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A Moment Of Levity & Some Halloween Trivia

Halloween Trivia

Q: What is another name for Halloween?

A: All Hallows' Eve



Q: What is an "Intelligent Haunting'?


A: It is activity resulting from an aware ghost or spirit that interacts with its environment. (Intelligent means the 'ghost' can find the hamper and deposit dirty haunting sheets there, WITHOUT having to be told.)



Q: What are the two traditional colors of Halloween?

A: Black and Orange



Q: What is a Ghost?


A: A ghost typically refers to the soul of a deceased human (or animal) that continues to exist in some form on an earthly plane without “crossing over.”



Q: Americans spend how much on the Halloween season?


A: About 7 BILLION dollars! Halloween is second to Christmas, in the amount of money people will spend to enjoy the season. (I hope spending all that money means,...SOMEBODY is still buying the big candy bars.)



Q: What three colors make up candy corn?

A: White, Yellow and Orange



Q: What was the first wrapped penny candy in America, and an all time favorite Halloween candy hand out?


A: Tootsie Rolls



Q: In the movie, The Nightmare before Christmas, what is Jack Skellington's dog's name?

A: Zero (That also happens to be the name of one of my favorite candy bars,...if you can find them.)



Q: What is an 'Inhuman Entity'?


A: It is a supernatural being -- such as a demon or jinn -- that did not begin its existence in human form. (Their demeanor closely matches that of an ex. In fact, it may be hard to tell them apart, you may need a priest to assist.)



Q: In 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown', which character writes a letter to the Great Pumpkin?

A: Linus (You know, the kid with 6 hairs on his head who drags around a filthy blanket, that looks like it should be washed 100 times,....yeah him,...he is a writer,...who knew?)



Q: What is a 'Disembodied Voice'?


A: A voice or noise that lacks an explainable source. (And NO we are not talking about DENIAL of unexpected and mysterious noises AFTER you have had a big bowl of beans.)



Q: Who was the real man behind the legend of Dracula?


A: Vlad Tepes,... also known as Vlad the Impaler. (How do the criminally insane always manage to rise to power? I wonder if he wore a flag pin on his lapel and wrote documents such as the 'Patriot Act' or the 'NDAA'?)



Q: What is the day after Halloween called?


A: All Saints' Day or All Hallows' Day. (It is also known as Pepto Bismol Day, for those of us who lack self control on the candy haul.)



Q: What is the all time most popular Halloween costume?


A: For a girl it remains a witch,...and for a boy, the costume of choice is a pirate.



Q: According to legend, a unibrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger are all signs of what Halloween creature?

A: Werewolf (Many a former boyfriend also had these particular qualities. Although, they also had Bobos, ripped t-shirts, and a bad attitude. Thank goodness we grow out of that stage.)



Q: What year was the Halloween movie released?

A: 1978



Q: In the Halloween Movie, a mask of what popular fictional character, was altered to make Michael Myers mask?


A: Star Trek's,... Captain Kirk- (William Shatner)



Q: What is Paranormal?


A: It literally means, “above normal,” it refers to anything outside or beyond current scientific explanation.



Q: What is an Elemental?


A: A supernatural nature spirit that include fairies, trolls and banshees. ( A fair amount of these are also in the dust bin of exes.)



Q: How many people died in the original Halloween movie?


A: 5 people



Q: What is a UFO?


A: It is an abbreviation for “unidentified flying object” which does not necessarily apply to extraterrestrial or secret governmental crafts, but can be anything unknown spotted in the sky. (Usually,.. it IS ALIEN CRAFT.)



Q: What country does Halloween come from?

A: Ireland



Q: What are the actresses names of two of the witches from the movie Hocus Pocus?

A: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy



Q: What is a 'Shadow Person'?


A: It is a commonly-reported inky black entity that is fast moving. It is often spotted out of the corner of the eye and has been interpreted to be anything from a ghost or demon, to an alien, to a time traveler or inter-dimensional being.
(It could also be a younger sibling who is trying to avoid the wrath of mom, while he is swiping the last cookie from the jar.)



Q: According to superstition, if you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween, what will you see?


A: Your future spouse,..... or you may see a skull, if you are to die before you get married. (That is enough to depress you for a week,...I suggest you don't try this one. Who needs more Zanax?)



Q: How much candy corn will be produced this Halloween season?


