Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Read This To Re-Empower Yourself After Learning A Traumatizing Truth.

 Remembering who you are.

A dear person whom I know (who I believe searches for the truth above all else) recently questioned me on the most recent set of destructive acts to assail humanity. "What do you think about the Norway attacks?" he asked.

I responded with, " I am not sure, things are not always what they seem at first. There are many factors to consider,....." I then went on a little more as to my intuition, which I won't discuss here.

I did not respond with the blanket answer,....."I accept what has been presented."

 I agree, these horrible deeds do drag our spirits down,...and cause a variety of tumultuous emotions to course through our bodily systems. This results in us getting redirected once again,.... away from our mission, of living our own lives and knowing ourselves, being manipulated once again, into fear and more control.

In this important time upon our Earth, we look around for those who can give us answers to the many questions we have,.... and help us navigate the intricate and perplexing road ahead,...which seems to be riddled with trickery and pitfalls.

As you learn the many, many truths, which have been hidden from view for so long, you are left feeling stunned, and oft times you feel your being to be spinning in emotional confusion.

This is a challenging period for not only humankind, but the entire planetary system.

The reality you need to constantly remember is we are eternal, and our spirits are having a human experience. The illusion is, this life experience and the matrix we find as we move through our daily lives. The dark forces are very aware of how incredibly easy it is to redirect the masses away from what is important. We are entertained to the point, where we no longer focus upon what is necessary,......or dramatic and tragic events are staged to put you back into a state of extreme fear,....where you become very easy to manipulate,....and willing to give away important freedoms of your being.

Despite what you come to see take place upon the earth,......step back and away from the low vibrations of hate, fear, war, murder, rage,......and separation.

Try with all of your being to remember we are a family on this earth and it is of the utmost importance to keep those precious vibrations we emanate....., high, achieve a earth where we are all at peace.

Learn to look beyond what you see.

Whose agenda does it further,.....if you never seek the truth for yourself?

If you believe what is presented to you without question,......or using your own heart and mind,.......then that makes you very easy to control.

Question everything.

 Learn to think for yourself.

You are born free,...only you can give away your authority,....... which has been divinely given to you.

People, in an effort to protect their egos will argue with one another, over who is right,......or what they think is actually going on in this world. They genuinely believe they have the answers to these many queries in life and this is based upon their programing, brainwashing or socialization. 

 When negativity starts to reel it's ugly head,......step back. Keep your vibrations high, in a state of love, always remembering harmony, and peace.

Walk away from negativity.

Call forth the white light of love into any adverse event and you will transmute it.

The old way on earth, amongst humans,..... is to react to a situation. The new 5th dimensional way is to CREATE. When you stay in a state of reaction,.....others can control you quite well,.....and with little effort. You become predictable,....and easy to steer in any direction another force may want to manipulate you into.

When you focus your divine jurisdiction,.......your EMOTIONAL ENERGY,.....on what YOU want to see take place, become the creator. You have (in that moment of decision) moved to a whole new level.

When you create,......YOU are in the drivers seat.

When others who know more about the universe,.....maneuver you through fear,......they can continue to achieve control over you.

Once again, are asked to step away from this type of manipulation,.........and instead step up, to the next level, where YOU are the one in command, becoming a creator in your own life experience.

Sadly,....more acts of destruction are always around the bend. Turn away from these low vibrations which are detrimental. Choose to focus with the many spirits from around the world,... who want a better life for all who dwell upon the earth.

Do not listen to the messages coming forth from your television sets, and accept it as the complete truth,.......until you have determined what the truth is for yourself.

You MUST use your own mind and heart.

Wolfs in sheep's clothes find it very easy to steer those who do not connect with their own spirit. The mind sees in black and white,....and is analytical,....however when you add the emotion of the heart, will start to see from another level,......a higher level.

Always navigate away from what brings you down, choose people who are genuine and worthy of your friendship and trust.

The ripple effect of low, murky vibrations circles out and affects many. Detach from it,.....and stay in the path of positive vibrations.

We are in a life experience. If you could see the larger picture, from the prospective of the universe,....your emotions would mean little to you in this life experience. Not,....that they are unimportant,....just that the universe and you spirited being are on a much grander level.

You are a multidimensional, eternal being. That is the simplest and plain truth.

The dark forces understand how the universe operates and you are approached and deceived from every direction. The dark ones lose their power,.......when you begin to remember who you truly are,....and you then use this individual mastery,....... to create.

Go into the silence of your being and search.

 Learn yourself.

Know thyself.

The answers to all,.....lie within you.

The Earth is moving up in vibration. The transmutation into love, peace, harmony, oneness, is occurring as we the people of Earth call it forth. The frequency that will be sent forth will be at an atomic level, and 2011 will be known as the year the re-birth process begins to occur. We are being guided to unity. The 5th dimensional vibration is all about living in harmony,.......oneness.

Never let anyone teach you separation or inequality. Division, causes weakness,...and sends the being into fear and helplessness.

Singularity is in the either now as many star systems are coming forth with this knowledge. You are always the one who has control over your life,...never let another make you believe otherwise,....for they are stealing your independent authority.

As you learn more about the time we are in,.....the veils of deceit will fall away. You will begin to search for and see truth that has layed hidden under it's disguise.

Each person must live their own life,.....walk their own path,....and find the truth for themselves. The truth is always there, waiting patiently for those who wish to discover it.

