Friday, January 22, 2010

Hillbilly Beast of Kentucky

The Hillbilly Beast quietly stalks and roams the back hills of Eastern Kentucky, near the Ohio River. This large and intimidating creature has called this land home, long before settlers moved into the neighborhood.
As years became decades ,....and decades became centuries,......the human population exploded creating a strained situation for the man-beast. Humans continually move further out into virgin and unspoiled territory, thus they are now coming face to face with the other being,..... that calls this land home.
Documented reports of these human / man beast run-ins, have been made to the authorities by the multitude, and many more just discuss their sightings privately among their family and friends.

A being that stands 8-10 feet tall!

Weighing in at an estimated 800lbs this creature is usually very dark in appearance, with hair covering the entirety of it's body. The face looks incredibly human with an extraordinarily intelligent look in his eyes, when the creature swings his head around and catches you observing him. Witnesses have said, the eyes appear almost black in the daylight and glow a eerie yellow color when inkiness of evening descends.
It is very oral at times, and uses a broad range of vocalizations to communicate. The territorial howl that people have come to associate with him, is quite blaring in nature and those who have heard it, say the hair raises up on their arms, during it's lament. People who have discovered that they were physically close to him, reported hearing the creature make low guttural and breathy, grunting sounds.

The Hillbilly Beast in every way matches the descriptions of Bigfoot throughout our planet. In fact what would be described as Bigfoot, has been seen and documented on every continent in the entire world. Our bluegrass friend demonstrates the same behavior as his far away cousins, if he considers you trespassing on HIS territory. Rocks of every size will come flying out of the treeline in your direction, an effort to scare you away..... and if that doesn't work, he has been known to take it to the next level.
People who live in the area of a Bigfoot family, report the loud bangs of tree limbs, being pounded against each other, echoing a vibratory drumbeat for a long distance.

Monster Quest, which runs on the History Channel, recently trekked deep into the heart of the Kentucky wilderness and Cypress Swamps, to search for the Hillbilly Beast.
While exploring some of the hot spots, the team is surprised when they hear the crack of tree limbs and the rocks that are hurled in their direction, during their walk along the river.
Recording devices set up by the investigative crew, do a remarkable job picking up animal sounds in the distance, some of which may belong to our hillbilly friend. Out of the array of noises sent in for verification by specialists, 20-30 of the vocals could not be identified as belonging to any known animal.
A tooth is produced later in the show and shown to the investigators. The team proceed to photograph the tooth, with high definition, as they were not given permission to take the actual specimen. The photo is then sent to an expert, who is unable to identify what animal it could have come from.
Throughout the show, numerous eyewitnesses are interviewed about their encounters and they give a chilling and compelling reckoning. One account has a man named Ganyard and his friend out for the day to see the new boat ramp erected along the water way. After viewing the ramp, situated in a very remote location, they get back into the vehicle to leave, however the van becomes stuck in the saturated earth and the tires, now rooted in a muddy channel, are spinning deeper into the ground.
The friend volunteers to start walking back in the direction from which they had come, to search for help. The witness remains in the van. While resting on the front seat, Ganyard is shocked into a state of terror, when the van gets attacked by the creature. Angry at the interlopers for intruding on his territory, the Hillbilly Beast grabs the vehicle and shakes it violently. Our witness is overcome with fear as he looks into the furious eyes of the creature, through the window. At one point Ganyard feels that he won't survive the attack and the van is going to be flipped upside down........but after the Beast had expelled his rage, he relinquishes the van which drops in an upright position,...... and leaves the scene.

The next witness is a Mr. Kenny Mahoney, who has lived in the quiet area of Fairdale, Kentucky his entire life. When Mahoney notices an unusual amount of produce seems to be disappearing from his garden, he sets up a motion sensor surveillance camera, on a nearby tree, giving him a complete view of the garden. The usual cute little woodland animals all make an appearance,....rabbits hopping about,......birds pecking the ground,.....raccoons looking quizzically at the camera,............. however one picture captures what appears to be a very large hairy ape man, standing on the brush edge of the garden.

When Kenny is asked to recreate the photo, he positions the camera in the exact same location. When measured by visible markers, it is determined the creature was standing about 55 yards from the camera, next to a nearly 6 foot high, flowering weed. The creature by comparison looks three times wider and about a foot taller, then the 5'11" Kenny, when he stands in the exact same location. The area where the Hillbilly Beast was standing, was found to be trampled and showed signs of something large in the area.

The photo was examined by several experts, one of which was a wildlife expert, who stated that it was NOT a bear and the creature appears to have fur of some kind covering the entirety of it's body.

The photo expert on Monster Quest, was at first bewildered by the photographic evidence, then came to believe the photo showed a picture of a bird close to the camera, while in flight.

Personally....I have no idea, what has been captured in this fascinating photograph.

If it is a bird, would have to be a beakless, tailless bird, with a head the size of a bowling ball,..............and I have not seen alot of those.

It looks like a tall, dark, hairy creature standing in the thick brush, on the gardens edge.

(You will have to look for yourself and make your own determination.)

The Cherokee Indians have a rich and in depth relationship with nature and they claim to have witnessed the Sasquatch many times, while the creatures sat to dig for roots and eat other greens. The Native Americans have come to understand that the diet of this hairy being, is as wide and varied as our own. In fact, the Indian tribes have profound respect for the Wildman of the Woods and they believe the creature to have supernatural abilities.

