Thursday, October 16, 2008

HAUNTED GETTYSBURG-----------------------------------

One of the many graveyards of Gettysburg

Now entering the Borough of Gettysburg sign

The Gettysburg Battlefield--

On a three day slaughter in July of 1863, during the Civil War, more then 51,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured. The very earth of this town...... was saturated with human blood!

This piece of real estate is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the ENTIRE world! Ghosts have been felt, seen, photographed, heard and there are even reports of phantom scents.


---The building of Pennsylvania Hall---Located in Gettysburg College, still has ghostly soldiers patrolling the cupola. Their heavy boots can be heard pacing back and forth, still on guard after all these years.

---Gettysburg Battlefields---The most famous and talked about haunt ,would have to be the "Devil's Den". This is a triangular piece of land where your electrical equipment is most likely to go haywire. A plethora of ghosts still walk this ground, including some so solid, and real, that they are mistaken for live Civil War re-en actors!

---Cemetery Hill--- Many, many dead bodies were strewn, and piled in the July heat on this area of ground. The festering masses of flesh were rotting rapidly while awaiting burial, polluting the air with a putrid stench. The ladies of the time could not venture out of doors, without pressing scented handkerchiefs to their noses, drenched in liquids of peppermint and vanilla. These PHANTOM scents can STILL be smelled today on "Baltimore Street".

Here is a very good video about the ghosts of Gettysburg,.............................................

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