Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Changes Predicted by Seers, Prophets and Remote Viewers

Ancient Prophets,..modern day seers,....remote viewers,....and divine astrologers,.....have something to say about the times we are in and the changes that are to take place upon our earth.

There are variances amongst them all,...because what they are able to see,..... is in the NOW,...... that it is viewed in. In other words,.. 200 years ago what was seen, different than what may be viewed or predicted today.

Why are there variances,....depending upon the time viewed?

The simple reason is,........ you.

You probably still have no idea how important you are in this universe,....but the truth is, are.

You are a breath,....a heartbeat, expression of the Prime Creator,....or God. Every emotional thought you have goes into the Universal Mind and it has a very important ripple effect upon the entire cosmos.

Because earth is a free will school for learning,....what you desire and call forth has an effect upon our solid reality.

Many people are just waking up to who they really are as spiritual beings in an earthly body. They are using their emotional and mental will to bring forth a gentle change.

Therefor what one seer views as a catastrophic change upon the earth,.....another at a different date, sees as a gentler transition.

So remember nothing is written in stone,....and you have an effect upon the now.

With that said, is remarkable how similar most of the predictions are. I am going to give you generalization of what is being talked about currently on the Net and combine this with what has been written about for ages. All information given in this write up, pertains to the imminent and future events of our earth.

I have to make a note here,....many people are in complete denial in regards to the earth changes that are upon us, as well as many other realities that conflict with their limited understanding of the universe. They don't like the message, they decide to hate the messenger instead.

If you don't want to read this information,....then I suggest you stop here.

The following information is for those who want to be prepared,...and therefore increase their likelihood of survival.

Lets start with the earthquake in Japan. This had us all in a state of shock. It was and continues to be absolutely devastating. We need to send love and healing prayers to the good people of Japan,....and do everything possible to assist in their recovery. There will be many more earthquakes in varying degrees of intensity,...and other tsunamis as a result. Sadly more land loss is predicted to occur for Japan.

(I do pray with all of my heart, that these prophecies turn out to be wrong.)

This event has people all over the world nervous,...wondering what may be next. Well,... here is what I have been able to find out.

The very core of the earth,...or the heart is changing rapidly due to the activity of the Sun. Many the world over,... believe the vibrations of the earth are in a cyclical state of change, in this long predicted and foretold time. The earth Herself is changing as we change.

A tremendous amount of tectonic activity will be occurring, creating earthquakes in the Ring of Fire,...but also in many other areas of the world.

The low islands of Hawaii are in great danger of being consumed by the ocean waters, as this activity continues to unfold around the planet. The main island is survivable,....if you move up to higher land when the waters come in.

About one third of the population of the entire planet will not make it through all of the earth changes. This is very distressing. Some prophets predict more loss of life,....others predict less. Remember your importance in this matter,....keep your thoughts high and we will try to work towards a gentle transition.

In the coming six months the amount of catastrophic activity upon the earth is going to have people in a state of terror and shock. Please, is extremely important to remember at these times,... to center your being,.....keep your thoughts focused upon what you WISH to see happen upon the earth.

Continue to acquire as much information as you can, knowledge is enables you to BE PREPARED,... so you can have the best opportunity of survival.

The Sun is sending the earth solar flares,...and it affects the heart of the planet. More energy is on it's way,....and a flare big enough to knock out our electrical grids IS coming.

In the next couple of months a sequence of high powered solar flares are going to collapse Earth's magnetic shield. Many places in the world will lose all of their power.

Satellites will go down around the planet, burning outAre you prepared for loss of electricity? Does your water supply depend upon an electric pump? If you don't have an old- fashion well in your yard,...the time is NOW to store water.

Use consumption safe containers and get rain barrels that you can to hook up to the down spouts of your house. In a good down pour, can collect hundreds of gallons of water from your roof.

Remember, your pets are going to need water to drink,...and you need about a gallon in the back of each of your tanks, to flush your toilet. You should throw your used tissue in a separate disposal bag,...and try to flush your toilet only when absolutely necessary,...but often enough to ensure a successful flush. Keep a bleach tablet in the back of the tank.

You will not be able to get gas when the electricity is out, you will be extremely limited as to where you can go. Stores and restaurants will close down, whatever you have stored at home,...will be what you have to live on.

Put away canned goods,...dry goods,....extra medicine,....hygiene items,....first aid,....your pets needs (as in food, litter, hay, straw, etc.)......think,....what would I need if I went camping for a very long period of time?

Do you have plastic, tarps, wood, sure up your home if it gets damaged in an event? Is your water heater strapped and secured to a stud in the wall, prevent flipping over in an earthquake? Do you know where your ON and OFF switches are to the electrical panel,....the main water line,.....and the gas line that comes into your house? Is your fuel tank braced to the ground, to prevent it from snapping off of it's base?

Large items like big screen TVs,....hutches,.....wall units should also be secured into a stud on your wall, to prevent them from toppling over in an earth moving event.

If you have to leave quickly due to fuel or electrical fires, you have an emergency bag ready to go for your car? Do you have pet carriers for your animal friends, to take them with you?

Remember hurricane Katrina, can not abandon your pets!

They are part of your family and they are completely dependent upon you. Include them and their needs in your emergency preparations.

When the electrical grid gets taken out, will not have the things we have all become accustomed to,.... such as...., cell phone communication and running to the ATM.  Taking out cash will not be possible.

Do you have extra cash on hand? Things like a map, compass, batteries for a walkie-talkie and flash light will be incredibly necessary. 

This coming year,....if at all possible,... stay close to your loved ones, who will need you in a time of crisis. If you are far away chances are you will not be able to get back to them.

Any environment that is underground is vastly more secure than one that is above ground. Many are not that lucky to have an underground shelter,.....and will have to remain alert and aware to their surroundings in the coming months.

Make friends with your neighbors, if you have not done so already and form a tribe that can work together in this time of need. You want people in your tribe who are peaceful, compassionate, and work well with others, as you will not be able to go through this alone.

People will have to depend on one another. Things like seeds for planting a garden will be highly prized. Growing a community garden and sharing amongst each other will be necessary for survival. The time to get a good and easy to understand survival book is NOW, as you will need to know how to do the basics in life.

Security units will have be worked into your tribe to protect your neighborhood. The police will most likely be protecting their own families and safety will be a large concern. (Once again think Hurricane Katrina,.....where the devastation, crime and violence became so overwhelming at such a rapid pace,.... that a police officer shot himself in the head,...and many others handed in their badges,...and left the force to protect their own families, who desperately needed them.) 

 People who are prepared will be in a more centered place and able to handle the future events. People who are in denial,...and largely unprepared will become desperate and panicked.

By the year 2013 if you are not in a safe zone,....or sanctuary, may be one of the many people who will not make it.

This is a picture of the MANY maps that are available on line. Please do your own research, as there are differences in the maps that have been drawn by seers, throughout our world. Most of the prediction maps actually have a larger portion of the West under water. You must use your intuition and trust in that feeling, as to whether or not you feel safe in your area.

The New Madrid seismic zone is going to be the next large earthquake to hit in the world.

 The areas that will be affected include,.Illinois,..Indiana,.Mississippi,.
Arkansas,...Missouri,...Kentucky,...Tennessee and a small area in Alabama.

Nuclear plants are of great concern in these areas.

The majority of the human fatalities are predicted to be in St. Louis Missouri. The Mississippi river is going to widen greatly and possibly change course to the North of St. Louis,...and run right through it.

The Calloway Nuclear Power Plant is of great concern, in regards to it's condition and it's physical location. The area around this plant is not a good place to be located.

Canada and it's danger zones are anywhere West of the Rockies. Massive amounts of water are going to slam into Vancouver. Southern areas and Eastern areas of Canada will have safe zones for survival. I strongly urge you to view the many maps created by these seers,......and select an area for your family.

Tremendous ocean waves will crash upon Seattle, Washington.

For the people who reside in the cities, is going to be the hardest, you are inundated with people who will become very dangerous very quickly. If you can't get out of the city, will have to adopt the bunker down and ammunition mentality to protect your family. Same is true for much of Alaska,... survival supplies are in abundance in your area,...however for the people who remain,.....the tone becomes an ominous one when the electricity is gone.

