Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forces Of Benevolence Are Needed Now To Create The Portal Of Light

This blog has many mysteries, that many of you already understand as being a part of our greater reality. Some write ups are interesting, some are amusing,........others are deeply frightening.

I don't want to just give you information that alarms you,...without giving you the knowledge that you are not helpless,......and we are indeed powerful beings of light.

There is a solution to every problem,.....and every mystery can indeed be solved.

As a soul that is searching for the unseen, have a desire to know how things work,......"the how's",.......and "why's of life."

This makes you a free thinker, someone who wants to find out the absolute veraciousness of it all for yourself,.....and not just be spoon fed stories by others.

Once again you are needed. It is by no accident that you are reading this....................

Permission was asked for,....and permission was granted,... to give to you the following soul assignment.

In this divine duty, you are asked to participate in the most crucial work you will ever do in your life.

You have most likely come a long way by now in your search for unraveling the many mysteries that exist,....and your desire to understand the Universe and how it works.
Before we go any further with the task, must completely comprehend that there are many forces at work here,....and it is absolutely essential that you use your intuition.

Do you truly have a desire to know the truth and work on behalf of love and light?

If you do,.......and your answer is yes to the above question,.....then you need to do the following, to have a certainty for yourself, honest KNOWING about where you are being lead.

1. You MUST create a deep desire to know and understand the truthfulness of words when they are spoken,..... and deeds when you see a particular action in play. There is much deceit in this world and you are being mislead on a daily basis by those who do not want you to know the verity of your life.

2.Concentrate upon this profound craving to know the truth, in a quiet and meditative state. Be in a state of peace and love, while going inside of yourself. You can do this right before falling asleep at night,.. when you feel rested, (this will usually result in a dream state, that is attempting to answer your questions) can do this exercise in the morning upon the rising of the sun, facing the warm golden sunlight while your being is in a state of serene calm, can do this with others. When I say others, can be people of like mind,......or a church group that is drawn together in a state of prayer and love.

3. The answers will start to come in your direction hard and fast,.....almost too much information. The Isness, will show you the way. You will be steered in a direction that is serendipitous and you will be surprised by how it all starts to come about. You may not like what you hear,....or even who you are hearing or reading it from,....for it will be the truth,.......and many people on this planet have no idea what the truth of this universe really is,....nor do you understand where you come from.

Work quickly to know the truth for yourself.

Know thyself.

For the following exercise needs everyone of you and it is taking place right now!

A very special THANK YOU, Twinflames for this beautiful meditation.
Please read on.

11-11-10 Portal of Light.

The new reality paradigm.

On November 11th 2010,...a minimum of one million awakened souls will proceed through the Unity Grid of Light and group collective consciousness, envisioning a world of peace and harmony and love.

As these thought forms are created, a spiraling vortices of light are brought into being as sub-atomic particles of love and Unity Consciousness.

 All life has the opportunity to awaken to this new reality of co-creation and harmony. Letting go of fear and separation, control and power issues.

As light workers,....Star seeded ones,...Way showers,....Spiritual leaders,.....and Teachers,.... we are asked to hold this focus for Christed Consciousness for all life on this Earth Plane. To envisage the emergence of the 5th world templates,.... by projecting this collective thought form consciousness into the future and creating the world that we know as "The Golden Age of Aquarius."

Starting from 11-11,........for 11 days and for 11 minutes each day, 11:11Am,...........and 11:11PM,........we will focus on Christed Consciousness,....... on co- creating a world unified through the heart and mind of Mother/Father God.

Victory is ALREADY OURS.

Invocation for the new reality paradigm,......

I call upon Mother /Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I align with my Mighty I Am Presence, .......the Highest Light of Who I Am and Who I have Forever Been,

I now call for a complete activation of the 12 Strand DNA and a clearing of all limited beliefs and patterns I may hold at a cellular level, so I may truly experience myself as this Master Being of Love and Light.

I now call upon the Company of Heaven and my I Am Presence to assist in downloading all the key codes of Light that I am needing in this Now, take me into unconditional Love and One Unity Consciousness.

