Sunday, August 6, 2017

Message from the others... find those who will listen

Wake up and find those who will listen




Permission was telepathically granted to re-relay the following important message to humanity from the others,......

As you look all around you, the very air seems to crackle and move the hair on your arms with the extreme alters you perceive.

Your intuition and sixth sense are growing at a very rapid and necessary pace.

The elements of CHANGE are here and you need to know that HIGHER INTELLIGENCE is steering your path. When you experience a deep feeling of peace and your mind feels whole upon these thoughts they are being empowered by the beings of appreciation.

YOU who feel these powerful emotions are an ABLE PLAYER who wishes to know these universal secrets, yet you are obscured by the tricks of the dark side at every turn.

Know this first,.... love binds us all together, we ARE a family,.... and WE are all in this TOGETHER.

You are in the shift of ages, the great unwinding.

Of course those who are aware know the changes have been occuring since the marker of 2012, when the turning stopped and the fast unwind started.

The evolutionary breakthrough the new conscious awareness is achieved and lived by those way showers , who are on the leading edge, who are on the QUEST and accept this destiny given to them by the TEACHERS OF LIGHT.

Way showers are awakened and bring forth the NEW LIGHT, wherein you build the foundation for the new world, which is the future VISION,..... and our new reality.

The truth lies with these metaphors,... evolves with the fullness of this reality, so that you may speak with the amplitude and character saying to the people of our world who have lost direction that there IS a path to a greater existence and YOU must point to the way.

You are listening to the collective force of empowerment and you must intimate to others that they must pay heed to the timing of this lesson, for there are great works to behold.

You are fulfilling a plan that was directed into the world, YOU are many days and years ahead of schedule.

The imbalances and pollutions are active,....there are free radicals on our physical human earth Eco-system but also the electromagnetic propagation of waves of force affecting the mental emotional system that is seen through our micro waves, electromagnetism and continual bombardment of cosmic rays.

In addition the third, fourth, and fifth dimensional structures are seeing the physical systems being overrun by telepathic, emphatic, psychic expansions of awareness which are breaking the old barriers.

As these walls continue to break down the openness to the complete oneness, is a marking of the awareness of the leaders of the intentional, evolutionary movement.


The paradigm of this universe, is to expand into ever increasing fulfillment of the quest of light, to experience and enlighten the path into the unknown. Those who walk with the MASTERS understand that this is a conscious development system, and a teacher on the leading edge is to walk into the frontier and to map the unknown.

You are to be a HERO to others and hold the mantel of the KING.

You are to know from the heart the pathway to FREEDOM. You are to lead and to lead those who have been trapped in their minds by the dark master,.. also known as the dark side.

Help them distinguish the revelations from the propaganda.

 We are being sneakily misdirected by the dark side who are in control of some of what are known as the truth walkers, as they slip deceit into truth and lead you down dead end roads and lead you into nothingness.

Choose your truth speakers well.


As you seek, so you will find.

There are many who speak the collective vision, for many members of the family of light came to earth in her great time of need and there are numerous voices. There are divine forces of powers that have the intent of the greater good, and in this KNOWING,.... you are walking with the angels and the teachers of light.

The change will flower into fullness and manifestation on every level until the world rises UP. There will be an absolute and total rearrangement of the world which follows the prevalent thoughts of the KINDRED.

NO LONGER will humanity be caught by the elitist few and their power over others.

There power is waning rapidly. 

You were born to this rare time for a husky purpose and so many others have also been. This is why when you speak of the KINDRED, this is your OBLIGATION and joy to preform the function to FIND and create relationships. To go from powerlessness and despair to joy and knowledge and creative empowerment. You are that which you are, and that which you are is complete omnificence,... empowered to be greater and greater,.... and to expand with more and more wisdom, power and awareness is your RIGHT AND DUTY.

The DHARMA of your life and the KARMA which has been created so that you will reach resolution in THIS lifetime.

There are MORE to be awakened and help them with a serious resolve to do so at a faster pace. Time is of the essence.

The resistance to the need for change and HEALING in our world can NOT be understated.

TIMINGS FOR THIS EVOLUTION ARE SET AND WILL OCCUR and if they are held up by redolence the shifting can be more DETERMINED and with less care rather than a soft gentle approach of the awakening sun OR more like the crack of thunder,..... and the strike of lightening,.... the winds of hurricanes,....... and the power of earthquakes.


There is great need for relevance to the needs of evolution and balance in this time that is ready for it's COMPLETION IN SHIFT.

Of YOU who have heard this message and know that you are of the KINDRED,.... then it is time for you to begin the messaging to the others,.... who wish to follow your lead and walk the path that is designed for humanity and the INFINITY of the mind and heart opening up with the galaxy,........

And so it is.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Insider George Green has an ET message for all of humanity

What do you want humanity?

What happens when those who come forward with a great TRUTH,
are overwhelmingly denied?

Instead of thankful accolades,
They are only chide,......

Will you not listen?
The truth speakers sigh,.....

For they have in fact been on the inside,
And it was while there, that they did spy,.....

Those shifty, self serving beings,
Who always seek to divide,.......

'They' are NOT placed to lead you,
But rather, to sneakily misguide,.......

It is only when humans are fractured,
Confused and petrified,......

That humanity will not know their true power,
And become magnified,.....

For you are indeed a great race,
End to end and worldwide,........

And your space family awaits,
For YOU to decide.

  (Written by Kelly Horan)

George Green as interviewed by Kerry Cassidy

Prague interview 2016-

 Kerry - Hi everyone, this is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, I am here with George Green,....a great old friend of Camelot, someone I have interviewed in the past. Many people will know his interviews, FABULOUS other interviews, let me say, if you are watching this, I encourage you to go back and watch the earlier George Green interviews.

At the moment, we are at an event here in Prague, and we are going to be speaking,.. both of us, in fact tomorrow and it's really a delight to have you here George, person, we haven't seen each other in quite awhile. George is a fabulous speaker and he is someone who has been down the rabbit hole let's say,... WELL DOWN the rabbit hole and I'm actually going to ask you to go over some of those little incidents in your past,...just to illustrate for people who aren't going to be familiar with you right off the bat, what you've really been involved in and then where you've come to,....and he is certainly a FINANCIAL EXPERT and is very good at accessing the status of where the financial system is now. He has had his OWN BANK in the past and he has also got a background in science,...he has worked in the AEROSPACE INDUSTRY as well as the housing industry and MORE, WELCOME GEORGE GREEN and thanks so much for doing this interview.

George - Thank you for having me. I appreciate it,...and all your listeners.

Kerry - So,... will you tell them a little bit about your background, you sort of stumbled on the UFO IN THE HANGER,...I think that is a great place to start.

George - Well,..I was in the AIR FORCE and my first assignment out of tech school,...they put me through a year of electronics,..I had spent two years prior in electronics in the high school, so I was well familiar with everything. Well, the AIR FORCE, I was only 17 and I went down to the AIR FORCE to join to get away from the family,...that is what it was basically. Anyway, the Air Force sent me down to Biloxi Mississippi,...not Biloxi, but Texas to do basic training, well I lasted two weeks. I had taken all their tests, so they decided they would skip all the basic training and they sent me to Illinois and I went to school in electronics, in that they were teaching me all about radios etc., but I already had that experience so it was nothing, at the end of that (it was about 11 months) my first assignment was EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE. Now, Edwards is located out in the Mojave Desert, our runway out there was about 70 miles long and Edwards was fun for me because it was the Air Force Research & Development Center and it is located about 100 North of Los Angeles.

Anyway, the first thing with my job was to do what they call the 'post flight inspections' on the airplanes, I was working on all the LATEST of our research vehicles and one morning they sent me out in the last week in August, I will never forget it (and that was in 1958) they sent me out to do the post flight inspection on the X15. Now, the X15 is nothing more than a rocket on skids, what happened, is it landed out there about 5 miles North of the base. It was 10 O'clock in the morning, and this in August, they won't allow you to work out there when it is over 100 degrees,..but you know,...what did I know, I had a Jeep and I had to put 25 miles a day on my Jeep to keep it!

