Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dover Demon of Massachusetts


Have you ever heard of a creature called the Dover Demon?

Well,....... he made an appearance to numerous people, back in the 1970's which caused quite a stir and resulted in a full investigation. This possible cryptid, has been talked about ever since.

What is he?

The descriptions of all the witnesses involved, closely resemble one another,......they are as follows.

The otherworldly visitor stands around 3-4 feet in height, with long narrow arms and legs, ending with tapered fingers. No hair is visible on the rough looking grey skin, that covers it's entire body. The head is unusually large compared to the rest of it's body, elongated and skull like in appearance. The face contains great luminous eyes that glow burnt orange and ..............(depending on the recorded account read), sometimes the eyes glow green in color. No apparent nose, ears or mouth are visible. It was observed while walking upright on two legs and some reports have him crawling on all four appendages, as he grips the surface with his fingers. The strange night walker is said to make a startling screech that is quite piercing.

OK, this little fella doesn't look like the neighbor, (unless you have a really weird looking neighbor.) So,.............who has seen him?

When research began on the Dover Demon, it was discovered that for hundreds of years, Native American Indians have passed down to one another, in their oral histories, the information on this night walker. The Cree Indians call the creature, " Mannegishi."

The Mannegishi's description, precisely matches the previous portraiture of the above sketches and reports,.........however........due to very close and repeated stealth examinations of the Mannegishi, the Cree, have a greater knowledge of what they are. The Native Americans say that the creatures reside in and around large bodies of water. They have a tendency to climb on the rock outcroppings and ledges associated with the waters edge. Their history, speaks of canoes and small boats being tipped over by the Mannegishi and drowning the occupants.

The Cree Indians have come to understand, that the Mannegishi breath directly through their skin and are capable of telepathy.

The Dover Demon has been sighted and reported on three separate occasions, in more modern times , in the year of 1977. The first sighting was by Bill Bartlett, who was driving a car full of friends at the time. Bill stated when making his report, that he first thought what he was seeing was an animal. However, while scrutinizing the creature further, came to the conclusion that the creature was UN-earthly in appearance. When viewed, the creature was crawling along a wall located on Farm Street, in Dover Massachusetts.

A short time after the first sighting, a boy by the name of John Baxter espied the Dover Demon as he was walking home that night. At first Baxter just saw a figure walking towards him and thinking it was maybe someone he knew, Baxter called out. No answer was forthcoming. As they drew closer to one another the creature abruptly stopped, as did Baxter. As John's gaze locked onto the bizarre scene, he slowly tried to move closer to it. This sent the unknown night walker running at fantastic speed down a gully and up over the other side. Now at a distance of about 30 feet, John saw it's feet moulded around the rocks it was standing upon, while it's two hands tightly gripped the trunk of a nearby tree, with very long tenuous fingers.

The next recorded account comes from Abby Brabham and Will Traintor, who while driving in the car, observed the creature crouched down on all fours, on the left side of the road. Abby went on to say the glow of it's eyes while in the headlights was green in color.

All accounts closely resembled one another. The only obvious variable was the color of the glowing eyes, which can change in appearance depending upon the color of the light being reflected into them. Four sketches were drawn of the creature by the witnesses and under Bill Bartlett's sketch he wrote, " I, Bill Bartlett swear on a stack of Bibles that I saw this creature."

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman was the initial investigator who gave us the name, "Dover Demon." Coleman brought in Joseph Hyman, Ed Fogg and Walter Webb, who were all very well known ufological researchers, to look into the matter. The investigators did a very thorough job of checking out the back round of the eye witnesses involved. School officials, friends, family members, as well as the local police were questioned.

All agreed........ they were credible witnesses.

The thought as to what was seen on these occasions is varied , depending upon who you are talking to. I personally believe that they are alien creatures, either visiting our beautiful blue planet ....................or they slipped in through one of the earth's numerous star gates and decided to make certain bodies of water their home.

One school of thought that is floating around the Internet, has to do with the youthful age of all the witnesses. They believe that there is a chance the creature was more of a poltergeist type of spirit, which is known for being attracted to the vibrant energy of youth.

Here is a brief two minute video, created by Animal Planet. Enjoy.

Make sure you are alert and aware when out in the inky blackness of the night,.......because you never know what may be watching you.

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