Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men In Black

This is a sketch of a tipical depiction of the Men In Black.



Well,...... If you are one of the millions out there, WHO HAVE HAD CONTACT with aliens, ......of the first, second or third kind .......AND YOU HAVE LET THE MEDIA KNOW..........................GET READY..................................because you most likely are going to get an encounter with the shadowy, mysterious men, known as the Men In Black.

The Men in Black , will find you!

The reported description of their appearance is peculiar,... indeed. Some witnesses report dark colored skin with Asian eyes, very high cheek bones and used the term, "foreign looking" when describing them. Others report extremely pale colored, smooth and waxy-like skin, with glassy, bulging eyes and no finger nails.

They have a very broad history of behavior and appearances but all share a common silence the witnesses and confiscate any and all evidence.

They show up at your home alone or with others, wearing dark colored suits, hats and possibly sun glasses.....emerging from an equally sinister looking dark vehicle, that has the ability to appear and disappear in an instant.

Black helicopters have also been known to sniff about in the area, after the MIB have been in the region.

They have been reported as sitting in cars outside the witness's home, surveilling it for long hours or even days, before approaching the front door. Other reports claim, that prior to arriving , numerous strange phone calls will be made to the witness and the line of questioning leaves the person in a extremely rattled state. The caller seems to know information on them that is extremely personal and impossible to discover.

It is hard to tell you exactly what they are,.... since they lie. Not a word they say about who they are .......ever turns out to be true.

Most of the MIB say they work for a government agency and flash badges, however.... when the individual involved goes to verify the information, they find that the person whose name was given, is in fact deceased or that the particular branch of the agency offered as to where they are from, doesn't actually exist.

At least half of the individuals who have had contact with MIB, don't even think they are human. A long list of reasons why people have drawn this conclusion, can be found in most of the testimony given, when they relay the story.

To say that the behavior of the MIB IS STRANGE, is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT. From laughing at inappropriate moments, to staring at a pen and asking, " What is this?" male MIB putting his hand on a female MIB'S breast and asking, " Is this how it is done?" The speech is at times also bizarre..........from robotic in tone and enunciation, using outdated terms of description.

Some UFO researchers think that this outlandish behavior is purposeful, so that when it gets recounted, no one will believe the story.
Others believe that they are behaving in this erratic manner because they are not human. The theory circulating among the direct MIB contactees, is that many are either alien, or an android ......................that is controlled by an alien.

The main agenda of the MIB, is to do what ever it takes, to keep you from going to the media with your account. They also adamantly state you are not to tell your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. A whole host of threats are made, in varying degrees, from the generic, " You wouldn't want to have an accident, would you?" more detailed threats, that are aimed at those with strong dispositions, such as.....specific information on their family , friends and co-workers and what can happen to each, as the daily schedules of all, are recounted for the witness.

They DO NOT want you talking openly about your encounter. In fact, the more degreed and credible you are .........the bigger your influence may be with the public....the heavier they will come down on you.

They demand all physical evidence and if you don't turn it over ....your house will usually end up torn apart, as they search for it in your absence.

House alarms or dogs don't seem to stop the raid.

So,... the question is .....who and what are they?

Various UFO investigators believe the MIB are a unit from the Air Force Intelligence known as AFSAC - (Air Force Special Activities Center), that are headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is accepted that they began their operations, when the CIA-directed Robertson Panel proceeded to give it's recommendations, to spy on ANY AND ALL civilian UFO groups.

Others believe the inscrutable MIB are in fact an organization called the O.S. I. R. - (Office of Scientific Investigation and Research.) Formed in the 1940's, this is a super top-secret group whose long and twining tentacles can be found around the globe. They investigate anything paranormal, supernatural or metaphysical and they are considered a powerful force. They use a wide range of manipulations, to control who has knowledge of their existence. They are independent and operate outside of the government. They mystically manage to have phenomenal funding with superior technology. The O.S.I.R., have been able to worm their way throughout our entire government and society, constantly on the prowl for the paranormal.

Witnesses that have become involved in the covert operations, of the O.S.I.R., have found that they will use any means of intimidation to extinguish all information from ever reaching the public.

They make liberal use of aliases and they hide in the open of your neighborhoods.

The populous officially recognised the O.S.I.R., in 1990, when a public affairs department was opened. For 10 long years, this strange group, coyly interacted with the public, then in the year 2,000, the office was officially closed down. This ended all contact once again, with the masses.

The O.S.I.R., will do anything to ensconce information on paranormal phenomena of every description.......leaving us to wonder.........what is their true agenda?

So are they human,.......or are they alien?

