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A Moment Of Levity & Some Halloween Trivia

Halloween Trivia

Q: What is another name for Halloween?

A: All Hallows' Eve



Q: What is an "Intelligent Haunting'?


A: It is activity resulting from an aware ghost or spirit that interacts with its environment. (Intelligent means the 'ghost' can find the hamper and deposit dirty haunting sheets there, WITHOUT having to be told.)



Q: What are the two traditional colors of Halloween?

A: Black and Orange



Q: What is a Ghost?


A: A ghost typically refers to the soul of a deceased human (or animal) that continues to exist in some form on an earthly plane without “crossing over.”



Q: Americans spend how much on the Halloween season?


A: About 7 BILLION dollars! Halloween is second to Christmas, in the amount of money people will spend to enjoy the season. (I hope spending all that money means,...SOMEBODY is still buying the big candy bars.)



Q: What three colors make up candy corn?

A: White, Yellow and Orange



Q: What was the first wrapped penny candy in America, and an all time favorite Halloween candy hand out?


A: Tootsie Rolls



Q: In the movie, The Nightmare before Christmas, what is Jack Skellington's dog's name?

A: Zero (That also happens to be the name of one of my favorite candy bars,...if you can find them.)



Q: What is an 'Inhuman Entity'?


A: It is a supernatural being -- such as a demon or jinn -- that did not begin its existence in human form. (Their demeanor closely matches that of an ex. In fact, it may be hard to tell them apart, you may need a priest to assist.)



Q: In 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown', which character writes a letter to the Great Pumpkin?

A: Linus (You know, the kid with 6 hairs on his head who drags around a filthy blanket, that looks like it should be washed 100 times,....yeah him,...he is a writer,...who knew?)



Q: What is a 'Disembodied Voice'?


A: A voice or noise that lacks an explainable source. (And NO we are not talking about DENIAL of unexpected and mysterious noises AFTER you have had a big bowl of beans.)



Q: Who was the real man behind the legend of Dracula?


A: Vlad Tepes,... also known as Vlad the Impaler. (How do the criminally insane always manage to rise to power? I wonder if he wore a flag pin on his lapel and wrote documents such as the 'Patriot Act' or the 'NDAA'?)



Q: What is the day after Halloween called?


A: All Saints' Day or All Hallows' Day. (It is also known as Pepto Bismol Day, for those of us who lack self control on the candy haul.)



Q: What is the all time most popular Halloween costume?


A: For a girl it remains a witch,...and for a boy, the costume of choice is a pirate.



Q: According to legend, a unibrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger are all signs of what Halloween creature?

A: Werewolf (Many a former boyfriend also had these particular qualities. Although, they also had Bobos, ripped t-shirts, and a bad attitude. Thank goodness we grow out of that stage.)



Q: What year was the Halloween movie released?

A: 1978



Q: In the Halloween Movie, a mask of what popular fictional character, was altered to make Michael Myers mask?


A: Star Trek's,... Captain Kirk- (William Shatner)



Q: What is Paranormal?


A: It literally means, “above normal,” it refers to anything outside or beyond current scientific explanation.



Q: What is an Elemental?


A: A supernatural nature spirit that include fairies, trolls and banshees. ( A fair amount of these are also in the dust bin of exes.)



Q: How many people died in the original Halloween movie?


A: 5 people



Q: What is a UFO?


A: It is an abbreviation for “unidentified flying object” which does not necessarily apply to extraterrestrial or secret governmental crafts, but can be anything unknown spotted in the sky. (Usually,.. it IS ALIEN CRAFT.)



Q: What country does Halloween come from?

A: Ireland



Q: What are the actresses names of two of the witches from the movie Hocus Pocus?

A: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy



Q: What is a 'Shadow Person'?


A: It is a commonly-reported inky black entity that is fast moving. It is often spotted out of the corner of the eye and has been interpreted to be anything from a ghost or demon, to an alien, to a time traveler or inter-dimensional being.
(It could also be a younger sibling who is trying to avoid the wrath of mom, while he is swiping the last cookie from the jar.)