I now find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, this crystalline grid of Light, within and around this earth plane, connected to Mother Earth, and a minimum of  one million Light workers along this grid of Light,  and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this ascension of the earth.

I am now surrounded in the golden flame of Unity Consciousness,
as I merge completely with my I Am Presence.  In this energy of Love and Unity Consciousness, I now envisage a spiralling vortex of Light about my aura, combining with all those along the Unity Grid, holding the focus of World Peace, Love and Unity Consciousness for this new Golden Age.

I now experience this collective Christed Consciousness, opening my heart to all Life, recognizing myself as One with all Life, One with Mother/Father God.

As I project my Christed Consciousness into the future, I envisage an earth where all Life co-creates in Love and lives fearlessly.

I envisage a world of harmony and abundance for all Life on this earth plane.

I envisage a world of Love and joy for all Life on this earth plane.

I envisage a world of One Unity Consciousness for all Life on this earth plane.

I envisage a world enlightened by the new Reality Paradigm, the Golden Age of Aquarius.

As this first wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint, I envisage this Blueprint of Light for all Life on this earth plane.

And so it is.

This Invocation was brought to you by "The Twinflames" and I have enclosed a incredibly beautiful video to go along with this meditation of pure love. Do this meditation twice a day, if you can. We are all needed now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fact or Faked Show on Flying Humanoids

One of many images of Flying Humanoids.

 I wanted to leave this particular write up in the comments section of the story on this blog called " Flying Humanoids,"......however it was rejected as being to long, I have been forced to do a mini-write up.

 Here we go.

Recently, the show called “Fact or Faked” (which runs on the SYFY channel) did an episode on this very important and mysterious subject.

I was disappointed with the determination, to say the least.

This show IS enjoyable,…..and I DO recommend it,…..however they have been getting some very important phenomenons completely wrong.

It starts out by showing the world an astonishing video clip that remains unexplained,….and sets out to find an explanation. The beginning of the show is my favorite part, as you will get to see the MOST spectacular clips circulating on the Web today,…..AND….. I......…DO..… MEAN…… SPECTACULAR!

They then move on to give you a brief history of the event and walk you around the chosen areas, that are to be investigated.

I feel this impressive group of professionals have a relatively firm understanding of their audience,…..which are the largest group of free thinkers, psychics, intuitives, and emotionally and intellectually brilliant people from around the globe. Most of their audience have an excellent understanding of just how complex our world is.

Given this,…I am surprised by the occasional failings of this extremely likable collection of 6 women & men,…..with a vast array of back rounds. You will love them,….despite their sporadic inaccurate conclusions.

The flying humanoid video clip that was under investigation for the show,….is one of MANY videos available today,…….and more are being uploaded each and every day.

The clip shows a black in appearance, bulky and odd looking form, flying in an even and steady formation, in the clear daytime sky.

They then try to recreate the look of the video using every available means of technology and video special effects (such as tilted Plexiglas slabs in front of the camera,..that had been used on previous shows, the use of extraordinarily sophisticated animatronics,...etc.)

The first up was the use of a man piloting a jet pack. This did not match the video clip in question, as the gentleman was unable to stay in the air for the amount of time of the original video,….. it was exceedingly noisy (as compared to the silence of real flying humanoids),….and last but certainly not least,……it undoubtedly looked like a HUMAN with a jet-pack on.

Next up was the zip line. A line was set up to go from point "A" to point "B",…an investigator then jumped on the pulley system, and they proceeded to film.

This also languished when compared to the original video,…as you could easily see the zip line with a human dangling from it. The investigator proceeded to glide on a very brief, straight line of decent.

In absolutely NO WAY was this recreation a match.

Then a group of balloons were tried. (This seems to be very popular theme among the skeptics,….who have a hard time grasping anything that the official news agencies have NOT yet told them to believe in.)

This was an absolute laughable delinquency, when compared to the original video.



Because it LOOKED like a bunch of balloons,…bobbing around, ……………going up,.... then down,…..swaying with the air current.