There will be many areas in the United States, where people work together in harmony for the benefit and protection of all. These areas of safety are found in small towns, where the people know one another and react swiftly to assist the populous in establishing stability.

The East and West coast of the United States are going to be deluged with water flowing in from the ocean. This will be in response to the enormous quake activity.

You can forget about survival zones in the state of California, Texas and the Gulf states,... as well as the majority of the North East.

     Some safe zones will be found in Eastern Oregon and an area of the Pacific North West that lays against the Canadian boarder. Arizona and parts of New Mexico will have survival zones as well as a few tiny areas found on the South-Eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. Sections of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and areas in Illinois will have safe zones that are clearly seen by the viewers.

 West of the Great Lakes has been predicted to be a location where people will work together well,..... and stabilize rapidly.

Not only are earthquake generated tsunamis going to hit the coast lines but a pole shift will cause them to be uninhabitable. Coast lines anywhere in the world,.... are not safe places to be. Most will be underwater as the maps around the world change.

Land masses will rise up from the ocean floor in the Atlantic and the Pacific. One large land mass will appear near the state of Florida.

The African continent will break into four separate regions.

A little more than a third of the Southern portion of South America will break away from the main land mass. This will create an inland sea.

Much of Europe will change in an instant, due to vast amounts of water rushing onto the populated land.

New York City,....home to approximately 8 million people, well as the Southern sections of Georgia and Carolina,.... is foretold to completely disappear. It will be immersed with the rising of the waters.

For many of you,.....the ability to relocate is not possible. Try to stay calm, center yourself,....and know you are eternal. Your spirit never dies. When you leave this world, you will be given special care in the next, for the ordeal that you went through while on Earth.

The time of change is indeed upon us. Once again,.... I ask you to remember your thoughts have incredible power. What kind of world do you want? Think about that beautiful thought,....and meditate upon it every day. We need loving, healing and glorious thoughts right now.

Do your part and help our transition be a gentle one.

One more note,...that is talked about greatly by these seers, has to be mentioned here.

Well,....what is it?

A massive event is right around the corner that may surprise some of you who have not been keeping up with what is being talked about on the Internet. That is,..... very soon we will have open and acknowledged contact with several extra-terrestrial races. They have been closely monitoring the entire human race, and working with select individuals around the globe.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the pulse of the Internet, will finally be vindicated as to the reality of our benevolent ET family. Many of you have had to deal with know-it-alls who flat out refuse to listen to reason and truth. Well,... your time has come,......try to resist saying, " I told you so."
Numerous bases are indeed located on our planet,....however much of the monitoring of the surface,.. is being done by biologically created entities.

The good ETs,....(and believe me there are bad ones)...are working directly with the people of the planet. Governments for the most part (not all) are in denial of their existence,....and have backed themselves into an inescapable corner of astronomical deceit.

(There is spiritual battle and an information war for your mind,.. going on simultaneously,... but that is another story.)

Here is a brief message from the Hopi nation regarding the times we are in. They echo how important your heart and mind are in this great time of change.

Real time earthquakes are being censored out of the USGS maps. Spikes in activity in the New Madrid Zone,...completely not recorded on the government web page.




Monday, March 21, 2011

Are Humans Being Transformed by Chip Implants and Mind Control?

Duncan O' Finioan

Are humans really being spliced with technology to create super human beings? Are they being mind controlled to be able to do horrendous acts,....without a conscious?

Well,.....according to Duncan O' Finioan,....yes they are.

 In this write up Duncan speaks first hand of the nightmare he went through from the time he was a small child of just six years. Hand picked because of his psychic abilities,...he was enrolled into a very secret program known as Project Talent.

One thousand children were tapped to be in these dark and horrendous programs, most of their tender bodies breaking and dying in the hellish training process. Duncan believes there are less than 20 individuals alive today, that were apart of the first generation of the super soldier program.

Duncan speaks with intensity and sincerity, as he relays the wretchedness he was made to endure.
The torture he was put through as a child, order to split his personality,.....such as,......

*Being thrown into a refrigerated room, naked.
*Water boarding (Purposely being drown,...then resuscitated back from the grip of death.)
*Hammering needles into the finger tips.
*Electrocuted while strapped naked to a chair.

Many didn't survive the mind boggling pain,....and simply died. The relatively few that lived, split their personality, during these torture sessions as a means of escape.

This new personality born from utter terror,.. lacked morals and reason and is what was methodically trained to become a killer.

A chip was implanted deep into his brain,...and his right arm was wired to achieve super strength. These were discovered during an MRI, that was ordered after a terrible car accident, causing Duncan significant injuries.

Believing the MRI caused the malfunction of his cranial chip,....memories came flooding into his mind. Many years of his life that before had been blanks,.....(where no memory existed at all for massive blocks of time) came bubbling to the surface.

Duncan remembered being used as an assassin on numerous occasions. Phone calls would come in to his residence in the middle of the night with an activation code,...and Duncan would roboticly respond to the request, without one ounce of hesitation.

As Duncan started remembering what had been done to him,.... he launched a mission  to find others who remembered him,...and get their validation about what he has been through. Validation came from many sources,....but not his father,....who was himself former CIA.

The following interview was done by Project Camelot, with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan as the interviewers for this segment.

Read on to hear in Duncan's own words how these secretive groups, are doing the unthinkable, create human- robot killing machines.


Interviewer, - "Let's back up and find out exactly how you got into this program."

Duncan- "They wanted people who were half Native American and half Celtic, it be Scottish, Irish, didn't matter, long as it is Celtic. The reason for that is that the Native Americans and the Celtics' are two of the races on the earth that are more superposed to paranormal abilities,....or PSI ability. OK?

As a matter of fact, both of these cultures PRACTICE paranormal abilities. So, is kind of genetic memory, is IN our genetic memory. I thought that was basically what it was,...until about two years ago, when I found out that my father was a CIA agent.

My father has been dead now for almost 15 years. I never had a clue,..but with that new information, made a lot of smaller tid- bits of information,.......... and alot of things that happened in the past,....NOW it all fits.

Basically what happened with me, in 1966,...I was 6 years old,...and both my parents loaded me up in a truck and took me to town. It was dark, cold, snowy,...I will never forget the day, because it stands out. Why are we going to a hardware store,...this late in the afternoon?

So, we go into this store, and at this time my mom and dad are like,...not fighting,...but,....they are NOT getting along,....and I had been in this store several times with my grandfather and we would go into the back,....I had never been to the back, and there is a door there,...that if you didn't KNOW it was there, would walk right by it. So,..we go in,... and here is six, seven other kids about my age,..and they are all sitting at these tables, these kindergarten tables,....sitting down low, with the small chairs,...and they all have the same thing,..they look like puzzle pieces.

Well, this lady comes in that did not fit,...OK. She is tall, she is elegant, fur coat,.....come on,....this is Eastern Kentucky,...OK,...don't happen,.. alright? And she played a very prominent role from there on,.... because she is in several of my memories. She sets me down to play. She gives me a stack of blocks, and what they are, is puzzle pieces, and she says make me a picture and then walks off. So,...I look around for my mom and she is with a guy there, who is in a suit, who again,...... shouldn't be there.

 And they have a clip board and she is signing some papers.

At six years old I puzzled,...but you don't think much of it. So,...I sit there and I start taking these puzzle pieces and this fits,....this fits,....this don't fit,...and I'm going like this,..... until a picture,...and then I sit back.

 The lady walks up to the front, the guy walks up behind me, she looks at him and smiles and says, "We got one."

And that is when it started.

I was given something to drink, I remember feeling sleepy,...and that is it."

Interviewer, " So are you saying,....did you go home with your parents that night?"

Duncan, " No, I did not."

Interviewer, " I see."

Duncan, " I was taken directly,.....this is what I found out later,....because once I went to sleep,..with whatever was in the drink,..the Kool-aid,..or soda,..whatever they gave me,..put me out.

My next memory is at 9 and a half years old."

Interviewer, " So, have a blank in your memory right now?"