I personally believe that they are .....both.
Some witness have encountered human MIB,...........while others have encountered NON-human MIB.

The goal is always the same,.......silence the talker.......take the evidence.

It should be taken very seriously. Anyone researching this phenomena for even a short period of time will arrive at some very spooky conclusions.

The first thing you will notice is a long list of credible witnesses, many of which had prestigious degrees, who went on to die within a short period of time of going public with their story. You will find they died of car accidents, fallen out of windows from a very high distance, shot, found hanging from their own bed headboard with a suicide note, or came down with an aggressive form of Cancer and died within the year.

If you are left alive, they usually have discredited you thoroughly in some way or erased your past academic records. They mean business........they don't want these truths out there and they are spookier then the Boogie Man!

One of the earliest victims of the MIB was Robert Bender of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bender became well known and highly respected for producing the IFSB- (International Flying Saucer Bureau), in the year 1952. It was immediately a phenomenal success, however it was hastily shut down the very next year.

Bender stepped forward and admitted, that three MIB, had terrified him with horrific stories of the alien agenda and they proceeded to make his life an unbearable nightmare. Three years later, Gray Barker, who was also a IFSB member, wrote a book on the entire incident called, " They knew too much about flying saucers."

In 1962 Bender stanched his 9 year silence , when he wrote, " Flying saucers and the three men." In this riveting book, Bender reveals it was the MIB, who pushed him out of ufology ...and that they were in fact,.... aliens from another planet.

Another famous author of numerous books, John Keel talks often about the MIB. According to Keel, who was also a demonologist and ufologist, ........"These ET's are ULTRA-terrestrial entities from unimaginable other dimensions of reality. Worse, they definitely do not like us at all. Human beings are like ants, trying to view reality with a very limited perceptive equipment. We are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scramble our brains,.. destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit. They have been doing this to us forever."

Special note, some of the people who have encountered MIB have also encountered poltergeist activity in their homes, along with visible translucent entities that were seen walking and lounging, throughout their house.

What you have just read is taking place around the planet. Almost identical descriptions of MIB, in appearance and behavior have been reported in country after country.

Want to see a brief video on the MIB?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hillbilly Beast of Kentucky

The Hillbilly Beast quietly stalks and roams the back hills of Eastern Kentucky, near the Ohio River. This large and intimidating creature has called this land home, long before settlers moved into the neighborhood.
As years became decades ,....and decades became centuries,......the human population exploded creating a strained situation for the man-beast. Humans continually move further out into virgin and unspoiled territory, thus they are now coming face to face with the other being,..... that calls this land home.
Documented reports of these human / man beast run-ins, have been made to the authorities by the multitude, and many more just discuss their sightings privately among their family and friends.

A being that stands 8-10 feet tall!

Weighing in at an estimated 800lbs this creature is usually very dark in appearance, with hair covering the entirety of it's body. The face looks incredibly human with an extraordinarily intelligent look in his eyes, when the creature swings his head around and catches you observing him. Witnesses have said, the eyes appear almost black in the daylight and glow a eerie yellow color when inkiness of evening descends.
It is very oral at times, and uses a broad range of vocalizations to communicate. The territorial howl that people have come to associate with him, is quite blaring in nature and those who have heard it, say the hair raises up on their arms, during it's lament. People who have discovered that they were physically close to him, reported hearing the creature make low guttural and breathy, grunting sounds.

The Hillbilly Beast in every way matches the descriptions of Bigfoot throughout our planet. In fact what would be described as Bigfoot, has been seen and documented on every continent in the entire world. Our bluegrass friend demonstrates the same behavior as his far away cousins, if he considers you trespassing on HIS territory. Rocks of every size will come flying out of the treeline in your direction, an effort to scare you away..... and if that doesn't work, he has been known to take it to the next level.
People who live in the area of a Bigfoot family, report the loud bangs of tree limbs, being pounded against each other, echoing a vibratory drumbeat for a long distance.