You will come across a sea of humanity who do not want to learn the verity of it all, for it conflicts with what they thought to be true for so very long. They may even get angry,.....or accusatory,......and  quickly run back to others who share their mind set, a panicked effort to prove to themselves that they are correct.

They are not.

One day they will know that.

When the heart is used to arrive at a truth, needs no proof, will resonate within your very being. It is a knowing.

Does your heart feel the changes that are occurring?

Are you sensing the the power of the times you are in?

If you are, then you are one of the many awakened souls on the planet,......and you are needed to help others understand, that their commitment to positive focused intent is necessary,...... and this emotion is to be concentrated upon our planetary home, for the betterment of all humanity .

People around the world are coming together as one. As one people we are a powerful force,......... of love, light, peace, equality, abundance, truth, and harmony, upon our dear earthly home. The dark forces fear this more than any weapon you could ever wield.

With us all united in spirit and joined with the emotion of our hearts, evil does not stand a chance,..... and we are swinging the pendulum of the future, in the direction we want to experience,.....which is love.

Despite what you come to learn about the earth changes, or evil intent working against human kind, you must remember your thoughts create, and you have the ability to generate an earth that is stable, holds us safe and provides for all.

The predictions for our future don't have to occur, if enough of us work together and concentrate upon the world WE WANT TO SEE.

This physical earth that you are living in now, can combine with the earth we are all imagining together, as we take the sacred key and unlock the emotions of our heart. The two worlds, absolutely and in a a very real and solid state, become one. We can anchor the world of our hearts,..... right into existence!

The fear that is being worked into your being, is coming from every area, and acts of destruction and violence against the populace of the world, cause us to stop raising our vibration, and disrupts our concentration.

This is planned and purposeful.

Do not let the evil that is put in front of your being, stop you from your loving meditations, which I hope you are doing daily.

The earth is alive,......and she is a great being. This may be hard for you to understand, but she needs to cleanse herself of the many atrocities that have been inflicted upon her body, to move into a higher vibration. Originally this was to be done by cataclysmic activity to wipe out the old, that was not in harmony with the new,....but with enough of us working together,....this can be done with love, and divine light.

In other words,.... it is not necessary to go through all the earth trauma to get to this state of change. We can do this with the love and light of our hearts,......if we can get the people of the world to focus together.

People every where are feeling this stirring in their spirits. They feel the need to do something, and do it now. Well, join with us,... as we do positive and loving meditations, four times daily at
 *1AM Eastern Standard Time.

Do one,.. or all daily,.. as your schedule allows. The importance here is that we meet in the either, at the exact same time, with our beautiful intentions for each other and our earthly home. We send out these stirring and powerful intentions to the universal mind, which in turn creates our desires in reality.

As you do this work, a new frequency of divine love will be downloaded into our conscious minds. Where respect for life, including the dear animal kingdom, becomes a part of every shared moment.

Our newly activated 5th dimensional chakras, are now enabling the 3rd and 4th dimensional aspects to be lifted up, and merged into the 5th dimension.

Our very DNA will be reordered.

It is time to go within your own self and find the answers you seek.

All truth is always there, whenever you are ready to know it.

 As you concentrate on wanting to know the answers to certain questions you may have about yourself,..... or the universe,.......they will start to come. The answers will begin to arrive in your direction everywhere you turn. You may not like what you hear, see, read, or come across,....but keep your mind open to finding the truth. Just remember, the truth is not always what you thought it was, or what you want it to be,......but you will get the answers to your questions.

Pay attention and listen to the quite and steady voice of your inner guidance. It is there. It never leaves you,......and whether you understand this next point or not, are never alone.

It is by no accident that you found this information. Absorb all you can handle about the planet, and the events that are taking place upon her,......just remember despite what you come to learn about the current conditions in, on and around our planet, not let it derail you from doing your daily positive focused intentions for humanity, Mother Earth.. and the animal kingdom.

Lets us create a loving force field around the entire planet, to transmute the evil actions of a very few, and reinforce the vulnerable areas of our dear earth,... into strength, healing and love.

Every time you send out a loving and healing thought,... is is seen on the other side as a blazing white light shooting forth. The company of heaven lets out a roar of cheers, as we get it right,....and change our world for the betterment of all life on earth.

One spirited being, sending out pure focused love and light to the planet, can in reality transmute the hate,........ the fear,......... and feelings of division,....of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!

Incredible,....isn't it?

Love is the strongest of all energies,....and one lit candle in a blackened room,....can completely light it up. Imagine what multitudes of us can do, with our combined effort to light the planet with love?

I am going to ask you to do a task for me,......and that is,....every time you read, or learn a truth that is dark and frightening,.....use the information to motivate you into using your personal power to create positive change for the world.

Come back to this write up and re-read it, to cement into your subconscious mind,.....that you are never helpless, fact you are beautiful beings of love and light,.....and you have within you the power to change our physical reality. You wield a mighty sword of light.

I pray you do, for each and everyone of you is needed now.

Share information gently,....and with only those who are ready to know. Unfortunately, there are many who will go through their life time never knowing their power,.....or using it for the good of humanity. They are in a deep state of conditioning, and denial. Send them compassion and thoughts of love as you move on.

Surround yourself with those who wish to raise their vibrations,...and be in a state of laughter, love, joy and friendship.

Love and blessings to you my earth family,.....I pray you have every good thing this world has to offer,...and so much more.

My arms are wrapping around you now,.....hugs to you my friend!

This video link provides beautiful music and visuals of Divine assistance,.....that you may click on when you are doing your daily focus, of positive energy for the planet. Around 5 minutes in length.