Duncan,  (Nods his head),...."Um hum,...yeah. Now I have some memories have come back,.... and I have bits and pieces of memory, of what happened during all that. Some are very vivid,...some I have documentation,...some are just memories that are there,...OK?"

Interviewer, " So, nine years old,..why do you remember 9 years old? What happened then?"

Duncan, " Because, I had to take a stint in the hospital. A hospital here,...the University of Kentucky. They did some type of procedures that no one has ever really been able to explain to me. Even as an adult, I tried to get the records,...and NO ONE will release those records to me.

And from there I had a couple of years as a kid, where things seemed OK. Alot of paranormal activity going on and all that,...then at 14,...I'm gone again.

Interviewer, " Gone to the hospital?"

Duncan, " No,....gone. Memories,.....gone."

Interviewer, " OK, looking back though, basically feel that you were trained as a soldier during that time?"

Duncan, " Yes."

Interviewer, " Could you describe some of the training to us?"

Duncan, " The easiest way to do that is to back up for one second,...imagine Project Talent,....the people in Project Talent being sent to school. When we are in elementary school,...we are all taught the same thing. That is where the martial arts training was started. I have vivid memories of 15,....20,...of us in a group with adults,...and they trained us as adults. There was no kid gloves,...6,...7 yrs old,...8 yrs old, got your butt kicked off. I mean they beat us tremendously.

 We learned.

The paranormal training started as well. That is where they were weeding out,...who is good at this,....who is good at that,....who is going to be a soldier,.....who is going to be a psychic spy.

Interviewer, " You have at this time, a black belt in Karate or,...... ?"

Duncan,  (Nods his head yes.)  "Um hum,...even after I continued on, I took classes on my own. I started a couple of studios,....I hold a 5th degree black now,....legitimately,..5th degree black."

Interviewer, " In the real world so to speak."

Duncan, " Right. "

Interviewer, " Um, now, also said something in an interview that I read,...that says something about having remembered when you started teaching Karate,...this is how you triggered some of your earlier memories of all this."

Duncan, " Yeah, right,...there was one incident in particular.  I had a friend of mine who was an ex-Green Beret,...and he wasn't a regular,...he would come in and work out with me when he was home on leave,....or those kinds of things. We are sparing one night,..and he is a big ruff, broad boned guy, we are sparing,...and I did a technique that when he came up off the floor,...he is angry,.. bamboozle,.. 'Where did you learn that?',.....then it hit me,...I don't have a clue.

Where did I learn that?

He said, ' That came straight off the farm.' I'm only 19 years old. The farm? What are you talking about?

The cow farm?

The pig farm?

 I don't have clue.

He said, ' The CIA training facility,....the farm.'

And then things started clicking. When I really started to get memories back was about 8-9 years ago when I had an automobile accident. It ruptured three discs in my neck and when they finally gave me the MRI,...the electromagnetic resonance,...didn't mesh with the cranial implant."

Interviewer, " That you had gotten,...."

Duncan, " Somewhere,.....somehow,.....I have a cranial implant. I say this because I have it on film. When they put me in the MRI machine,.....when they turned it on,....when it started to spin,....imagine tremendous pain,....also imagine you are in there and you see a thousand TV screens,...and they come at you at once,...on each one of those TV screens is a picture,...each picture is a memory,..and it is just coming,...coming,...coming,.....coming."

Interviewer, " That is amazing."

Duncan, " That is how I started to get total memory,...again."

Interviewer, "Was this also correct, were screaming and the MRI blew up?"

Duncan, " The MRI,..... the machine itself caught on fire. That is what actually brought me out of it,....cause I'm there in nothing but underwear and a gown,...holding my head,...screaming bloody murder,...and I noticed smoke,....and the techs come out,...the nurses come out,...and they grab me,.....they want to get me out of there, they start with fire extinguishers,...and all of that."

Interviewer, " Wow. Now do you have the cranial implant to this day?"

Duncan, " It is still there. It is just,....from what I understand,'s not working."

Interviewer, " Oh,...and what makes you think it is not working?"

Duncan, " Because I haven't been used anymore. I haven't had the black out spells,...and be gone for 3 or 4 days,.... or a week,...with no memory. They have stopped.

This one is dead center, ( Duncan points to the top of his head) dead center in the brain. It looks like a grain of rice,...and it's just dead center in the brain. It is right there."

Interviewer, " It is that small?"

Duncan, " It is that small,....and I have had it checked through independent sources,...and they look at it and their like,.... 'You've got a problem,....this has got to be removed, you're gonna die.'
 I say, 'No,'s fine.'....I don't tell them what it is. I just want their opinion. I want to hear what they have to say.

I don't say anything unless I have the proof,..or I have someone else who is willing to sign a deposition saying that they were there,...they say it,....they know. If I don't have proof,....I'll say it,.....'This is what I THINK.'

Interviewer, " So,...back when you are a child and you go to the hospital, said,.....did you have something going on with your body that they changed, that time, you know what happened?"

Duncan, " I remember going through a procedure, and I remember waking up, this would have been in 1969,...I remember the machine was about the size of this table, canvas wrapped and they were bringing it down on top of me,.....and it would get hot,.......and I wasn't suppose to wake up,.....I was suppose to be drugged completely,...well,... I woke up in the middle of it. I remember being dozens of tubes, laying to each side of me, where they had been plugged in one at a time.

What happened,...... I don't know."

Interviewer, " Now,...did you have uncommon strength,...did you notice drastic changes in your outlook towards reality, 14 this is probably hard to tell, know, time went on, you think you developed at a different rate than other children,.....because of maybe some of this?"

Duncan, (Nodding yes) "I think so,....I've always been stronger, faster, more endurance than anybody around,.....and that is also the same with all of us,....that came out of these projects. That is part of the super soldier structure. They want the super soldier to be just that super,....beyond normal,.....faster, stronger, more endurance, pain tolerance, etc. etc,..... on and on and on. That is what they want."

Interviewer, " So,...can you tell us what abilities you have,....the peak of your performance,....if you want to call it that? What do you think you were capable of?"

Duncan, "Physical ones,...yeah,....I've kept. The paranormal abilities,..I've kept some. The main paranormal abilities come out when the alternate personality comes out. That is one of the things that they did to us,....they gave us alternate personalities. So,...we were trained in the alternate personality.

I have witnesses that have seen me bust heavy bags with one punch. You are not suppose to be able to do that. I was measured for punching power,...speed, and everything at Burlington, a facility up there that is no longer there,.....that did all the testing for pro-sports, for the football teams and all that. My punching power, at this time my weight was 175lbs,........"

Interviewer, " When are we talking, many years ago,...or what year,.....generally speaking?"

Duncan, " Let's see,...1984, the spring of 1984. The testing came out, unreal. My punching power was stronger than that of a super heavy weight boxer. My kicking power and speed was even more than that. My kicks in my right leg were 120MPH. My punching power was well over 18-1900 lbs. That will bust concrete blocks."

Interviewer, "OK, in terms of your psychic ability,...what were those abilities?"

Duncan, " My primary psychic abilities are the ones that I have kept in this personality, being able to get into someones mind,......being able to far see events in real time,.....and when I say get into someones mind,....I don't mean reading their mind,...reading their thoughts,...hearing their thoughts. It's more,...what people that I work with now,....we call pic ting,....we see pictures of their thoughts. Like you may be thirsty,...thinking about a soda,....I'll look at you,...I'll see a Pepsi can. That's what happens. These types of abilities to a fighter,...a soldier,...or an assassin,.....think of the edge that gives this person."

Interviewer, " So, you have absolute recall of times when you are in the other personality,"

Duncan, " I have witnesses that,....yeah. See what happens is,.....I'm not suppose to be able to remember anything right now. The people who usually start to remember,....are usually late 50's early 60's. Too old to really be able to do anything. I'm not saying 60 is old, but in this society by the time you are 60-62,...anywhere in there,... people write you off."

Interviewer, " So, old are you now,...because I can't tell?"

Duncan, "46. Everybody says you don't look 46,'s one of the other traits that we have. None of us look our age. Most of the people who start getting their memories back,...their personalities begin to mesh. They are no longer personality A,....personality B anymore,...they start going together. So when all of these other memories start coming in,....meshing with the other memory,....they go nuts. Most of these people committed suicide. The ones who didn't wined up in asylums."