So anyway, here it is 10 O'clock in the morning, I had finished doing the X15 inspection and there had been a couple of hangers out there that I just hadn't been into, I was cleared for TOP SECRET so I could do anything I want to,... so I just pulled into one of them went inside the hanger and there is a BIG ROUND DISK! I'm 10 feet away from it! Now, it looked really neat,'s something new, but I had been working on a lot of strange looking vehicles that we had. So, anyway I decided hey, I just going to go back and I checked in with my Commander and I said, 'When can I work on that ROUND craft?' and he said, 'You saw that?' and I said, 'Yeah' and he said, 'Well, that is an ION powered craft, designed by Sikorsky the helicopter people.'
Now think about this,'s 1958 and talking about an ION POWERED stuff?
Anyway, I said, 'that's OK, when can I work on it?' and he said, 'You can't it's still a civilian project' and so,...let me off and I'm going back and I happened to be friends with the base photographer, now that is easy on Edwards, because at that time there was only 800 airmen and 25,000 civilian contractors just to give you an idea. Anyway, he was the base photographer, I said, 'Slip me some pictures of that round craft'...and he said, 'What did they tell you?' and I said,..I gave him the story,..and he said, 'Come on with me' didn't say another word,...just grabbed me and we went back over to the photo lab, and he proceeded to show me pictures of the SPACE CRAFT (you know, but I was 10 feet away from it, so I knew what it looked like)...BUT THE TWO DEAD ALIENS GOT MY ATTENTION.

They were similar to the ones that you see in the movies THE GREYS. Well, more than that,...I was upset because I had a TOP SECRET clearance, they could have told me the truth. So, I went down and confronted by CO and the first thing he did was sit me down and DE-BRIEF me on my top secret clearance.

After he finished up that, my last few minutes was,...'WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS READY TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT UFOs and ETs, they will,...until then YOU ARE GOING TO STICK TO YOUR STORY. Next weekend is going to be armed forces day, we are going to open up the base and anybody can come in here, they won't be able to go out to those hangers, but I'm going to put you on duty, so in case if anyone happens to SEE SOMETHING out there glasses and stuff on it, you'll take care of it.' and I said, 'Fine'.

30 days later I was transferred off the base to Tokyo International Airport and to Tachikawa Air Force Base, the reason was, I had worked on the F104 the Star fighters of the jets, and that was one of the few in the country at that point and they had a skirmish going on over there and they figured that was a good place to put me.

Well, I got over there and the skirmish was over almost before it got started, I'm stationed over here in Tachikawa, and I didn't have anything better so I just decided to go to (...inaudible...) University and study Japanese and some business. This is just a few years later, so anyway I'm doing that and I said, you know I've been in the service now for about 2 years, I had been accepted to Colorado School of Mines (which is the #1 engineering school in the world) and I said, I am going to get out of this CRAZY OUTFIT. I had agreed to stay in the service for four years, but the two years were up. Well, I was a friend of Peter Dominick our State Senator, I notified him that I want out of this thing to go to Mines,...because everyone is trying to get into Mines and I was admitted already. So, anyway, rather than doing that the Air Force transferred me down to Biloxi Mississippi and I made an instructor in electronics, that lasted 30 days, then they grabbed me and then assigned me back to Shonode Air Force Base and crossed trained into the Hound-dog nuclear missile.

So, for the next two years, I am involved with the NUCLEAR MISSILES and the nuclear program. Anyway, then I wanted to get out because I was still admitted and I had my four years IN the Air Force (luckily or whatever)....they EXTENDED my career and they put it PAST the four years, and I was reading the FINE PRINT in it, and I found a way since I had OVER four years in, then I was considered a career airman, so then I re-applied, and then I got out, and I went to Colorado School of Mines.

That is how that happened.

Anyway, from that point, of course I studied geophysics in the world of (supposedly) the science that says such,...anyway during this period of time my dad had to be the third largest meat packer in Denver and we were processing animals and stuff and what he was doing at that time, we were processing the animals for the government, providing the school lunch program. My dad needed a lot of help he said come on down and help me (this is the school break) and I went down there and he says, can help.
I was the school runt if you would look at it, I mean I graduated from high school I weighed 135 lbs,...when I came out of the Air force I weighed a whole 150 lbs. to give you an idea.  Anyway, the game went on with my dad, but my dad was having trouble because in the meat business (to give you an idea) we would go out and buy a 100 load of cattle,..we had to pay for them in 24 hours, that is the packers and stock yards then because we kill the animal. Well, when we get through killing the animal then we would process it and we would process it for the government and then I would invoice the government but when we got paid was like three months. Well, if I gotta pay for an animal,.... but when we get paid is three months. It takes enormous amounts of money. So my job, because I'm really good with numbers, he put me down to the banks to borrow against my government receivables. So I would go to the bank,  now I got government papers so it's kind of blue chip for the banks, they don't have to maintain reserves for it, the trouble is, they have loan limits based upon their deposits. Well, I became friends of the bankers because I had a lot of friends with money in my dad is in business. During World War II, he was the only one providing meat to anybody that came to him. Anyway, (with those games on) I kept doing that,...but I was borrowing all the money from the banks,... the limits, on 17th St., and Denver,..except for one.

 Anyway, one day I went over to one of the banks, Dan Shebastian was the President of it, I said,' I need to get more money' and he said, 'Go and talk to my boss' and I said, 'Who is that?'....that was Marvin Davis.

Marvin Davis was a BILLIONAIRE. So I went over to Marvin Davis's office, walked in and he said, 'What are you here for?' and I said, 'I need to borrow some money' and he said, 'I DON'T loan money to Gentiles' that was the end of that story,...I got thrown out. So, then I went on to another bank of mine and this is Colfax National Bank and the bank President at that time was Dan Shebastian, and Dan says, 'George, you are good with money, you have a lot of friends with money, have them put it in my bank and we will be able to loan you more money'. I said, 'Let's look at your books' so I went over the books and I found out,...and now talking with Dan I said, 'I have a solution for both of us,...your spending about 3% putting in full page ads in the newspapers offering to give away a new television set or a radio if they put in a $10,000 deposit in the bank for one year'. I looked at that and I said if they put in ten thousand,...they can loan out TEN TIMES THAT, other words a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. I said, ' I have a better solution, now your paying about 3%, why don't you pay me the 3% (I had nothing to do with the bank) and I'll get you all the money you needed?' and Dan says, 'What are you going to do?' and I said,' Well, I'll get my friends and don't worry about the rest of it'. So what I did is,.. I called up all my friends on the phone and I wrote a check to them for 2% of the 10 thousand dollars,... another 200 dollars,... and we loaded up the bank with FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!

The bank then could loan out FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS and at that time the banks were paying 5%,...I gave you 2% that was a 40% increase on your money with NO RISK. You owned the money,... it is in your name and theoretically it was insured by FDIC (that is a PRIVATE corporation) anyway it was a NO RISK DEAL. The bank however, I'm looking at the books, they loaned out 50 MILLION at 8%,...50 MILLION,...that was 4 MILLION dollars they made on a 150 thousand dollar investment with me!

Because of the Federal Reserve requirements they have to SHARE that with the FEDERAL RESERVE,.... which is a PRIVATE BANK AGAIN! 

(The SAME private families who control our government, BOTH SIDES of the government,...and whom the CIA actually work for. Writers note, K.H.)

So,.. now we are in the game of money playing BIG TIME because of two things, my friends that gave me the money, were telling all their friends what a good deal it was and so I had people come from all over the country, sending money into my office, fact they made a mistake one day and they put an extra MILLION into my account THE FEDERAL RESERVE did, and they came into my office and they demanded their money back, I said here,..I signed the papers, and they gave me a gift, a SIXTEENTH CENTURY SIAMESE COINS, for giving them back a million bucks, I still have them.

It was fun. Anyway, the next thing that happened is,...because you were a loud mouth telling everyone about the money, Dan was too,...he was telling all the other bankers, so I had bankers from all over the country calling me. I had MILLIONS OF DOLLARS come into my office EVERY DAY, going in every direction and I got into the position when one bank wanted to load up, because they were going to sell it. So, at the end of one year, when the certificate came up for renewal, if they didn't pay me the 3% again, I told them, 'I got another bank that would do that'....I had them. So, what happened, we moved all the money, that 5% out of the bank and guess what happens? Either the Federal Reserve took over the bank or the FDIC liquidated the bank and closed it out. So I became SUPER POWERFUL it had nothing to do it, but I could BREAK BANKS.