A: About 35 MILLION POUNDS! (Enough to circle the moon 4 TIMES!) Please tell me,....WHO is eating this stuff? I would rather have just about ANYTHING, over a piece of candy corn! Yes, they are cute to look at, and decorate with,...but come on,.....I would eat brussel sprouts over candy corn! I think that puts, what I think of candy corn, in proper perspective. EEWWWW.



Q: What is a Disembodied Voice?


A: A voice or noise that lacks an explainable source.



Q: What are the two parts of a skull?

A: The cranium and the mandible (lower jaw).



Q: What actor played the adult Michael Myers?

A: Tony Moran



Q: What is the official phobia name for the fear of Halloween?

A: Samhainophobia  (Also known as 'non-candy eaters')



Q: What is Possession?


A: A state where an entity inhabits and exerts a level of control over a living thing or object. (Ask any lady, after seeing a 75% off sale tag in the window of a store, they will swear to you, they are no longer in control of their actions,...giggle.)



Q: How many bones are in a human skull?

A: 22



Q: What is Crypto zoology?


A: The study and pursuit of cryptids, creatures traditionally considered mythical, folkloric or previously extinct. Example: Bigfoot, chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster. (The search for the rare and mostly unseen, should include politicians who still have honor and integrity.)



Q: Why did the Celts first wear costumes on Halloween night?


A: They didn't want the evil spirits that were walking the earth on this particular night, to think they were human beings, in the flesh.

(If they didn't want the evil spirits to think they were human, they should have put a flag pin in their lapel, and introduced themselves as politicians.)



Q: Which ancient festival is Halloween generally considered to have evolved from?

A: Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival that celebrated the end of the harvest season. It is also known as the Celtic New Year.



Q: What is a lycanthrope?

A: A werewolf
(There is also a fair amount of these in the past boyfriend bin,...although today they call it Bi-polar.)


Q: Who is the author of the 1818 novel, Frankenstein?

A: Mary Shelley



Q: What does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween?


A: It means the spirit of a loved one is watching over you.
(So don't squish it! Also,.....sit up straight, comb your hair, re-tie that dragging shoe lace, tuck in your shirt, wash your hands, and don't get a stain on that! Well, least if it is any of my loved ones that happen to be peeking in.)


Q: What English rocker worked as a grave digger before becoming famous?

A: Rod Stewart, Pete Doherty, and Joe Strummer. (I wonder if they have any ghost stories to tell?)



Q: Before the end of the 19th century, the Greeks believed that the corpses of werewolves, if not destroyed, would return to life as what?

A: Vampires in the form of wolves (In this day and age there should be a pill one could take to cure vampirism and lycanthropy, but knowing the pharmaceutical industry, it would probably come with side effects,.. such as, leaky bowls, runny nose, drooping eye, explosive gas, and a heavy dose of Tourette's Syndrome.)



Q: What actor appears as Count Dracula in the 1931 film, Dracula?


A: Béla Lugosi



Q: In Alabama it is illegal to dress up as a?


A: Priest



Q: The heaviest pumpkin on record weighs as much as a?


1.) Baby elephant
2.) Volkswagen Beetle
3.) Clydesdale horse

A: Clydesdale horse



Q: What is an EVP?


A: The abbreviation for “electronic voice phenomena,” which refers to noises of a paranormal nature that cannot be heard with the human ear, but are recorded by electronic devices.



Q: What color are pumpkins?


A: Mostly orange, but they also come in white, yellow, green and blue.



Q: Are there really vampire bats?


A: Yes,.. but they're not from Transylvania. They live in Central and South America and feed on the blood of cattle, horses and even birds.



Q: What is the one item that trick-or-treaters hated getting above all others?


A: Although healthy, shiny and nutritious, the despised 'treat' was an apple!





Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Truckers Ride For The Constitution






 (Website listed below in the links section)
A Trucker’s Prayer

Quiet and alone,

I drive staring pensively, out at the road,………

It starts to rain, so I slow down with a moan,

It has been too long, since I’ve been home,……..

I’m tired and I ache, my hands are calloused and black,

From tarping, chaining and tying down freight with straps,.

The radio station crackles, then fades in and out,

I am left with only my own thoughts, to think about,….

Maintenance, tolls, the cost of fuel keeps going up,

But, there is only so much a broker will pay for a truck,….

So, the money is tight and my tires are worn,

My shirt, socks, and pants are stained and torn,……

It certainly takes a special breed to be out here on the road,

Like gypsies, we wander, hauling our heavy loads,….

With mishaps and breakdowns, it sure makes you pray,

Dear God, ride with me, so I can truck another day,….

