in the world,.... are not safe places to be. Most will be underwater as the maps around the world change.

Land masses will rise up from the ocean floor in the Atlantic and the Pacific. One large land mass will appear near the state of Florida.

The African continent will break into four separate regions.

A little more than a third of the Southern portion of South America will break away from the main land mass. This will create an inland sea.

Much of Europe will change in an instant, due to vast amounts of water rushing onto the populated land.

New York City,....home to approximately 8 million people, well as the Southern sections of Georgia and Carolina,.... is foretold to completely disappear. It will be immersed with the rising of the waters.

For many of you,.....the ability to relocate is not possible. Try to stay calm, center yourself,....and know you are eternal. Your spirit never dies. When you leave this world, you will be given special care in the next, for the ordeal that you went through while on Earth.

The time of change is indeed upon us. Once again,.... I ask you to remember your thoughts have incredible power. What kind of world do you want? Think about that beautiful thought,....and meditate upon it every day. We need loving, healing and glorious thoughts right now.

Do your part and help our transition be a gentle one.

One more note,...that is talked about greatly by these seers, has to be mentioned here.

Well,....what is it?

A massive event is right around the corner that may surprise some of you who have not been keeping up with what is being talked about on the Internet. That is,..... very soon we will have open and acknowledged contact with several extra-terrestrial races. They have been closely monitoring the entire human race, and working with select individuals around the globe.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the pulse of the Internet, will finally be vindicated as to the reality of our benevolent ET family. Many of you have had to deal with know-it-alls who flat out refuse to listen to reason and truth. Well,... your time has come,......try to resist saying, " I told you so."
Numerous bases are indeed located on our planet,....however much of the monitoring of the surface,.. is being done by biologically created entities.

The good ETs,....(and believe me there are bad ones)...are working directly with the people of the planet. Governments for the most part (not all) are in denial of their existence,....and have backed themselves into an inescapable corner of astronomical deceit.

(There is spiritual battle and an information war for your mind,.. going on simultaneously,... but that is another story.)

Here is a brief message from the Hopi nation regarding the times we are in. They echo how important your heart and mind are in this great time of change.

Real time earthquakes are being censored out of the USGS maps. Spikes in activity in the New Madrid Zone,...completely not recorded on the government web page.




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  1. There are some variables in this comment, some have said it may be a somewhat more distant date,....but Washington D.C. is predicted to be under a 100 feet of water by the year 2013.