That was brought to the attention of the guys,...of they were doing,...what is going on,...what is this guy George Green doing? I said fine,...anyway the Federal Reserve notified the state of Colorado to license me, and I said, 'FOR WHAT,...I LOVE EXAMS' and what they said was, 'We have to get you a license for selling money' I said, 'No problem, give me the exam' (I studied law & business when I was at the University of Illinois also). So, I got involved in a lot of the things on it, well they didn't have such a thing,...there IS NO EXAM FOR THE MONEY. So, Peter Dominick who was the state Senator, was a friend of the family,.. I said, 'Pete when you go back to D.C. get me the accounting book for the IMF and the World Bank.' So, what they did, I got it and I have a copy of the stuff on it,...I took a copy of the main page which is the DEFINITION OF MONEY. Now, for your listeners, if they want one just e-mail me I'll send them a copy,....THEY DON'T HAVE A DEFINITION!

So, what happened is,..the state is setting here with me, they were frustrated because the government.... (Again,...PRIVATE BANKS CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT - K.H.) telling them they have to license me and they don't know what to do and I said LETS DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, lets consider money some kind of security and of course (inaudible)....GOOD,...they said, 'But what do you is,... you have to be a principle' and I said, 'BRING IT ON'.....and at that point they gave me all the information, and I became a registered financial principal,....a broker dealer and a securities under-writer of ALL securities, by reading all the documents and I said, ' OH MY GOD, another LICENSE TO STEAL!'

So, what had happened is, I started to do this and some of the people (my friends) wanted to go public. So Denver was the headquarters of all of the dollar stocks,..I don't know if you have heard of the penny stocks?..Anyway,.. the people would come and I would go and raise a 100 THOUSAND or 200 thousand dollars in penny stocks. Now, one of the requirements of an under-writer is,... I have to maintain the market. Now, everybody out here loves gambling, so they buy stocks right? So what happens is all the people were buying the stocks but they have other brokers and they only make money because they make new stocks. So, all of a sudden it is trading all over the place. Here is the problem, the Stock Market  dropped 20% in one day! The stock had already gone up like ten dollars, to give you an idea and I knew what the company was worth,... I WAS THE UNDER-WRITER, and I had to maintain the market.
I said,... wait a minute, I'm kind of exposing my whole family with this kind of thing, I don't know if I want to be responsible for all of this. So, my fellow brokers, we got together, because everybody was in the same position, we are all these penny stocks, everybody is gambling around here, but I'm not going to maintain the market.

That following week, I shut my firm down,...the following week the FEDERAL RESERVE put 8 members on the floor of the Exchange, of the United States, they call them the PUNCH PROTECTION TEAM and you read about it in the TAME. There job is to keep the market going. All they have to do is buy or sell a hundred shares of stock before closing, that determines the price of the TEN MILLION SHARES out trading, between all the brokers!

 What does that really mean?


It is a gambling casino.

Well, meanwhile during that same period, friends were coming to me from other industries, for setting up pension funds,..I got involved, the Federal Reserve finally got smart and sent a letter to every bank in the United States NOT to do business with me

(It seems to me the 'Federal Reserve' use that name is an aberration, as people think it has something to do with the government, .....didn't like someone else hedging in on their racket!-  K.H.)

So, I moved ALL THE MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS and into the savings and loan industry. The savings and loan was good, they gave me the same deal for awhile.

Well, I got out to California at a US (Life ?) Savings and Loan and James Taylor was the head honcho there and James said, 'Can you help me' and I said, 'Let me' and I went over their books, (I love to do that) anyway I said, 'I got a solution I have to figure this out,...what I'll do is I'll pull a thousand of the mortgages' (because they were long term mortgages, you know people's houses and stuff).

So, they made a mortgage, they had to lease this accounts receivables but EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS AT A DIFFERENT MORTGAGE RATE,...different INTEREST RATE and a payment and I couldn't determine how the hell really to get the valuation, so I felt comfortable so I could go public with it, because that was one of my responsibilities,........ so, I flew back to New York, I had an office there at the time and we had lunch at the time and one of the guys, he said, 'I got a solution, we can both make money' I said, 'What is that?' he said, 'We'll insure them. We'll insure the mortgages packaged.' 

They call them DERIVATIVES,......DERIVED OFF OF, that is where they come from.

So, what happened is the guys up there picked it up on all stock,...all kinds of things. All of a sudden derivatives spread all out, they don't tell you what a derivative is,.... because they have no assets. The assets are held by the issuent on there and they started selling deritives UP deritives and they sold them to foreign countries, they sold them to people's PENSION funds and what's happening is, .....a lot of the derivative controlled bonds and stuff on cities that have ALREADY GONE BROKE. 

 Now, when the stock market recently dropped, guys all remember that, they stopped the stock exchange totally and the government came in and rescued all the stock exchange. They paid everything off to all the brokers and everything,...they got all their money back. This just happened. 

 They also rescued what else? AIG. 
AIG, insurance company,....because they INSURE ALL OF THAT. Now, I'm going to explain this all, so you know what is happening. 

(Once again, for those who want to figure this whole quagmire out, the government is controlled by the PRIVATE FAMILIES OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE,.... for the most part. They rule with an iron fist, go WITHOUT any audits and tend to make things up as they go along, mafia style.  K.H.)

Well, meanwhile I'm still playing the game,...the S&Ls were in trouble, so what happened is, my friends went in and BOUGHT ALL THE ASSETS OF THE SAVINGS &; LOANS. In other words ALL THE MORTGAGES and paid the government 30 CENTS on the dollar!


Now, are running in a new game now, where EVERYTHING is going to the banks (inaudible) . Now at that time, because it was set up and I didn't like the way the FEDERAL RESERVE was playing the game,...... I started MY OWN BANK, in Colorado, I had the STATE guarantee the deposits, but I didn't have the 'FRACTIONAL RESERVE'. (The 10 to 1 ratio that the banks have.)

So, I shut it down after a while. I spent more on overhead, than I was taking in or just trading dollars with people. I got out of that game.

Then I went into real estate, because I had  friends who had a couple of restaurants in Denver,..... the Village Inn, .....the Pancake House,....anyway when I talked to Jim (inaudible) and Andy Anderson, that was the President of the stuff, I said, 'You guys have a good operation, I don't want to run your business but I got a good deal for you,...why don't you find a place where you want to expand, your going to franchise it, go ahead and find the property, I'll build the the building, I'll buy the ground and we'll lease it back to you on a 25 year lease, but I want an 8% return on whatever my capitol will gain, against 8% of your income.

It was a good deal for my investors because they were putting money into the bank 8%, it to them TAX FREE,..because of the appreciation of the buildings. Well, here is where the problem came in BIG TIME. I would not finance the kitchen equipment on the inside of the building, I would only finance building the building and buying the ground. So, they went ahead and got all the financing. After about 5 years, they couldn't borrow anymore money,...because they were so in debt to me frankly, for all the buildings, they had them in 22 states at that time,..and so what happened is, Bud Fredericks (that is their CEO, he is an attorney) went public and they bought me out.

That is exactly what happened. So, I ended up building shopping centers and office buildings and other things I looked at for awhile.

Kerry - OK, now can we sort of fast forward, because at a certain point, know, not to go over too much of old ground right? You did get an offer to be the Finance Chairman, was it?

George - Yeah, I'll explain that to you. Because of all this running around and my power, I was associated with a lot of the guys that run Washington. Anyway, one weekend, one of the guys in one of the SECRET SOCIETIES,... he said, 'Would you mind coming up to Aspen that week, we have something we want to ask you' and I said,' OK' and I said, 'It's a rough weekend for skiing, I am going to bring my two daughters with me.' So, they went up, I dropped them off to go skiing and we went into the house and I'm walking into the place and the world leaders were there. I said, 'What am I here for?' and they said, ' We would like you to be the FINANCE CHAIRMAN for the election of NEXT President of the United States.' I said, 'Why me' and they said, 'We owe you a favor' and then I said, 'But I just started this 100 MILLION DOLLAR project' which I did. They said, 'Don't worry about it, we'll put it on ice' I said, 'Who with?' and they said, 'Well, you can do that'.

Now, the next question is, 'Who is going to be the next President?' and they said, 'JIMMY CARTER' and I said, 'Jimmy WHO?' and they said, 'You know,.... he is a Governor of a state down there, he is a one term Governor,...and we're going to make him the next President. I said, 'Well, I've got to think about this' because they said he was a Democrat and I said I had been voting Republican. Then Paul Volcker said, 'Don't worry about that son, we CONTROL THEM BOTH!'
Well,...I knew that but I GOT IT IN SPADES from him. It's an interesting combination of stuff that happened. Anyway, I said, 'My next question is, what does a Finance Chairman do?' They said, 'Well, you sit down with Ted.'