And HE does, this I know,

As I hum along to the now clear radio,…..

Things have smoothed out now, as I move along,

And after my prayer, I don’t feel so alone,…..

Tired and hungry, I pull in to our drive,

Long since dark, at a quarter till nine,…….

With all of the set backs, I still thank my luck,

And as I turn the knob to our home,

I thank God for my truck.

(Written by Kelly Horan)





Can the truckers in America return our sacred Constitution?

Truckers in our country are a strong, loyal, and brave lot, as they traverse our highways, with what is the equivalent of a 80,000 lb. land ship, and deliver the goods that make our civilization run smoothly. They are the veins,…the arteries, moving the very life blood, of our country’s body.

What happens when this rugged and proud group come together, to stop the on slot of laws that are being steadily written against the average citizen?

Gas prices, low wages, along with the over regulation of truckers in the transportation industry, has become quite crippling, and the ability to make a decent living, exceedingly hard.

We have steadily watched as our freedoms have been whittled away,…and believe me when I say,… I write this with a mournful heart.

We, as Americans, have been witness to,……

* Occupy protesters being sprayed in the face with tear gas, while holding their signs and standing on a public sidewalk (huddled and corralled in a temporary fence.) Peaceful, ...these citizens were simply exercising, what once were PROTECTED Constitutional rights, to assemble and protest,…..

* Citizen protesters shot with rubber bullets (by the police who are rapidly becoming militarized) landing the innocent and injured into the intensive care units,…..

* Peaceful veterans being arrested, while holding a ceremony at a public memorial,….(see video link below),…

* Numerous attempts at gun grabs, after what many believe to be staged and set up events,….

* Naked body scanners at airports,…..

* TSA setting up random checkpoints, and also in operation at high school proms,….
* Homeland Security and TSA, setting up checkpoints and pat down centers for bus and train stations, sports stadiums, shopping malls, hotels and religious centers,….


* NSA spying on the ENTIRE country,…..

* The NDAA which has things written in it that are SO anti-Constitutional and nightmarish, that even Hitler wouldn’t have dared to written such actions down,…..

* The Patriot Act,.which was written BEFORE 9-11, and needed an event to roll it in,.. (Ron Paul: “The Patriot Act was written many, many years before 9/11 and the attacks simply provided an opportunity for some people to do what they wanted to do”)…….

* Chem -trails in our air,…..

* Fluoride in our water (known as the chemical lobotomy),..

The list of distressing infringements upon Americans is vast. How much of this outrageous behavior by our government are you in agreement with?

"For in reason, ALL GOVERNMENT without the consent of the
governed is the very definition of SLAVERY."

--Jonathan Swift

So,.. can our truckers ride into Washington D. C. and turn this runaway train around?

Well,..that is exactly what is being planned.


The truckers along with the rest of the nation have watched the government unroll their use of spy drones, complete with eavesdropping capabilities and the distribution of armored vehicles to police departments, to be used on civilian streets!

Even more distressing is the stocking up, of hollow tipped bullets (to be used by DHS) and it is enough ammunition to kill each man, woman and child in our country, MANY times over.

A purchase order made by Homeland Security, is for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo, which is more than enough to sustain a 20 year war, inside our own country!

Why does ‘Homeland Security’ want hollow tipped bullets, as they are twice as expensive as regular bullets, and FORBIDDEN by international law for use in war?

This shocking fact is followed by shooting targets being ordered with women, children and old men sitting in easy chairs, printed on them. (Sickening isn’t it?)

The government may be currently in a shut down mode, but the truckers of this nation have had enough and are ready to ROLL into Washington D. C.!


Traffic is expected to be slowed to a crawl, or even to stop completely.


What the truckers see as the destruction of our once great nation, has resulted in this mass action. Those who believe in our previously free nation, are on board with the members of Congress being held accountable, and possibly arrested, for writing and/or agreeing to UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws against the people.


‘ Truckers Ride for the Constitution’ welcomes participants, who wish to come together for a demonstration on the Capital Beltway, beginning this Friday, October 11th, 2013.

Stock up on the necessities you think you will need now, because these big rig heroes will NOT be hauling freight, and they are plowing the way, for our freedoms to be restored.



The Facebook page, belonging to ‘Truckers Ride For The Constitution’ had tens of thousands of supporters, as of this writing. People from across the nation, wanting to participate, have added their sentiments.


Expect the Washington D. C. Beltway to be clogged three lanes deep for THREE,… FREEDOM RESTORING,… DAYS!

