Monday, June 6, 2011

Are Select Groups Of Human Beings Controlling The Weather On Our Planet?

HAARP Transmitters

A long standing,.... top secret project called,.... High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,.....or HAARP for short,... is going to be examined in this write up.

The people of the Internet are traumatized by the dramatic weather phenomena that has been occurring around the globe,....and many believe the underlying cause may be the very secretive HAARP scheme.

The catastrophic weather just seems to be everywhere you turn and it has been record breaking on so many levels. Think about it for a moment,......

* Tsunamis
* Earthquakes
* Hurricanes
* Tornadoes
* Extreme Drought
* Floods
* Ice storms
* Blizzards

(I am sure many of you reading this have a story to tell about freakish and abnormal weather phenomena in your area of the world.)

Yes,....the Sun is sending never seen before energies, this great time of change,.....but is the weather being helped along,..... artificially?

This particular project (HAARP) is said to be able to control the weather, create earthquakes, impare mental abilities.....and if in the wrong hands, can be used to create catastrophes for people in many areas of our planet,....including knocking out communications,.....worldwide.

Is this machine a weapon?

Was this created to usher in the end of days?

Will it be used to decrease the population?

Can it be used for mind control?

How does the creation of this monster electrical unit, help human kind?

I will try to address all of these questions and much more, read on.

The inventor of HAARP was Bernard Eastlund, and ironically he went on to became one of the leading cavilers of the project. Sadly, Mr. Eastland died three years ago,...but his son Robert lives on, and is willing to talk about the project, his father worked tirelessly upon. 

Robert states the project was actually designed to do numerous functions,......such as,.................

* Communications with submarines.
* Ground penetrating radar.
* Over the horizon radar.
* Knocking out satellite communications.
* Missile defense shield.
* Weather control.

In regards to weather control,..HAARP is an ionospheric heater also known as a IRI (ionospheric radiation instrument)..when you heat up the atmosphere, can actually move the jet stream into any location you desire, thus bringing in rain to a region,....or completely shifting rain out of a targeted area.

It is able to shoot a beam, 12 miles wide, which distributes out and heats up the ionosphere, then creating an antenna out of the atmospheric layer.

Mr. Eastlund's son stated his father never wanted the invention to be used as an OFFENSIVE weapon,......he wanted it to be used for the good of humanity. To bring much needed moisture to areas that are experiencing devastating drought,..and dislocate the jet stream from areas that are flooding and in the process,.. saving cities, towns and farmland.

 Robert explains emphatically, that this contraption can literally STOP whatever weather cycle happens to be occurring.

The military saw the potential in Mr. Eastlund's invention, and quickly bought up the plans.


Found in a distant area of Alaska, just outside the village of Gakona, is the very mysterious HAARP set up. An enormous mass of 180 transmitters, stretches out over 35 acres of land and has the resembelance of a colossal spider web. It is completely surrounded by metal fencing,.. topped with barbed wire with not one,....but two security gates protecting the entrance. (Peculiar,... for something that is suppose to be declassified now.)

 Plastered on the entrance gates, when you first approach the facility is a WARNING sign,...that says,...........

 "U.S. Air Force Installation
 It is unlawful to enter this area without permission of the Installation Commander." 

Outwardly,.. the complex is just conducting communications studies,...simple research,.....this is what is offered to the public.

The HAARP researchers who have been questioned on the activies occurring within the program,.....insist they are innocuous experiments and that they can not change the weather.

So,....the straightforward question would be,..... why is this research in the grip of the military?

Everyone knows the military is only involved in something, if it can be used for control, ruination and war.

The public have come to the same conclusion, on a massive scale and have come believe it is, in fact a weapon(Just keyword in HAARP into your favorite search engine,.....and watch the staggering amount of information that comes up on this subject. It would take more than one life time to read it all.) 