So,...I'm sitting with Ted Kennedy, he was there. Ted and I were sitting there talking about it and he said, 'George, you are really good with money and we want to send you out to the state Democrat functions to raise money for the Party and you are going to meet some REAL FOXY LADIES.' Just then my daughter walks in. Ted looks at her from across the room and says, 'WOW,...I have to GO TO BED WITH THAT' and I said, 'NO you don't Ted, that is MY DAUGHTER and she is 14!' And he says, 'I DON'T CARE.'


I got up,...I didn't say another word,...I got up and walked across the room, I talked to Pierre Trudeau and his wife. Pierre at that time was the Prime Minister of Canada,....just to get my head level with Pierre, but then I'm looking at his wife, and there is a little white cigar box FULL OF WHITE POWDER,....I'm looking around the rest of the room and something hit me at that time,..... if the world LEADERS have to resort to this (and I knew they did)....then I DON'T want to be part of it.
Anyway, my ego was on the line,...I just started my HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR project and I didn't want to have anything upset about it,...because the previous week I was with Bill Levitt. (That is Levittown, New York and Levitt, Pennsylvania) know my ego was there. I said, 'I want to think about this pretty heavy'...but anyway over the weekend, I sat in on meetings where they had planned, for Jimmy Carter and what he had to do.
Part of that was some of the things that Kissinger was mentioning,...that was,..Kissinger said our number one problem on the planet is,...THERE IS TOO MANY PEOPLE.

(How do you feel about a world where the people who 'set themselves up'... through a money racket of course your leaders, do not want you,.... nor your offspring on the planet? Writers note,  K.H.)

So, Jimmy Carter had to put in WRITING (which he did) the plan 2000, which calls for WAR TO GET STARTED IN THE MIDDLE EAST,.....that's ALL PLANNED,...if you go to the Georgia Guide Stones on the Internet, that gives you the same rundown,....anyway that is ONE of the things. They had to GIVE AWAY THE PANAMA CANAL,...which he did. A lot of these things were all in motion, that they were going on,......anyway I sat in on the meetings, on what they had planned and when the weekend was over,....I TOLD THEM NO.!'

(Writers insertion,......
“If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the GUISE of fighting a FOREIGN enemy.” - James Madison)

George - Within two weeks, I was no longer one of the fair haired guys.

At that same point, I had accumulated ALL the adult toys, so I wasn't too worried about anything, I'll just bother myself,....and I'm not going to say anything.


At the same time, I had built a house up in Aspen and my housekeeper up there had a book called 'UFO Contact From The Pleiades'


I'm sitting there, I didn't have anything better to do, but these pictures are REAL, .....WHY DOESN'T THE GOVERNMENT COME TO TRUTH WITH ALL THE INFORMATION ON UFO's?

(Could it be because ENERGY IS FREE and 'they' don't want you to know that? After all, how much are you spending a month to live in your home, use lights, cook and drive your vehicle?
It is another form of slavery control, set up by the FEW, who want to rule the world. FREE ENERGY has been gifted to humanity MANY times by the benevolent races, this information was telepathically given, and subsequently bought up and shelved or destroyed.
 Sometimes the inventor is also is also done away with. Writers note, K.H.)

So,...I flew down to Phoenix and talked to this couple who had printed the book and they said they were investigating a man in Switzerland who claimed to be IN CONTACT WITH BEINGS FROM THE STAR SYSTEM THE PLEIADES, who said that they engineered this planed for FIVE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE!


So, I sitting there and I got the information on TWO sides now, ...right? I sitting here looking at the book and I'm talking to Lee and them (that is the guy in Phoenix) and I said, 'I need to help you guys, I don't want to be involved in it, but I will finance the stuff.'

So, what we did,...I ended up in an agreement to finance the publishing of their book, I put money into their movie that was being made and I said, 'You guys do what you want to but when you get your money back out of these things, just give me my money back and FORGET ME. I don't want anybody to know anything about it.'

Well, 90 days later they sent me the account and they had received three times the amount of money I gave them, but there wasn't any check. I was really MAD. So, I got on the phone and I talked to them and I said, 'Where is my money?' and there response was, 'YOU DON'T NEED IT.'

So, I said, 'Oh, Okay.' At that time I was building a Best Western restaurant in Phoenix, a Best Western motel I was building and three Village Inns down there and an office building on Central Avenue (an inverted pyramid)....I built all that stuff, so my attorney is down there, so I said, we are going to go down there and we're going to file suit against them to recover my money.

Just because I don't think people should take things that they don't deliver to them.

Well, while I'm down there I am getting more information and I said we are just going to go unannounced and we are just going to grab the next plane,...and we did and we landed in Zurich Switzerland, renting a car and a 45 minute ride out of Zurich is (inaudible) Switzerland, where Billy is at.

I'm knocking on the door and a young lady answered the door and her name is Rooney (not sure here of the spelling of her name) and I said, 'My name is George Green, I put the money that is on your publishing material and the rest of it and I think Billy's story has to be told to the world,...but I got some questions.'

She looked at me and I said, ' I need to talk to him' and she said, 'He is not talking to anybody' and I said, 'You go back and tell him who I am.'

Anyway,....come back about 10 minutes later and said, 'Mr. Green I am sorry, Shirley MacLaine was here a couple of months ago and she promised to help in this and nothing has happened' and I said, 'Well, I guess there is nothing we can do about it, my wife and I are going to make a vacation out of this, I'll probably head off to Innsbruck Austria the next day.'

So I said, 'Where is the closest hotel?' so I got it and I got in my hotel the next morning there is a knock on my door and it's Rooney handing me a two page message signed by Quetzel. I have a copy of that message.

Kerry - 'Quetzel being a contact?'

George - 'The Pleiadian COMMANDER of the Pleiades,....of the group that came down there. So all of a sudden their inviting us back down to the compound by next week.


So,.. I got to ask a lot of questions got involved and understood at that point, I made an agreement to publish their materials but during that period of time, when I was there Billy showed me some other documents.

One of them was, he and a Greek priest were taken to a tomb,...... wrapped in resin,...were the original writings of Judas of Iscariot (where he) described the Christ. I am looking at the documents (now, to back track a little bit of my life, they were IDENTICAL information that I basically got from Dr. Walter Moierr,..... (not sure of the spelling of the last name)..... who dug up the Dead Sea Scrolls,... tells about the REAL life of Christ,...WHEN I WAS 14,...well they COINCIDED WITH THAT.) 

I said, 'Well, these are the ORIGINAL ones by Christ's scribe, (because no one could read or write at that time anyway)' I said, ' People should KNOW about that' I said, 'My only problem with Billy, (the one I made the deal with Billy and the ETs) was Billy you gave away the worldwide rights to your story with those people down in Phoenix,....WHO I'M SUING.' I said, 'We're going to have to get this thing taken care of' So what I said was, 'I have no problem with'...... (at that time I had a house in Beverly Hills and my attorneys were the attorneys for the screen actors guild, I figured if anybody could break a contract, they could.)

So, anyway we flew back to Beverly Hills, I go into (inaudible) the firm and they look at me and they just laughed. I mean, I'm sitting there making deals with extraterrestrials to publish their material and ...he didn't care,...he wanted, money is good, anyway he said, 'I'll take care of it,...I'll let you know when we get things squared away.' So, thirty days later, roughly he calls and he says, 'Come on over to my office.' So we did and in the office he said,' I'm having a set up, I have a judge who is willing to accept the case, of course you are going to have to get Billy over here to appear in front of our courts.'

Well, when I was with Billy he showed me pictures of California and San Fransisco TOTALLY DESTROYED,...BY A COMING EARTHQUAKE and his comment was, we called him on the phone from (inaudible) office and he said, 'I am not leaving, I have three children and I am safe here.'

So, that little episode kinda put a stumbling block into things, anyway, my wife and I got on (I had a little Mercedes convertible at that time) and we took off down towards the airport and we had one of the Pleiadian being ships follow us in broad day time, just to REMIND ME THAT WHAT WAS GOING ON WAS REAL!

I mean, I'm getting my head examined in all different directions! So, anyway,..I figured out,..when we got through with the thing, I said, ' I'll have to figure out how this works out and we will let the extraterrestrials figure a way to get the information, cause I'm going to be their publisher on stuff.' I didn't realize when I did that, WHO I was involved with and HOW FAR THIS WENT,....because I ended up being in contact with EMMANUEL, under his NEW NAME and then publishing his material. I end up being involved with the Pleiadians for a bit but ABOVE the Pleiadians there is a bigger group on them.

My agreement was to try and WAKE UP PEOPLE to what is going down!