The balloons, which were covered with a large, black, plastic bag to give the appearance of a thickened human-like shape, were then hooked up to a modern remote control unit,….and silently propelled through the sky.

The look of the video satisfied the investigators,…..and they ruled the phenomena solved. Well,…at least this particular video clip.

Why I have a problem with the result.

*As you have just read in the flying humanoid write up, or need to read on this blog,….....this mystery has been occurring for thousands of years! Modern remote control units were not available to those who spoke of and drew depictions of these creatures, flying in their ancient skies.

*Whole entire areas have reported seeing them,….and described the flying human-like forms,…from around the globe! Reports were made to the authorities in most instances.

NO explanation was ever given.

It is completely inconceivable to believe the world has been playing a grand hoax, that goes back thousands of years,…… upon itself!

*They fully discounted eye-witness testimony,….that have seen this mystery up close and personal,……to the point where sketches have been made of the array of creatures that are seen within these flying suits. (As in the police officer who was in a state of shock, after the creature descended upon him and crashed into the window shield of his squad car.) Watch the video link attached to the bottom of the story called Flying Humanoids (found on this blog) for a look at one of the sketches given of this creature.

*flying humanoids have been observed and recorded in a myriad of ways.

Such as,….

1. In a standstill hold while in the air.

2. Moving slowly,….then quickly, in a very obvious piloted direction.

3. Turning in mid-air to face an observer, and falling upon them in a very intentional action.

* Finally,….the reason I have a problem with their conclusion,…is the observance of an energy discharge beneath the feet of the flying creatures. This discharge can be seen in the picture attached to the flying Humanoid Story on this blog,..... and in the many videos that are on the Web,….when they are enlarged and enhanced.

Balloons do NOT change the energy field around them.

So,….while they were able, with modern technology, to make their video look somewhat like the video in question,……….this in no way solves the mystery of the flying humanoid,…… when you look at ALL THE CONSEQUENTIAL FACTORS INVOLVED.

Despite the occasional errors of the group,….you must watch them,… they do get others right.

Once again,……SYFY,…….you managed to have a hit on your hands!

We can’t stop talking about it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

How did the spooky, fun filled day of Halloween start?


Now the leaves start to turn,
In beauteous shades of yellow, gold, brown and auburn....................

The crisp smell of Autumn is in the night,
With the wind lowly whistling, oh, what a fright......................

The silvery moon is casting it's shadows below,
Corn stalks standing brown in the fields, are ready to mow.........

The time is at hand for pumpkins and ghosts,
So gather your friends to party, with a spooky toast...........

The goblins & monsters shall cluster at your front door,
"Trick-or-Treat" they will bellow in a unison roar........

For sweet treats and candy, they yearn for a bite,
Faces flush with anticipation, they present such a sight.............

Along with the smile of the Jack-O-Lantern's candle lit gleam,
Tells me it's no other than O' HALLOWEEN!

Written by Kelly Horan


It is a huge party day across many lands,....filled with costumes, carved glowing pumpkins, parades, haunted houses, spooky hay rides, block parties, sweet treats handed out by friends, family and neighbors. Fear and silliness are sublimely mixed together on this mystical and eerie day........but where did it come from?

This story goes way back, ( 3,000 years) light a scented candle, get yourself a snack and find some place very comfortable, is time to read the spooky evolution of Halloween!

It all begins on the magnificently beautiful, emerald island of Ireland, where the Celtic tribes actually believed they could be in two worlds on this one particular night, within our calender year. The veil of world of life, and the world of death was thought to be very thin,........thin enough that the departed spirits of loved ones could walk our plane of existence and be seen,.... felt,....... and heard by the living.

Halloween has done a great deal of morphing, to become what it is today. Hundreds of years before Jesus Christ, the Celts (a tribe of warriors) who called Northern France and the British Isles home, started the whole ball rolling.

The community they started relied heavily upon Mother Earth and her bounty for their survival and they lived their lives in fear of what would happen,.... if they were unable to sustain the cold, dark winter months ahead. The priests , known as Druids, were implored to pray for the very mortality of the people. The most important day of prayer in the entire year, was the last day of harvest,......the day before the fright of winter was to arrive. It was known as Samhain (pronounced Sow-in),.....this is in the Gaelic language, and it means,...."November."

