Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Is A Blessing?

You’ve heard of the phrase,....... ‘What you project out, will be returned to you.’ It is following one of the laws of the universe, called…. ‘The Law Of Attraction.’

Every concentrated and emotional thought that you have, and every action that you take in life, goes out into the universal mind. The universal mind, is in the ether all around us, bathing us all in the collective.

Your thoughts and actions have an effect upon the whole planet.. This is what God calls, ‘The Ripple Effect.’

When we use our potent energy to call forth light and love into our world, it makes our planet a little brighter for the total sum of life.

The more people who understand this simple act, can in fact change the vibratory field, thus putting us all into a higher vibration.

Light always disburses darkness.

To bless means to wish from the deepest part of our being with the emotion generated in our heart, without stipulations,…… it is simple, sincere, and filled with love.

To bless,..... is to avow the ubiquitous beauty that is all around you. Wrapping you in the highest of the universal vibrations. A blessing is something you lovingly immerse someone in, that they cannot see with their eyes, but should feel with their hearts. It is the greatest of spiritual gifts.



I know many of you, are joining with the people of the world and doing your positive focused intentions for our planet. It has never been more important than it is now. Different groups, have set up their own specific times, for divergent focused endeavors. Many light workers, are meeting at 7 AM, 7 PM, 1 AM, 1 PM Eastern standard Time. (The meetings take place in the ether all around you. Since you are a multidimensional being, the moment you close your eyes and go into that place of quiet, your spirit can soar. This is where you will join up with others, in the omnipresent mind. Always make sure to ground yourself, by imagining a line wrapping around you and going straight to the Crystal heart of Mother Earth.) If you add in the beautiful art of giving out blessings during your day, it will help you greatly in learning how to control your thoughts. Giving blessings along with your powerful meditations is magnificent spiritual work for our earthly home.


A blessing can heal others,………

A blessing puts into the aura,….. courtesy and kindness.

In each moment that you send a blessing out,.. you make the path for those on earth,... a little lighter.

By projecting out the magnificent thought forms of,




Abundance and Health,……

they will be returned to you, improving your own life and thus,…. those around you.


For the cold, dark hearts that are hard, twisted and lacking in compassion,…….. a blessing aimed in their direction, can create the opportunity for change in that person’s life.

For the person who is focused on self-service, and the never-ending obsession with selfishness and greed,…… the opportunity you afford them by sending them your blessing,……. may return them to the lighted path,…….. the WAY.

A blessing of peace, may only take you but a moment, but it can completely calm the atmosphere around the person who is immersed in feelings of fear.

You will find that you receive a warm feeling of unity as you send out your blessings to those in need.

By sending out these priceless gifts, you can greatly enhance the beauty, life, and growth of all Kingdoms. The majestic Animal Kingdom, the vibrant Plant and Nature Kingdoms, and Humankind can all respond to and feel your generous benevolence. Even the very minerals of the earth can react to your thoughts sent with love.

By working daily on projecting out blessings,…. your awareness grows greatly. You become more centered, as you attract the energies of love to yourself.

In every moment that we are alive, is infinite opportunities to send and receive blessings,….and this is a great gift. We have in this life the ability to create change with our heartfelt emotions and thoughts. You have so many things in your life to be grateful for,…… whoever you are. Stop just for this moment,……. and consider what you have been given in life,…………

( Take this brief instant and let the feelings of gratitude wash over you. Let the feeling of hope for what you may create today,….. fill your being. For you have within YOU, the ability to change our world.)

The entirety of the universe opens up to you,…… when you are in a space of thankfulness. Heaven sings and the sun beams it’s warm rays proudly, upon those who display gratitude.

When we ask for caring and wholesomeness to be sent out to another,…… we are calling this forth from the highest place of goodness.

The connection that is formed when we send out our heartfelt intent to another,….allows a momentary, mental, shared experience with another spirit.

Something as simple as a smile, can change the entire course of someones’ day. Even hardships can be looked upon as a spiritual lesson. When we graciously get through the specific difficulty facing us, we can arrive on the other side of it, having learned a invaluable lesson.

Spreading prosperity and well-being through our grateful blessings,…. is very natural because that is the energy that arises from our spiritual being.

The entirety of the cosmos wants you to be bathed in the brilliant love of blessings. The more we show tremendous gratitude, for what we receive,…….. the more blessings are rained upon us.

There is nothing arduous about adding blessings to your daily meditations and spiritual routine. Each day is brimming with occasions to send out your precious mental and emotional gift to others.

Sending blessings is so very natural and simple that we forget how grand of an outcome this momentary gesture can create.

LIFE ITSELF IS EXPANDED as these sentiments and thoughts work THROUGH us,…… and are sent out into the world.

Every single faith upon the planet has tried since the beginning of time, to teach humans the art of projecting out blessings.

The instant that a blessing is sent out,…. it becomes a holy twinkling in time, filled with the highest of energy.

As we walk upon this earth we are charged with the daydreams, passions and heartfelt wishes of those who prayed in the past. It may be hard to understand the cycle but,........ each of us represents the expressed HOPE, of those who came before us.

So try to never let a day pass you by, where you do not call upon the most highest of energies and bestow it upon someone you see is in need. From friends, to family members,… those who you pass on the street. The puppy that is in need of a loving home,….to the once beautiful plant calling out for care,….all are opportunities to send your loving intent.

Each time you bless something or someone you are expanding love in our world,….. and of course you must know how much that is needed right now.

To each and every person who reads this now,... I sent you a heartfelt wave of blessings, for every good thing to come into your life.

Keep love alive in your heart,….. be thankful each day for what you have and expand our world by bestowing upon others,

                         ……… sacred blessings.

Special note: We are in a dire time right now,...and we need to come together as a people on this planet and fill the ether with positive vibrations. As light workers, star seeds, truth speakers, and whistle blowers come forward, it is changing what many once knew of the world.

Truth MUST be told, for the old to dismantle and the new to begin.

 Our world is not what we once thought it was.

The connections to our space family of the higher vibratory realm,....and the lower entities who are in league with certain groups on the planet, are an intricate web.

Keep reading and absorbing all the information you can handle, for you are needed now. Add your light to our world, for you have the ability to change it.

Go out and fill the air with blessings today!