Monster Quest, which runs on the History Channel, recently trekked deep into the heart of the Kentucky wilderness and Cypress Swamps, to search for the Hillbilly Beast.
While exploring some of the hot spots, the team is surprised when they hear the crack of tree limbs and the rocks that are hurled in their direction, during their walk along the river.
Recording devices set up by the investigative crew, do a remarkable job picking up animal sounds in the distance, some of which may belong to our hillbilly friend. Out of the array of noises sent in for verification by specialists, 20-30 of the vocals could not be identified as belonging to any known animal.
A tooth is produced later in the show and shown to the investigators. The team proceed to photograph the tooth, with high definition, as they were not given permission to take the actual specimen. The photo is then sent to an expert, who is unable to identify what animal it could have come from.
Throughout the show, numerous eyewitnesses are interviewed about their encounters and they give a chilling and compelling reckoning. One account has a man named Ganyard and his friend out for the day to see the new boat ramp erected along the water way. After viewing the ramp, situated in a very remote location, they get back into the vehicle to leave, however the van becomes stuck in the saturated earth and the tires, now rooted in a muddy channel, are spinning deeper into the ground.
The friend volunteers to start walking back in the direction from which they had come, to search for help. The witness remains in the van. While resting on the front seat, Ganyard is shocked into a state of terror, when the van gets attacked by the creature. Angry at the interlopers for intruding on his territory, the Hillbilly Beast grabs the vehicle and shakes it violently. Our witness is overcome with fear as he looks into the furious eyes of the creature, through the window. At one point Ganyard feels that he won't survive the attack and the van is going to be flipped upside down........but after the Beast had expelled his rage, he relinquishes the van which drops in an upright position,...... and leaves the scene.

The next witness is a Mr. Kenny Mahoney, who has lived in the quiet area of Fairdale, Kentucky his entire life. When Mahoney notices an unusual amount of produce seems to be disappearing from his garden, he sets up a motion sensor surveillance camera, on a nearby tree, giving him a complete view of the garden. The usual cute little woodland animals all make an appearance,....rabbits hopping about,......birds pecking the ground,.....raccoons looking quizzically at the camera,............. however one picture captures what appears to be a very large hairy ape man, standing on the brush edge of the garden.

When Kenny is asked to recreate the photo, he positions the camera in the exact same location. When measured by visible markers, it is determined the creature was standing about 55 yards from the camera, next to a nearly 6 foot high, flowering weed. The creature by comparison looks three times wider and about a foot taller, then the 5'11" Kenny, when he stands in the exact same location. The area where the Hillbilly Beast was standing, was found to be trampled and showed signs of something large in the area.

The photo was examined by several experts, one of which was a wildlife expert, who stated that it was NOT a bear and the creature appears to have fur of some kind covering the entirety of it's body.

The photo expert on Monster Quest, was at first bewildered by the photographic evidence, then came to believe the photo showed a picture of a bird close to the camera, while in flight.

Personally....I have no idea, what has been captured in this fascinating photograph.

If it is a bird, would have to be a beakless, tailless bird, with a head the size of a bowling ball,..............and I have not seen alot of those.

It looks like a tall, dark, hairy creature standing in the thick brush, on the gardens edge.

(You will have to look for yourself and make your own determination.)

The Cherokee Indians have a rich and in depth relationship with nature and they claim to have witnessed the Sasquatch many times, while the creatures sat to dig for roots and eat other greens. The Native Americans have come to understand that the diet of this hairy being, is as wide and varied as our own. In fact, the Indian tribes have profound respect for the Wildman of the Woods and they believe the creature to have supernatural abilities.

One of the most interesting reports of supernatural capacity, comes from a witness (not on the Monster Quest program) who claims to have seen the creature stepping into....... and out of........ a interdimensional gateway or star gate! The witness became so fascinated with what he had observed, that he got a pair of binoculars and continued to surveil the location on a regular basis. The witness steadfastly claims that on numerous occasions the "gateway" was used by the mysterious man-beast. The invisible entry way appears to onlookers, as rolling heatwaves rising up from the ground, when it is viewed from a distance.

Others who have come into close proximity with the Beast, state that it has the ability to communicate telepathically with them.

This REALLY makes you wonder ............what can this creature possibly be?

Want to see the photo that is in question? Click on the following Youtube link......

This is a brief 4 minute segment of the Monster Quest program, that ran on the History Channel, is an excellent watch!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dover Demon of Massachusetts


Have you ever heard of a creature called the Dover Demon?

Well,....... he made an appearance to numerous people, back in the 1970's which caused quite a stir and resulted in a full investigation. This possible cryptid, has been talked about ever since.

What is he?

The descriptions of all the witnesses involved, closely resemble one another,......they are as follows.

The otherworldly visitor stands around 3-4 feet in height, with long narrow arms and legs, ending with tapered fingers. No hair is visible on the rough looking grey skin, that covers it's entire body. The head is unusually large compared to the rest of it's body, elongated and skull like in appearance. The face contains great luminous eyes that glow burnt orange and ..............(depending on the recorded account read), sometimes the eyes glow green in color. No apparent nose, ears or mouth are visible. It was observed while walking upright on two legs and some reports have him crawling on all four appendages, as he grips the surface with his fingers. The strange night walker is said to make a startling screech that is quite piercing.