Anytime there was a dramatic shift, such as dawn, dusk, seasonal change, eclipses, these were all considered very mystic, and the Celts place much significance upon them.

On Samhin Night, rituals developed to pacify the angry and terrifying spirits that would take to the earth,.... along with the gentle and loving spirits. Parades of people would form and march to the edge of their community, where gifts of sweets and food were deposited, in an effort to redirect the angry souls away from their homes.

It may have taken 3,000 years,.....but this parade inevitably became what we call "Trick-or- Treating" today.

The Gods controlled the bright ball of warm fire in the sky,......according to the Celts, and when the days became smaller, they created large fires on Earth, (now known as the fall harvest bonfire). This fiery tribute to the great Gods, was a desperate effort to persuade them to give back the warmth and life giving essence of the sun.

Another alarming ritual to take place on this day was the blood sacrifice of living animals. With a great passion to give back to the living Earth,.....the poor creature was thrown upon the enormous bonfire. This is deeply disturbing,.
(and in no way, shape or form acceptable)......although,.... at the time they believed they were being polite to the inscrutable forces which gave them the breath of life, giving a vital creature back. The blackened innards of the unfortunate spirited life, were then read (in the same manner of reading tea leaves) by the high priest, as he attempted to relay to the gathering crowd who would live and who would die in the coming year.

The stories of the people who were to die were carried like wild fire throughout the villages,..... and as they were repeatedly relayed year in and year out, it became an important part of the tradition of Samhain Night. Many believe this was the basis for the famous ghost stories of today.

The mysterious stone protrusions found all over Ireland are referred to as "Fairy Mounds" and the Celts believed the creatures that dwelt within them would emerge from their subterranean homes on Samhain Night and roam the Earth freely.

Flash forward to modern times where the trick-or treaters dress up as these magical fairies and spirits of both benevolent and malevolent kind,....and proceed to roam their neighborhoods in search of sweet treats.

The "tricks" that were occasionally preformed by the living, represented the evil earth bound souls of the world beyond, that were known to bother the living in an mischievous and supernatural way.

Samhain Night has managed to give us all of the basic factors found in our Halloween traditions of today.

Moving further into the evolution of Halloween we find ourselves in Rome,... where they were having a celebration of their own known as "Pomona." On November 1st, a mystical night of celebration took place as an act of worship to the Goddess of fruit and gardens,...(who it is said, was responsible for the magnificent blossoming of food bearing trees)..... known as Pomona. The word Pomona comes from the Latin word Pomum,.........which means "fruit." A bountiful display of produce such as nuts and apples, would be laid out to express gratitude to the Goddess. It is believed the Halloween tradition of apple bobbing derives from the lavish display given out, during the Roman celebration of Pomona.

(Want to see Pomona? You can find her still standing tall, in the park directly in front of the Plaza Hotel in New York City.)

Time moves ever forward in this Earthly 3-D world and when Rome overpowered the vast majority of Europe,......... the traditions of Samhain and Pomona came together. Gratitude for the bountiful harvest,.......and the preoccupation with death, (associated with the great fear of winter change),......... were merged into one.

As Christianity began to emerge,.....all things Pagan became adverse. Believing in anything other than Christianity became the work of the Devil,....and therefor had to be crushed.

One of the biggest steps in this movement came from the Pagan Emperor of Rome, Constantine,...who while on a battle field,.....claimed to clearly see Jesus Christ appear before him. Constantine immediately became a Christian and in 325 he summoned the council of Nicaea, which brought fourth the Christian Doctrine,....and ordered missionaries to travel far and near and convert all souls who were not yet Christian.

The missionaries were having an exceedingly hard time steering the people away from their old traditions, in the year 600, Pope Gregory The First, devised a plan to sanctify the existing Pagan traditions into Christianity. Rather than destroy what the people were accustomed to,......the missionaries were told to sanctify and bless the proceedings by concentrating it to Christ.

