Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have humans already experimented with time travel, invisibility and teleportation?

The Philadelphia Experiment

For those of you who are ardent readers of the mysteries going on in our world,...this next story was massive for decades and the interest in it is still high,.... as people begin to understand more about our world and what is taking place within it.

For those of you who are still trying to figure it all out,...get ready,.......this story is going to teleport you into a new understanding of how our universe works, least a tiny part of it.

It all begins a long time ago, lets take our time machine back 67 years,....the stage is set,......we are in the middle of the second world war and a fantastic feat is about to be preformed. One that will be heavily denied to the public and is still denied to this very day.

An entire military ship was rendered completely invisible,......but not without massively appalling and nightmarish complications to the human beings, that were unfortunate enough to be aboard during the Above Top-Secret Test.

After blinking out of sight, the entire ship then appeared momentarily in a completely new location, other words,...... it teleported through space and time and landed in a new physical position.

The information available,... on those who have spoken about the teleportation, can be found in several books and also throughout the Internet, read, read, read,......only through reading and listening can you begin to understand what is truly going on.

The name of this ship was the USS Eldridge and the year was 1943. This eye opening and catastrophic event is also more famously known as the "Philadelphia Experiment."

No one has ever lost interest in this astounding tale and the synapses in our brain started to fire rapidly when a strange story ran in a very confounding place.
 For example,... why would Playboy magazine (the Greek edition) known for nude photos of women, run with a story on a military ship, known as the Leon?

The seemingly out of place article talks about the Leon, which was initially an American World War II Destroyer Escort,... is to be discarded after more than 50 years of steadfast use,.........40 of those years were loyally serving the Greek Navy.

Why is the Leon so worthy of print in a hot blood pumping, risque magazine? The answer is simple,........the Leon was once called the USS Eldridge in her past life,..........and the Eldridge has one of the most formidable stories to tell on the entire planet!

In the beginning of World War II,.....the Philadelphia Experiment begins to unfold. Desperately searching for a way to get supplies and men safely to allies across the ocean,......the idea of invisibility is hatched.

Destroyer ships were known to be cumbersome, rather slow, and not able to maneuver as easily as enemy submarines. The opposition could easily slip into the convoy line and take out it's target at will. This was a big problem, and one that weighed heavily on the minds of those in charge. In fact more than 1,000 allied ships were targeted and sunk in this fashion, taking many, many souls to their dark watery graves.

The Destroyer Escort was then developed to combat the elusive subs. Much like the Destroyer in many ways,...however it had a much smaller turning radius, it much needed maneuverability, it became an instant asset. Despite the nimble addition, those in charge felt much more needed to be done.

At this same time in Earth's history Albert Einstein was working for the U.S. Navy,....and the story line to the public was that he was working on torpedoes and other conventional weapons of war,... (such as the highly destructive to marine life, water mines.)

 Secretive whispers that made it to the surface, insist that Einstein was actually working with information that involved electromagnetic fields,.....and the very hushed study of invisibility.

To create the experiment, most suggest The Unified Field Theory, was used with very large electric generators to veritably bend light around the mass of the ship, which proceeded to become encased in an electromagnetic fog.

Al Bielek, a hugely important witness and dignified member of the scientific team at the time, speaks on the History Channel, and admits on camera, that days before the experiment took place, they all had the feeling,.....deep within the pit of their stomach, that something was drastically wrong. Despite their blaring intuition of impending doom, in July of  1943,.........the test of invisibility goes forth.

The test begins as a tremendous force of electromagnetic fields are employed around the ship,.....complete with living human beings aboard the unit.

All of the high ranking officers and miscellaneous scientists take to the safety of cover and continue to observe from a distance.

 Witness Carlos Allende, located on another ship, is also intently watching what takes place, as he is a deck hand with a clear view of the shocking episode that appears right before him.

Carlos later describes with exquisite detail, a type of green fiery fog that completely envelopes the ship and comes close enough to his physical being,.....that he can actually place his arm into the dense, green, swirling energy, before the ship suddenly disappears, ..........right before his eyes!

Stunning all living witnesses to the experiment, the group managed to not only achieve radar invisibility on all equipment,..........but to have optical invisibility.

The next effect to take place,.......was the actual teleportation of the entire ship! There are several schools of thought in regards to historians who have documented the available facts, as to whether the ship teleports at that exact moment,.........or does the teleporting take place during a later test, that some state occurred in October of 1943.

As the ship begins to reappear into physical reality,......there is a bright flash of light,........then the ship vanishes for a second time,......and starts to reappear 300 miles away, in the Naval Yard of Norfolk Virginia. Men aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth,..who were also in Virginia, could clearly see the Eldridge.

Within a few minutes,........the Eldridge fades out of Norfolk,........and reappears back in Philadelphia,.......completely covered in a dense, green swirling fog,....and has managed to time travel backwards, by at least ten seconds.

 Upon first glance by the observers in attendance, the ship appears complete and unharmed,.....however,..... the human crew is later discovered to be in a horrifying state.

The very physical being of the crew ,......on a molecular level were now fused with the material structure of the ship.

