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Alien Craft Measuring 26 MILES In Diameter Is Seen In Our Solar System

 April 29 - May 3, 2013 A full body of  military personnel, political
witnesses, scientific researchers of varying backgrounds, and
activists, ... depicting ten separate countries, gave testimonials in
Washington, DC to members of the United States Congress (former
Representatives) about specific occurrences and significant
evidence ,....pointing to a factual extraterrestrial presence , that is now engaging the human race.

 The Hearing contained over 30 hours of testimony from 40
different witnesses, which took over five days to present.

 This was an exhaustive and complete effort. It was designed for the general public to be made aware of what is going on with ET, on planet earth,...however did main stream media let you know?

Don't you wonder why you are kept in the dark, by your source of

The answer is 'they' control your intake of information. We no longer have 'reporters' who get to the bottom of the story on TV, we have 'teleprompter' readers, who read what they are directed to say. This is done with a complete lack of integrity, as they are happy to pass on the 'official' lie, or entire omissions. (For a sizable paycheck, of course.)

Read on to learn of an important part of the hearing, which
states that massive alien craft are here now.

The following information was stated by Dr. Steven Greer and he is
letting the people know about the hefty suppression of technology, alien beings (the ones he knows about,...for there are MANY more humanity is soon to meet) and an alien craft that measures 26 miles in diameter. This spaceship has been tracked and can be seen in our solar system.

 On April 29 :2013

Dr. Steven Greer says,...

"However you need to understand that the technologies that we

have and what we're discussing are not theoretical ,..we have
actionable intelligence that any committee in Congress or
Executive Action ,...can find good regarding current
operations .

I just wanna go through a list of them very quickly,...
of these facilities and corporations
for which we have witnesses who can be subpoenaed by the committees of the Congress.

This was developed at the request of Congressman ,..Christopher
Cox, of Orange County,.. and with whom I met and was later to 
further develop, for the briefing,..that we put together for
President Obama.

These facilities are,....

*The Edwards Air Force Base and subsections where I want to add
the 'Dry Lake Bed ' where Lockheed Skunkworks Operations,
Haystack Butte, China Lakes,....

*George Air Force Base and the closed Morton Air Force Base were an anti-gravity device called an 'Alien Reproduction Vehicle' for which we have the schematics, was seen by Frank Carlucci and others on our witness team.

* Tabletop Mountain and Blackjack Control of the aerospace
facilities there ,.....or the Northrop Anthill Facility, T-Con
Ranch ,...the McDonnell-Douglas Lawno Plant,.. Lockheed Martin

Howendel  Plant,...and the Philips Lab.

 * At the Nellis Air Force Facility,.. so-called Area 51,.. (no one
calls it that) there is S-4, and S-12,.. who Mesa,.. Groom Lake
,..and an unknown number of facilities.

 * The most important facility is in Utah, near Provo the Dugway
Proving Grounds,.. all of which is underground and the airspace
above it is classified . There are no roads into this facility.

 * The New Mexico facilities include,.. Los Alamos National Labs
with underground connectors to the so-called Dulce Area where the biological work is being done and Kirtland Air Force Base and the complex there includes,.. Sandia National Laboratories Phillips Labs , Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage Facility, Coyote Canyon and the White Sands Complex.
* In Arizona near Fort Huachuca, which is Army Intelligence
Headquarters,.. there is a 'UGB'..(underground base).. where one of our witnesses who will testify worked on 9 separate extraterrestrial vehicles, that had been downed due to advance electromagnetic pulse weapons and there are several different species of extraterrestrial biologicals, stored that facility.
* The other facilities in this goes on, include a special
compartmented area, of Cheyenne Mountain , where we have
witnesses in our team who can be subpoenaed , a ,..where we have tracked extraterrestrial vehicles IN our solar system that we're measuring 26 MILES in diameter.

* There are also built facilities in Australia, a key one would be in
Pine Gap, there is a so-called 'Alice Springs Facility' which is
mostly a US Air Force facility even though it is in Australia. (I
recently talked to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia about

*Also the Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center,..
we have a scientist at the Redstone Arsenal who works under
contract for IT&T who have developed the 'Trands Dimensional
Systems'. He was under contract with my project to bring these
energy devices out and he was then threatened by a former CIA Director and what I called 'The Goon Squad' that went down there ,...three years ago in March. This is just heart of the
information we have and this information is on the flash drive
given Stephen Bassett's staff, then you're all welcome
to review.

 Thank you,.. "

Video clip of the hearing, containing the above information,
About 4 minutes,

Website for the Citizen Hearing in Washington D. C.

People are very confused,...and it is going to get more complicated
as we go along. There are MANY beings that are making contact with humanity right now.

The ones who mean us LOVE, and are our family, whose DNA we share, are here to assist us in the transition.

Many others who are of the LIGHT and mean our most high
spiritually, are also here now. Do not become alarmed, for the
good ones want freedom for the family of earth, mean for us to
have peace, equality, abundance, health, FREE ENERGY, and LOVE.