Now, of course I sat down on meetings on what is planned by our government or the guys within our government,...MOST OF THE 'GOVERNMENT' IS ASLEEP,...for a REDUCTION of the world's population. Then 'they' wanted me to build an ENEMY PRISON OF WAR CAMP! I have a copy of the contract,...IN DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS! Now, that upset me because I am looking at reading this thing, it says right on it 'ENEMY' .....well you remember Ted Gunderson? He was a friend of mine, and I helped finance Ted too, anyway Ted,...well I guess you went out with me one day with Ted.

Ted took the contract, come back and he said,'They are building them ALL OVER THE COUNTRY,...ONLY THEY CALL THEM 'FEMA CAMPS' now'.

TED WAS THE FORMER HEAD OF THE FBI, for Southern California and as you know he investigated a lot of stuff, he was with Oswald and Ferrie, he was there to PROTECT them, and he had NOTHING to do with the killing of Kennedy. So, really fascinating with how that thing worked out. So, I got exposed a lot of new ways.'

(Writer, K.H.,.... insertion of quotes)

*  " Before the freedom of information act,...I use to say at meetings,....the ILLEGAL we do immediately,...the UNCONSTITUTIONAL takes a little longer."
--Henry Kissinger)

*  "The CIA is behind MOST if not,.... ALL terrorist attacks in America."

-- Ted Gunderson, former CHIEF of the LA, F.B.I.

Kerry - 'Right,...and Gunderson was killed,....actually he died of Cancer and suspicious circumstances really around that.'

(Writers note; 'they' are able to give Cancer like the flu and use it as a weapon. They have had a cure for this disease for a very long time. The cure will NOT be allowed to be given to the masses, unless you research some of the cures that are available yourself,..because they use it as a weapon.

 Dr Ron Paul was right when he said, 'Truth is treason in the empire of lies.' 
 - K.H.)
George - 'Well, the truth is,...well you know six months before that Ted and I were having lunch, I don't know if you were invited over or something another,...and he was totally HEALTHY and it just came down to him just INSTANTLY.'

Kerry - 'The same thing happened to Brian O'Leary and you knew Brian.'

George - ' I knew Brian,..I helped financed Brian the same way. Brian O'Leary was an APOLLO ASTRONAUT who was involved with that stuff and he and Buzz Aldrin was his buddy, in the thing on it, Brian and I went out and lectured on it because he was concerned about the planet earth and I published his book, 'Reinheriting The Earth' in order to get there,...and he was concerned.

Meanwhile, I'm in the same position, he got involved with some of the things we had been told, like going to the moon,...WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON, it's a MOVIE SCRIPT, know it's great, but people don't believe that,...but now we can VERIFY that because they are coming out with a lot of that stuff.


Well,...the ETs contacted me again and this was a few years ago and said, 'You're running out of time on the planet and you agreed to help us get it out' so,...I ended up publishing a book, the first in the series and it's called 'A Handbook For The New Paradigm' which I have one right here (George holds up the book) just to give you an idea,...anyway this one, for ANYBODY WHO WANTS A COPY OF IT,...cause YOU got to read it, it is NOT an easy read,'s to AWAKEN you to what is going on,...'

Kerry - ' I think it's a pretty easy read.'

George - ' Well, go to my website  and you can download it. If you have to have a hard copy,...'

Kerry - ' I recommend it yes, absolutely,...all 4 books.'

George - ' Well, three is what I put out there, I don't want to give the 4th book out,... until they have read the three.'

Kerry - ' I understand.'

George - ' Because we are RE-educating you on everything on the planet,...FROM THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

They can't interfere with us. This is OUR GAME we are playing. You know what they tell me on the whole thing on this planet? Everybody thinks they are passengers, on this planet. Everybody is along for the ride. The TRUTH is,...I want everybody part of the crew, to CLEAN IT ALL UP. So that is the game I'm looking at. How do we get the crew back and that begins with the Handbook For The New Paradigm and it's sequels, which are available FREE at .'

Kerry - ' Yeah, excellent. You have been doing this,'ve been out now on the circuit talking about this for many, many years.'

George - 'Yeah, I have.'

Kerry - ' So,...let's fast forward to today, and you know, you've been through a lot, in and out of trouble and getting stuff out there,...right, the best of your ability?'

George - 'Correct.'

Kerry - 'And you've had ET contact STEADILY through these years?'

George - ' That's correct.'

Kerry - 'You've also been dealing with banking and trying to help Presidents of companies and countries as well?'

George - 'Countries,...yes, well I am dealing with the financial system on a WORLD BASIS, I met with the President's of ALL OF LATIN AMERICA. I bought one of my coffee farms from Rodrigo Odio, the President of Costa Rica and so he introduced me to ALL the Presidents,....I was the only American there. I wasn't in politics. Politics is two words, right? Poly means many and TICKS ARE BLOOD SUCKERS.'

Kerry - (Laughs genuinely at this last statement.)

George - 'To give you an idea,.......meanwhile, the ETs are now preparing me for a lot of stuff,...because within DAYS right now, we are looking at probably the WEST COAST GOING,...that was some of the pictures I saw with him. We are going to have the EARTHQUAKE begin. Two days ago, I had friends that called me and they are in contact also,...and they are putting in some dates right now. Remember, there was two hundred of miles of Ecuador just wiped out this last year. Anyway, today even there is still more earthquakes and that is going to go all the way up to the WEST COAST and we are going to have that all happen in THIS time period, over the next two months. They say by NOVEMBER.'

Kerry - ' OK so,...that is the information you are getting?'

George - ' Right.'

Kerry - ' You have gotten information in the past that hasn't happened,...right?'

George - ' Yeah,...I get information but the time wasn't wrong. (I believe the speaker meant to say, 'Yeah, I get information but the time was wrong' ...just by his follow up answer.- K.H.) Like the PLAN 2,000,...Carter put in. That was suppose to be done by the year 2,000,..that was the idea of getting Iraq going. It wasn't for oil, it was to get WORLD WAR THREE started. So, there is a lot of things they have given me,..but the SEQUENCE of events,...IT IS STILL HAPPENING,...but it is behind schedule or whatever. That is what I look at.'

Kerry - ' OK, with the financial reset, which you must be aware of,...right?'

George - 'Yup.'

Kerry - ' What are you hearing, because I was talking to you off camera, that somebody had told me, that the U.S. was going on a SILVER STANDARD, and you think NO?'

George - 'No,... it's NOT GOING TO DO THAT. I was in on meetings on that,...they're going to go 100% to the debt card,..that meeting, well it is all spelled out on the FEMA rules. What you are going to do, you are going to go to the Post Office and register and get your new I.D. and it will be a GOVERNMENT ID so they can keep TRACK of everything. Now,.. reason is 94% of ALL MONEY today in the United States is digits. In other words, everybody is all use to it, don't go anywhere without having a credit card. You can't go to the super market or anywhere else, there is no money there at all, is just DIGITS that's sitting up. So,...people are use to it. Meanwhile,.. they have this other thing they are looking at that is POPULATION CONTROL and everything else, the game is on, do we get everybody in here, we have to have some kind of national emergency which SUSPENDS THE CONSTITUTION and if they do that, WE WILL NOT HAVE AN ELECTION THIS YEAR.'

(OK people, should be clear to you now that we have a maniacal group of psychopaths running around the planet and murdering masses for greed, power and more control.
More government IDs,......card numbers,......FEMA camps or PRISON CAMPS,...POPULATION CONTROL?
Weather manipulation, Fluoride in drinking water, GMOs in food, chemtrails in the air we breath, created and distributed disease,  militarized police, false flags, persecuting TRUTH speakers, WARS BASED UPON MADE UP LIES, just goes on and on!
 Sound like a POLICE STATE?
Sound like Nazi Germany?

Insertion of quote:

 "The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control....

 Do I mean conspiracy? 

Yes I do. 

I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."

---Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747

Writers notes, K.H.)
Back to interview,....

Kerry - ' OK,...and what do you think the odds of that happening are?'

George - ' I think it's pretty heavy because Trump is a wild card, know,...he had his own money to be doing this thing,...the only problem that Trump has right now is Washington,'s like when I flew back to Washington with my friends,...if you got elected and you went to Washington D.C., can't bring your staff with him, you have to use the EXISTING staff that is out there for that particular party, so what you have in there, is you just got talking figure heads of whatever the group is,..and if you go back there you will see that most of them go on vacation ALL THE TIME and they really don't get anything done. ESPECIALLY during the last 8 years. I mean you are looking at Harry Reid out there the head of the deal,...have they passed anything? Of course Harry was all involved with all the BLACK BUDGETS and everything else too,..because he was helping LAUNDER ALL THE MONEY,...for all the DRUG CENTERS.'  