Men were in varying degrees of physical chaos,.........some men were on fire,........some screaming grasping at their heads with a total loss of sanity,......some men were alive,.......however they were now in a completely invisible state,.......others sailors were actually fused into the ship.

The first crew members to be found were two men actually buried into the steel deck, a state of agony and near death,......two other sailors were found standing upright, partially concealed within the structure of the bulkhead,..........yet another man was found, who had his hand encased into the steel of the ship, up to his wrist.

Some of the crew had been vaporised completely,......simply gone,.....never to be seen again. For the sailors who appeared to be whole and physically intact,.....other problems quickly become evident with the neuro damage inside the micro cellular structure of the men, they are screaming aloud in agony.

The men are quickly taken from the ship,.....and placed into various categories. For the ones who lost some or all of their sanity, institutionalization is immediately ordered,.......and they are classified as missing in action to the immediate family and the public. Loved ones of the men involved, are told a fictitious story for each man,.........including the sailor being lost at sea.

According to Carlos Allende, strange things continued to occur after the experiment, such as a group of sailors who were drinking at a bar when a fight breaks out,.....during the heat of the fight,....the men begin to fade from our reality,....then blink out all together,......only to reappear a moment later. All of the patrons including the bartender, supposedly see this bizarre spectacle.

Desperate to keep a lid on the horrendous experiment, the entire event is very deeply buried. The scientific team is dispersed with dire warnings to never speak of it again and the official logs of the Eldridge are altered to show that the ship was NEVER in Philadelphia's naval yard,........just in case people start to dig around.

The cover up is instant and thorough, families are one by one told that the men have been unfortunately lost at sea, during the course of the war. The families readily believe the offered and plausible story presented about their loved one,....having no reason to suspect otherwise.

Witnesses to the event are forced to sign severe oaths of secrecy. Project "Rainbo" as it was officially known,.....was cancelled,.......and classified as being "Beyond Top Secret."

Despite all of the threats and oaths to those who were witnesses and still alive,........ people continue to emerge to tell the world what took place on that fateful day. Carlos Allende is one, and his role becomes important as he relays all he knows in correspondence to Morris Jessup.

As one of  many that will forever be linked with the Philadelphia Experiment,... is the man,.... Morris K Jessup.

Mr. Jessup, a scientist and noted author, is front and center in the unfolding of the experiment. Morris began to elaborately investigate the information that seemed to be leaking from everywhere about the Eldridge. Made famous by his book, "The Case For The UFO" Mr. Jessup had an inquisitive mind and the tenacity of a scientist to see things through to an understandable conclusion.

After all where did the idea of invisibility for a ship come from?

 An interesting tie in occurs here, as most believe the government got the idea from the vast amount of UFOs flying unchecked in our skies.
At this period of time in our history, the government was coming down hard and fast on anyone who spoke of UFOs in an intellectual fashion. While they publicly ridiculed, lied and denied the truth of this important matter, in secret it was the most important topic in the history of the planet. Scores of military pilots were reporting encounters on a regular basis,.....and these men were routinely taken in to be debriefed and warned about speaking further on the subject.

Retired Captain Sydney S. Sherby steps forward to speak on a show about the Philadelphia Experiment, presented by the History Channel and he says, " I had a man working for me, a Lieutenant by the name of Bill Ditch, who was one of our real bright ones, he was by himself, and he said he looked off to the side,....and he said there was something flying formation on him,.......and it was there for about 5 of 10 minutes,......and then he said, peeled off. He said it was sort of saucer shaped and it was glowing slightly."

The multitudes of Navy reports regarding UFOs are sent in to Project Blue Book,.....this is the official Air force Investigation,....however we all know now that it was a complete farce set up to redirect the public away from the truth of the matter at hand. The Navy eyewitnesses to UFOs almost never hear a response from their statements to Blue Book.

Tired of being stonewalled about the truth,....some Navy Officers begin to investigate the UFO question on their own,....including Lieutenant Commander Geroge Hoover and Captain Sidney Sherby, of the Office of Naval Research.

Then a mysterious day arrives in 1955, where an item is brought into O.N.R. Headquarters. In a plain envelope, with the phrase "Happy Easter" written on the outside,.......inside is the book written by Morris K. Jessup,........"A Case For The UFO,"...............HOWEVER,......the entire book is filled on the inside with handwriting, written within the side columns. The ink is in three different colors, and the handwriting is distinctly three different styles of script. Captain Sherby says of the book, " The way these people talked, and if you read the comments that were scribbled into the book,.....they were talking about being someplace off the surface of the Earth. Aliens if you want to call them that."

These  "writers" seemed to be solving many of the mysteries that exist within our universe. The discussion involved the methods of travel,......the dimensions,.......operation within other dimensions,......the different kinds of beings that are piloting the craft which are being seen by the public. To the Navy's surprise, the writers also elaborate on the very secret project,... where the U.S. government tried to make their war ship disappear. It says,......... "The U.S. Navy's force field experiments 1943, October,....produced invisibility of ship and crew,....fearsome results so terrifying,.....fortunately halt further research."