Interviewer, " Is it possible, Duncan that they could also be programed to commit suicide?"

Duncan, " Yes."

Interviewer, " And self destruct when they are no longer useful."

Duncan, "Yes, absolutely. "

Interviewer, " You kind of have beat the system in a certain sense,....and you must have had struggles. So,..what is keeping you going,.....and what is it that you think allows you to sort of maintain?"

Duncan, " After the car accident, we moved from this area,....we moved to upstate New Jersey. I was never suppose to lift anything over 5 lbs again. I was never suppose to be able to hold my arms above my head,....that is how serious the neck injury was. 2 O' clock in the morning I'm sitting in my apartment in NJ,...and this little voice comes in and says, 'What the ---- is your problem? What is wrong with you, wimp,......are you gonna give up? You've been a fighter all your life,.....get up and fight.'

I started doing push-ups that night. A year later,....I'm fine."

Interviewer, " So, basically brought your self back from your injuries."

Duncan, " The injury is still there. I can go to a neurologist right now let him do an x-ray,...and he'll look at me and say,....'You need to be in surgery today.' But,.....I refuse to go. The pain is still there,....I live with pain 24/7,......and again if this hadn't been done to me as a kid,....I'd probably be taking pain pills on a regular basis."

Interviewer, " But your not."

Duncan, " I take nothing."

Interviewer, " I'm curious,....because you have this tattoo on your arm, looks actually kind of beautiful. Is this something you got in Vietnam?"

Duncan, "No,...this was suppose to be one of a kind,'s my design. It's something that came to me in a dream actually,....I designed it,'s a dragon. I had a tattoo artist do it for me,...and it stayed one of a kind of a couple of years,.... then all of a sudden I started seeing it out,....and she does have her work on a website.

I'm walking into Walmart across the street,....of all places,...about six months ago,...and there is a paper-back novel and that (holding up his arm and motioning to the tattoo) is on the cover of the paper-back novel,....identical."

Interviewer, " And, designed it?"

Duncan, " I designed it."

Interviewer, " Wow,,...that is very nice. So,..what happened in Vietnam, because you have a really amazing story about that?"

Duncan, " I was in North Vietnam twice, that I know of,..OK? Some of these areas are still murky, cause like I said,...I keep finding out more things every day. Once,... when I was twelve years old.

 I know,...people say,.... 'My God,...1972,... you were in Vietnam, 1972?' Actually we weren't in Vietnam,..we were in Cambodia. We weren't suppose to be in Cambodia. A Navy Seal team and a Marine Corp Recon team were pinned down by the Cambodia Khmer Rouge.

They called in for reinforcements,....somebody to get them out,...and I am telling you exactly what a Marine Corp Recon Captain and a Navy Seal Captain told me. Now,.. I have my own memories of it,..but I saw it from my point of view. I'm going to tell you from their point of view.

 A black helicopter,...a Huey lands,....twelve kids come off the chopper,......(Duncan becomes very emotional,...and it is easy to tell he is very hurt by what he is about to say,....tears are visible.) there still are a couple things that ,........"

Interviewer, " Take your time,...we got all the time in the world,..and I can understand."

Duncan, " Long story,..... short,....( Duncan becomes too emotional, interview stops for a break.)

Break end.

Duncan, " We came off the chopper and formed a semi-circle,..and we all held hands. There was,........"

Interviewer, " Were they all boys?"

Duncan, " No."

Interviewer, " Were they all around the same age?"

Duncan, " Yeah, I was the oldest."

Interviewer," OK, all around the age of twelve?"

Duncan, " We were between 9 and 12,...I was team leader on that. We held hands,...raised our arms,....and killed them all."

(Interview breaks again,....Duncan is in tremendous emotional pain.)

Interviewer, " Who did you kill?"

Duncan, " Every Khmer Rouge soldier, within 20 miles."

Interviewer, " How is it that your powers were able to target the other side,...and not,....?"

Duncan, "I wasn't the,......I wasn't,.....let me try to think of the phrase,.....I was like the lead battery,...I wasn't the one who did the targeting."

Interviewer, " You didn't actually aim your power, you guys were the power."

Duncan, " Someone else did the aiming."

Interviewer, " Was it kids that did the aiming, or someone else that did?"

Duncan, " One of the other kids."

Interviewer, " Oh yeah. Now,... did you know the other kid?"

Duncan, " Um hum (nodding his head)."

Interviewer, " At the time,... you knew the kids."

Duncan, " I know one right now."

Interviewer, " Do you?"

Duncan, (Nods his head in affirmation.)

Interviewer, " Now , this person willing to come forward or not?"

Duncan, " Not this one,"

Interviewer, " Are they even aware that they are one of them?"

Duncan, "Um hum. (Nods his head in affirmation.)

Interviewer, " Are they, Well I mean we really appreciate that you are sharing this with us,...because this is obviously a huge thing,...and people never like to talk about the sort of negative side of the powers of the mind,....but obviously this is one of the applications,...and there is no reason to hide it."

Duncan, " It is not that,'s funny I done alot of things,...OK,....that were not of my doing,.....not of my making. Some of them bring out an emotional response,...some don't. Some are kind of like, what,.........and some I have no control. I go through this little emotional,...and then I am fine with it. It's like,...I can't cry on command,..believe me I've tried.

The way it was explained to me, it makes perfect sense. Twelve kids,....imagine 12 batteries, have one battery you might get a puff,...OK nothing,...add two,.. you get a jolt,....add three,... you get a burn,...add 12,... you get electrocuted. 

That is basically what we did. The twelve of us linked,...joined up through everything, the semi-circle, start from the center.... because I was in the center,..... like this out. (Duncan takes his hands and motions a semi- circle.)"

Interviewer, " This is something you guys we obviously trained to do. Do you have a memory at all,...has anything come back of your trainers?"

Duncan, " Remember the lady in the hardware store? Yeah,...she figured very prominently  when I was young. The next memory I have of her is in a lab coat,....and I'm in this house, has been described to me as a mansion,...... and I have a couple of ideas where this place is,....or was,....but I have no proof.

 I'm in a hallway, and there is green and white tile,...these huge 12"x12" tiles on the floor,...and I'm doing something that all of us that come out of this,...have the same trait,.....we don't come down on one knee or anything like that,....we squat. It makes no sense in some ways,...but in some ways to us it does. We squat on the balls of our feet with the arms out loose,....almost like an animal. About 10 feet away I have a small water bucket,....and what I'm doing, raising the bucket,...trying to turn it over and sit it down gently."

Interviewer, " Raising it with your mind,...or with your hands?"

Duncan, " Correct, with my mind. And what I'm doing,....I'm raising it,....turning it about half way,....and it's just dropping. I'm not getting it,...and I look around,....this lady is behind me with her clip board taking notes,...and I tried to get a response, know,... I looked at her trying to be nice, saying,.....' I almost got it,...I almost got it.' And she basically just looks down and snarls,...and walks off.

You know there was nothing nice about any of this."

Interviewer, " You said you were in Vietnam twice that you remembered,.....what was the second time?"

Duncan, " The second time,....all I remember is being shot down. We were taking off in a Black Hawk,..oh,...I'm sorry,....that was not a Black Hawk,...that was another incident. In a Huey,...and we got about 10 feet off the ground, and took some anti- aircraft fire and we went down. This Navy Seal Captain,..who we've talked about, is the one that pulled me out of the chopper."

Interviewer, "So this is the guy,...the witness, you say is also witness to the Vietnam incident that you told us,...with the kids,...."

Duncan, " Correct."

Interviewer, " And he was in charge of the,......where was he at the time?"

Duncan, " The easiest way to tell you about this guy,.....his whole family was CIA. He was one of the most decorated and had one of the best kill records in Vietnam. His abilities as a sniper were unparalleled,....and at the same time,... he was also a Seal Boat Captain,....cause he pulled I think 5 or 7 tours in Vietnam."

Interviewer, " So,....he wasn't messed with the way you were,....I'm assuming?'

