Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is There Another World INSIDE Our Earth?

The Hollow Earth
Actual satellite image of the South Pole.
(Looks like a pretty big opening,....doesn't it?)

We will begin this segment with a variation of a sayism,...that I'm sure you have heard many times before.

All truth goes through three highly emphasized and diverse stages, which are the following,....................

1.) It is viciously ridiculed, by those who think they know it all.

2.) It is furiously opposed by those people unable to accept change,..or a higher intellect,...coming into their current understanding of reality.

3.) It finally gets accepted as being an obvious and absolute truth.

Knowing that every piece of information you currently have in your perception of reality, first went through ridicule, it would be wise to keep an open mind to the other truths that exist, in our vast life experience.

OK, your mind is open,....but could there really be a world inside our earth?

The belief that our world contains a world INSIDE the Earth's crust, has been believed by multitudes throughout our human history. The Tibetan monks, Hopi Indian tribes, Islanders, Egyptians.....and even the dark villain Adolf Hitler,.....all truly believe that this big blue marble upon which we reside,.....indeed has hollow areas within, that can sustain a wide range of life.

Just about every continent on the globe has stories about the hollow earth, some more detailed and elaborate than others. We will talk about the world within our world and a shocking piece of written evidence that upholds this incredible claim,... made by so many.

 I am sure at the end of this story, you will be scratching your head in absolute wonderment thinking,, a hollow earth complete with an array of inhabitants....what must it and they look like?

Some, of the many names that have been given to this strange place of marvel inside of our Earth include,.....

*The Land Beyond The Poles
*The Garden Of Eden
* Valhalla
* Utopia
* Shambhala
*The Land of Mysteries
* Agartha- This name is supposedly the home,.. to the "king of the entire world" or "lord of the world"....known as Rigden Lyepo.

Why would people from all over the world,......come to believe the same exact thing about our amazing planet? I am talking long before the Internet,.......television,......or even the radio had a chance to influence your understanding,......these beliefs were already rooted into our various civilizations and strongly believed to be a fact.

When the internal earth is discussed among those who believe, is considered to be a empyrean, shielded and protected from external forces, a veritable cocoon of comfort and safety,....that is described as being,.......  nirvana lost.

The beings who hold the knowledge and mysteries of the entire Universe, are said to inhabit the inner core,.....along with other beings of varying degrees of intelligence. Each occupying a distinctly separate area,....but occasionally running into each other,.....or even making their way to the surface.

Don't get me wrong,...I am not talking about the many underground bases,...that are created WITHIN the crust of rock and soil,....NO.....the alien life forms that reside in those areas, are IN the crust,.......and not below it.

The Buddhists firmly believe, that there is massive spiritual power that resides within the Earth, an entire kingdom hidden under the great Asian land mass....and many surface humans are claiming to be in contact with some of the benevolent entities that call the deep inner core,..... home.

UFOs must be talked about here, because they are routinely seen going in and out of the Earth, way of ancient steadfast mountains,....or our vast and magnificent oceans, which cover three quarters of the earth's surface.

When you study up on the many visiting alien races, will discover that the inside of a planet is considered a highly desirable place to inhabit, because of the protection it affords from the many external forces that can wreak havoc on a surface dweller.

Each and every day we are finding out that, there is so much more to our world than we ever thought possible. Math and science are discovering,....that what we had thought to be hard, fast and sure rules of physics,.....simply aren't. Our understanding of reality, is literally changing in every moment.

The hollow earth is being seriously deliberated by a group known as  ISCE,...or the International Society for the Complete Earth. They have been working solidly for the past 15 years,....trying to understand,..... is habitation indeed possible and what kind of life form or forms,....are residing under our Earth's crust?

Scores of books, movies, magazines have all relayed fantastic tales of the hollow earth, along with the beasts they envisage are living within it's protective layers. Some are fiction,...others are based on genuine contact with specific and highly evolved life forms, that lay claim to dwelling within our earth.

In some religions the belief of a hollow earth is exceedingly strong,...and they will not discuss the locations of the many entrances, to access this inner domain. In fact,.. numerous locations are said to be guarded by trusted indigenous people, to prevent surface dwellers from entering by land.

 It is understood that when you seek to know yourself,...when you deeply meditate and go within your own soul, will come to the understanding that,.....AS ABOVE,......SO BELOW.

The deepest part of the Earth,...the center point,...the heart, a micro universe,.... that is a mirror image of the larger, outer, universe that we see when we look up into the night time sky.

Very profound.

It takes much thought to contemplate this entire theory,......but the fact remains, that those who speak of this, do so with absolute certainty.

The Dalai Lama himself has said, " Shambhala, (the name for the inner earth).....has a MATERIAL EXISTENCE in this world!"

