Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 The Importance Of Your Thoughts On This Date


Just a quick write up to let you know that today is an important day, in our creation of the NEW earth.

I won't go into long detail, let's just say it has to do with the projecting out of energies,...and what we want to create as a people on this planet,...... is the energy of harmony.

The dark forces will be very busy today, so prepare yourself. While they work to manipulate you with acts of deceit and darkness,.....we,...the people of the world, will pursue the higher path of light.

This is what you are NEEDED to do,..... as an awakened being,...........

* The times to meet in the either (with your thoughts and powerful emotion) to send out your POSITIVE intentions are,.....

-1AM,.....( All eastern standard time.)

* Join together with family or friends,.....or you can simply do this by yourself. Go out and be with nature, keep your thoughts focused upon the WORLD WE WANT TO SEE. Imagine a white light, of divine energy coming straight into your heart, mind and body. See this force filling up your being and projecting out to the entirety of the planet. Then see the love and pure desires you have for our world, leaving your being as it expands out from you, to form a mighty force field of love around the planet.

* If you are at work at these times,....find a quite area for a brief time,....close your eyes and visualize the world YOU WANT TO LIVE IN. Include in your desire, every quality you wish would be present right now, for the wonderful people of earth and the dear animal kingdom.

* The key is the emotion in your HEART. The power of us all focused together on this date is immeasurable! It is exceedingly anticipated by the races of the higher vibratory realms. The spot light is squarely on the earth.

* Above all else, NOT let your thoughts go into dark and frightening events on a day like today!
This is NOT a day for fear, stay away from anything that will cause your mind to focus on this.

It is important that we call forth and attract the energies of,...........


* We are generating with our intent today! The dark forces will be doing their best to create panic, horror, dread, and alarm. You must realize the momentousness of this world wide focus. YOUR energy of love is desperately needed, so please,.... PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

* Everything you have ever been taught about being on the correct path,...has all lead to NOW and it has never been more important. (Every ascended master who ever walked this earth, spent the entirety of their lives trying to teach you,.....LOVE.) We as a species are co-creating,...and your input is required. Every being that is awake to the events of our current time line,....IS NEEDED.

It will be a busy day of sending out beautiful thoughts for our world.

 I will see you again in my heart, as our energies rise up and connect in the higher realms. We are creating today my friends!

That is all I will say for now,....maybe more later.
Hugs and kisses to you all!

This very brief video will give you information on this world wide event, and also a feel of us all working together, a FAMILY upon this beautiful planet. Prepare to get a tingle in your stomach, and goosebumps, for the next minute and a half, UNITY ripples through you.

I don't think when this song was written, that they could have imagined, that the entirety of the planet would be using it to usher in a new reality. In this next video, you will see artists singing the famous song, 'We Are The World.'
Watch it and enjoy it while you can, many videos get yanked from Youtube on a regular basis,...(especially if it is important to the planet),....... and our emotions on this day are astronomically consequential to Mother Earth.

If you have this song at home,....PLAY IT ALL DAY LONG. It will help you in your visuals of oneness. ♥

The video is about 6 minutes.

Here is a 11-11-11 meditation,...with thoughts of love ♥ for the planet,...which is taking place at 11:11PM, tonight. Do any of the above ( as you work your sovereign power for our new reality)..... one video or all, your schedule allows. Just remember the power to produce peace, call forth truth, establish flawless freedoms, and project beauty into our world,........ lies in YOU.
The 11-11-11 video is about 4 minutes in length.

Update! (12-1-2011)

I see lots of Internet chat regarding the events our world participated in, on the very important day of 11-11-11.

"Well," everyone says,......"What happened?"

Did we do any good for our earthly home,.... and our new reality?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Thank you all, who participated,....for you lit the atmosphere of our earth with a blinding white light, of all of the divine and higher emotions. Your projections were seen and are in the process of being realized.

Our call as a species was heard by the universe.

11-11-11, so momentous, it becomes a line for the planet and all that dwells upon her,....resulting in a marker for human kind that will eternally be known as,...... before 11-11-11,......and after 11-11-11.

The gratitude that is being shown by the higher realms is overflowing,....for your participation encouraged certain cosmic energies to be magnetized to our planet, in a very symphonic way.

We didn't have to go through any of the earthly disruptions, because SO MANY PARTICIPATED in a strong and positive manner!

(Special note: Your continued efforts are needed for we have much to go through, as physical earthly changes continue to unfold. ALWAYS remember,.....YOU have an effect upon the NOW.)

The very number 11,......has an ability to open portals,.....and the great expanse of the infinite universes, has billions of these particular doorways.

None of these portals are by chance. They are there to seal the entry of an area of space, that is dissimilar to what is around you at this moment in time.

When a portal is energized and opened knowledgeably, it will allow other beings to enter, who are aware of our whereabouts.

They will be able to pop over from millions of light years away!

When the 11 number/date is used in association with rage, hate, fear, terror, calls forth those entities that are attracted to the lower vibrations.

When the number 11/date is used in conjunction with the energies of LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, FREEDOM, TRUTH, EQUALITY, and the higher vibrations of oneness, attracts the beings of the higher vibratory fields and therefore of divine quality.

11-11-11 opened the rest of earth's portals and the energies poured in!

It responded to the LOVE, we were projecting. Now we are in for an incredible ride, the higher vibrations continue to sweep over the globe.

Continue to do your positive focused intention for our earth family, Mother Earth and the dear animal kingdom.

We created a force field of light,...and now we must carry through, every day,....with the love in our hearts.

What many thought was just another day, because they could not see it with their earthly eyes,....was a day of such enormity, future humans will look back with awe.

Why will they be so amazed?

Because millions of people on the planet came together, with the love in their hearts and stunning thoughts in their minds,....for a world of PEACE, LOVE, FREEDOM and harmony.

Hugs & kisses to you all!