Duncan, " He has some memory gaps,....yes,...but not to the extent that I have or some of the other,......"

Interviewer, " How did you guys hook up?"

Duncan, " When I started getting my memories back I started looking for him."

Interviewer, " Because you knew who he was, you remembered from the age of 12 who he was?"

Duncan, " Yeah,...I remembered his face and I knew being what he was,..... he's going to only be in certain circles. So,...I started frequenting those circles. I finally found him,....and we sat down at dinner at a casino and started trading stories,....and that is history."

Interviewer, " Is he going to come forward on record?"

Duncan, " He is, yes."

Interviewer, " Would you introduce us?"

Duncan, " Yes,...absolutely."

Interviewer, " OK, can you tell us a little bit more,.....I going to imagine you were a remote viewer, I right?"

Duncan, " Not one of the best,...but yeah."

Interviewer, " OK, you were physically trained, were mentally very astute,...what was your title, other words, said some were psychic spies,....some were warriors,...?"

Duncan, " Correct, problem,..and I've been told this by some very strong Psi's, problem is that I fight the psychic abilities. I don't just let them flow,....I fight them,....for what ever reason,....I block them myself. I graduated through Project Talent,...the school,..moving on,..."

Interviewer, " What age was this?"

Duncan, " This would be mid to late teens. I was turned into a soldier,.....a soldier with PSI abilities. Like I said, I was not one of those that was put into the pitch black room and could tell you what a politician 4,000 miles away was having for breakfast,...OK,....I wasn't one of those. I know some people who were,...but I wasn't."

Interviewer, " Now, you know Joseph McMoneagle in that sort of group?"

Duncan, "That name does ring a bell. I've been asked that before,...I just can't say for sure."

Interviewer, " So, where were you based do you think?....You weren't based in Kentucky,....."

Duncan, " No. I have memories of being in several different training facilities. I do know I spent three years on St. Thomas,....on the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. That was verified to me about 3 years ago. I'm going around seeing people and their looking at me saying, 'I haven't seen you since you were a kid.'

Interviewer, " I guess what I'm trying to get at is once you were trained, you were sort of ready to go, where did they use you? Do you have any idea? You know,..were you in a war,,.."

Duncan, " After Nam,...I do have some vivid memories of a couple of assassinations that we carried out. I have memories of being on military bases and I had a verify that I was at Norfolk station,... Norfolk, Virginia, a radar man who was stationed there when I was with a team,.....and he contacted me,...because he saw my picture. So, he told me,....what happened during this time, he told me things as fact that happened,....that I thought were just dreams/ memories,....and he is telling me this,...without me telling him anything."

Interviewer, " Were you an assassin?"

Duncan, " Yeah,.....yeah I was."

Interviewer, " And,....I don't know, did you assassinate people,...and what kind of people would you be assassinating, you have any idea? I mean were they people in war time (Duncan, "No.").....were they Americans?"

(You will have to excuse the interjections in the middle of the questions and answer segments,..because at numerous times the principals were talking over one another.)

Duncan, " Some yeah. One that I remember,... and I think I remember it so vividly because it was the last one. The last time that I ever did anything for the government,....was in D.C.,.....and I put three rounds through the heart of a very high intelligence official."

Interviewer, " Now, you have conscious memory of this?"

Duncan, " Of this one,...I do,...yes. I never knew the name. I was given a photo,....a target,....habits, the job,....that's it."

Interviewer, " Do you remember any operations taking place in other countries?"

Duncan, " France."

Interviewer, " In France,....that is interesting."

Duncan, " Um hum,...what the memory is that I have,....and I was also shown a photograph of me standing in a little cafe, in the Eiffel Tower. I have no knowledge at that time of being in France,....but the guy showed me the picture of an 8x10 black and white,...and there I am,....drinking something out of a cup with steam,....and there's the Eiffel Tower in the back round. I remember doing a job,....but I don't remember what it was about.

 A decoy was sent in,....and what the lady was to do,.. was to get the guy to come out of the bar,....hopefully not exactly in his right mind,.....inebriated if possible,....and my job was to snatch,... grab,....get the information,...and then terminate. I remember doing the snatch and the grab,...and then the memory fades from there."

Interviewer, " So you must see movies,...right?"

Duncan, " No,...I don't. I can't,....I can't."

Interviewer, "Oh you don't,....cause I was wondering if maybe, know,.... there is a lot of islands in movies,....alot of scenes of that kind of thing,....and I was wondering if this might trigger some of your memories."

Duncan, " They do. Violence per se,....does nothing,...I love wrestling, a matter of fact I use to incorporate professional wrestling techniques into my teaching, when I was an instructor. It's not the violence per say. The last movie I tried to watch of that nature was the Borne Identity,.....I couldn't get half way through it. I do a total change."

Interviewer, " OK,...Your personality does a change,...."

Duncan, " My personality changes. God help who ever I am watching a movie with,....and I usually get up and walk away. Sci-Fi movies don't bother me,...but anything concerning government black operations,...CIA,.....NSA,.....covert killings,....I can't do it."

Interviewer, " Do you have any remembrance of other planets,...I know this sounds a little out there,...but I have heard of some soldiers,...."

Duncan, " No,....actually not. There is one thing that a couple of us share and that is a deep fear and dread of the planet Mars. Bring up the planet Mars to us and it is just like watching one of those movies."

Interviewer, " I was just about to do that so,...yeah,...Mars specifically."

Duncan, " There is something about Mars that changes our entire attitude at that time. I know one person who point blank says, 'They better leave Mars alone, leave it alone."

Interviewer, " Meaning,....leave it alone,....don't talk about it or,...meaning don't go there?"

Duncan, " Don't go,.....don't go there. That they are waking something up."

Interviewer, " On Mars,... (Duncan nods his head at this.)
Your still a psychic?"

Duncan, " True."

Interviewer, " So, you must have some thoughts or associations with Mars,......(Duncan once again nods his head.)
Are you willing to talk about that,.....because I know that you said you develop headaches sometimes after these talks, know where you revel and kind of go back in your own mind as to your history,...."

Duncan, " I'm having a good one right now. Headaches are part of the conditioning,....OK,'s a headache,...but it is a fake headache. It's a program headache."

Interviewer, " I would like to know if you see,,...special machinery,....."

Duncan, " Yes,'s underground."

Interviewer, " And,...have you seen any certain kind of beings there?"

Duncan, " Yes,....their in stasis."

Interviewer, " It is like an artificial induced hibernation."

Duncan, " Thank you."

Interviewer, " It's not humans that are in that state,.....(Duncan shakes his head no),'s the beings?

Duncan, " They are very tall,...they have long features,....."

Interviewer, " Do they look like the Egyptian,...."

Duncan, " Quite a bit,....quite a bit."

Interviewer, " You talk allot about anger in the recent interview I saw,...that I guess you've got on your site,.....and can you tell us a little about that? Can you describe the anger? How you deal with it?"

Duncan, " At one time it was pure rage,....when these memories came back,....I sat down and I started putting together all the things,....starting at six years old,...all the things that was done to me. Things that I was forced to do,...etc. It was pure rage, know, first impulse was to go to D.C. and just go nuts,...OK? Well, the old saying goes,....I'm crazy but not stupid.

 As a fighter I was trained to channel your anger,....don't let your anger channel you. That is what I started doing. So,....I took,....instead of just being so mad that I can't do anything,...I turned that anger to being so mad I want to do something,....and I've stayed that way."

Interviewer, " So, that why you started writing books?"

Duncan, " No,....actually I started writing as just kind of my own therapy,....just to get it out. I had never written anything,...and somebody read some of it and said this is pretty good, need to keep it up,....and so I did."

Interviewer, " And now you've got a book coming out, that right?"

Duncan, " Yeah,.. Deadly Awakening. It is about everything we've talked about here,.. plus all of the side streets we don't have time to go up. It supposedly going to be turned into a movie. That totally caught me off guard."

Interviewer, " Well,.. that is wonderful,...I'm,.. you know,...that is very exciting."

Interviewer, " In terms of telling your story to a wider audience, what would you like to result from that?"

Duncan, " I would like to see enough people wake up, march on Washington and say to these projects,....STOP,....and HOLD THE PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE!