Well, lets just say we wanted to visit our interior neighbors,.....where the heck is the front door?

Many hypotheses have been made, as to where the entrances are to the inner world. Such as,..................

 * Stone Henge, located in England.

* The Himalayan Mountains, located in Tibet.

* Caverns in South America.

* Mount Shasta, located in California, United States.

* The openings at both the South and the North pole.

* Deep under ocean caverns.

* Yucatan in Mexico.

* Mato Grosso in Brazil.

Halley's Theory

Inner earth studies, go way, way back.

Scientific reverie of the inner earth began way back in 1692, by Edmund Halley, who was a rather well known British astronomer. He stated, " I believe the earth consists of concentric spheres, a Chinese puzzle box. These spheres support life and are bathed in perpetual light."

In regards to the Aurora Borealis, Halley said, " Now,.. we know the world is flattened at the poles,... so the outer layer of the earth,...the outer layer of my Chinese box, could be thinner,....allowing gasses to escape from the interior of the earth."

John Symmes Jr., of Ohio said, " Halley was right, about the concentric spheres,.....but he missed the openings at the poles. The oceans flowing in and out of these openings,.....and I feel that there is no doubt that there are also inhabitants inside the earth."

Mr. Symmes theory was written in the 19th century and officially introduced to numerous scientific societies, where he said, "To all the world I declare that the Earth is hollow and inhabitable within, containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one inside the other, and that it is open at the poles 12 or 16 degrees."

A model that was used by Symmes, when he demonstrated his steadfast theory, has been placed in the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences,...and an impressive monument depicting the Hollow Earth Theory sits upon his grave to this very day.

After Symmes released his theory onto the world, the President of the United States, John Quincy Adams,.... along with members of Congress, financed the exploring and investigating journey known as the Wilkes Sea Expedition.

 John C. Wilkes was ostensibly placed at the head of this historic trek, and was given exacting orders to locate and explore the inner earth.

In fact,.... the Smithsonian Museum was actually constructed to display and safeguard all of the evidence that was to be obtained from the inner earth expedition! Talk about serious,......when you build a massive, impressive and expensive structure to house the results of an exceptional trip, is a weighty subject indeed!

Euler's Theory

 Leonhard Euler,.. also offered his own theory in this very interesting realm of study,...but instead of numerous rings layered inside the earth's crust,....Euler believed in an internal sun, that was 600 miles wide and sat within the very core of earth, with openings remaining at the center of each pole.

Then we move on up in time up to the year 1929,....where a man by the name of Marshall B. Gardener wrote, " I find all the previous theories to be somewhat on the right track,.....but in addition, I believe the interior of the earth is being illuminated by a sun that is approximately 600 miles in diameter,....and the holes at the poles are definitely over 1,000 miles in diameter."

Hummm,.....very interesting.
So many educated people arriving at the same bolting conclusion about our mysterious earthly home.

 What about the famous blackguard Adolf Hitler,... did you know that he was a firm believer of the Hollow Earth Theory,..along with Rudolph Hess, Hermann Goring and Karl Haushofer? These men belonged to a secretive group called the Thule Society, which worked hard to achieve contact with what they considered to be their Gods, ancient family and blood line, who dwelled deep within the Earth.

The name Thule came from "Ultima Thule" which was the capitol city of Hyperborea. The Hyperboreans were an extremely advanced civilization, said to be older than Atlantis or Lemuria.

This age old continent was supposedly located in the Norwegian Sea and became covered with water during the last earth change. Prior to the cataclysm the Hyperboreans were able to tunnel through the earth's crust and build a kingdom known as Agharti,...with the capital being known as the famous and much talked about,...Shamballah.

The Thule Society believed the Aryan race to be the superior race of beings on the planet and they were deep into the study of their exacting origins,..which they came to believe was this ancient land mass on the very edge of the world.

While in the midst of origin study, many reports from polar explorers were carefully examined, which spoke of a warm wind north of the 76th parallel and grey or colored snow. Upon further scrutiny the snow was found to contain ash and pollens, thus encouraging the Society to move further in their quest.

The group usually met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich,...where unfortunately most of their talk centered around racism and their feelings of superiority.

 In 1939 the Nazis officially started exploring the South Pole, where it is said that their version of space craft were used, having been built just for this occasion. A commuter service was set up to move colossal tunneling presses, trolleys, rails, all sorts of mining equipment along with high level scientists, engineers and other technical workers. In 1942 even more Germans were being relocated by the thousands to Antarctica. They included brilliant workers (the US had hoped to get their hands on) and members of the NSDAP.