 According to the support I have read, you will see youth present with cameras in hand (to keep a video log of the activity) and cars who will honk their horns wildly in support.


Earl Conlon, speaks up for the group (that is growing exceptionally) and he says the truckers seek the arrest of certain members of Congress who have violated their oath of office.

Conlon went on to say, "We want these people arrested, and we're coming in with the grand jury to do it."

Many of the patriotic truckers are completely disgusted with the government’s shocking position of arming Al Qaeda-tied members of the Syrian opposition. (Imagine our ever more secretive government, is funding KNOWN terrorists, who are cutting the heads off of Christians in Syria! Did you ever think you would see the day?)

If a citizen in the area wishes to pass a truck in this freedom convoy, you will need to have a sign in your vehicle window, stating you are in full support of the movement. If you don’t have the sign,…then it’s off to the back of the line, while the freedom riders do their important work.



Conlon said, "It's going to be real fun for anyone who is not a supporter. If cops decide to give us a hard time, we're going to lock the brakes up, we're going to STOP right there, ….we're going to be a THREE LANE ROADBLOCK."
(There is a discrepancy on the Facebook page for the organization, stating that Conlon has no authority to speak on behalf of the ‘Ride For The Constitution’ group and they have no desire to be associated with any unlawful activity.)

Stepping forward on behalf of the group is Pete Santilli and he says, "One of our demands is NON-NEGOTIABLE,… President Obama must be removed from office for crimes against the United States and all UN-constitutional executive orders nullified. How that is accomplished legally,… is for the legal and constitutional experts to determine."

As I continued to read the enormous amount written on the trucker’s strike, I have come across pages of veterans who plan on joining in on the occasion, along with courageous bikers, who will be returning (from their recent ride on Washington) to support the movement.

Other truckers from across the nation are agreeing to shut down their rigs and park, while citizens everywhere will be taking to their capitol, overpass, or town square, and joining in to stop the criminal infringement on our rights.

If you are unable to physically participate, there are other ways you may assist, and have your voice heard. People are stating they will NOT shop or buy gas, until the truckers are done. This is expected to last from the 11th to the 13th of October, 2013.

I send love ♥ and blessings to those who bravely stand up for our once free nation. Keep your thoughts POSITIVE, and your heart filled with love, as we work together as a collective, to shine a light on FREEDOM.

Love and blessings to you my dear earth family,….this movement can very likely have a ripple effect upon the world.





This video is by Christopher Greene, of AMTV. It is a brief outline of ‘Truckers for the Constitution’ plan to arrest Congressmen, and is about 4 minutes long.


This next video is by Luke Rudkowski of ‘We are change’ and it is regarding the arrest of veterans who were hand cuffed and hauled away, while having a vigil at a Vietnam Memorial in New York City. This will disgust you to the point of tears.

It is about 12 minutes.



TRUCK PHOTO PROVIDED BY: Goldenrod Graphix at,...

(You will be amazed at this website of unique art, painted on everything with wheels. Check it out.)

Update on the truckers ride!

Even though this grand effort was beset by much sabotage, it is still considered a triumph by those who believed in this patriotic occasion.

The undermining included Face book pages taken down on numerous times (highly distorting the true number of supporters). Twitter account holders reported suspended communication on the event, and live streams to keep the people updated were shut down. Furthermore,.. personal accounts of organizers were hacked into, and electronic harassment reported.

Despite all the action to impede the ride, went off with a bang, and the people involved and those who supported it, were very excited to be doing something, to return our free way of life.

This next, brief video shows you some of the rolling trucks as they ride together in solidarity. You will see two slow moving convoys, where cars with flags, and regular trucks joined in with the BIG RIGS, to make a very important statement.

Already people are asking WHEN and WHERE is the next 18 wheeler convoy, to stop this tyrannical take over of the United States!

In fact SO MANY people were fired up by the movement, bands volunteered their music, and food was brought to locations where  truckers could take a break from the ride and enjoy something warm to eat. Even free vinyl lettering was offered to truckers, by those who supported the cause!

People from overpasses recorded from many locations, and videos galore show the success of the event.

Enjoy this 4min video, it will give much needed hope for our country.

This next video shows the women, men, youth (and even a cute little dog)....who either directly rode in the convoy, or supported the truckers valiant efforts. This is a wonderful montage of pictures, which shows the heart of America, standing strong, against the massive wave of current tyranny.

 #T2SDA is EVERYWHERE,...just take a look.

(Video is about 4 minutes long.)