By the time the eight century rolled around the Christian church was weary of struggling against the Pagan rituals, so Pope Gregory The Third turned the most consequential day of the year,.....Samhain,.......into "All Saints Day,"........which starts at 12:01 AM on November the 1st.

This new Christian holy day was to pay homage to all the saints that did not already have a specific day of their own. Another name for All Saints Day, is All Hallows Day. Hallow meaning to bless or sanctify. The eve before Saints Day became known as All Hallows Evening,.....then morphed through slurs in pronunciation into Halloween.

Despite the church's best efforts,.......the people continued to dress up in primitive costumes and make offerings to the departed, this great calendar time of change. The only change the church managed to have was the name. The "Samhain Night" was now known as "Halloween Night."

The church continued on with it's effort to take this powerful day for the holy and in the tenth century,..... November 2nd was renamed "All Souls Day",.........a day to remember all who had passed over into the next world, within the last year. This is in fact a direct relation back to Samhain.

The church feared witches,....especially at the Samhain time of year. Witch is derived from the word "Wicca",.......meaning the wise one. These women were seen as free spirited, nonconforming, dominant, wise, and worked with the forces of nature. The male dominated church had a deep desire to malign the sacred feminine. The worship of the female form, the givers of life, the Goddesses of bounty,......had to come to an end.

Any intelligent and powerful woman who understood medicine, the therapeutic benefits of certain plants, the energies of the universe, or assisted in the birth of a child was now being hunted down by the church and put through mind bogglingly horrid tortures and death. It became open season on the knowledgeable, non-submissive woman.

A woman who was labeled a "witch" by the church,.......was said to be the Devil's hand maiden and was depicted in drawings as utterly heinous while riding a broom through the air. Hate of strong, smart women ran rapid.

In 1486 a book was published by Pope Innocent the VIII, stating witchcraft was linked directly to the Devil,......and as such the Pagan religion should now be outlawed. The male dominated church used this book and the inventions of Pope Innocent the VIII to burn alive the much envied feminine form,... that had been worshiped for so long.
This largely fictitious book called the Malleus Maleficarum (meaning Witches Hammer) was copied and sent out to every Bishop. The manuscript stated UNBELIEF in witchcraft is considered heresy! It went on to further state that women are more likely to be witches, than men because,......" The female sex is more concerned with things of the flesh than men." (Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous and untrue in all of your live?)

This man is a real character, seems his major thoughts in life deliberated around finding ways to get more money. This insatiable greed would be the cause for numerous Papal Bulls to be issued,.......demanding the burning of people and the seizing of their family assets. Most that were grabbed and taken in to be murdered by the church were women. Preferably women of wealth.
Other crimes that Innocent committed to get his hands on more money,... involved the sale of Cardinal hats to the children of wealthy families, exchange for a prize winning marriage for one of his many illegitimate children,.......of which he had at least 16!
It is amazing to know that a human who is so incredibly flawed,.......and yes,......quite evil,......would order the deaths of so many women. Innocent's deceit went so far, to create imaginary titles, out of thin air,......then quietly sell them off to the highest bidder. Money,, Of course he also gave away lavish gifts to those who were in his favor,........what were they you ask? Human slaves. The Holy Pope Innocent VIII gave away living human beings!

When the female form became so vilified by the Pope,......many of other religions followed suit,.....and it was all based on the imagined insanity and pure greed of this evil man.

Even the heroine Joan of Arc was found guilty of witchcraft,.....and burned at the stake.

The black cat that is associated with Halloween, came from the belief that anything that is active in the night must be of the Devil .(Simply outrageous.) Pagan woman who were close with nature, usually had companion animals, so when the woman was termed a witch by an accuser, any companion pet was dammed with her. The pet was said to contain the woman's soul. These shocking beliefs and accusations are understood today to be absolute baloney. We know that companion pets are spirited creatures that give tremendous love and provide joy in people's lives and simply because something is nocturnal does NOT mean it is of the Devil.

Another animal now associated with Halloween is the bat. During the rituals that took place during this time, massive fires were ablaze,......attracting insects to the light display. Bats feast upon insects and could be seen swooping down to get an easy meal, this simple association landed the bat into one of Halloween's iconic symbols.