If you read the comments on these multifarious reports you will see the majority believe HAARP to be a stealth weapon that can , shoot down aircraft, cause cataclysmic weather phenomena and is instrumental in mind control programs, on a massive scale. 

The locals in the area, who are very aware of this installation in their back yard, say the Northern Lights get really agrarian when the HAARP system is switched on.

Most of the community in the village of just 215 people, were hesitant or afraid to talk about their HAARP neighbor,....but persistence pays off and the people started talking, each relaying their deep concern

Former employees who have worked at the facility, have said they were very limited in the information that was given to them,....and they don't even know what the true purpose is. Once again,... when it comes to secret, top secret, above top secret, the information is highly fractured and divided.

The villagers of Gakona went on to say,..... they were told the research center was simply for studying of the Northern Lights,...however they are suspicious because of all the secrecy and they overwhelmingly resent being lied to.

 As time went on, they couldn't help but take notice,..... as government kept adding more and more levels of security to the complex, which seemed highly out of place for a compound that just wanted to do innocent science experiments.

Other neighbors of HAARP believe that mind control absolutely does go on. This is based on what out of town visitors have said, who were temporarily working at the facility. (See the townsfolk voice their concerns, on the Conspiracy Theory Show, with Governor Ventura.)

Jerry Smith is a well appreciated author, popular for his books on the military's craving to harness the weather and use it as a deadly weapon of destruction, upon the very people of our planet. 

Smith contacts Governor Ventura, (this is in a documentary which ran on TruTv) and tells him the government is about to flip the switch on a futuristic class of weapon,...... and he says," What I have for you is one of the most dangerous projects the United States government has ever attempted, and it is going on live in our atmosphere, and the general public are still blissfully unaware of it."

Smith goes on to say, " It is a field of antennas on the ground in south eastern Alaska so linked together,.. as to work as one giant antenna.

 It's 360 antennas.

 Each can generate 10,000 watts,........ 3.6 million watts collectively. The largest legal AM radio station in the US is only 50,000 watts,....but they are not broadcasting OUT,.....they are broadcasting UP."

When the mega antenna structure is switched on, all of the individual units shoot forceful radio waves into the ionosphere, (which is the upper most part of the atmosphere.) The area trained upon becomes heated, creating irregularities, that allow the ionosphere to spring mighty radio signals back to earth.

Mr. Smith explains that the intendment for the project was to communicate with deeply submerged submarines throughout the oceans,....and use it to locate and monitor enemy underground bases with a manufacture launch of weapons of mass destruction.

 Work began in the year 1993, and the military was firmly in control of all of the happenings as they unfolded. Something that was originally meant to be a helpful tool,...quickly became a weapons project.

The HAARP array seems to be based upon a set of patents for a ground based, Star Wars weapon system. Something that could be used to destroy incoming missiles,....however these same patents also narrate how they could be used to maneuver the weather.

Missile defense AND WEATHER CONTROL.

 So why are the HAARP researchers denying that the program has this ability when the language in the patents themselves expressly state that weather control is one of the purposes? 

What about controlling our minds?

The extra low frequency waves that HAARP originates can likewise affect your brain. The exact ELF that allows a view deep into the earth, at the very same frequency that the human brain works at.

 Brain waves are in parcel, waves.

 The brain can be influenced by outer signals.

Dr. Brooks Agnew, a Dr. of physics, engineer and a scientist,...has spent a momentous amount of his time studying arctic weather patterns, and he illustrates how HAARP'S ELF radio waves, can propel around rain clouds in our sky.

 For a physical demonstration, a cloud is created by Dr.Agnew, inside of a basic cloud chamber,.... he proceeds to stabilize it,... so it is completely still,..... then the Dr. actually MOVES THE CLOUD using only the HAARP IMPULSES!

 In other words,.....he MANIPULATES THE WEATHER!

When the unit is switched on, the cloud moves right before your eyes,... in just a few seconds. Only 100 watts are used in the little cloud chamber for the demonstration,.....the real HAARP system is using ONE BILLION WATTS.