There are discrepancies, depending upon who you listen to, as to
WHO is of the light.

Some of the forces of the dark side, have beautiful beings that
appear to be of the light, however are on the team of never ending war based upon absolute deceit, enslaving humanity by charging you for energy, taxing you for your free existence, and money (human energy) control. It is ALL a form of slavery.

The ones who mean you love ,want NONE of the above, and mean
for the human family to evolve. Our planet is on the verge of being
set free of these forces, however humanity MUST step up.

Remember,..YOU volunteered for your mission,...(for the one's who have a KNOWING) This feeling is deep inside you, and you UNDERSTAND that you are an eternal being.

You came here to assist in freeing humanity, by exposing the
massive lies, and bringing in the TRUTH,
to the dearly loved earth family.

Below is a segment, which is sightly controversial, as some of the
other alien beings, are in disagreement with WHO is of the LIGHT.
(Remember dark forces are able to do knavish things to humanity, as they will disguise themselves as favorable and trustworthy,...for if they didn't deceive those around them, no one would do their bidding. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.)
I am only putting this out there, so you may become accustomed to
the knowledge that is available now, and start you on the path to
developing your intuition. You must question everything, and use your abilities (YES, do have them) to discern the truth.

All will be known soon.

( Alien message below, are to use your abilities, and
remember there is always some truth in all information, the key is
to know how much.)

Alien Message;

"We of the Sirian Council - Washta, Mikah, and Teletron -- wish to describe something about our own history as Galactic Humans
and also about the organization called the Galactic Federation
that Earth will soon be entering as a new Member.

The Galactic Federation was formed about 4.5 million years ago
to prevent the inter-dimensional Dark Forces from dominating
and exploiting this Galaxy.

This inter-dimensional Dark force had seeded the Milky Way Galaxy with its own kind of computer-like, cold-hearted Beings. Their appearance was mainly in the form of a Reptoid or a Dinoid individual.

These Dark Beings spread across the Galaxy and began to successfully conquer thousands of Star Systems.

These Reptoids/Dinoids, however, eventually reached an area of the Galaxy where free-willed sentient Human Beings had created several galactic civilizations which were their technological match.

What followed, about four million years ago, was a period of brief
but very barbaric stellar wars which were quickly interspersed by periods of peace. To a limited extent, this war and peace pattern has continued even into present times.

As the attacks continued across the Galaxy, those of us who were the enemies of this Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance became more organized.

We saw the need to develop a highly diversified and effective organization that could act as an umbrella for both the coordination of the Galaxy's defenses, and also as a forum that would permit
necessary Human and non-Human cultural and governmental exchanges.

The Galactic Federation sees itself as a sort of United Nations of
Star Systems whose sole purpose is to create an organization that
will allow Light to continue to flow into our Milky Way Galaxy.

At present there are over 100,000 Star Systems and Star Leagues in
the Galactic Federation, and recent additions between 1988 and
1993 have increased membership to almost 200,000 members. The
primary basis of this Galactic Light of Creation is Love.

One of the basic premises of the Galactic Federation is to provide for a system of defense against sudden and unwarranted attacks.
In addition, the Galactic Federation also has the important tasks
of exploration, technology exchange, and cultural interaction.

Hence, the Galactic Federation is constantly sending scientists and liaison teams on space missions to other Star Systems that are not yet a part of the Galactic Federation.

 Another premise we must emphasize is that the Galactic Federation, through its various layers of Councils, has found a way to organize Planets, Stars Systems, and Star Leagues into our Milky Way Galaxy's 14 Regional Councils.

Since the Galactic Federation considers itself an organization of
fully conscious and peaceful civilizations, it is constantly on the
lookout for acceptable civilizations that meet its criteria for

When any Planet or a series of Planets in any Star
System reaches prescribed levels of technological and cultural
development, these civilizations are contacted after a thorough scientific evaluation. This scientific evaluation covers an extremely broad spectrum of cultural, scientific, and spiritual qualifications.

Your Planet and surrounding Solar System have been given a dispensation from Galactic Federation rules on membership because of the efforts of the Sirian Governing Council and your
Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Spiritual Hierarchy reminded all Galactic Federation Councils of the special position of your Solar System as both an important showcase Solar System and as the under-riding cause for Human sentientcy in the first place.

This argument finally overturned the karmic laws established by
certain Pleiadean elements [the Nibiruans] of control of your
Solar System since the fall of Atlantis some 10,000 years ago, and
permitted the granting of full membership to Earth in the
Galactic Federation on March 5, 1993 Earth time.

This granting of Full Membership allowed the Galactic Federation to legally establish its Rescue Mission and formally empower the "First Contact Team" to prepare its protocols for "First Contact" and landings on Earth.

End alien message

 *A massive structure, is clearly seen in this next video, which was captured by a weather balloon, that had been outfitted with a video camera. The following is the photographic evidence that was caught when it reached the edge of space. 

Video about 2 minutes.

Waves of love to you my earth family! ♥

I pray every good thing for you, and my arms are wrapping around you now with true love, and thoughts for your health, happiness, and abundance!