Monday, June 13, 2016

Massive Public Satanic Ceremony Attended By World Leaders

Devil dancing at ceremony

The devil came to Switzerland and danced in the light of day,

His horns and hooves gyrating in a most perverse display,......

Attended by those whom the world calls leader,

They are more known by most,.... as sneaks, liars and cheaters,.....

They hide in our governments, wearing uniforms, badges and every shade of face,

They have even infiltrated the church and befouled our holy place,.....

They bring with them symbols that they display everywhere,

The octopus, the owl and the eye that just stares,.....

The black widow, the goat, and evil horns are everywhere,

In the movies, in the media and in music they snare,.....

Is it any wonder that hell opened it's gate,

In this created nightmare,.....

What should be right has been turned upside down,

As agonized spirits scream out and crawl on the ground,....

To the Dark One they kneel and sacrifices are made,

They tell us it's fake, but we shall not be swayed,....

For we know what they do is evil beyond measure,

They do it for self service, power and treasure,....

The blacked out eyes of the lowly fallen one,

They plead for his approval but they shall receive ultimately none,.....

For calmly and patiently karma awaits,

And one cringes at the thought of their just deserved fate,....

The deceivers have betrayed God's people it's known,

And the words 'HELL AWAITS YOU' shall be placed upon their stone.

Written by Kelly Horan

Yes, we do in fact have a satanic ceremony that was heavily attended by our world leaders.

Ugh, we go.

This is a must read for those of you who do not yet know. 

(Warning:) some elementary style jokes have been inserted, however that was to lighten up what is some very dark, heavy and negative subject matter. (Also, was sooooo hard to resist!)

Onward we go,... 

What I should really say here is PLACED BANKER OFFICIALS attended this ceremony,....since we have come to know that these people whom we believed were ELECTED are in fact SELECTED.

A time for change is indeed at hand, for the process is deeply corrupted and just look at what has taken place, while we slept and trusted those who were in charge.


On June 1st, of this year (2016) Switzerland unveiled a whopper of a record breaker, taking 49,000 hours and 17 years to complete. It stretches through 73 different kinds of rock, as it pierces into Mother Earth's surface and it now stands as the world’s longest and deepest railroad tunnel.
(Well,... that is,...what happens to be known by the people on the surface, as what lies beneath your feet is another story.) This tunnel with it's mysterious occulted debut, is a tremendous 35.4 miles in deep,.... dark,...and after THIS ceremony.,....SPOOKY length.

Sadly, a total of 9 miners perished during it creation.

This new transportation passage is built right under the Swiss Alps and was constructed to relax the burden of traffic through Europe.

The ritual itself was done with very disturbing imagery that was shockingly occulted,... an entire satanic ceremony, with horned goats and Satan himself freakishly dancing around. 

Events were occurring on BOTH sides of the tunnel, and we even see imagery from inside the tunnel where a loin clothed baby, with a massive head and over sized blacked out eyes, comes dangling down from the ceiling of the tunnel. The ghoulish looking baby was dangling on wires with grey haphazard wings, mouth hanging agape, looking for all the world to see as an utter DEVIL child.

The fallen one appears to be making a grand and PUBLIC announcement into the world.

Now known as the Gotthard Train Tunnel, the ceremony was preformed at the northern portal in Erstfeld, Switzerland.
 Heads of state, including Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Switzerland’s President Johann Schneider-Ammann, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s President Francois Hollande were ALL in attendance, as well as many other notables.

The people of the Internet have deemed this to be a complete,.... Illuminati ceremony.

You would never in a million years think that the opening of a train tunnel, would be this nightmarish,....however it absolutely was.

The ceremony starts out with an army of people wearing orange, miner jumpsuits complete with reflective stripes and helmets.(Numerous helmets in UN blue) This small army was stomping in a robotic and mindless way, moving ever forward. The formation of the people was very uniformed and military like in style.