The Navy officers become fascinated by this mysterious book and call upon Mr. Jessup to see if he would know anything about who these writers were. A meeting is set up to gather any useful information.

Jessup tells the Navy men, he has also received letters written in the same writing style, as one of the writers in the book,.......his name was Carlos Allende.

After this fascinating meeting with the Navy,  Mr. Jessup delves deeper into his own investigation of the Philadelphia Experiment, with the new and exciting realization that top Navy officials were extremely concerned about the side line writing in his book.

In 1959, Morris Jessup was profoundly into his research, when he comes upon some startling information that he desperately wants to share with Dr. Mansion Valentine, he calls him on the phone and says excitingly, " I want to show you what I have found!"

An appointment is made to meet and share the discovered information the following day,........however the very next day, which was April 20th, 1959,.....Jessup is discovered barely alive inside of his car. The exhaust pipe of his car, had been neatly connected to a hose which was then inserted into the front window,..........barely breathing when he was found,..... Mr. Morris Jessup dies within minutes of detection.

The meeting he wanted so desperately to have,.......never takes place.

I have not met a person yet who doesn't believe this was indeed a murder to keep a highly credible person, from once again sharing the truth about a black project.

There is a long list of people who have met with misfortune who were important and/or credible witnesses in the UFO truth and it's related black projects.

They have died by,...........

*Hanging by sheets,.....then thrown out the window.
*Shot in their front yard.
*Strangled in their apartment.
*Found hanging from their bedpost.
*Gassed in their car.
*Shot in the mouth.
*Given radical forms of fast acting cancer.
*Insulin overdose.
*Car accidents.

A common denominator amongst them all, they all wanted to speak the truth about what is taking place on,,.... and around our planet.

One thing the black alliance doesn't seem to understand,...that is..when you kill a truth speaker, gives the story instant credibility.

After the suspicious death of Jessup,.........a reprint of his book,.......complete with all of the sideline commentary is ordered. This edition is republished by YARO MFG. CO,. INC. of Garland Texas,..........however people aren't able to get a hold of this book,.......and suspect it is being purposely kept away from the masses. The ONR funded a small printing,.....and one hundred copies were distributed within the Navy.

As a highly sought after witness, Carlos Allende had been continually tracked and found to be on the move in a most tiring fashion. The towns and postmarks on letters that he mailed to Jessup before his death, all continued to vary,...and people believed he was in fear for his life. Carlos has also been known to go by the name Carlos Allen.  Finally,... in 1969 Carlos walks in to the headquarters of The Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization,....and announced it all was a lie. Most believe the confession was the result of a tired man who wanted to remain in one location and still remain alive.

Was Carlos coerced?


After years of writing, and shifting locations, and the scientist he communicates with ends up dead, is very strange that he would come forward and reverse his statements,.......but that is not the end of this witnesses testimony.

As for the men who say the ship never went to Philadelphia, you think they are going to conduct a black operation,......and inform all members of the crew? And for the doubters that scream, "Look at the log book!"............How can you believe it was not tampered with?

In 1969 the Air Force officially closes the book on UFOs ,.........saying,......... "UFOs do not exist."

Is the pattern of deceit becoming clear to you yet?

Something happens when witnesses become older,........they become unafraid of the threats that are leveled against them to keep them silent.

In 1979, Charles Berlitz and William Moore present to the world a book they co-authored called, "The Philadelphia Experiment."  Carlos Allende is contacted once again, to be interviewed for the story. Mr. Allende adamantly insists that all of the previous testimony provided to Jessup, and the detailed account of the disappearing ship is in fact true. Carlos then tells the identity of the ship for the first time as being the,...... DE 173, the USS Eldridge.

One theory circulating the Internet is, a small skeleton crew was selected to take part in the experiment,.....before she was actually commissioned. This would certainly explain the main crew knowing nothing, of the events that took place.

As for men coming forward and saying they were with the ship as it was being built,......and never left the ship during it's run with the Navy, one believes it. What they are saying to you is,......... the government used a ship that they sailed on in a black project,.......therefor they should know about it.


The only ones that would know about it would be the people who were on it,.....the people who ran the project,.....and the unfortunates who happened to witnesses it.

There is yet another witness who corroborates the entire story,......that is Phil Schneider, whose father was Captain Oscar Schneider, a medical doctor in the Navy and the physician for the sailors who were removed from the Philadelphia Experiment.

Dr. Schneider carried a Top Secret Cosmic Clearance while working with NATO and worked on black projects like the Philadelphia Experiment and a project known as Operation Crossroads. Dr Schneider assisted in sequestering the crew from the experiment and attended to the men as each one died. After their death, Oscar preformed their autopsies.

During a public lecture Phil (a geologist and a engineer)  holds up a photo of his father sitting inside the USS Eldridge, and states that the Philadelphia Experiment did in fact take place.

Phil Schneider was later found dead inside his home, strangled to death,......and all of the materials used in his lecture, including the picture of his father sitting inside the Eldridge, were taken from the residence.