Q: According to superstition, if you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween, what will you see?


A: Your future spouse,..... or you may see a skull, if you are to die before you get married. (That is enough to depress you for a week,...I suggest you don't try this one. Who needs more Zanax?)



Q: How much candy corn will be produced this Halloween season?


A: About 35 MILLION POUNDS! (Enough to circle the moon 4 TIMES!) Please tell me,....WHO is eating this stuff? I would rather have just about ANYTHING, over a piece of candy corn! Yes, they are cute to look at, and decorate with,...but come on,.....I would eat brussel sprouts over candy corn! I think that puts, what I think of candy corn, in proper perspective. EEWWWW.



Q: What is a Disembodied Voice?


A: A voice or noise that lacks an explainable source.



Q: What are the two parts of a skull?

A: The cranium and the mandible (lower jaw).



Q: What actor played the adult Michael Myers?

A: Tony Moran



Q: What is the official phobia name for the fear of Halloween?

A: Samhainophobia  (Also known as 'non-candy eaters')



Q: What is Possession?


A: A state where an entity inhabits and exerts a level of control over a living thing or object. (Ask any lady, after seeing a 75% off sale tag in the window of a store, they will swear to you, they are no longer in control of their actions,...giggle.)



Q: How many bones are in a human skull?

A: 22



Q: What is Crypto zoology?


A: The study and pursuit of cryptids, creatures traditionally considered mythical, folkloric or previously extinct. Example: Bigfoot, chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster. (The search for the rare and mostly unseen, should include politicians who still have honor and integrity.)



Q: Why did the Celts first wear costumes on Halloween night?


A: They didn't want the evil spirits that were walking the earth on this particular night, to think they were human beings, in the flesh.

(If they didn't want the evil spirits to think they were human, they should have put a flag pin in their lapel, and introduced themselves as politicians.)



Q: Which ancient festival is Halloween generally considered to have evolved from?

A: Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival that celebrated the end of the harvest season. It is also known as the Celtic New Year.



Q: What is a lycanthrope?

A: A werewolf
(There is also a fair amount of these in the past boyfriend bin,...although today they call it Bi-polar.)


Q: Who is the author of the 1818 novel, Frankenstein?

A: Mary Shelley



Q: What does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween?


A: It means the spirit of a loved one is watching over you.
(So don't squish it! Also,.....sit up straight, comb your hair, re-tie that dragging shoe lace, tuck in your shirt, wash your hands, and don't get a stain on that! Well, least if it is any of my loved ones that happen to be peeking in.)


Q: What English rocker worked as a grave digger before becoming famous?

A: Rod Stewart, Pete Doherty, and Joe Strummer. (I wonder if they have any ghost stories to tell?)



Q: Before the end of the 19th century, the Greeks believed that the corpses of werewolves, if not destroyed, would return to life as what?

A: Vampires in the form of wolves (In this day and age there should be a pill one could take to cure vampirism and lycanthropy, but knowing the pharmaceutical industry, it would probably come with side effects,.. such as, leaky bowls, runny nose, drooping eye, explosive gas, and a heavy dose of Tourette's Syndrome.)



Q: What actor appears as Count Dracula in the 1931 film, Dracula?


A: Béla Lugosi



Q: In Alabama it is illegal to dress up as a?


A: Priest



Q: The heaviest pumpkin on record weighs as much as a?


1.) Baby elephant
2.) Volkswagen Beetle
3.) Clydesdale horse

A: Clydesdale horse



Q: What is an EVP?


A: The abbreviation for “electronic voice phenomena,” which refers to noises of a paranormal nature that cannot be heard with the human ear, but are recorded by electronic devices.



Q: What color are pumpkins?


A: Mostly orange, but they also come in white, yellow, green and blue.



Q: Are there really vampire bats?


A: Yes,.. but they're not from Transylvania. They live in Central and South America and feed on the blood of cattle, horses and even birds.



Q: What is the one item that trick-or-treaters hated getting above all others?


A: Although healthy, shiny and nutritious, the despised 'treat' was an apple!





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