The Nazis then enlisted Dr. Heinz Fischer, who was an expert in Infrared rays,..and sent him off to the Island of Rugen, to further study our outer atmosphere and it's suspected, reflective qualities. The inner earth was so heavily believed to be true, that the surface of our planet was questioned as being yet another ring,...and therefor had to be scrutinized.

This particular Nazis mission was a mixture of beliefs, including the Hollow Earth Theory and the Concentric Rings Theory, offered by Halley.

Many still believe that billions in gold, and Hitler himself,....(or at least his ashes, this is a debatable point depending on which account you read) were taken by submarine into a secret location that leads into the hollow earth, after the completion of World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Germans along with at least 100 U-boats are unaccounted for to this very day.

In August of 1945, a clash took place in Antarctic waters involving three German U Boats on a secret mission,.... U-977, U-530, U-209,.. and Admiral Richard Byrd of the United States.

  U- Boat 530 volunteered to surrender in Argentina at Mar del Plata,....after it unloaded and hid an undisclosed amount of cargo,..including billions of dollars in gold and silver. U- Boat 209, never did returned,.... in fact it completely DISAPPEARED and remains unaccounted for.

A former crewman on U- Boat 530, who was interviewed by the ISCE said, "Yes, two U Boats went to Antarctica in the final days of the war,.... not for sightseeing. We had spaceship stations in Argentina and Antarctica,.....stations for our Foo fighters you know,....that Nazis unexplained mystery,...the little flying spheres that scared the allied pilots,...but to the point,......our subs were on a SPECIAL MISSION, delivering the Fuhrer's remains to his final resting place in the Hollow Earth,....because remember,..Hitler's remains were never found in Germany and U Boats were in Argentina after 1947,..(laughs) these are ALL DOCUMENTED EVENTS."

A spectacular event occurred one and a half years, after the end of World War ll. A large fleet set sail for the South Pole complete with 12 warships, 20 airplanes & helicopters, an aircraft carrier, a submarine and 4,000 men. The public was told it was a scientific operation,....however right before departure, Admiral Byrd said, "...the purposes of the operation are primarily of a military nature."

Amid much hype and massive press, they launched covering more than 22,000 air kilometers in their targeted area, and taking more than 70,000 photographs by plane. The project was scheduled to last 5 months,...however it was suddenly cancelled and called off, after being in operation for just two months. With the sudden shut down,.. barely a word was mentioned in any of the press.

Very strange, considering the heavy media frenzy when they launched.
Upon return, there was much speculation about a downed destroyer, and many aircraft that did not come back from the mission. Byrd told the special government committee upon his return, "In case of a new war,... the US would be attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed."

 This brings us to Admiral Byrd and his deep connection to the hollow earth mystery and his missing personal diary where he documented all of these spectacular accounts.

Admiral Byrd actually flew over the North Pole in 1947, where it is believed he actually went into the interior of the Earth and met the beings that call this mysterious area, THEIR HOME.

 The Admiral was known to have said, he witnessed green vistas, prehistoric creatures, and the intra-terrestrials who live there.

 It is a historical fact, that Admiral Byrd spent many long months,..... completely isolated in Antarctica. Many who read this account find themselves asking,... why would he do such a thing?

 Another mysterious piece in this thought puzzle is,.....why was it once again Byrd who was embroiled in the conflict with the German U Boats, who themselves were on a mission into the hollow earth?

In regards to the unaccountable diary concerning documentation of the inner earth and it's related missions, the Admiral's daughter was contacted by phone and interviewed,.... where she stated empathically,... a personal diary of her father,..... IS MISSING.

Admiral Byrd did write a book called, "ALONE"..... where he describes witnessing a star,....that he was unable to determine. He says, " I have just seen a curious phenomenon at 9PM,....I could not identify it at first, appeared to be a ball of fire,....which was smaller and redder than the Sun. I got the field glasses and it changed from deep red to silver! Every now and then it blinked out, was astonishing how big it looked at first. I saw it in the South-East,....a star so bright as to be startling. I yielded for an instant to the fantastic notion that someone was trying to signal ME. That thought came to me again this afternoon. It is a queer sort of star which appears and disappears irregularly, the winking of a light."

(Does this sound like a UFO to you? It certainly does to me.)

In the 1950's, Dr. Raymond Bernard wrote a book called, "The Hollow Earth" which talks about the beings that reside inside the earth, and the belief that they are the former Atlanteans that use to dwell upon the surface of our planet, in our ancient history.

 Raymond believed they fled to the interior of our earth before their city was destroyed. The book further states that many of the UFOs that are seen in our skies are INTRA-terrestrials,......the same beings that flew the Vimanas over ancient India.

