Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alien Bodyguard For Obama

Your going to have to see this one to believe it!

In a very brief segment, which ran on public television,….. an alien bodyguard can be seen looking over the crowd, as President Obama speaks.

The news piece, is in regards to Obama visiting Israel in the spring. The clip goes on about the President’s last visit back in 2008,…and according to Israel’s Channel 10 news,.. the next projected visit will be March 20th of this year.

As you look past the crowd, you will see on the left hand side of the film, a very normal looking human man standing and surveying the crowd….. directly beside the human is what appears to be an alien, preforming the same security detail.

Examine the chin on the alien being,…. the jutting bone structure,….the circular protrusions on the side of the head and face,…. how incredibly deep set the eye sockets are,….and finally how pronounced it all is, when the contrast is changed.

So why aren’t the people in the audience screaming?

Chances are highly probable,… that the camera picked up what the human eyes could not. Human beings have a very limited field of vision.

Also,… the holographic technology that many of the ET’s are using, has been failing lately. This is due to the fact, that the machines which assist them in creating this fake image, have been getting shut down by the ‘others’….who are on the side of love and light.

The good ET’s oppose deceit,… and desire humans to know the truth about their reality, their genuine history, and where they come from.

The evil ones want you to question nothing,…. stay asleep,..for the masses are far easier to control that way.

Word on the blogisphere,… is that president Obama, has made a request to speak with the many ET races, that are of the light. (Supposedly,... he wants to be on the winning team.)

Personally,… I don’t know if this is true.

Many people around the world had hoped that he would be on the side of the light,…. however his actions (horrifying executive orders, drone killings without due process, NDAA, wars without Congressional consent, trillions given to private banking families, etc.) have shown otherwise.

It is always the DEEDS of a leader that must be closely monitored by the collective,.... for as our Forefather, Samuel Adams said,

"How strangely will the tools of a Tyrant
pervert the plain meaning of words!"

(Samuel Adams (1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."
Source: letter to John Pitts, January 21, 1776.)

It is possible the President has had a change of heart,…as many people around the world are praying for the positive,… yet with the black alliance still intact, (black alliance = the dark side)… and clones being very real,…the people will not know for sure, until we see the positive relayed in his actions.

The first video link below, enlarges the alien head, and shows it to you with different colored contrast. Like I said before,… you must see it to believe it.

The video is about 2 min. 21 seconds long.

Watch quickly,…. we all know what happens to videos of importance!

The next video is the original clip, which ran on TV. It is about 58 seconds long. You will see the same alien being, standing alongside the human man, performing security operations for the President.










Thursday, March 7, 2013

Explosive Sounds Continue To Frighten The Masses


The mystery of earth sounds continues, and as we move along in time it become more complicated to figure out which is the birth pangs of a new reality emerging, as the world expands….shifts, etc,…..and what has been artificially created by large corporations.

The people on the surface also have to contend with the secretive actions of a shadow government, that steadily builds underground cities and connects them with magnetic train rail systems. (Although they have been getting shut down by the benevolent ET allies.)

Recently in Chesnee, SC, fantastic sounds that vibrate the souls of your feet, are being heard and reported.

Devin Webster speaks out on the puzzling noise and says,
"It rattled the room a little bit and the windows."

For multiple nights in a row the eerie, roaring sound traveled through Cowpens and on into Gaffney.
Another experiencer ( Barbara Lee) comes forward and says, "For me, it felt more like it was vibrating the floors."
The people are concerned and perplexed as to what it could be and report the noises have been rolling in about 8PM and later in the evening.

"It's like something is colliding together. Just like a car wreck, but not all the crashing," said Devin Webster.

The local reporters who looked into the matter called around to multiple airports, including Asheville, GSP and Spartanburg,…where they were informed that NO military activity has been preformed in the region.

The Cherokee County 911 Center stated it received numerous calls regarding the noise phenomena that was taking place and Robert Brackett commented, "We are getting several different calls over a wide range of area, and it's shaking houses in a wide range of areas. We aren't real sure exactly where it's coming from."

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is just as perplexed regarding the reason for the unusual noises, as the rest of the region seems to be,… and stated he knows of no blasting that is taking place.

A large volume of calls that came in, were from citizens living near Highway 11.

Sheriff Mueller said that road construction as well as a grenade company were briefly considered, however they were ruled out as being much to far away to cause the disturbance.

Other locations reporting loud blasts are areas west of South Carolina’s State Capital. People are describing hearing ‘cannon fire’ off in the distance, where it shakes the ground under your feet and rattles the glass in their house windows. The sounds come within minutes of one another and have been ongoing, since January of this year.

MANY,…many regions in the United States are reporting blaring explosive sounds, such as last year in Northern Wisconsin,… (in the Bedrock Area.)

In Florida people are reporting LEANING TREES and quite visibly sunken in areas of land. These areas appear to look as if the landscape is going to cave in at any moment.

Our minds immediately jump to the massive sinkholes that have been appearing at an alarming rate across the country and one recent Florida account, swallowed a home with the owner still inside!

People are left to wonder,….what is it that is louder than a sonic boom, and has such impact it shakes the entirety of your home,….yet NOTHING can be seen with the naked eye?

Below are some links that take you to South Carolina where the most recent batch of spooky noises, has actually made the local news. (Big surprise, main stream news is full of bologna,.. for the most part.)

Youtube video, SC mystery sounds,.. about 1 ½ minutes.


This video is a good watch and it is all about the sinkholes that are blanketing the country. About 7 minutes long.

August , 2013,...a MASSIVE sink hole, which continues to expand has struck a community in Kansas, north of Sharon Springs.

Last measured at 200' wide and 90' deep, the very visible stress cracks around the vicinity show that it will continue to expand.

Video is about, 29 seconds long.

Russell Crowe Shares UFO Photos With The Family of Earth

As the family of earth slowly awakens to the astronomical amount of duplicity that is all around us,....we see a completely different reality emerging into our consciousness.

Undeniable and reaching stratospheric heights, is the evidence of ET interaction in our world.

As the MANY races, who travel in varied styles of ships make themselves known to humanity, one understanding MUST BE KEPT in the forefront of your mind, and that is,..... the good ETs are here to assist humanity in this transition,....the EVIL ones (who are in league with the shadow government) have been here for a LONG TIME.

You should try to 'FEEL' the vibration that is coming from the craft to see if it is sending vibrations of LOVE,...or is it 'technical' and gives you deep dreaded feelings of FEAR.

The putrid ones look at humans as a disposable resource,.....the benevolent ones consider us THEIR FAMILY.

The pictures of the glowing craft (that Russell Crowe captured) were shared on Youtube, and you can see them for yourself on the following link.

Let the eons of utter deceit fall away and begin to open your mind!

Youtube video is about 2 min. (Watch is quickly, as videos of importance have a tendency to be removed.)