Think about that for a moment.

Dr. Agnew says the HAARP system was used in the first Iraq war,..

 he says, "There's evidence that HAARP was used to irradiate the battle field, prior to the invasion from Kuwait. When the tanks rolled into the area, the troops piled out of the bunkers, not willing to give a fight, they gave up in mass. These were the Iraqi troops."

 Dr. Agnew goes on to say, " It can prevent you from sleeping, it creates anxiety, it can even upset your bowls how they work,....and if it is played just right HAARP can be tuned to a point where it makes the recipient so paranoid,....that they begin to have visions, nightmares."

(Only these impulses can be aimed and shot forth,.. at any time of the day,....or on a continual basis,....driving the person or group, to become unbalanced.)

What does HAARP have the possibility of doing?

Well,..according to Dr. Agnew,... if you took an electrical conducting wire and suspended the piece from the face of the earth up to the ionosphere, would create an ion path. If that ionosphere power discharged down to the ground, it would create a cataclysmic lightening strike. The power would be the equivalent of 50 volcanoes going off every second,.....for an entire minute.

That is mind- blowingly destructive power.

Governor Ventura flies to the HAARP facility to see it for himself.
(I think the entire planet loves Jesse Ventura and he is determined to get to the truth of a matter, if it has a chance of harming anyone physically,.. or has an affect on our freedoms.)

Trouble begins immediately. Three different times the Governor's people contacted the government complex and requested to view what goes on there,.....and three times they were denied.

That wasn't going to stop the famous, brave, and outstanding Jesse Ventura! He lands,... exits the helicopter, and proceeds to walk up to the gate. With a determined look upon his face, the call box gets buzzed to contact those inside,....however no answer is forth coming.

Visibly aggravated, Mr. Ventura continues to push the button of the call box,....not taking the ignorance of his party for an answer.

Shockingly,....the call box gets switched off by personnel inside the facility.

This doesn't deter the Governor,.....he is not going anywhere without some answers.

Finally a HAARP representative comes out to the gate, dressed plainly in blue jeans and a button down shirt,....and claims he is a manager at the complex.

This manager then insists that his face not be shown on camera and proceeds to tell the Governor he is not allowed in, but quickly adds that,....... Jesse is welcome to come back to the open house,........ which is held once every two years.

The Governor is then bluntly instructed to,... BACK AWAY FROM THE GATE, when people come through they won't feel intimidated.

Can you imagine the audacity of saying that to a previous Governor, Mayor and veteran Navy Seal?

Jesse decides he is going to walk right on through the gate, when the camera man's equipment suddenly begins to malfunction. Interference starts to strangely affect both the video and audio,.. so the Governor decides to leave in disgust.

Another clouted professional with a deep conscious for humanity comes forward and states what he knows to be true about the HAARP program, he is Dr. Nick Begich. 

 A leading author, son to a US Congressman, brother to a US Senator, and a anti-HAARP activist,... the concerned Dr. extends an invitation to the Governor, to come to his home for a discussion on the mysterious project.

Dr. Begich has been studding the HAARP program for the past fifteen years and he knows squarely what the the complex can do. Some of the capabilities of the program are,..........

* Once again,....we hear a familiar story from Dr. Begich which is,.....HAARP CAN MANIPULATE THE WEATHER,.... throughout the whole world!

(If you have an unstable area in the ground, focusing on it with HAARP,..will cause a earthquake.)

* Knock aircraft out of the sky, without leaving residual damage.

* Knock out a satellite.

* Manipulate the brain through voice information,...or disrupt the emotional state.

Dr. Begich talks of a treaty that goes back to 1977, that the United States, Russia, and 60 other countries signed, saying we would not use, what is known as environmental manipulation. Which includes things like creating tidal waves, earthquakes, weather modifications as weapons of war. However, the treaty states you can do whatever you want to do,..... domestically.