OK, this little fella doesn't look like the neighbor, (unless you have a really weird looking neighbor.) So,.............who has seen him?

When research began on the Dover Demon, it was discovered that for hundreds of years, Native American Indians have passed down to one another, in their oral histories, the information on this night walker. The Cree Indians call the creature, " Mannegishi."

The Mannegishi's description, precisely matches the previous portraiture of the above sketches and reports,.........however........due to very close and repeated stealth examinations of the Mannegishi, the Cree, have a greater knowledge of what they are. The Native Americans say that the creatures reside in and around large bodies of water. They have a tendency to climb on the rock outcroppings and ledges associated with the waters edge. Their history, speaks of canoes and small boats being tipped over by the Mannegishi and drowning the occupants.

The Cree Indians have come to understand, that the Mannegishi breath directly through their skin and are capable of telepathy.

The Dover Demon has been sighted and reported on three separate occasions, in more modern times , in the year of 1977. The first sighting was by Bill Bartlett, who was driving a car full of friends at the time. Bill stated when making his report, that he first thought what he was seeing was an animal. However, while scrutinizing the creature further, came to the conclusion that the creature was UN-earthly in appearance. When viewed, the creature was crawling along a wall located on Farm Street, in Dover Massachusetts.

A short time after the first sighting, a boy by the name of John Baxter espied the Dover Demon as he was walking home that night. At first Baxter just saw a figure walking towards him and thinking it was maybe someone he knew, Baxter called out. No answer was forthcoming. As they drew closer to one another the creature abruptly stopped, as did Baxter. As John's gaze locked onto the bizarre scene, he slowly tried to move closer to it. This sent the unknown night walker running at fantastic speed down a gully and up over the other side. Now at a distance of about 30 feet, John saw it's feet moulded around the rocks it was standing upon, while it's two hands tightly gripped the trunk of a nearby tree, with very long tenuous fingers.

The next recorded account comes from Abby Brabham and Will Traintor, who while driving in the car, observed the creature crouched down on all fours, on the left side of the road. Abby went on to say the glow of it's eyes while in the headlights was green in color.

All accounts closely resembled one another. The only obvious variable was the color of the glowing eyes, which can change in appearance depending upon the color of the light being reflected into them. Four sketches were drawn of the creature by the witnesses and under Bill Bartlett's sketch he wrote, " I, Bill Bartlett swear on a stack of Bibles that I saw this creature."

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman was the initial investigator who gave us the name, "Dover Demon." Coleman brought in Joseph Hyman, Ed Fogg and Walter Webb, who were all very well known ufological researchers, to look into the matter. The investigators did a very thorough job of checking out the back round of the eye witnesses involved. School officials, friends, family members, as well as the local police were questioned.

All agreed........ they were credible witnesses.

The thought as to what was seen on these occasions is varied , depending upon who you are talking to. I personally believe that they are alien creatures, either visiting our beautiful blue planet ....................or they slipped in through one of the earth's numerous star gates and decided to make certain bodies of water their home.

One school of thought that is floating around the Internet, has to do with the youthful age of all the witnesses. They believe that there is a chance the creature was more of a poltergeist type of spirit, which is known for being attracted to the vibrant energy of youth.

Here is a brief two minute video, created by Animal Planet. Enjoy.

Make sure you are alert and aware when out in the inky blackness of the night,.......because you never know what may be watching you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ax murder.... farm house of Villisca, Iowa

The AX Murder House

On 6Th Avenue and 2ND Street, in a remote mid-western town, sits a plain little white board farm house. What would be considered, "quaint" in any other strikes electric dread in your heart when you know the location..............

Villisca, Iowa.........home of the ax murders!

The simple and eerie house remains frozen in time , complete with an outhouse standing forlornly, in the back yard. No modernization attempts were made to a home that no family seemed to be able to occupy, since.................... IT HAPPENED.


On June 9th, 1912..... two adults, J.B. and Sara Moore and six innocent children were monstrously slaughtered, while sleeping peacefully in their warm beds. Two of the six children were simply visiting the Moors, for a fun little sleep over. "The Stillinger girls" were invited over, after attending a church program that evening and given the sewing room on the first floor to sleep in.

Joe and Sara were found heinously slain in their bedroom at the top of the stairway. Sara was the only murder victim to be hit in the head with the sharpened side of the ax,........ the rest were struck down with the dull end or the side of the weapon. The four Moore children, (Herman 11yrs., Katherine 9yrs., Boyd 7yrs., Paul 5yrs.) were discovered in one bedroom, located on the second floor, in a blood filled scene, that is beyond nightmarish. The visiting children, (Lena 12yrs., Ina 8yrs.) were laying dead in the very same sewing room that they fell asleep in, on that fateful night.