(Just when you think you can't be shocked anymore, you find out they also LAUNDER drug money! K.H.)

Kerry - 'Right, OK,..but if you look at the situation that we've been through in the last 8 years, you are saying they have been on vacation? What do you mean? You are talking about Obama and his crew?'

George - ' Yeah, they haven't passed any laws,...'

Kerry ' Bush Senior is really in charge,...isn't he?'

George - ' At this point the Bush family,...lineage wise, could be, but I don't think at this minutethe Presidents are ALL FRONT MEN.'

Kerry - ' Yeah, of course.'

George - ' But,...the Bush's happen to have a bloodline in the DRUG INDUSTRY as you well know. I not talking about the the bad stuff, I mean the CIA is bringing in the DRUGS.'

Kerry - 'But that is the black project money.'

George - 'Exactly, exactly.'

Kerry - 'That's been funding what we call the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM.'

George - 'Exactly,...all the stuff that is secret and on the side and whatever,...but meanwhile, we have an AGE problem that is going on within the Bush's and within the hierarchy, know some of these people who got the books and stuff that we have they are all getting up in their 80s and 90s,....will they survive? IF 'they' want them to, they will because THEY ARE NOT REAL ANYMORE,...that is another story to go into.'

Kerry - ' Well, clones?'

George - ' (Nodes his head) Clones.'

Kerry - ' Yeah, well I am curious about one thing with clones, and we know they have been doing the clones for a LONG TIME in fact, Russia, there was documentation,...there was an island off the coast of Russia they were using and so on. Do you know how long a CLONE lasts? Do you have up to date information on that?'

George ' Well,...a friend of mine is one of the doctors on the clones and she is dead now too,....she was a lady doctor, but she worked at Bethesda they also do it at,...they have a separate building at Bethesda that handles the clones,...anyway there is no problem on them, the trouble is the clones BREAK DOWN UNDER STRESS, depending on the stress level, is how quickly they have to replace them. So, may be clone three, four, five,..we don't know, that point. They don't live simultaneously, maybe their intelligence was out,...I mean if people really look at a young George when he came into office and look at the ones when he came out of office,..look at them today on their videos,...IT'S NOT THE SAME GEORGE. You can look at it,...but when they don't have any SOULS they don't really have any energy.'

Kerry - 'Exactly,...yeah it's pretty interesting. OK, what are you hearing about the BRITEXIT thing and all of this, you think this is just a show?'

George - ' Oh, this is a show to get the WHOLE MIDDLE EAST all set up here and also break down of all the countries. The next information I have right now, the next country that is going to go out is FRANCE and then they are going to be followed by SPAIN and,...'
Kerry - 'But,..what about the false flags that are happening right now to sort of CORRAL FRANCE INTO GETTING BACK IN LINE?'

George - ' That's the whole game on everybody, to say we are doing what we can to get everybody supplied. Well,..who is controlling all the MONEY again, all comes back from what?'

Kerry - 'Rothschild? I mean we are going above Rothschild?'

George - 'Well the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS in Switzerland again,...which has ALWAYS BEEN PROTECTED. Now,...who runs all of that? Now you are back to the CARTEL,..or one of the SECRET SOCIETIES on it. You know, people in the States, we have a party every year because of all the BILLIONAIRES but that is just peanuts to 'them' out there right now.'

Kerry - 'What do you mean a party every year?'

George - ' They have a meeting of all the BILLIONAIRES over in Wyoming, you know.'

Kerry -' Oh yeah?'

George -' Yeah, know it's a different deal, but when you come back to the other meetings that are going on, you say the Builderbergers, which just had a meeting too,..these people are all heads of big companies and everything, have to understand they are trying to look at an overall basis,..think they are doing,...we are going to keep people going and working and all that, to keep ourselves in,....but they pay themselves first,.. they take care of THEMSELVES.

Now,..they run pretty much under SECRECY. They do it within the group, but you know, that always spills out as you see, you have been looking and finding out, run across, but there are people who say OK, the next problem with all that is how are we going to change it?,....And that is the reason I come back with the ETs and they say 'we will assist you to wake up to WHO and WHAT YOU REALLY ARE' that is the basis to the books and if you wake up,...there is a little prayer that they give you, 'I AM A HUMAN BECOMING,...HELP ME BECOME' that gives them PERMISSION to communicate with you directly.

Now, if the books, you can't read them, you probably are not going to be one, are going to be one on the wheel around incarnation to come back to this planet again. We are at graduation time, for the planet and everything, so the planet is going to go through MAJOR GEO-PHYSICAL CHANGES FROM NOW ON. High winds 300-400 miles an hour on the surface, I mean all this stuff can be documented, like I did, like the World Watch Association, 5 miles North of the White House.'

Kerry - ' OK, do you think that this a scenario of ALTERNATIVE 3,..alternative 4,...and what they are talking about, I think they have something called 'Alternative 21' I think? Um, hear in any of the stuff to do with all of this,...going off planet, because we have got bases on the Moon and Mars, you know this right?'

George - 'We have them on there but we got too much of a population left on the planet, and one of the things, we may have gone that far, but we don't,...we HAVE the ability to go along with the ETs to other planets.

So, there is a group of ETs that have been favoring certain people. You go down to Dulce, New Mexico, there is a whole base down there of ETs and Dulce was originally set up to handle all our nuclear waste UNDERGROUND, you realize that the United States is the ONLY place that has all of the NUCLEAR WASTE and it is ABOVE GROUND?

Did you know that? All of that nuclear waste is affecting all of us. My son was in charge for a bit, of the Nevada thing where they were going to take all of that waste and put it in the mountain up there. They cancelled all of that. Now, he's over in, my son is in Indonesia now, with the big one. They keep changing all of this stuff, so I'm a little afraid about that. Meanwhile,...we've affected everybody's thought processes EVERYWHERE, because of the cell phones and all of the towers because of a certain frequency deal,... and in school we don't teach HISTORY anymore.

History is HIS-STORY always written by the victor. So,... your sitting here at a point,..... so, how do we get people educated? First rule in the UNIVERSE,....GAIN ALL KNOWLEDGE. Well, you know, you do that by listening to Kerry plus all of your other guests that are here and I really appreciate you doing that,...getting people out there so THEY START TO THINK,...THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE. I'm not going to do it for them, you are not going to do it for them, but you got this thing to go out there and try and trigger the AWAKENING PROCESS, to get them, so we can go to the next step.

To me,...there is going to be little groups left,...and I want you to be part of the group and your listeners part of the group too,...and the instruction manuals are all built into the books that I'm giving away free.'

Kerry - 'OK, now what about in terms,...we were told for example by SIMON PARKS that 'they' are actually planning to do this reset and to TAKE POSSESSION OF PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS,...VERY SOON, and he said that when that reset comes through, they are going to devalue, like the dollar, or whatever you have in your account,...I don't know, I guess it also does,...he has a warning on one of my videos I'm going to put out very soon. Anyway, have you heard anything about this?'

George - 'Sure, the only thing I haven't got is the value they are going to place on it. They have already taken,....what they are doing, as a GOLD trader, I'm five blocks from the Mint, so I can get gold and silver. One of the things that they are doing with the other dealers across the country that are offering this stuff,...THEY ARE SHUTTING THEIR ACCOUNTS DOWN RIGHT NOW, so they don't have any bank account. So,..they CAN'T buy or sell whatever they have, and if they have any cash from somebody,'s like Northwest Mint,....inaudible'.

Kerry - 'Because they KNOW they are going to attack the accounts.'

(Otherwise known as pure, outright, villainous THEFT!
Imagine the insanity of people who think they can just STEAL your energy! Your 'money' is a symbolic marker of your work, whatever work it is that you do or you have done in your life. The work you have done was completed by YOUR ENERGY. NO ONE, one has a 'right' to steal from you. Giving it terms like 'HAIR  CUT' is twisting the plain meaning of words. Writers note, K.H.)

 "How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant
pervert the plain Meaning of Words!"

 Quote by: Samuel Adams (1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."
Source: letter to John Pitts, January 21, 1776

*Just change 'tyrant' to 'tyrantS' and you get the idea! K.H.

