Sunday, August 26, 2012


MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE SWARM IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA,…near the Mexico boarder, Sunday August, 26th 2012.

This is an important alert for the residents of that region, as the media will remain useless to the masses until it is to late.

Starting with a 5.4,…then an entire succession of 3s, 4s, and 5.0 quakes can be seen on the earthquake bar for that region. (You have to see it, for it can't be overstated.)

This is a ponderous cluster of earth shaking!

Every few minutes another goes off,.... 120 quakes,... and still counting!

Multitudes of 4.0-5.0 are occurring in the same location, right on the San Andreas fault line. When this many earthquakes takes place, it is a strong indicator for large plate movement. It usually signals an even larger quake to come.

In the brief video below, Dutchsinse tells us of identical activity that took place in Japan (last year) just before the large one hit.

Do your best to be prepared for whatever may come. Stay as calm as humanly possible. PLEASE, ...please remember to INCLUDE your dear animal family members in any emergency plans. They need you and are dependent upon you, for their safety.

Waves of LOVE and blessings to you my earth family. Stay positive, and keep your heart focused on love. ♥


Here are the links to monitor earthquakes nationally and internationally. Stay informed, and be PREPARED.

Below is the link to the video of Dutch giving us a very important heads up. (About 2.50 minutes long)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Return Of Planet X


Below is a segment of a radio broadcast that was sent my way. The information is disturbing to say the least, and I’ve wrestled with myself as to whether or not to write it up.

As you learn about the paranormal,… you come to an understanding that much exists in the space outside the area, where your eyes can see. You also realize that energy never dies, it just transforms and changes shape,… and how very important our emotional and mental energy is in the creation of our day-to-day existence.
I remind you of this to keep you in touch with your personal power for your thoughts have tremendous energy and YOU have the ability to create with them. As the family of earth joins together we can create the reality we desire and the environment of the planet we wish to live upon.

If you decide to read the following radio broadcast, then I must ask you once again ( as I do with all disturbing information) to promise me you will read (or reread) the write up entitled ‘Read this to re-empower yourself after learning a traumatizing truth.’

This write up is found in the title section, on the right hand side of the page.

I don’t want to focus on the negative, en masse,…. and therefore create that timeline. I would like you to know the possibility of such and use your thoughts,… your heartfelt desires,…. to create the world you want to see.

If you will not do the positive mind / heart focus work, or read the empowerment segment I just stated, then please do NOT read the following broadcast.



The following discussion is regarding military personnel, who are being forced to sign non disclosure agreements about earth changes that are on the way.

Segment of the Radio Broadcast

John- “They had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before the briefing began.

They were told they were being put on standby for evacuation,... that they may get as much as two weeks notice,…. they may not,…..and they started talking about Nibiru,…. Planet X,…..and how this planetary size object was going to cause massive flooding on all coastal areas.
The map they were shown was very similar to the map on my DVD, ( I have to get a copy of that to you by the way, Mike if I have it) and um, that was pretty much it for that source.

The second source is under Department of Homeland Security and that source basically confirmed what the first source said without going any further on that.

Then the following day,.. or same day I should say,… you came up with your own sources Mike, and why don’t you tell us about those?”

Mike- “ Well,… the source that first told me about this,…( and I’ve been doing some digging since then) the source that first told me about this is a director level individual, for a foreign intelligence agency, that I have occasion to speak with, now and then,…..and what I was told,….. I was told this probably 60 or 90 days ago,…..and I didn’t put a lot of credence into it at the time,….. but as I have researched, I have to put more and MORE credence in it.

As a qualifier I have to say this up front,… that perhaps this is being floated as disinformation to discredit people, and to discredit,…so I have to give a caveat there. I don’t think it is,…. but,…. it could be,….just that type of effort,….. but I was told to be very prepared on the dates of August 17th, and the dates of September 26th .

A planet sized object would be passing very VERY near the Earth,…. and I was told that the closest distance would be,… maybe 5 to 10 Earth diameters,… it would come that close.

We should be prepared for massive earthquakes and as a result of those earthquakes the tsunami level flooding in the coastal areas.
Now since that time, I’ve done some more digging, and I spoke with intelligence sources within the US,…. who not only confirmed that,… but added some more fuel to the fire. One of the things is that this object is coming in at an extremely high rate of speed. The other concern,… beside the near passage is that,…as this thing passes through the asteroid belt it is going to disturb the stable orbit of many asteroids, that are out there orbiting. It will be like the cue ball on a billiard table and send these things going helter-skelter in every direction so that no one knows where they are going to end up,…. and what their ultimate destinations are going to be. We may be living with aftereffects of this for a number of years into the future.”

John- “Absolutely,… and then you had a second source, I understand as well.”

Mike- “Well the second source is the one within the US government,…. my primary source was from a foreign intelligence agency.”