Firm in his credence to the hollow earth, Dr. Bernard later began an occupancy in South America for any believers who wanted to join him in discovering the truth of this theory,.... and diligently work at locating one of the entrances into this mysterious realm.

In the 1960's Dr. Bernard actually DISAPPEARED while exploring the vast caverns of South America. Many chose to believe the intriguing Dr. did in fact discover what he had been firmly searching for all along , inner world.

The entire planet is covered with groups and organizations that believe steadfastly in the hollow earth theory, and they regularly meet, share information, create magazines, bulletins, and further examine from every angle, this fascinating possibility.

One of these groups, the ISCE,...retains in it's ownership a letter,.. which was written by a former U Boat crewman to his comrades in Germany. This intriguing letter was written AFTER the submarine completely disappeared,.. while it was on a mission to Antarctica. The letter reached Germany long after the war was over, in the year 1947,.....and the family of the writer, verified the authenticity of the script.

The letter goes as follows,.......................

20, April, 1947.

Dear Old Comrade,

This news will be a surprise for you. The submarine 209 made it. The Earth is HOLLOW! The whole crew is well,......but they can not come back. We are not prisoners. This is your last connection with the submarine 209.

With hearty greetings,

Your friend Hans.

Letter End.

Our current science tells us a entirely different story about the physicality of our earthly home. We are told it is molten iron with a mantel crust. Well,.....even that theory has change since we learned it in school,.....we are now told,...the core is a much cooler form of iron, that has never before been seen upon the surface of our plant.

Ever constant is the energy of change and modern technology has confirmed an astonishing fact. Our new reality of our world was discovered through the use of infrared mapping and it shows massive underground caves and inner continents laying just under the crust of the earth! Also,....enormous lakes with temperatures surpassing 64 degrees F, have been found under kilometer thick ice in the Antarctic. Caves made of ice, form in the shape of a large egg or dome design and stretch out over the surface of the water, with moist warm air circulating within.

 Our understanding about what we thought the earth was made up of,....has already changed several times in our history. Is your understanding about the earth on it's way to changing,...yet again?

Want to see actual footage of one of the openings into our earth?

Astounding information has been released by Wiki leaks,.... regarding a war which has been taking place since 2004.  This war is between the United States and UFOs from the Antarctic region.

Please, is very important to remember here,... that you MUST USE YOUR INTUITION.

 It is why the GOOD or BENEVOLENT ALIENS have been working with the human population, on developing your Pineal Gland,....which is largely responsible for the development of your psychic and telekinetic abilities. ( Part of the reason for the chemtrails which are being heavily sprayed,.....are to calcify your Pineal Gland. This will prevent you from developing those necessary abilities. Of course the chemtrails also have pollution particles for culling the human population,.....and agents that assist with weather control.)

You must know when you are being deceived.

If you read the other UFO and alien interaction stories that are on this blog, will find speakers who have admitted to the world,... that a treaty was signed a long time ago,....between the United States and an alien race. Once a human representative,.... of their OWN FREE WILL signed the document, changed EVERYTHING.

You see,.....there absolutely is a God,......and there are LAWS in the universe. One of those laws regards FREE WILL.

 Which brings us to the treaty.

The treaty was to allow the aliens to use the human population, subjects in their experiments,.....and create hybrids to be used by the alien race. In exchange, was given, which the population of the world believed came from human beings. Certain humans were ALLOWED to take the patents for this alien technology,......but it had NOTHING to do with them.

The treaty is technically NULL AND VOID,....since the ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE WORLD KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT. In order for a human representative to sign over FREE WILL on behalf of an entire civilization,......a poll would have been required,... to gage what the MAJORITY of the populace wanted to do. This NEVER TOOK PLACE. Therefor the human representative,....signed on behalf of an UNKNOWING PUBLIC. It is a useless document,......and our FREE WILL as a human species,.... is still  firmly place.

The evil aliens do not care about war,.....or if humans are in a state of war,.....or if we wipe the entire human race off the planet. They care about their own desires,.....and regard humans as a resource.

The GOOD ALIENS,....who are benevolent,....would NEVER harm us. In fact,...they LOVE us,....and consider us their family!

The loving aliens want what is most high for our spiritual development,...and they want humans to be free from all control, and manipulation of evil forces.

The evil aliens who give us little to no respect for our individual sovereignty, are rooted into the very Earth,...and have made pacts with certain humans.

These malevolent aliens and their human counterparts,.. are all about CONTROL, and desire to own the energy of the planet and therefor the earth's wealth. It may very well be the GOOD aliens that are being shot at.

 After all we do have our own space-ship fleet now,........and off world training routinely takes place, according to many of the witness that have come forward.

Talk of a Ufo/ US war.