Onward they moved ever so slowly, eyes staring blankly out in a fixed position, taking one brainless step at a time,.....and I DO mean brainless, for you would have to be JUST THAT to elect to participate in this shocking display.

 (Special note: I think this mind controlled clue being given to us once again, is a moment we must take to strongly consider turning off our TVs, as it is controlled by the dark side, and tune into where we can seek the truth,...the Internet. Use your discernment on the Internet also, something you should have been working on developing. 

The dark ones are operating night and day to cause mass confusion on the Internet also, so DISCERNMENT is essential. Entire budgets have been set aside for this endeavor. I must admit I still watch some of my favorite shows on TV and go to the movies on occasion. Reason being the overwhelming majority of entertainers and reality personalities are truly good and HIGHLY of the LIGHT. They mean well and work to bring us pure joy, wonder, and excitement.

 Yes, yes... you have entertainers who have taken the lower path, just take a look at a Super Bowl half time show for numerous examples of the DARK. Once you do this with your eyes open (spiritual eyes) you will no longer have a doubt that mind control has been inserted into our entertainment. Just remember, the dark side is using these mind control tactics, negative vibratory fields, and subliminal messages in their effort to reach you in your weak and subdued moments.

Very deceitful.

So enjoy yourself, just limit yourself,... and beware. Seek your truth on the Internet.)

Back to the ritual,....

Suddenly the miners run full speed towards the mountain (portrayed on screen) and using wires they are hauled up the screen face and proceed to pull the mountain side down. The mountain is then shown crumbling away. The others who are standing below, appeared to be shocked and overwhelmed as the suspended workers come plunging down off the side of the mountain.

The rock is finally broken through and the workers are seen rhythmically stomping their feet with their hands over their eyes.  The created hole is now displayed largely upon the screen. The aperture looking much like an eye with a slowly moving, orange iris.

At this point the workers stop briefly, they look up and suddenly,..... rip OFF THEIR CLOTHES!

Literally,....they strip down to their underwear, men and women alike!

( OK,...I am going to resort to second grade humor at this moment and state the gentleman near the front, towards the right,....with the full,..ahem,..shall I say 'package'....he is not only stealing the show with his unique visual, he obviously had an easier time in the dating scene. So, unless this gentleman is stuffing his undies,...he is the male equivalent of Dolly Parton. Ladies take a number.)

(Sorry sweet Dolly, we know you are of the light and you are dearly dearly loved, however some of your assets are quite remarkable and have become, should I put this,..... world renown.)

 Yeah,...yeah... I 'went there'.... I said 'it' and I am a tiny bit sorry for my silly departure, it tends to comes out at the most inappropriate of moments and come on, when you see the video,...we are all THINKING IT.

(I am having a hard time re-finding the video that focuses in on 'PACKAGE DUDE'. As soon as I find it, I will link to it, for education purposes. Yeah,....educational purposes.)

Back to the ritual,.....

Men continue to fall from the mountain side on the screen, the 'workers' below grab long sticks and form two opposing sides. They start banging their weapons into one another. They are in an apparent battle, then abruptly,... a moaning naked man then appears on the over head screen!

The workers then remove their pants!!

Yes, read that correctly.

They are ALL now completely in their underwear, while hitting at THEMSELVES. The striking upon their body disrupts puffs of smoke which billows out all around them. 

(Yes, we are in what appears to be a horror show, but I find my mind again wandering to the thought, 'they are going to have to wash their underwear TWICE to ever get them white again.')

They now have the appearance of being near NAKED in a deep gray swirling haze!


Well, get the idea.

At this point everyone who watches this spectacle has to be thinking,....WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

 Is there a shortage in the wardrobe department? A heatwave? Mosquito attack, thus SLAP YOURSELF?

Yeah,'s a real head scratcher.

Like we don't have enough to figure out in our lives, we have to contend with the devil coming out of a TRAIN tunnel!

A little bit of historical lore,....