John- “Right, right, right…well the distance that you described (10 times the Earth’s diameter)…. the earth is about 24,000 miles in diameter,… So 10 times that would only be a quarter of 1,000,000 miles. That’s about the distance of the moon, by the way.”

Mike- “Yeah,…that’s close. I’ve been told that the size of this object could be as big as the moon. It could be.

It is being tracked currently and the primary tracking station is a large dish in Puerto Rico ( I believe it is). So I am trying to learn more,… as much as I can,… and as quickly as I can,….because this will affect a lot of people. Now,… I also have to tell you,… I have been told point blank, information that I can’t share, because I was told if I go on the air with this, that my truck is going to blow up with ME in it!

Mostly, what that has to do with,…is the high rate of speed it is traveling at and HOW it achieved that high rate of speed. The term ‘slingshot’ comes to mind.”

John- “Right,… right,….well, when this thing comes into our solar system, Mike (it is coming from the South the way) and as it gets deeper into our solar system,.. approaching our Sun, it picks up speed, does a loop to loop around the sun,… (where it slows down) and starts picking up speed as it goes back out.

Now the size you’re describing,.. is not the size I’ve been hearing forever for the tenth planet. It sounds like something far smaller,…our Moon is a fairly small rock,...compared to the size of Planet X or Nibiru,….so I’m a bit confused on that.

I have been told also that Nibiru, our tenth planet has a debris field about a quarter of a million miles wide. Which would put us well with in the debris field, if it’s coming that close.”

Mike- “Well John, ..I have to be honest here,….. I don’t know,… what I don’t know. I’m having a hard time discerning what is REAL information,… from what is disinformation,… because that’s one of the things, that the ‘powers that be’,…. will do.

‘They’ will give you bits of information,…. but they will also give you bits of DIS- formation. It is up to us to use our own discernment to try to determine what is real and what’s bunk.

I’m struggling with this.”


John- “I agree. We’ve describe this live on air,… (I know you don’t typically listen to my show) because you’re trying to get ready for your own Mike,…but typically what I do with this is,… first of all I described the quandary that I find myself in and that I think you find yourself in also,… we come across information like this from reliable sources that don’t know each other and if it’s true and we don’t report it, then we can be directly responsible for a lot of lives being lost. If it’s NOT true and we report it,… well then we get some egg on our face and life goes on.

What I’m doing Mike,… is I’m encouraging people to look at these dates as an opportunity for training,… an opportunity for us to evaluate our prudence preparedness,… develop a Plan A ,…a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C. To be able to evacuate if we live on a coastal area and be able to have a safe haven to go to.

The dates of August 17th and September 26th may or may NOT be the accurate dates on one hand,… on the other,…the scientists I work with ( I work with a number of scientists) they are all in agreement that YES,… this thing IS coming,… and when it does come, it is going to cause massive flooding on all coastal areas. As you probably know Mike,… I’ve debriefed about two dozen Navy veterans who were at the classified briefings,…. telling them that DURING their lifetime this coastal flooding would occur.

So I agree with you,… it is a quandary. It is something that we need to encourage people to do their OWN research. Achieve their own level of discernment and make decisions based on the knowledge that they gain.”

Mike- “Well John, if worse comes to worse,… it may be a good time to take the family on a camping trip. Just be away from any large urban areas,at all,…..because if something of this magnitude occurs, there’s going to be mass panic and when that happens the freeways are going to be like parking lots and you’re not going to be able to get away.

You’re going to be stuck where you are,…… temperatures are going to flare,…… people are going to become desperate,….. and it might not be a bad time to take advantage of a national park somewhere.

Take the family out camping,… be prepared,….take as much stuff as you can, …. that is useful, utilitarian to you, and just be somewhere else. If you have yourself a cabin or a vacation home or you own rural property someplace,.. then better yet.

You may just want to be OUT of the cities. Turn it into an enjoyable occasion,…(like you said) use it as a training exercise,.. if you will, so that you at least minimize the risk and you don’t get yourself caught up in a massive urban situation,… when you’re sitting on a freeway, you can't move because it’s bumper-to-bumper and the cars around you are running out of gas, because they have been sitting there for 10 hours idling.”

John - “Right, I talk occasionally, ….I did recently about the aerial photograph of Houston Texas,… when people were trying to evacuate when the hurricane was headed that way. I counted the lanes that weren’t moving all in one direction,…I think it was 12 or 14 lanes,…. Interstate Hwy and outer roads. An amazing and very scary photograph.”



*The Sumerians called this planet Nibiru,.. (meaning Point of Transition or Planet of Crossing).

*The Greeks referred to it as Phaeton.

*The Hindus Valley civilizations called it Shiva, (meaning transformer).

*The people of our generation call it Planet X.

It has been greatly written about in our ancient past, however no exact date was ever given for it's return. Some of the ancients predicted the ‘White Gods’ or benevolent extraterrestrials would arrive with the passing of this ponderous planet.