Every culture around the world has given Halloween their own flavor. In Mexico a festival is celebrated on All Soul's Day, called the,....... "Day of the Dead."

Christian and Pagan principles are joined together on this special day, and it is accepted and relished by the people. Food is brought to the graveyard, where love ones will sit upon the grave of the departed and share a meal with one another. Images of skeletons and ghosts are made into treats and the atmosphere begins to look much like the Halloween celebrated in the United States.

In 1517 the church was beginning to fracture by it's very own people. Martin Luther,... a well known christian figure, put forth a thesis known as the Protestant Reformation. This piece of work forever changed Christianity and it also changed what we now know as Halloween, in the process. Rejected in the Reformation was every figure that went between humans and the God in Heaven. This list included the rejection of all Popes, Saints, and Priests.

Out with the dirty bath water, went the Saints followed by All Saint's Day and All Hallows Eve. So popular was All Hallows Eve,.......that even the Reformation could not get rid of it. In fact,.... Halloween became a theme that was used by the Protestants against the Catholics.

A perfect example of this tug of war between the religions starts out on November 5th, 1605. A Catholic gentleman named Guido Fawkes was arrested by authorities for attempting to blow up the mostly Protestant House of Lords with barrels of gunpowder that had been smuggled into the basement. King James I was the primary target (and yes, is the very same King James that came up with his own bible.) The anger stemmed from the slight against Catholics in the position of power, and the fact that the Queen,.....a woman,.........sat and ruled (continues to rule to this day) as Supreme Head of the Church of England. Since that time, Guido Fawkes Night has become a very prominent holiday, where an effigy of Mr. Fawkes is burned and fireworks light up the night. Since Halloween and Guido Fawkes Night are so close together, they are celebrated simultaneously. Once again, Halloween reappears on the scene.

The Puritans who settled in England's Colony,.... America refused to celebrate Halloween, considering it to be too Pagan AND TOO CATHOLIC in it's origin. The Protestants actually believed the Church of England to be too Catholic.

The year 1692 was witness to a horrendous crescendo in the Salem Witch Trials. Twenty people were murdered in this religious frenzy,.....nineteen by hanging and one who was pressed to his demise, by the piling of rocks upon his prone body.

In other areas of America which had a large Catholic population, the Halloween holiday seemed to flourish and Virginia became the birth place for what is now known as American Halloween.

Parties sprang up complete with sweets, fruit spreads, bobbing for apples, spooky stories of the dead, and of course spooky costumes. A belief in the spirit world, is what insures that Halloween will always be celebrated.

The games involving divination, which go back to the Druid Priests are played during this time period also. Women in the early colonies would look for the face of their future husband, in foods that were prepared in a fire.

In the 1800's Halloween parties were called " Play Parties" and they were wildly relished for their harmless, fun antics.

In later years, the Irish arrived in America in large numbers, bringing with them customs that are well loved to this very day. Nothing is more adored than the funny grinning face of the Halloween pumpkin,......which started out as a turnip in Irish households. Americans jumped at the idea of the silly Jack-O-Lantern,.....but found it much easier to carve a face into a large orange pumpkin and it has easily become the most celebrated image of Halloween.

By the time the twentieth century rolled around,.....children were taking over this very adult holiday,.....but with children dressing up and going out,.....pranks became the order of the day. An example of this mayhem would be in 1930's New York, where 1,000 windows were broken on Halloween,......along with a plethora of street lights throughout the city. Police officers and civilians would actually die in stunts involving vandalism and crashing into mischievous barriers.

Children taking over the holiday,......resulted in complete loss of control. The random destruction, purposeful fires set in cities, the opening of gates on farm property resulting in animal loss, derailment of street cars, the piling of junk on neighbors roof tops.......had to be stopped.

The children had to be redirected, ......and fast. The first town to rise to the occasion was Anoka, Minnesota,......which rolled out the first civic Halloween parade and became known as the Halloween Capitol of the World. Anoka managed to very smartly reign in the chaos by giving the youth something fun and innocent to do instead.