George - ' Exactly. That way, you think you are secured, because you have given this guy gold or something,....they are all shut down,...HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY? So, what I'm telling everybody, I have the accounting book and I will send you a copy of that page, that shows the ONLY THING THAT THEY RECOGNIZE AND THAT IS GOLD. Silver is (inaudible) and it has all kinds of uses,...pharmaceutical  wise and everything else, that is what I am looking at,...but they can't use theirs, because there is NOT ENOUGH SILVER (this is a world thing).....China now has issued a new currency BACKED BY GOLD but you CAN'T USE DOLLARS TO BUY IT,...and if you look at the dollar and count, I don't know how you would count it frankly,...we're over A HUNDRED TRILLION IN DEBT! Well, nobody knows what a BILLION is even. Do you know what a billion is? Ten thousand, one hundred thousand dollar homes.

Now, multiply a BILLION times a BILLION and all of a sudden you are up to what? That is a TRILLION!

WE ARE OVER A HUNDRED TRILLION,....AND THERE IS NO ASSETS BEHIND THAT!  It's all paper and that is most of the people's pension funds,...Social Security is bankrupt, the wild card in all of this is inflation

Inflation is going, give me a figure, know, how much a year? 7%-10% per year, what do you think? It costs 10% more to buy something than it did last year?

The bankers rule of 72 is,...divide the interest rate OR the inflation rate into 72, it will take you how long it takes to double your money or cut the purchasing. In other words if you had 10%, would take 7.2 years before your dollar is worth 50 CENTS. That means, and insurance companies, they rely on this because they give you long term money, at 2 1/2% when held to maturity. There is NO WAY YOU CAN WIN.'

Kerry - 'Absolutely, for the average person out there who doesn't you know, with those games, they just have a bank account, they are living month to month,....what is the solution?'

George - ' There ONLY solution is, I'm advising everybody to get at least one or two months in small bills. Ones, fives, tens and twenties,..because when this collapses, this thing goes down, we are still going to have an EXCHANGE that is going on. Banks right now, are going to be calling in all hundred dollar bills. Right now, you can still get fifties, usually can't use too many 100 dollar bills out of this country as a matter of fact,...most of them won't take them anymore because they are getting ready to shut those all down.

I've got a friend with a lot of those (100 dollar bills)....meanwhile if you come in with,.... depending on the bank,... with 3,000-5,000 in 100 dollar bills, to deposit them even, they are going to ask WHERE YOU GOT THEM,....and they report it to the Internal Revenue Service.' 

(IRS is just a COLLECTION AGENCY, for the private banking families who run the racket, in this cleverly disguised FEUDAL SYSTEM.  
 Remember what President Regan discovered in the Grace Report?

 "100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt ... all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government."
-Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan - January 15, 1984.

  Very important IRS information for you to know,......
 These comments on the IRS were presented at the Close of the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.
Washington D.C., February 27-28, 2002:

* IRS is a Trust Headquartered in Puerto Rico it is NOT a Federal Agency.

 * The IRS is technically not an "agency" of the federal government, as that term is defined in the Freedom of Information Act and in the Administrative Procedures Act.

* The governments of the federal territories are expressly excluded from the definition of "agency" in those Acts of Congress. See 5 U.S.C. 551(1)(C).

* All evidence indicates that they (IRS) are a money laundry, EXTORTION RACKET, and conspiracy to engage in a pattern of RACKETEERING ACTIVITY, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1951 and 1961 et seq.

* They appear to be laundering huge sums of money into foreign banks, mostly in Europe, and quite possibly into the Vatican. See the national policy on money laundering at 31 U.S.C. 5341 .

* Do federal income tax revenues pay for any government services and, if so, which government services are funded by federal income taxes? 

Answer: No.

 * The money trail is very difficult to follow, in this instance, because the IRS is technically a TRUST with a domicile in PUERTO RICO. See 31 U.S.C. 1321(a)(62).

* As such, their records are protected by laws which guarantee the privacy of TRUST records within that territorial jurisdiction, provided that the trust is not also violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.


Other notes readily found on the IRS,....
There is NO law for income tax. The 16th Amendment was never ratified!
 Learn about Federal Reserve money CREATORS and their
private army,.... the IRS.

" IRS was LYING to the public about their income tax obligations and basically STEALING from them,.....and NOBODY seemed to want to talk about it."--This was said by Joe Banister, former IRS Special Agent.

Look this information up people there are many books written by those who have a conscious for the human family-Writers note, K.H.)

BACK TO INTERVIEW,...................................

George - 'So, this is a real game when you look at it. Who's got all this money and how we want to get it converted. So, I have to figure out ways,...and there are ways to protect themselves and I try to do that, but I do that on an individual basis when they contact me. So, they can e-mail me,...'

Kerry - 'OK, so you want to tell them where to reach you?'

George - 'Just e-mail, if you want to talk about whatever you want. Most people want to talk about their billfold anyway, at first, and then we can talk about all the other ones,....I'm concerned about their soul and the next step,..BUT when it comes to money, I'm really a professor at that I know,..I've done it all.'

Kerry - ' Yeah, absolutely,..well it's a short interview, there is not a lot of time and you have to speak in the morning so I don't want to take too much of your energy here, but I think you have covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time here. There are interviews with George (talking to the camera) other interviews
I've done,...(now looking at George) and you got your books that are available, I recommend  those and any last words you want to say to the public here? Any ideas to give them, how to greet,...we've got earth changes in the future,...that is a HIGH likelihood, they are NOT necessarily natural either, let me say that. I don't know how you feel about a man made EMP,...have you been hearing anything like that?'

George - 'Well, they are doing all kinds of experiments on ALL OF THIS STUFF,...because they want to try to manipulate it. They started to control the weather over in India for instance and a guy was selling that and 'they' stopped him from doing that,... BECAUSE THEY COULD CONTROL THE WEATHER

Right now, because when we started exploding nuclear bombs out of New Mexico, they did it in the higher atmosphere and when I got the details, I was talking to the guys that were doing it,..I mean they are dead now too but they said the biggest problem is, we have exploded so much nuclear weapons, it put a band 4 miles thick around the planet of RADIATION, which has eaten holes through the ozone layer, which is KILLING OFF A THOUSAND LIFE FORMS A DAY!'

(Anyone, in ANY COUNTRY still want to cheer on war, when it is killing our human family, our majestic animal kingdom, and our dear Mother Earth? K.H.)

George -  'So, if I'm looking at what is going on, there is no reason why, when I was in Panama the ocean is 5 degrees warmer,...why both poles are MELTING NOW, because WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES,....OK, that is part of it, now I've got these other things to look at, how do we get the right food, cause FOOD IS ENGINEERED AT THIS MINUTE, know, we got a lot of genetically modified stuff that is going on. Like, California they raise carrots as you know, it is a big crop for doing all things but it is used to clean the cotton crops. So, the cotton crops are all sprayed with all the poisons and everything and so once a year they take the cotton down and plant carrots,...and WHAT DO THE CARROTS GOT? All the poisons.

What do you got, carrots from California, you better believe they are in big trouble. You know, I'm just telling you. Every little thing has been studied for that point, I mean heavily,...RIGHT NOW,...MY SOURCES ARE SAYING GET READY FOR A MAJOR GEO-PHYSICAL CHANGES, and again, they're instructions are GET TOGETHER IN SMALL TOWNS AWAY FROM, know this is part of the 4th book that I have called MESSAGES TO THE GROUND CREW, and you want to read the other three books and if you read the other three books then you will be educated enough, because the first rule is to gain all knowledge, you are going to have enough to what is coming down. Now, locals will tell you certain things that they run into, I'm serious, cause a guy couldn't find out it's all a lie, you know. One of my friends was an executioner,...I wouldn't say 'friend'....associate for the CIA, he killed a HUNDRED AND TWENTY some people! For the CIA!'

Kerry - ' Are you talking about Chip Tatum?'

George - ' Nope.'

Kerry - 'Another guy?'

George - 'Oh yeah,...I got all the lists, I'll show it to YOU so you can look at some of these names. You won't believe it. Three of the shooters, he took out three of them, they got paid fifty thousand a piece and they were BRAGGING ABOUT IT,...and I have their names, and the dates and everything that happened. He shared it all with me because what happens if the guys decided they were going to get rid of him? So he said, I'll fix your wagon, so he sent over the documents over to Europe and I got copies of them and he said, IF something happens to me, you can go ahead and publish them.'

Kerry - 'So, what about this guy named John Coleman? Didn't you publish his books?'

George - 'Yes, John Coleman was MI6, but that is NOT his real name.'

Kerry - 'I can believe that so,..'