Some of this spectacle may derive from some very old folklore about a bridge. This region was considered completely impassable until the 1100's and Switzerland historically used this area to control their invasions from the North. The towns people along side this passing point, decided to make a deal with the DEVIL. They asked him to build a bride for them and he agreed to this request with a condition,....the condition being to 'give me the soul of the first being to cross the bridge'. The towns people stated they would, however when the time came to damn an innocent, they decided they didn't want to do such a thing. So,... instead of a person being the first to across the bridge,.... they sent a GOAT.

The devil became enraged and pronounced he was going to slaughter the goat and annihilate the bridge with a massive rock,....however when he picked up the enormous rock, it had a cross drawn upon it's surface. This stopped the devil in his tracks, as it was put there by a believer in Jesus Christ.

Because of this devout follower of Jesus,...the devil gazed upon that cross before him and he was unable pick up the rock,...hence the bridge remained standing.

Forever more the towns folk looked upon the bridge as a triumph over the devil.

Now,...back to the show,

At this point in this extraordinarily, creepy display,.. the devil has emerged from the mountain, with what appears to be spirits moving slowly in gray, long, see through fabric. These souls are yelling out in apparent distress. Eerie little grass-men are dancing low to the ground, times crawling,....hunching themselves over and depicting what are believed to be demons, and they are spinning around the agonized spirits in grey.

In the background horns bellow, with their deep hollow sound.

The devil, complete with MASSIVE goat horns starts dancing wildly about, while screaming and making disgusting guttural sounds. On the screen now behind the dancing actors, is a woman dressed in white twirling in a circle. The devil is next seen lowering himself over top of her.

A distorted man's face comes fully in view, appearing under the head of the devil. This is complete with Egyptian scarabs crawling upon the screen's face.

Scarabs crawling upon face, with two different colored eyes. You can see part of the goat's head perched atop of the man's head.


The image then morphs into a  spinning portal of eyes, looking much like the 'all seeing eye' people have come to abhor,....the eye of the devil.

On the ground among the dancers the horned one himself is wrapping his body around the lone spirit of a woman, the screaming and moaning continue to emit from the stage.

A woman walks forward and starts singing in a mix of Italian and ancient Germanic,....sounds like gibberish to me however, these people use this in their spectacles. The song is being sung as pagans come walking slowly down the audience isle, with tree branches being carried in their arms and mounted upon their heads. The screen shot on the overhead screen is now of an UPSIDE DOWN tree.

Depicting the OPPOSITE of what life should be.

Life grows tall, strong,...UPRIGHT and in the LIGHT of day, not upside down.

Upside down denotes NO LIFE, no growth,....the opposite of what should naturally be.

The Druids and ancient priests come walking slowly forth.

A massive clock is now upon the screen flashing 9:11,...9:15,....9:20,....spinning forwards and backwards. A female in a red business suit drops down from the side of the mountain screaming. (Could it be the deceitful job of 9-11, planned by those who were entrusted with power? Do not ever forget the smoke demon that popped out of that horrific day's sacrifice, as the President sat and listened to a book ABOUT A GOAT, read to him by a bunch of school children. He held that book in his hands,... UPSIDE DOWN.)

Three large headed men are now bowing down in front of the hole,.....the train comes roaring out of the opening and the people below let out a raucous cheer.

Are you disturbed yet?

In the video I linked to below, (about 12 minutes) it has commentary as well as footage of the ritual itself. Are the few, who are in league with the dark one, preparing for their underground departure, as their plans to create chaos upon the surface of the planet continue to unfold? Was this ceremony an important step for them?

One thing is certain,... EVERYTHING THEY DO IS KNOWN.

PACKAGE DUDE FOUND! This video is the entire ceremony in full, without any commentary, and 'package dude' is at the 6:30 marker. Video is about 32 minutes long.

The next video below is about 14 minutes long, it also gives commentary about the ritual taking place and he is quite upset. Many people who see the spectacle are in fact just so.

It is absolutely shocking,.... I agree completely.