There is not going to be class action law suits,....there is not going to be prosecutions,...that's fine. You know I got over that years ago. Everybody else involved needs to get over that,.....JUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE and STOP IT!"

Interviewer, " Do you think this is still continuing to this day?"

Duncan, " Yeah,....absolutely I do."

Interviewer, " Do you have any information about in what form these projects are continuing? You had said that in the 60's there were a thousand kids, and that there are only 60 left."

Duncan, " Yeah, In 1966, there was suppose to have been 1,000  that were taken world wide,...that was in my group as it were. There is only about 20 of us left now. I think what I have to explain,...we were actually at 6/7 years old,..put in survival of the fittest. Our personalities were split. Any one,....any normal kid,...any normal person would not do the things that we did, their right frame of mind. So,...they had to split our personalities,....and they had a clean slate with that new personality. Had no rime, no reason, no right, no wrong, no concept. So,...they made it into what they wanted it to be.

This is how they split my personality, I don't know,....I'm sure they did the same identical thing to other people,...but I know for a fact not to each one. There was different techniques for different people,...different kids. Now,...the way it was described to me when I was a kid,.... it's your treatments,....almost medical terminology. Imagine being 6 years old,.... and this is one of the funny things,...I can talk about this with very little emotion because it was done to me,......not something I did to someone else.

 You strap them naked to a wooden chair,...arms out like this, your strapped,,,....and here. (Duncan motions to numerous places on his arms.) Your finger tips are spread open,....things are inserted here. (Duncan motions to the space between the fingers.) So you can't do this. (Duncan opens and closes his hand.) I know you noticed,.... because I saw it in your mind and I saw your eyes. I'm constantly (Duncan grasps his hands and clenches, touching his finger tips.) I have a phobia about my finger tips. What they did, they inserted needles underneath the finger tips. That is bad enough,...hook those needles up to electric current,.... and turn it on.

Water boarding is basically where you drown the person and then bring them back,...and in my case they did it two ways,...strapped to a chair,....and would take a water hose and just spray it, can't breath,...and then your gone,....and then they bring you back and all that. I remember having my head dunked,....that is why I don't swim."

Interviewer, " Now,...what would be the purpose of that?"

Duncan, " To cause pain. Intense pain. What happens,...when the body and the psyche go through the amount of pain it can tolerate you black out, pass out, faint. Well,....the Germans' brought over a drug with them,....once injected, blocks those receptors, can't black out, can't even force yourself to faint. So,....once the Psyche has gotten to a point to where it can not take anymore, have two choices,.....split off into another personality to save yourself,.... or die."

Interviewer, " OK,...OK,....I understand. When the pain becomes too much,...the way you are able to survive,..and stay together mentally is actually to go someplace else,..."

Duncan, " Exactly."

Interviewer, " And you go so far someplace else that you are actually in another, are creating another part of you."

Duncan, " Exactly, create a total separate individual to where they can pull out that alternate personality (Duncan snaps his fingers), second I'm me, second I'm somebody else. Now,...I am back to me. That is how they wanted you."

Interviewer, " Have you seen Manchurian Candidate?"

Duncan, " No."

Interviewer, " You never saw that?"

Duncan, " No."

Interviewer, " Well,...if I refer to that movie,...I don't know if you know what I mean,..but,..."

Duncan, " I know what the Manchurian Candidate is."

Interviewer, " You know what it is about?"

Duncan, " Yes. "

Interviewer, " Is it possible that you can be activated by a phone call today?"

Duncan, " The last time that I did a job,....that is what it was. I got a phone call in the middle of the night. Can I be activated now? I do not think so, (Duncan points to his head and slightly smiles) they burnt the chip out."

Interviewer, " OK, you think it's a tone, you think it is words, I mean do you have any idea what it is? Is it music?"

Duncan, " I think it is a combination,...and I think it is more than one. In order to open a combination safe you've got to have a combination which is more that one number. So,..I think what they did,....they set up, have to have a system of checks and balances and fail safes, where if you are watching TV,...and all of a sudden you hear the correct word or whatever, freak out.

 Then you will start seeing this happening everywhere. There has to be a fail safe to keep that from happening. So,....I've always thought it is a combination of words, tones, numbers,...what have you. What happened during this night,...I went to bed, wife and I went to bed. The phone rings,...I reach over pick it up,...put it to my ear, more than three seconds pass,....I hang the phone up,....I get up,...I get dressed,...I leave. I'm gone three days,....and three nights. At that time we lived exactly 11 miles from the airport that you guys passed coming here. When I came back three days later there was only 22 additional miles on the car. I went to the airport."

Interviewer, " But, have no memory of where you went?"

Duncan, " I went to D.C. This is when I went to D.C. and did a termination job on this individual."

Interviewer, " Now,...what year was that?"

Duncan, "1985."

Interviewer, " So,...this is quite a while ago."

Duncan, " Yeah. Here is something I will tell you guys,....I didn't want to put on the tape. I'm sitting in a Mexican restaurant a very nice two story Mexican restaurant and I hear somebody laughing,.... this was before the President now, was the Governor of Texas.

 I look over and there is George Jr. sitting at the bar with a Secret Service body guard,...drunk as a skunk,...with the Secret Service trying to get him to calm down. Now,...that is when I snapped awake. I don't remember driving there and I'm looking around and,....'Where the hell am I at?' But yet there he is,.....I have one impulse,....kill him,...terminate him,.....and I had a gun in my pocket,.....and for whatever reason,.....I fought the impulse down,.....and I didn't kill him."

Interviewer, " In other words, remember who he is now,...but you didn't know who he was when you were there? He was just some guy who was getting drunk with the Secret Service around him."

Duncan, " At that time I didn't have a clue who he was. Now, I'm sitting there watching the news sometime latter when,....'The Governor of Texas has announced his bid to run for Presidency' and I look at him,...and I'm like,.... holy ****!"

Interviewer, " Now,.. this is before he became President?"

Duncan, " Yes. Years before."

Interviewer, " So, that context maybe it makes even more sense."

Duncan, " Um hum,....and it is even scarier."

Interviewer, "What about underground bases? Do you think you have ever been in an underground base?"

Duncan, " I know where one is,....right here in the state." (Camera cuts off briefly.)
When I was in my mid-late,....mostly late teens,...I remember that the farm house that we lived in, was situated in a valley,....and they were old logging roads that went all the way around the valley.

 I had a good five mile run,...up and down the mountains,....on a good graded road. There was also some worked out strip mines over to the South- East of there. Well, day I'm running up through there and I decide to drop down hill and go over and look around. As soon as I do,...I can feel the vibrations in the ground,...and I drop down and I put my ear to the ground,...the way my grandfather, you know, taught me how to do,....and I get up and this little voice says, 'Get the hell out of here!' And I'm running back up the hill,....a chopper lands.

I didn't go back anymore,...but a couple of days later,....two things happened at once. My father had a friend his name was Paul Preston. Paul Preston was somebody,....still is somebody that I would terminate with extreme prejudice. I don't care to say that. When I was 14 we were getting ready to work the fields,...we had a cash farm and I was working on a tractor. We lived about a mile off the main road,...we lived on a dirt road and I can sense a vehicle coming half way up. I stop and I look up,...and I see this grayish silver van coming up into the drive way,...brand new,...has a VHF antenna on top. I've never seen anything like this,...again this is Kentucky in the 70's,...nobody had that kind of money.

This is before the coal boom,..before the energy crisis,..before people made 20.00/hour. People were lucky to make minimum wage. This guy gets out of this van,...and I notice it has Texas tags. I had heard my dad talk about this guy,..they were childhood friends,....and then this was confirmed to me later on,...that they were in the CIA together,...that Paul Preston was actually station chief in more than one area. He gets out of the van,...calls me by name,...I never met the man before to my knowledge,.....and in that instant I had two thoughts,..... one,... is run,...cause this guy is bad news,... this guy is dangerous,!

The other was take him out,....kill him before he kills you. I'm only 14 years old. My hair was longer then than it is now.

My dad comes down from the house,..and they do the hand shakes,...slap on the back,...huggie, huggie all this kind of stuff. Well, Mr. Preston looks at my dad, gets real serious says we gotta go talk.