Halloween activies were cancelled across the country during the 1940's,... due to the war and limited resources. The frivolous pursuit of dressing up and getting candy was halted,......however once the war was over Halloween was back on the schedule. Every city wanted to keep the kids busy and entertained, community parties sprang up. A favorite was to have the kids dress up, attend the town party where prizes would be awarded for the best costumes. The winners were to be announced on the local radio station, exactly 30 minutes after the party was officially over. This ensured the kids returned home to listen to the winners of the numerous prizes.

It worked brilliantly.

However,..... it was not long before evil minds with idle time would mobilized once again,... to ravage yet another city. Black clouds would come billowing up behind those with putrid plans, to dampen the now innocent fun of Halloween.

 The 1970's-1980's bore witness to appalling destruction, in the form of furious fires set by large groups of vandals on Halloween Night in,..... Detroit, Michigan.

Thousands of buildings were set ablaze and complete ruination was broadcast on televisions across the land, a night they entitled, "Devil's Night."

People, businesses, the local government, were all in fear of this wicked insanity that was running amok. It completely devastated the community as people and corporations pulled out of the area,......leaving homes and industry vacant. Much needed jobs became hard to find, as no company in their right mind wanted to be in an region that had completely lost control over it's youth.

Unfortunately,.. many areas of Detroit to this very day, are still synonymous with blight.

Then came the rumors of razor blades in apples and poison in candy that terrified parents. This resulted in parents taking the candy in to be x-rayed before letting their children eat any of the bounty. The children who did died of poisoning, did not receive the tampered with candy from strangers,.......but it was shockingly given to them by their own family members. The razors that were discovered did not kill any of the children, but the outraged public now changed how their kids obtained the sweet treats. Children would now only go to friends, family and trusted individuals during trick-or-treating times, giving the family much needed peace of mind.

Horror movies on Halloween have spawned the idea that it is in fact an evil day. It couldn't be further from the truth. What started out as a day for the dead and a need to survive the winter,......became an innocent fun filled party time for adults and kids alike. Halloween has had it's ups and downs with rotten people, who have had evil intent in their hearts, to cause destruction and mayhem,........but it is not long before the putrid behavior is contained,......stopped and set back to harmless delight.

Today's Pagans invite in their departed loved ones,... during the night of Samhain. Fire, prayer and the symbol of a bountiful harvest, (the apple) are used by the coven. The apple is the most associated with the Goddess, when it is cut, the shape of a star is clearly seen in the placement of the seeds. Male and female energy is equally respected in the ancient religion of Ireland. Traditional, male dominated religion is rejected, which has caused the church in some areas to once again take up battle with the Pagan beliefs.

Some of these Christian groups are calling Halloween the Devil's holiday and have created anti- Halloween films to show their congregation. Other Christian churches have created their own haunted houses, called Halloween Hell Houses,.....that seem to be filled with modern day sinners that become subject to punishments for their deeds against the church,........ or for the controversial decision to have an abortion.

The overwhelming populous of people will continue to celebrate Halloween, in an innocent and fun filled way, without one fleeting thought of any religion,......or of any type of dark witchcraft.

Billions are spent each year by every walk of life out to have a fantasy filled exciting time, on Halloween. The monumental majority of American homes will decorate for this spooky holiday and almost every single child goes trick-or-treating.

Halloween has once again become an adult holiday, because the children of yesterday have become the adults of today,.....and their fond memories of All Hallows Eve remain intact. Going out to commercial haunted houses for the thrill, costume parties, pumpkin carving get togethers, attending and partaking in parades is certainly here to stay.

One of the most amazing spectacles you will ever see, takes place in Greenwich Village, New York. Thousand upon thousands of people from around the globe gather together in the most outrageous costumes and take to the street. It is a sight you will never forget.

Halloween remains about your intent.

If your intent is about innocent fun and thrills,..... then Halloween remains innocuous.

If your intent is dark and evil,.......then it really doesn't matter what day of the year it is,...for this is a reflection of your character.

Now go out and win a costume contest!