One of the most interesting reports of supernatural capacity, comes from a witness (not on the Monster Quest program) who claims to have seen the creature stepping into....... and out of........ a interdimensional gateway or star gate! The witness became so fascinated with what he had observed, that he got a pair of binoculars and continued to surveil the location on a regular basis. The witness steadfastly claims that on numerous occasions the "gateway" was used by the mysterious man-beast. The invisible entry way appears to onlookers, as rolling heatwaves rising up from the ground, when it is viewed from a distance.

Others who have come into close proximity with the Beast, state that it has the ability to communicate telepathically with them.

This REALLY makes you wonder ............what can this creature possibly be?

Want to see the photo that is in question? Click on the following Youtube link......

This is a brief 4 minute segment of the Monster Quest program, that ran on the History Channel, is an excellent watch!



    A Bigfoot described as having,BEAUTIFUL BLOND HAIR,....was seen recently near Casar, North Carolina.

    Tim Peeler made an emergency phone call to 911 operators and proceeded to relay the sequence of events.

    Noises were coming from the area where Tim keeps his dogs and they were in an agitated state. Stepping outside to investigate the commotion, he hears a low grunting sound and sees a large man-like creature with "beautiful blond hair" all over it's body.

    Tim was able to walk up to the hairy man and poke him with a stick, that he had picked up from the ground. At this close proximity, Tim was able to see a human-like face with a blond beard, six fingers on each hand and estimated his height to be around 10 feet tall!
    The hair covering the entirety of his body was a lovely blond color.

    After being shouted at,... and jabbed with the stick,....the man-creature turned and walked away.

    Later that same evening, the blond Bigfoot returned and managed to get tangled up in the chains that held Peeler's dogs.

    When Tim heard the dogs once again start barking in a hyper state, he went out, witnessed the creature's predicament and heard the Bigfoot make a whistling sound.

    At 3 A.M., Peeler called the police and filed a suspicious person report, and asked if he would get in trouble if he shot at the man-creature and killed it. (Very disturbing that anyone would want to do such a horrendous thing.)

    The 911 operator couldn't answer that question.

    News Channel 36 interviewed Sgt. Mark Self, about Bigfoot and it's history in the area. The Sergeant replied that he remembers the stories of the 1970's when he was just a boy and how active the creature was in the region. He went on to say, " We're working up here, if we see something, we'll try to capture it and take it into custody."

    This creature needs to be protected. Shooting one should constitute as a homicide, as it is obviously in the hominid family, are we.

  2. Is Bigfoot an ALIEN?

    Bigfoot is believed by some REMOTE VIEWERS to be an ALIEN BEING, that has been transported individually to our Earth.

    The world that they have been seen arriving from is very barren and fridged. They have been viewed going back and forth from planet to planet.

    In hearing some of these people talk,….they have described Bigfoot as being like Chewbacca from the movie "Star Wars." Huge, hairy,…but very intelligent.

    Secret groups within the government at one time believed they were scientists from a distant planet,….then the belief changed to the possibility that they were just SIGHTSEEING our Earth.

    Remote viewers are still working in groups trying to understand why these beings use our planet and come and go,.. as they seem to do.

    Truth really is stranger than fiction!

  3. bigfoot is a maybe 1million undeveloped human i think.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I believe Bigfoot has mostly human DNA,..and although many forms of human have existed on this planet,...I believe most of the hairy man/beasts being seen are infact from another world.

      Using the vast underground cave systems, and able to ajust to a myriad of weather conditions, Bigfoot is INDEED a hearty being.

      Seers are viewing these creatures as they are transported here. Their home world is believed to be very desolate and harsh.

      The being is VERY intelligent, with some PSY abilities, however it is brutal in it's slaying and consuming of our animal friends.

      (I know,...gross.)

      So please, NOT leave your dog tied up outside (for those who have a four legged family member) where it will be unable to escape an encounter. ESPECIALLY in the country regions. If you have a dog,...have a fence, and preferably a dog door into your house.

      Anyway,....thanks for your comment!

  4. How do we know all this Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings aren't made up? That they aren't orchestrated by men to give the appearance that a legend has cone to life? I don't wish to be a skeptic, but I want some real proof I can feel and see for myself. All things die, so why haven't any bones been discovered? I'm quite curious as to how a Bigfoot or Sasquatch could live for hundreds and thousands of years.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Thank you for your comment.

      How do we know that Bigfoot is not made up?

      Well that is relatively simple to answer,....the answer is the colossal number of people who have witnessed the being!

      The people who have encountered Sasquatch, cross the globe, and just about every religious group, economical background, language base,..has droves of people who came face to face with this creature.

      Simply put, NOT believe in Bigfoot, would have to believe the WORLD is lying, going back MANY years into human history.

      People are basically GOOD,..and will tell you,.. with all honesty what they experienced.

      As far as why you haven't seen one, all things die,...I have this to say,....I know the world is full of bears, and I have lived in numerous remote areas,...however I have NEVER come across a dead bear.

      It is very likely these intelligent beings, are burying their dead.

      As people have seen these hairy people with offspring, explains the continuance of our encounters.

      I wish you much joy in your exploration of our very VARIED,..remarkable,..eerie,...surprising, and WONDERFUL WORLD!