The bodies of this family and the Stillinger girls were bludgeoned repeatedly by the killer, long after they were dead, rendering their faces unrecognizable to those who knew them.

The murder weapon, which was taken from the Moores own home , was found laying on the floor near a slab of bacon, next to the body of Lena, of the Moores little guests.
Little Lena's underwear had been removed and her tiny body was placed in a posed position. Most who have looked into this troubling case believe, the fat from the bacon was used to lubricate the genitals of the murderer, who then preformed a demented sex act. The corner believed the body of Lena was not actually raped and stated this in his report.

Law enforcement had a distressing time trying to keep order over the crime scene. Multitudes roamed the house taking in the horrific scene before them, long before the police even got to the location.....destroying precious evidence. The locals were viewing the bodies, that lay everywhere in the tiny house. All were shocked at the innocent lives taken,.... and the violent mayhem that splattered deep burgundy blood, all over the walls and floors.

The National Guard finally arrived and secured the crime scene, however much of the evidence had already been decimated. Even the personal property of this tragic family, was being stolen by onlookers and used as souvenirs to remember the grisly event. One bold gawker, while moseyling through the house, bent down and grabbed a piece of Joe Moore's skull......and proceeded to take it home!

Upon official examination of the site, the ceilings in the murder rooms, showed deep gouge marks from the violent rage- filled upswings of the ax. Two depleted cigarette butts were found laying on the attic floor. This is most likely where the killer hid, until the family was fast asleep. A walk into the kitchen, found a wash basin filled with a putrid mixture of blood and water...... sitting right next to a plate of partially eaten food! The murderer took the time to close all the windows, lock the doors, cover the mirrors, and close the curtains, .......then, he just walked out the door.

The town became separated into different schools of thought, about who the murderer could be. Emotions were off the scale,........anger, fear, rage, confusion, all escalated to a heightened point. The frustrations remained in the town for a very long time, as no closure has ever taken place. The mass murders remain unsolved to this day!

The Reverend George Kelly was strongly suspected and it was discovered that he left town, on the morning of the discovery of the bodies. The Reverend actually confessed his guilt of this crime, to the public and was held for court.

The first jury was hung.

The second jury acquitted him.

In 1917 the investigation was officially closed down and no person has ever been held accountable for this ghastly crime!

Psychics that have visited the home over the years, have claimed the ghost of the Reverend is there and he speaks of killing the eight innocents in great detail.

The home remained empty, as the years went by, until Homer and Bonnie Ritner happened along, in the early 1950's. The young newlywed couple were short on funds and expecting a baby. They were offered the home with six months of rent for free, they moved into the nefarious site.
Immediately,........the pregnant wife began to hear the spirits and other strange sounds. Bonnie told her husband that she could see the shadow of an ax murderer at the foot of her bed and became inconsolable. Bonnie was taken to the doctor in a state of hysterics and almost lost her baby. In an effort to maintain their reasonable homestead, Homer agreed to stay awake at night and sit in a chair at the end of the bed, so his dear wife could rest. While keeping this vigil, Homer heard the loud footsteps of an invisible man and proceeded to pack their belongings. The couple fled to Clarinda, to live with relatives and never looked back.

The next family John and Allie Geesman, purchased the house,.....however it is said that John refused to sleep inside the house. Instead a bed was set up in the barn, where John proceeded to reside at night. Neighbors also reported seeing house guests of the Geesman's, running out of the front door of the house 3am!

The home was now owned by the Villisca State Bank and it was used as a rental from 1963-1971. The Williamson's occupied the home in the 60's, and reported hearing ghostly children crying in the night. The drawers to the bedroom dresser were opened and the contents strewn about the room. The father , who was a long haul truck driver, was in a complete state of disbelief .......until one night. While sitting in the kitchen, sharpening his pocket knife, the blade was yanked from his hand and thrust into his very own palm! The family immediately packed up their things and left the home that same evening.

The name "Villisca" comes from the Indian name " Wallisca" .........which means "Place of the evil spirits." This spooky location is where the indigenous Indians abandoned their insane.

Sound like a place you would like to visit?

Darwin Linn is the current owner and conducts all tours of the home. The tours last an hour or two..... and run 10.00 per person. (Children under 12 are free)

Are you brave enough to spend the night?

Overnight stays start at 300.00 and book up fast in October!

Call Darwin for your reservations at......712-621-4291

Here is a video, where you can see ghostly orbs flying about..... in the ax murder house!