Now, my dad changes,...his demeanor changes, so they go away for about 20 minutes. Now,..all this time, you know,...I got the tool chest I'm working the tractor,...spring plow, know,...all that kind of stuff. 20 -30 minutes latter,...Paul Preston comes back down from the house. He ain't talking to me then,...he's in a real bad mood,...gets in the van,...leaves.

 I barely saw my dad the rest of the day cause this is early in the morning, because it is still cool. No, didn't want to be around him the rest of the day,....OK,....he was one ticked off Irishman. Well, that night, mom had a habit of sitting on the front porch at night and I slept upstairs. She came in that night about 10 - 11 O'clock,..screaming for my dad,....that there is something over top of the house. By the time he went out it was gone,...and I could hear the whole conversation.

She said it was bigger than the house, was round, had lights all the way around it. I didn't know anything about UFOs,...I knew nothing about that. I knew farming,...I knew martial arts,....I knew how to fight,....I knew how to hunt, to track,....etc,...etc,...I knew nothing about anything like that.

The next night,....this happens again. The third day,...something happens to me. All the time I work and I train,....I work and I train so I'm going 12 hours a day,..every day. I worked even harder than I have ever done before and I think the reason being is to go to bed early,...cause that is exactly what I did,....I went to bed early. That night I go to bed,....I'm laying there,....don't know how long,....but I feel like I'm on fire,...when I snapped awake. I can't move,...all I can do is open my eyes. The whole upstairs is full of light,....and I can see a bipedal figure standing by the bed. I can see a head,.... I can see the arms,.... I can see the legs,...that is it. I know it is talking to me, is telling me something and the next thing I know, dad is shaking my shoulder,.... cause my brothers saw the light and they thought the upstairs was on fire. That is all I remember,...I don't remember anything again until I'm almost 18."

Interviewer, " Meaning no memories between the age of 14 and the age of 18?"

Duncan, " Right. I didn't get my drivers license until I was almost 18. I should of had it at 16,...I didn't get it until I was almost 18,...cause I wasn't around to get one."

Interviewer, " Do you remember what the being looked like,..other than two arms,...two legs?"

Duncan, "That is all I could see. A torso two arms,...two legs and a head. Not an oval shaped head,.....but a head shaped head. A normal shaped head. I would estimate maybe six feet tall and it was white as well,....but a paler shade of white than the rest of the white in the room. I think all of these go together,....the visit from Paul Preston,.....the craft over the house,....and my leaving again,....all go together."

Interviewer, " And your father's anger perhaps?"

Duncan, " Yeah. I think he may of thought for whatever reason that I  was clear of it and then Paul Preston comes back and says, I don't think he had a choice in the matter. The only anger I have with them,.. is not coming out and telling me something. Especially after I'm an adult and I started getting memories back,...and I started saying OK,...what gives here? I know this isn't what happened,...I know this wasn't right,....what gives?

I think I deserve more of an answer than, 'Can't tell you' then leave.

The first thing I did when I started getting memories back, I started looking up old friends and I would ask them,....'During this year,...73,...74,...75,..where were we,...what were we doing?' I have memories of doing things,.... and everyone of them to a "T",...'We were doing this,..we were out doing this.'
(Duncan)- 'Well I remember that' ....and they go, ' How could you, weren't there?"

One guy even went so far as to say, ' We went up to the farm to pick you up one day, just to see if you wanted to go away, we hadn't heard from you,...your dad ran us off.'

What I had of those years,...were false memories. The memories I had of camping going to the Dairy Queen, know that kind of thing,....were implanted."

Interviewer, " You also said in your writing that one of your arms is wired or something?"

Duncan, " The right one. Yeah,....the implant is right here. (Duncan motions to his back, right shoulder area.) I know it is right there for two specific reasons,,....I had a guy put a meter over it and they found it that way,.....and two, itches!

What it is,....I call it an enhancer. It increases physical strength and speed. There's wires that run from it and go down the arm and in the fingers,....and it is only in this shoulder and arm,'s not body wide. I wish it was,....but it's not. This is the hand and the arm that I busted many heavy bags with, a matter of fact,...there was an incident where I grabbed a guy that was a good 40lbs heavier than me,...and just straight up off his feet. And when I realised what I had done, just dropped. It is like,....I don't know the signs of how it is tied in,....I really don't,...but I know that it is tied in with the fight or flight scenario. When there is danger it kicks in. If I feel threatened, kicks in.

The throwing of energy? Yeah,....that one freaked me out when it happened. I had a job in Lexington, the place at that time was called The Community Kitchen. Well,... it was no kitchen,....what it was,...was a facility for homeless,...indigent,...that kind of thing. We had doctors offices,...we had social service offices..showers, clothing,....all that,..but it was also a haven for pushers,.... users,...abusers,....rapists,....killers, name it,...they came in there.
We could have 60-100 people in the facility at any one time,....and I was chief of security. We had a fight that broke out,..and it was nothing,....we would have three or four fights a day,....but we had two girls get into it. They fight worse than men. My partner had one,....holding her down. I was holding the other one down,.....and when I say holding them down,....I was just sitting there with one arm on her shoulder,....she was laughing about it.

The next thing I know,....I look up and I see this extremely large man standing over top of me,....he's got three or four friends with him,....and he is giving this routine,...' I'm giving you to the count of (whatever) to get off of her,...or I'm going to do this.'

 Well, I snapped,....I'm on the ground,....I look up and I see I'm out numbered,....out gunned,...I changed. Normally I would have just rolled out of the way, up,....started cussing right back at him,....threw him out the door,...ah,

I stood up and hit him,....and the witnesses there said I didn't just hit him once,.... I hit him 12 times, a matter of a second. It broke his neck. His neck was as big as my legs,...and it just snapped his neck.

Well,...when that happened,....the whole facility went bizzerk. Half of them were coming at me and my partner, and the other half was using it as an excuse to get who ever they didn't like. It is during these times that something happens that I can't explain. It is like I step outside of space and time. Everything turns black and white. Everything goes slow motion. It is like I've got all the time in the world to go from point A to point B,...because this guy ain't moving.

 It's like I just walking through,....bam,...bam,....bam, guys going down,..and then I'm grabbed. This guy grabs me by the throat and I just snapped sideways,...threw my hands palm down,...just threw them down and screamed inside of my mind. The guy goes up (Duncan makes a half circle motion with his hands) and back. I never touched him.

 When that happened, ended the entire fight,.....cause I'm standing there and I'm looking around and I'm suddenly aware that everybody is staring at me. Somewhere during this time the cops have been called, here comes the cops, comes the ambulances,...the paramedics,...and I talked to one of the cops,...give the report.

 Half of them are taken to the hospital the other half are barred out,...some are taken to jail,....and I went to the nearest bar I could find. I sit there,.....I didn't know what to do. I knew something had happened. I knew it was real because people were saying,....were coming up to me,...saying, ' What did you do, did you do that?'  I'm like,.....' I don't have an answer for you,....I don't know."

Interviewer, " What year was this, that this happened?"

Duncan, " 1989 or 90. I'm trying to,.......I've worked so many jobs during that time,....during those years,.....which, something else that I've been told, indicative of all of us that came out of these black operations,....none of us could hold a job. It was like,...and I know from personal experience,...we would be the greatest since sliced bread for a couple of months,....and then all of a sudden this boss or supervisor comes out,....finds something wrong and we're fired.

What I found out over the years,....that's not unique to me, they want to keep you one step below poverty level,...keep your mind occupied on other things."

Interviewer, " Right,...survival. Daily survival so that you can't go further into your own memories type of thing."

Duncan, " And there is also another reason for that and I've been told this by more than one person,......who listens to somebody who's broke? But,.....everybody listens to someone who is wealthy,....and I think those two go together to make that."

Interviewer, " There is an incident in which you also reported,... that you described as a kind of personal teleportation incident,....or you went through a wall,...... and you had a witness,......( Duncan nods his head in agreement, and and says, " Yes,..absolutely." ) .....what do you recall about that?"