Dr. Begich is most distraught about what can happen to our mind, he says, " Of course they deny it,....but what we produced was their own documents. These are Air Force, Navy, military documents that actually lay this out,'s THEIR OWN WORDS,....not our words."

Dr. Begich then goes on to talk of how the mind control on the masses would work,...." There is two different ways, would be transferring voice information,.....and the other would be just affecting you on just an emotional level,......which is much simpler. Which is easily accomplished by HAARP. The human body and the mind is able to pick a signal out. Like going through the radio station, you are dialing through the stations, get all the static, soon as you get resonance,....harmony between the transmitter and receiver, you get a nice clear signal. The same is true in terms of the human chemistry,.........our cell structure,.......body organs,.....or the brain."

The technology is then tested on camera,... by closing off the ears, and placing piezoelectric transducers, against the skin. These transducers carry a signal, which enters the nervous system, which finally transmit the sound directly to the brain.

The sound is heard in the brain,......WITHOUT the use of your ears!

Mind control is all over the Internet. What you will read is absolutely horrendous,.....and you can't imagine a human having a desire to do such things to another human being. However,... in discussing mind control,... Dr. Begich reminds us that in the 1960's,.... 8,000 US service men were used in mind control experiments and one of the experimental subjects was the infamous Uni-bomber.

The Uni-bomber was notorious for attacking people who were involved in areas of technology. Was this strong hate caused by what was done to him in these mind control experiments,.....or was this acting out,.... part of the mind control program itself?

Nichola Tesla was the archetype inventor of the death ray, which was introduced to the government before World War II,....but he is more famously known as the inventor of the AC current that runs through all of our homes today.

Dr. Begich tells us that, Nichola Tesla's death ray papers are actually sited in Bernard Eastlund's patents for HAARP.

Numerous countries in the world are said to now possess this technology,.....which makes you wonder, the outrageous weather phenomena of late,... just part of a cyclical change,......or is it being helped along by human hands?

Many of the brightest minds of our time have come forward and admitted,....... this is not science fiction but science FACT.  It is positively imperative that you start finding out what is going on in our world today.

I am going to remind you,..... once again about your personal power here on earth. Within each and everyone of us is a sacred light, and you are given the authority of your reality,.... with the use of free will. You must keep your focus on the world you want to see. The power of your heart and mind is mightier than you can ever begin to imagine.

You create with the exquisite visions of your mind, unlock the reality you wish to perceive with the emotions of your heart.

This costs you nothing,.....but you can change the world with your intent.  What you have within you,.... is truly priceless. It can not be rereplicated,.. borrowed or sold. 

Please join with me now, as we take a quiet and deeply feeling moment to visualize a world, where we are safe,........ loved,.......... at peace,......... healthy,.........with lives of abundance,..........soaring supremely free with absolute equality,.......... in a harmonic world of dazzling beauty. Where we all hold respect for our earthly home,....each other,.......... and the animal kingdom.

WILL LOVE and TRUTH into this world!

We can do this.

YOU can do this.

LETS change the world.

 The video link below, was part of a public broadcast on the reality of HAARP. You should definitely watch it.

This next link is to an amazing weather forecaster, who has the ability to connect the dots, and let us know what events are heading our way, as he picks up HAARP rings in our atmosphere.

After clicking on the above link you will find it is down, due to account cancellation. This is common with important videos. "Dutchsinse" is the Youtube name of this gentleman, who has made a direct connection to the HAARP impulses,....and the resulting weather.

In the video below he explains the reason given to him, as to why they deleted his account.

Most overwhelmingly believe, it is because he has hit on the TRUTH.

Dutch has a gentle and loving demeanor, as he describes his understanding of what is taking place with our weather around the world. He speaks the truth, as he understands it to be,....and provides many links, so you too can research what is going on around our planet.

If you are looking for a weather person who is NOT controlled by the major media,......this is your guy. Here is the link to his web page, in case his backup Youtube account gets taken down.