Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas poem

Dear Santa

Can you help me?

For I really need you this year.

You see…….

I am not 12 or 8 or 3,…..

But in our parents eyes forever their children,

We will be…..

I know that you are busy with packages and bows,

The merry hustle and bustle,

And the tasting of homemade cookie dough…

But my request cannot be pulled from a bag,

It must come from the heart,

It does not have a ‘to & from’ tag….

I know in the past my requests were full of excitement color and noise,

But no amount of that, will bring me any joy..

For someone who is very dear to me is ill this day,

And it is for him, that I am asking for you to pray……

It surely is as we’ve all been told,

That no amount of gemstones, silver or gold..

Can ever take the place of someone we hold dear,

A story that has echoed, as it is handed down through the years……

So Santa,.. This year I hope you will see,

That what I want most, cannot be placed under the Christmas tree…..

As you bring the rest of the world gifts, tidings and good cheer,

Remember for me, to simply say a little prayer….

This Christmas Eve as you travel the world to here and to there.

And with your presents drop down chimneys everywhere….

Please leave behind a thought in people’s hearts,

What matters most is the love that we start…

It cannot be bought, borrowed or sold,

And it lasts forever no matter how old….

So you see Santa,…. With the magic of Christmas, and faith I believe,

That this one special wish can be achieved…..

With warmth in our hearts, and your prayer sent with love,

I know I will get my gift from above…..

For this precious present, will make me feel more than glad,

For the prayer you are saying this Christmas,

Is for my dad.

Written with love,

By Kelly Horan



I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year!

As you gather with loved ones to celebrate the season of peace, please remember that what matters most in this world is indeed love.

Christ spent the entirety of his life trying to teach humanity the way,…. how to walk the golden path,….. and how to be,…. Love.

It is the most amazing power on earth, and when we as a species finally realize this, we can join together and change our reality in an instant.

Love manifests beauty,…..

Love has curative and healing properties,….

Love is brave,….

Love is loyal,….

Love the strong,…..

Love can transform our world,….

Love can make us so much more, than we are now.

Love to you my dear Earth family,….I pray you have your hearts desire, and every good thing in this world.

I send much love, peace,…. and blessings to you and your family.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

DECEMBER, 21, 2012


Energy injection today.

Today marks the end of the old and the beginning of a new world.

Where are your thoughts?

What are you concentrating upon?

Have you been centering yourself and doing the work?

What timeline did you choose?

What has been long-awaited, is finally here,…. we are at the shift. We have reached the topmost point of the Ascension procedure. The portals are open and much activity is to occur.

All is on schedule.

What earth is going through,… is also being experienced by many other planets. Mighty and strong Angels,…. Ascended Masters who have walked Earth’s path,…. And spirit guides, are all here now to assist in the shift.

Though the star gates cannot be seen with your eyes, they are very real. Humanity is to receive an injection at 11:11 AM. When this time hits your dial ready yourself for what you may feel. The divine energy will cover the entirety of the planet. In comes the cosmic ultraviolet rays.

What each individual will experience is going to vary greatly. Though we are now in a process of evolutionary change,…. some because of their preparedness are going to experience more of an energetic flash.

Others may experience feelings of lightheadedness,….. even dizziness,….. a tingling feeling,…..a deep knowing, feelings of happiness and bliss.

People all over the planet,… have been feeling strange bodily changes for the past year. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something is going on with your body.

Well you are right,…. you ARE changing.

For those who have truly readied themselves for this moment, what you experience will be quite concentrated. Others who have done little,…. or even nothing at all,…are still to receive the injection,… however it may be barely perceivable to you. Please don’t feel as though you failed because you didn’t get an electrical jolt,…. you are in the first stages of the process.

Our world is going to alter greatly.

All who are ready for the shift,…. will be on the path of change. The downloads will begin coming into our being to return us to full consciousness. Not only are you to remember who you truly are,…. but your psychic abilities are going to enhance exceedingly.

Imagine being able to look at your pet and understand what they’re thinking,….. or that ‘knowing’ that you had before in your life becoming so strong,… you no longer have doubt.

The Star gate that has been opened,…. allows many of the higher vibratory beings to interact in our world with great ease.

So many are here now to assist humanity, it is hard to put into words.

