Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Death Of Debbie & Mark Constantino

 The death of Debbie and Mark

A dearly loved couple whom we come to know through the

Ghost Adventures Show on  the Travel Channel, has been

discovered dead.

 This is very, very sad.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring this information to

all of you who read this blog. As you well know this couple

was a genuine gift to the paranormal world and they did

develope a large following.

They had a magnetic way of communitaing with the 'other

side' and then relaying the received messages to the

audience .

It was astounding.

The spirits felt comfortable communicating with Debbie &

Mark and we enjoyed their efforts tremendously.

Here is what happened:

In an apartment with the door strongly secured, much

commotion followed by explosive gun shots bellowed out

into the air.

Debbie and Mark Constantino lay dead.

Shockingly, the death of yet another gentleman was also

linked to the calamity of the pair. (Found in a different


This was truly a rage filled and gory day for Nevada


Officials are mum about the manner in which the three

people died but did offer up that Mark Constantino fired a

gun at the police who came towards the apartment that he

and Debbie were in.

Debbie & Mark were much enjoyed on the ghost reality show that we have come to look forward to so much. 

I have written about them here on the blog, and asked to see more of them as they were such a likeable pair.

Here are some of the shows where you can find these two

talking to ghosts in some VERY HAUNTED LOCATIONS!

'Ghost Adventures Crew' on Travel Channel. The specific

shows are,....

* The Market Street Cinema in San Francisco.
* The Mustang Ranch
* The Goldfield Hotel

This is just to name some of the paranormal programs they

appeared on, as the couple was dearly enjoyed for their

gentle and fun character. Other ghost programs invited

them on and they could be found at paranormal get-

togethers that were attended to by the rock stars of the

paranormal world.

Debbie's smile could light up the dark and the two 

seemed to captivate the ghosts.

With endless spirit communications deciphered by these

dedicated investigators, they had amassed quite a ghostly


The whole traumatic situation of Debbie's & Mark's death

had rapidly turned into what is considered a hostage


Emotions escalated and gun shots rang loud in Nevada

on that fateful day.

Their adult daughter's apartment, (where this

circumstance took place) was assailed by armed men

(SWAT) in an attempt to rescue those in dire need.

It is very heart wrenching to write this, however,... when

the SWAT team finally busted into the apartment they

found the pair laying bleeding with their last breath

already spent.

Sparks police Lt. Rocky Triplett later said that when Mark

Constantino shot at police, they did not return fire to him.

A direct quote from Triplet:

"The subjects involved in this incident were not shot at or

injured by gunfire from any law enforcement personnel."

Though it is a relief to know that the police did not kill the

couple, the outcome of the day, is just as grisly and tragic.

 It seems that Debby Constantino and another lady had

been living in the Northwest Reno Nevada area , where the

other gentleman was discovered laying dead. The police

documented this fact after an emergency phone call came

into their department.

The police were then able to track Debbie's cellphone down

to a different apartment across town in Sparks, Nevada.

The police confirmed that the dead man found in Reno

and Debbie & Mark are in fact directly related in a awful

murder triangle.

The police did state that they heard numerous gunshots

when they came knocking upon the apartment door.

 A man's voice started to yell through the door, where he

said, "Give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts, or I'll kill


Police then decided to use explosives to get through the

locked door. Glass blew out in every direction, hurting one

of the police who had to be taken to the hospital.

Evidently things had turned quite badly for our dear

couple and a divorce was in the making. Debbie took out a

restraining against Mark and he was served with the

official documents sometime last week. Repeated and dark

incidences led to the necessity of obtaining the court


Lt. William Rulla told the Reno Gazette-Journal that

Debby Constantino was the victim in a former kidnapping

and domestic violence incident involving her disunited

husband Mark.

A mournful goodbye to you my paranormal friends.

No doubt, you will be speaking out from the either to those

here on earth and we await to heed your words.

Love , blessings and a speedy journey to those who love you

and have already made the spiritual trip.