George - ' Well, when he came to me he was living right next to a feed lot up in Northern California and sent me the information on the Committee of 300, I said I know this is real because I was headed down there. So, I agreed to act as a publisher for him. So, I published his book, that one and ONE WORLD ORDER and DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION which are basically good, but they are 20 years old now.'

Kerry - 'Yeah, but they are accurate right?'

George - 'Sure! ALL the information in there,....well, I still have them and they are STILL AVAILABLE.'

Kerry - 'What about the economic hit men?'

George - 'I never did anything with them.'

Kerry - 'Did you ever read his book, talking about what he does?'

George - 'Yeah, yeah.'

Kerry - 'Pretty accurate?'

George - 'Yeah, a lot of these,...they come out with them and it's the same problem we have, we can get all the 'he did it' now WHAT IS THAT GOING TO DO? Each one of us has a different job and a different spirit. This (tapping on his body) rent a wreck contains in here 22 GRAMS, that is what your soul weighs, and it's connected to your soul. People who get a heart transplant, the soul goes with it, so the people change their personalities.'

Kerry - 'Well, I think sometimes it is TEMPORARY though. OK, so where are we going at this moment? You know, you have any umm,...cause like you say, you been in this game a very long time, your looking at a possible, a basically the government may say that it's a,...'

George -'Call a national emergency.'

Kerry - 'What do they say, continuity of government?...What going to be the,...'

George - ' Here is the law, right now,...IF he calls a national emergency for 30 days he maintains the Presidency, after the 30 days the head of THE UNITED NATIONS TAKES IT OVER.'

(Does anyone remember giving the UN permission to TAKE OVER OUR NATION after a 30 day 'emergency'? An 'emergency' that a small group of men can declare to fulfill secret agendas?! Our Forefathers are screaming from the ether, for all they sacrificed, to just be handed over, because secretive men, in secretive rooms, wrote ILLEGAL and ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, giving 'them' the 'right' to just hand over our nation, people outside of it, without firing a shot. Writers note-K.H.)

Kerry - 'That's bad news.'

George - 'Hey, end of story. Who is running the UN?'

Kerry - 'Who is that now,...the head of the United Nations?'

George - 'I don't know who it is today,...but I just remember whose controlling the UN, goes to the game and their aging. We are aging the population pretty big time right now because we are allowing people to live, and all of a sudden now we have a consumer society of people who are not producing anything,...40% of our income right now is doing that,...that is people on retirement or whatever.'

Kerry - 'Well, I mean also the Nazis also learned how to reverse age people,... so we got a lot of Nazis running around that look a lot younger, and they are still with us.'

George - 'Theoretically, the Pleiadans live to be a THOUSAND YEARS OLD. We have the DNA within that has been re-engineered so that is not the average life. They look like it, if they look too young then they are probably cloned. I get away looking,....I was born in the thirties and yet I look very young. That just happens to be the genetics, the DNA I got from my family so I look at that. They say 'oh I got guys that will make it so you live to be a 130'...I don't know what is going to happen in the NEXT THREE YEARS, this is going to be challenging, at least I got myself several escape places where I can go when everything starts falling apart,...umm EVERYTHING. I got friends in FREE ENERGY, I have friends that know all the medical stuff and all these things are going together, so yeah I'll be able to survive the same question is for what, and HOW are we going to change the planet?

MY ETs are telling me THERE IS A POSSIBILITY WE MAY NOT MAKE IT. Well, I'm still gambling that I can get enough people to change it so that's where I'm at.'

Kerry - 'OK, well good to hear it,....thanks very much George Green your a SERVICE TO HUMANITY and for everyone thanks for listening and let's have a great conference this weekend and ONWARD AND UPWARD, so to speak,...alright? (Smiling and shaking hands together.)

George - 'Hey, UPWARD and ONWARD, got it!'

End of interview.

*Special note,...Donations for Kerry's tireless work can be made at, when there click on the 'donate' link. You may also send donations directly to:


WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU KERRY AND GEORGE! Thank you, thank you for working on behalf of humanity,....thank you a million times over,...thank you.

We are a FAMILY on this earth and you both are in my spiritual family now and forever more.

Truth speakers are a very rare, special and heroic being. They are card carrying members of THE WARRIORS OF LIGHT.

Now, people it is time to get to work in the ether with your pure emotion and intent. LET'S DO THIS. Say the phrase,

 .........'I am a human becoming,...HELP me become.' ..............
Plant your feet upon the ground, send your LOVING HEART ENERGY INTO MOTHER'S EARTH HEART, then see it connect to the God center in heaven.
Light your being up with the energies that are flooding the planet right now. See this light wrapping around our earth and going into EVERY HEART AND EVERY MIND filling humanity with COMPASSION for one another and love for the world. ♥


Below is the video link to the interview in Prague, it is about an hour long.

George Green's website, containing many books by truth speakers is called,....

 'NO More Hoaxes with, Global Insights' 

In this video below the gentleman talks about many of the concerns listed above. A lovable gentleman who sees what is taking place in the world and wishes to talk to you about them. The film is about 27 minutes long, however it goes by quickly and it is the validation that many people need to know. These things are indeed under way. Do not give up hope or get dejected, remember it is the PEOPLE who always have the power. Do not let the illusions of the few, make you think otherwise. YOU are IMPOSINGLY POWERFUL, with the authority through our Creator to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Love & peace to you my earth family.

In this next video, it shows the storing of UN equipment at such places as the KELLOGS FACTORY, located in Williamsport, Maryland. Satellite images show armored trucks, fuel tanks,.....some type of hazard tank, mobile hospital units, massive amounts of SUVs, huge reinforced 'containers' along with stacks of COFFINS found in Loredo, Texas. Those famous creepy COFFINS, being found ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY.

Also 'Royal Plus Disaster Kleenup' vehicles being discovered near some schools, in a small town in Tennessee. Since there is currently no disaster in that region of the Smokey Mountains in TN,......why are they being stored there?

The reason people are concerned about the 'staging' of such equipment, is because before all of the FALSE FLAGS that they have been playing out upon the people of the US, they ALWAYS have their equipment already there,.....the military, police, SWAT, FBI,.....are previously in place! Usually, they are having a 'drill' when people start to get genuinely attacked,...... bombs go off,.....gun shots ring out,....buildings are IMPLODED,......and they invariably have the patsy ready to be blamed. All in time for the 7 O' Clock news. 

 False flag events,....(some of the many)
Once again, they just happen to be doing a training exercise on the same day as the disastrous event. 

*4/19 Oklahoma City Bombing
*4/20 Columbine shooting
*09/11 NYC, Twin Towers
*07/7 Subway Bombing in Britain
*4/16 Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia
*07/20 Shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a movie theater  
(look up MK-ULTRA Programs, for the mind controlled patsy.)
*12/14/12 Connecticut school shooting
*4/15/13 Boston Marathon bombing

 Since 9/11, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of arrests of “terrorist suspects” and and far less than that in prosecutions.

Of all the recounted “dominant terror plots” only THREE can’t be straightly tied to terror suspects who were in fact,.....RECRUITED, TRAINED & SUPPLIED by,..... the Federal Bureau of Investigation! Information found in T. Aaronson's book.

Why would the FBI do such a thing,.....I mean we already know of the evil activity of the CIA,...but the FBI?

 Reason,....concerning the multitude of FBI informants,.... most are paid up to $100,000 either “per head” or “per event,” for the terrorists THEY THEMSELVES RECRUITED, TRAINED, and SUPPLIED.

Greater than not by far, those 'profiled' by the highly PAID INFORMANTS are unable to even care for themselves as they are,...fragile or weak children, who are many times homeless or in psychiatric care. They will attract others through 'baiting' traps and radicalize those who never would have considered such actions on their own. (Makes you wonder about the Dr.s connection to the ABC groups, in many of these situations.)

Check out 'False Flag Terror',..... a book by T. Aaronson
 In the book he writes,.....
'Remember the Washington Metro bombing plot? 

 The New York subway plot? 
The guys who planned to blow up the Sears Tower? 
The teenager seeking to bomb a Portland Christmas tree lighting ceremony? 
Each of those plots, and dozens more across the nation, was LED BY AN FBI ASSET.”

Very dark, by far

Look, listen and LEARN.

Check out the staging of equipment below. This video is by DAHBOO77, you should consider subscribing to him, if you haven't by now. He is a genuine good guy, who is trying his best to figure this whole thing out. Whatever information he gets, he passes along to the public.

Video is about 10 minutes,.....