Thursday, March 19, 2009

THE JERSEY DEVIL-------------------------

This is the sketch that ran in the 1909 newspaper called, The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

A very famous crypid indeed.

 The History Channel recently ran a Monster Quest Show dedicated to the Jersey Devil. This legendary creature is described as having the head of a horse and stands as tall as a human on two legs.The feet are solid hooves, the eyes are ablaze in red and the tail is long. The wings which support it's weight in the air, are bony and extremely large with a bat like membrane. It has been known to let out a high pitch cry.

The Jersey Devil has been sighted and reported for over 250 years! Most of the sightings have occurred in the Pine Barren region of southern New Jersey. The first reported sighting goes all the way back to the year 1735.

 The Lenni Lenape Indians had a name for the Pine Barrens, they called it ---"Popuessing," which means ---"the place of the dragon."

The early Swedish explorers sighted this crypid also,... and they called it "Drake Kill." The translation from Swedish is as follows,-----drake means "dragon" and kill translates to --"arm of the river."

The sightings of the Jersey Devil continue right up to the present day and there have been more than 200 well documented sightings in the last 20 years alone!

All sightings are shockingly similar in physical description. The most recent and publicised sightings are that of the Winkelman family. Their account of an encounter they experienced, was highlighted on the Monster Quest show. The Winkelman's explained that they sighted the crypid high in a tree outside their home. Mother and son both turned and immediately fled back inside their house, after getting a very good look at the legendary beast.

 Once they were safely inside,... they heard it land upon their roof and walk across the entire length of their home.

 In an effort to document what they had witnessed and heard upon their house, pictures were taken of the hoof prints that were left behind on the rooftop (can be viewed in the clip below) thanks to the blanket of recently fallen snow. Each print was measured to be about 9"x5" and 4 feet apart. Experts speculated the weight to be about 400lbs.

A professional lie detector test was set up by the show and given to the eye witnesses in the Winkelman family.

Both individuals  thoroughly PASSED THE TEST.

Even though the sightings of this creature go back to the 1700's, THE MOST SPECTACULAR ACCOUNTS occurred in January of 1909, where  
THOUSANDS of people claimed to be eye witnesses between January 16th. --23rd.

 Newspapers from coast to coast were reporting the events, as they were happening.

The "Philadelphia Evening Bulletin" ran a sketch of the creature that was described by the volumes of people coming forward, in January of 1909.




Want to see a video? Here is a short film by the show "Monster Quest" that runs on the History Channel.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Door to the Dead !

Premiered in February on Friday the 13th, 2009! (How is that for super spooky?)

You will find this thriller of a program on the TRU NETWORK,...... which has some pretty astounding shows regarding the paranormal, mysteries, etc. I was ecstatically surprised when I found these shows on this channel. It goes to show you that TRU Tv is thinking about the entirety of their viewing audience,.....including people like us,......who spend alot of time thinking in the either.

You MUST see this show.

Reality TV at it's best. This had my toes curled and my heart racing. Half of my popcorn ended up on my lap or the floor. I was so enthralled with this amazing show,....... I couldn't properly locate my mouth.  Knocking knees and a messy floor, that is  the sign of a GOOD show!

(It could also be a sign that you are in need of some Xanax,....but for this write up,....I'm going with the side effects of a great show.)

The medium from "Haunting Evidence" of the same network, is in this program. I can not say enough about him,..... but I will try. Astonishing, marvelous, brilliant, TRULY gifted, the REAL deal! John Oliver is a superstar in the paranormal world.

The show has haunts, seances, and problem solving. What more could you want?

A spooky bell ringer,....... edge of your seat,...and it is all real.

Normally I would post this in the Reality TV and the paranormal segment of my blog, but this show deserves it's own post.

The only constructive criticism I can give this show , is to get rid of doubters, as they are a waste of time. People who understand a truth, don't want to see you bogged down by trying to convince someone who does not yet understand.

I rate this 4 out of 4 stars.       Excellent.