Even though I linked to him because of his pure unfiltered emotion, I would like to point out here that I do not agree with many of his speaking points on his other videos, and a few sentences in this one.

He is emotive in areas where he does not understand the truth as of yet, such as other beings from other worlds. Some species of these beings just so happen to have BOTH sexes within their physical body, and the Creator is not opposed to life.

If you can imagine it, most likely already exists.

My understanding on much comes from my KNOWING of other life. CREATION is an ever repeating refractal, and beings exist that have DO have both sexes. They do not need another being to continue their own growth as a life form.

God, or Source,...or the Isness, or CREATOR, whatever you may call the great intelligence of which you are apart,...LOVES YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. You are a cell in the body, and your true self lies in a heavenly realm. Your spiritual growth lies in learning LOVE in all of it's forms and your deep COMPASSION, is what you DO while on this earth that is the measurement of your spiritual learning.

It is NOT in who you choose to love in a more personal way. It simply is not.

YOU are loved more than you can ever imagine.

YOU are never alone, matter how you may feel in a dark moment of your life, are NEVER ALONE.

Also, other videos of his are about the attacking of equality and feminism. To divide and conquer is a tactic of the dark side.

When you keep dividing people into smaller and smaller groups a dark side may remain in control, because the SEPARATE groups are unable to come together.

IN-equality is never acceptable, and attacking the opposite sex for seeking treatment that is civil, human, and absolutely essential for quality of life is,..well,....objectionable on every level.

(Has the dark side PAID ACTORS to act utterly insane, divisive, outrageous and combative, while flying a certain flag, or MASQUERADING as a label of which they are NOT?


That is the calling card of the dark side, to confuse, mislead, lie, and ultimately CONTROL the masses. Do not believe the PAID stunts of those pretending to be something they are not. Most of the time these OUTRAGEOUS ACTS and/ or speech are NOT part of the group they are out to sabotage. It is what is known as CHARACTER ASSASSINATION.)

Always remember, no one is 'better' and no one is 'least'.

Everyone is equal and all life throughout the multiverse has the divine right to DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM THOSE WHO MEAN THEM HARM.

That also applies to the many ET races. IQs that can not even be measured by the human species (for the most part) are NOT any 'better'...they are just different.

A being may have an IQ that is beyond any understanding, however they may still be bound to this 3D reality because they have NOT mastered their SPIRITUAL growth.

They are in service to self and hurt other life for their own personal gain.

Intelligence,... does not equal spiritually evolved.

We are different that is all, and at different stages in our growth.

There are physical differences in women and men that must be recognized, in abilities. Men being unable to have babies and continue the race, and women being unable to pee on trees! (Giggle)

Men being much better at physical protection and pure strength,...women being better at surviving famine and disease.
Men are strong navigators while women exhibit extraordinary communication skills.

I could go into a long list here and insert many jokes which would have you rolling in the isles, however you get the idea. Yes, of course there are exceptions to the differences listed above (most of those above) however, I am talking about overall.

So, in conclusion, I am linking this video because his shock and emotion are justified here and the dark ritual speaks volumes.

Join the forces of light, wielding your mighty power in the either. At 7AM, 7PM, 1AM, 1PM....all EST USA (line your time up to match that time)....concentrate upon the LIGHT. Do your heart and mind focused work to bring in the light and shift our time line.

What the dark really fears is the light

Do this work and you will be a LIGHT WORKER!

No one needs to know, you may do this in the quiet of your home or office, in your bedroom, car (parked) or in a closet. All you need is the EMOTION OF YOUR HEART and the detailed THOUGHTS OF YOUR MIND.  


It is more powerful than you can imagine, especially when we join together!

Concentrate upon,....
and everything that is most high.

Do this once or all four times in a day. Do it whenever you can, everything you put out is needed now. It may be done for 5 minutes at a time or 15,...however please contribute.

Peace, love ♥ and blessings to you my dear earth family!