The Hopi Indians said that the Blue Kachina would appear before the Red Kachina. The Red Kachina is said to be the destroyer when our skies will be the color of blood.


If you search the web, there is enough written on planet Nibiru, to keep you reading for more than one lifetime.

Remember,.. HAARP also has the ability to create severe weather phenomenon on our planet. A quick search on the net will reveal to you weather records being broken that go back many decades,… including severe drought, biblical flooding destroying entire towns, and violent sweeping storms. As long as HAARP exists, and is in the hands of those who would do harm for profit, it will always be in the back of our minds when dangerous weather events occur.

Would the government tell the people of this planetary wide disaster ahead of time?

The answer to that question is,.. NO, I highly doubt it.

They greatly fear the panic of the people,…and if we were cared for at all, by those who are in charge, wouldn’t they be informing us of the nuclear fallout, from Fukushima? 
 We should all be getting daily announcements of the radiation that is now affecting much of the world.

As the gentleman said in the radio segment, beware of disinformation for it runs very high in the times we’re in. Please use your own discernment and do your best to be prepared.

Waves of love and blessings to you, my earth family!

Here is the video for this particular segment of the broadcast.

Update: People have been keeping a close watch on military motions and have recorded and uploaded their results. Large troop movement and tank movement are being reported on many videos. I have put the link to one of my favorite Internet heroes, who keeps a watchful eye on planet earth,....(you should know him by now)...he goes by the name of Dutchsinse. In this video, we are seeing troop transfer to an area, with recent earthquake activity.

About 2 minutes.


People are posting extraordinary sights in our sky,...and depending on where you live, the view has become very unusual. In this video, you will see TWO SUNS in our daytime sky. This video was on the Lebanon News.

 This is an update on Planet X, brought to you by the John Moore on Friday the 24th of August 2012. The letter John received sounded interesting to say the least. Depending upon who you listen to, spectacular, surprising and unusual phenomena are being seen in our skies. Once again we hear the focus is on speed.

John Moore-

“I have an interesting letter here from a listener in South Africa,…I will call him Steven and we should be getting Ann Morrison calling in here shortly,……but this letter, I think is incredibly important. I want to remind everybody to check on the 'Earth Change Headlines' we have a number of them starting with fires in California going to the hurricane in Miami,…articles about the drought and others,…so just check that out.

Here is the letter.”




Hi John, greetings from the great Karoo in the middle of South Africa at 4400 feet above sea level,…and 400 miles to the nearest coastline.

This area is regarded by astronomers as the most stable place in the world and that is why they have both SALT (South African Large Telescope) and SKA (Square Kilometer Array) nearby.

I have been following your show for a while now, and I would like to pass on some information. I have moved here from my house on the coast, for the same reason, your in the Ozarks.

My first point is that Nibiru, Planet X, can not be seen at the moment, even in the Southern Hemisphere without specialized telescope equipment.

All of the images on the Internet and on Youtube are atmospheric phenomenon produced by a blue beam and/ or HAARP weather disturbances.

The best scientific source that I’ve found are the videos produced by Skyview Team, who comprise of a group of astronomers from South America and a group from North America.

The videos posted under ooskyviewteam are available on Youtube. They don’t call it Nibiru, Planet X,…but KBO, Kuiper Belt Object.

The most recent video shows footage of the KBO ,…EARTH BOUND AND SPEEDING UP.

This leads me into my second point. In 2007 a meteorite hit the ground at Coronis near Puno in Peru. It should have been traveling at 200 miles per hour, but hit the earth at 15,000 MPH,….75 times FASTER than anticipated.

It was studied extensively by professor Peter Schultz of Brown University.

From the Kolbrin Bible we know that the Destroyer,…or Nibiru, comes as ‘a thief in the night.’

After much research including the present weekly occurrence of meteorites smashing into the Sun , I believe Nibiru is traveling faster than anticipated,…..75 TIMES FASTER.

One weeks time line of a speeding object, is equal to 75 weeks in present anticipated time. In other words,…..IT COULD HAPPEN IN ONE WEEK.

What could happen in one week is approximately equal to 1.4 years.


(John Moore, interjects while reading the letter, “I’m going to skip this next paragraph, he goes into some interesting stuff. He ends up with the following sentence. This is his final sentence.”)

My present time line for the arrival of Nibiru is anywhere from NOW,… which would be August 2012,…to mid 2014.

(John Moore, “He concludes with keep up the good work, signed Steven.”)

Here is a link to the radio show, on Youtube.

Video is 39 minutes long.

The evidence continues to mount
The strangeness of another unfamiliar planetary body in the sky, is growing from around the globe. In this brief video we see two separate geographic locations seeing the same object, and it certainly looks like another Sun!
Good video, about 5 minutes long.
 Recent video (8-13) of what appears to be two suns in the sky!
Planet X..?
Have a look for yourself and tune into the up coming show of a whistleblower, from NASA.
Video about 4 min.