Duncan, " (Duncan takes a deep breath.) I get freaked out every time I think about that one. It was at a house in Oklahoma. I was helping a friend of mine move and I was in the one bedroom and she was in the kitchen. For me to get from the bed to the front door would have entailed going down cutting across,...down cutting across,...very winding way. Well, I said she was in the kitchen,...straight line,, room,....front door. No door in between, wall in between. Well,....she was reading and doing her own thing in the kitchen and I'm sound asleep,.... and her youngest son gets up screaming and goes to the front door trying to get out. This is two- three O'clock in the morning. She jumps up,....starts to run to get him. I hear the scream,...I remember raising up on one shoulder,.... in my mind seeing the kid,....reaching toward the door,....and I'm at the door. She said that I came through the wall in front of her and all she could do,....was to stop and say,..woe. I think,....whatever I did,...if I froze inside that wall,...that would have been fun. (Duncan chuckles softly.)

My grandfather, mom's mom,...was a full blooded Cherokee and he gave me the name of Grey Feather."

Interviewer, " Grey Feather?"

Duncan, " Yup,...and I asked him once, I said, ' Pops,... what does Grey Feather mean?'....and he says,.....'Your a tween man' and he had an accent,....and I said,.. 'A what?',.......and he said, 'You walk between worlds.' This is before I knew anything,.....about anything.

I saw 9-11 two weeks before it happened,....I put it up on some bulletin boards on the Net,...was laughed at.

I lived in Delaware at that time,....right on the Eastern Shore,...walking distance to the beach. I had a trip planned to Boston, a couple of days before the trip,...we were going to drive it,...I get a phone call,....and it's the metallic digitized voice that says, 'Postpone your trip.' Two day window, or minus one day,...whether here,,...or here,...there is going to be something big happening in New York. Don't be caught in it.

Interviewer, " Now have you had other premonitions that haven't come true yet?"

Duncan, " Yeah, I've seen this country almost split in half. I mean physically split in half. Again I've lived in Delaware and I just layed down,...and it is one of those times where one minute I'm here, minute I'm here (Duncan motions by putting his hand in the air) and I'm looking down on the United States,....this is before I knew about the super volcano,..and all this and that. I saw this area,...going up into Canada,...coming all the way down into Mexico. The whole western part of the country split off,...from the rest of the United States. What I'm seeing is a river of fire,...going all the way down."

Interviewer, " Wow, you have a time line for that?"

Duncan, " Soon,...very soon."

Interviewer, " So, are you making any plans for yourself and your family, because of what you are dreaming,...or seeing?"

Duncan, " Yeah."

Interviewer, " Are you finding a safe place?"

Duncan, " There really is not going to be a safe place. The best preparedness that I know of , to be able to be mobile. There is no one safe place.
I started to go public when I lived in Delaware. After an attempt was made on my life."

Interviewer, " So when was that,...approximately?"

Duncan, " About 2002. I was out for a jog,....I have had other things happen before,...but I didn't at that time, never made the connection. Now I make the connection. I was out for a jog,...and it's in the winter time,...and I hear a motor cycle. A motorcycle? Have you ever been on the East coast, in the winter time when the wind blows,'s frigid,....and I'm out jogging and I hear a motorcycle,....and the ears go up,... hairs start standing up, one of those , I go from a hard run to a light jog,....and I see the motorcycle,....solid black. No insignia,...just solid black. Two riders dressed in black, opaque face masks. I'm going this way,....they're coming this way. This thing is going so slow,....I'm trying to understand how in the world it is standing up,....and as it comes up to me,.....I'm running scenarios,...OK,....... I'm wearing ankle weights and wrists weights. I'm waiting to see a gun, I'm thinking,....this is coming off,...this I'm going to throw,...forward roll,....kick the back wheel,...try to get an advantage. This is all playing out of my mind.

The guy does open his coat,....puts his hand in his coat,...the rider,...all I see are two fingers,...points them at me, and goes like this (Duncan motions by moving his thumb, as if he is pulling a trigger) and goes back.

 I figure this is just a warning,...and they slowly go down the road,...going toward route 1, go North. I didn't make it ten steps. I had puke,...bile,...everything,.....I had to crawl home. I was sick for three days. I finally got to the doctor, and said,...that I've had some kind of unknown viral infection. He did shoot me,....just not with a gun.

Half the people who hear what I have to say, look at it and say what a lying stack of dung. This is so much BS,...there is no way any of this can happen, etc,....etc,....etc. Well,....I'll give a response to that,..that I gave a guy on the radio show one night. I wish that were true,....I would love to be able to take a pill every day and have a nice life,...but I can't,....because it did happen and I don't have the whole story myself,.....and I may never get it.

What happened to me,....and I told about how they split the personalities,....that is just the tip of the ice-berg. I remember the beatings,....the being thrown naked into a refrigerator room, because I couldn't get something right, know,...this went on and on,...and not just to me,....but to all of us,....that were in this particular group. This stuff shouldn't happen, know,...we consider ourselves a civilized, free, society. There is nothing civilized about this,....there is nothing free about this.

There is strength in numbers,....I mean come on, have a million man march on Washington, put together by somebody that the government laughed at,......why couldn't we do the same thing?

This stuff has got to stop! Like I said,...we are suppose to live in a civilized, free society,.........we don't.

When they can walk in,.....take you as a child,.....turn you into a killer,.....and then use you,....abuse you,....and when they are done,...throw you away.

It shouldn't happen and you asked earlier what is the one thing I would like to see come out of this,....and any subsequent movies, videos, whatever,.... I want to sit in a chair just like this, Washington D.C., front of the full Senate,...and demand answers!

I do it in a heart beat.

I ain't shy.

Personal note:

I do not want to leave you feeling helpless and traumatized by reading the bizarre and frightening things that tend to go on in this world.

We must end this segment with the reminder once again,... that we do have incredible power, create the reality we wish to see here on Earth.

As you can clearly see,.....these programs to create super killers, with implants and conditioning are absolutely evil.

I don't remember voting on such terrible things. No one in their right mind would vote such a horrendous program through. So how are these wretched plans formed and carried out?

I am sure other dockets are in place in other areas of the planet,...that are just as grisly.

It needs to stop.

We can do this. You and I.

People of the world,.....we are a family. Evil knows no bounds by a country,.....this problem belongs to us all,....and as such we all need to solve it together.

The greatest weapon you have at your disposal is the human heart.

 We can concentrate on and create change by using the love in our heart. There is definitely nothing more powerful on the planet.

You are kept constantly distracted by non-stop entertainment, keep you from learning these truths. The evil that is running lose upon the earth knows if you are kept busy looking in other directions, will not look up to see what is taking place in front of you.

 If you don't know there is a problem, will not step up to the plate,....and help to correct it.

We are all needed now.

My hand is reaching for you, heart is open to you,.....please join with me and together as a family on this beautiful planet, we can send the evil running away.


Spiritual science

Do you remember Duncan relaying in his personal experience as a child,... how he and just 12 other small children were used to create massive death? They used the emotion in their being and the thoughts in their mind,...and propelled it forth. The result was a momentary blinding flash and mayhem. Look at what just 12 small children could accomplish. When evil forces are controlling the direction of the energy field emitted by humans,...the result is always destruction.

Now,....lets you and I battle for the forces of goodness,,....and light!

Light and sound are different forms of the same thing. Below is a link that will take you to a short meditation that will assist you in bringing forth love into your being. This LOVE frequency is at 528Hz and it corresponds to the color emerald on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Close your eyes,.....listen to the frequency,......imagine pure love filling your body, project that love out to the whole planet.

You are at this moment in the meditation,....creating a powerful resonant field of peace, love and compassion. You can't see it with your earthly eyes,....but in the spirit realm, are lighting up the entire planet! 

*Fill the planet with compassion and love.

*Fill the planet with peace and harmony.

*Imagine a planet with absolute equality, undiluted freedom and abundance for all.

The magical key, is the emotion in your heart!

If you help me do this, will in fact help drive the evil off of this planet.

One lit candle in a darkened room,.......drives the shadows away.

Darkness can not survive where there is light.

Love and peace to you my earth family!

The love frequency. Please click on this and participate in healing the world.