Many spirits on the planet today are star seeds, who have incarnated on Earth, to assist in the planet's modification. There are also many spirits on the planet now, who were alive during the Atlantean times,… and have reincarnated to experience a successful shift. (I know this may be hard for you to understand,…. but as each day passes more and more information will be understood by your being.)

Please don’t question whether you have been ‘good’ enough,.... or not. If you choose to experience the ascension,…. you shall. We indeed are family on this planet,…. and we will do this together.

All of your human power,… lies in the moment of NOW. Not yesterday or tomorrow,….. but now.

Closed your eyes,… and concentrate upon the moment where your power lies,…. while absorbing the energies streaming toward you,…. and imagining the world you want to live in.

There is no right or wrong way to do this process. Take your power,…. and KNOW that you are so much more than you can imagine right now. If you feel you need assistance, call out to your guardian spirit in this time.

In a world long out of balance,… the sacred feminine steps in during this time of Aquarius,…. and restores the poise.

With the sacred feminine restored,… the ring is complete,.. and the masculine fire ignites the codes.

The black alliance has been hard at work trying to keep your vibrations low. Staged event after staged event continues to be played upon the family of earth, to keep you in a state of horror and shock. Understand that this is an evil and intricate core, that wishes to remain in power, by keeping humanity in fear, subjugated,… and enslaved.

Despite what happens around you,… keep your focus!

This can't be stated enough,...concentrate,… upon the world YOU want to see. As humanity does this work together, the modifications upon the planet will be great.

Continue your meditation today, at 7 AM,… 1 PM,…. 7 PM,….. 1 AM (Eastern standard Time) with beautiful visions and feelings. Envision your light body activating. Do one meditation,.. or all,... if your schedule allows,…. and of course try and be open today at 11:11 AM  (YOUR time anywhere on the planet.) If you can,….incorporate the scents of frankincense or myrrh into your meditations.

Another activity that you may wish to try today,… involves taking your hands and placing one hand in front of your face ( before your nose and forehead) and the other hand, and placing it at the base of your head. Your hands are not actually to touch your skin,…just remain slightly above.

Then in your minds eye, concentrate deeply upon your pineal, pituitary, frontal lobe, and anterior amygdala. See these areas light up,…. see them in harmony and communication.

As the alignment is upon us,…. humanity is to be in telepathic alignment.

Go out and celebrate the success of arriving at this amazing date!

Though many time lines are still possible depending upon the wishes of humanity,….. the earth is firmly on the path of the Golden age. So many humans have stepped up to the plate while using their heart and mind,…. it has impressed those who came here to watch the shift.

Remember,….the people of Earth are not alone in this process. We have MUCH assistance.

The unfolding of the New World continues, as we move into fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

Love and blessings to you all, my earth family!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Energy Injection Today! 12-12-12


Hopefully,... you have been readying yourself for the changes about to begin. Many are doing the work to center themselves, and sending out the positive energy needed for the planet. If you are able to be free today,...that would be great,....for you can take the exquisite time to feel the energy wave.
People will have diverse experiences, as some are more prepared for this intimacy of our being.
ALL people will receive this energy as it comes into our realm, whether they know and feel it,.....or not.
Let this beautiful feeling wash over and through you.
Let composure wave out from you in this time, as it will help the anxious feelings emitting from others.
Ascension has been long in the making,...and it is a process. The dark, low vibration of FEAR, will not be present in the vibration we are headed for,....LOVE, patience and understanding will rule.
Humans accepting one another as a family upon the planet, will be matter of fact.
Our abilities are going to heighten as the process moves along and we will definitely recognize when we are in the presence of another higher vibrating being.
All around us is confusion and fear, as the masses question what is to happen. This is another reason for you to send out feelings of oneness and COMPOSURE.
ALL who have the desire for the higher vibrations, will be on the path to ascension.
Those who wish to remain in the lower density, may do so. No one is forced to make a move you are not ready for.
Also,... those who are in the lower vibratory field of hate, (in all of it's forms) will be unable to move to a vibration you are not resonating with.
It is important to keep PEACE, LOVE, and harmony in your being. What you are projecting out, will be attracted right back to you.
The portals are beginning to open,...and this time has been foretold for eons.
All truths are to be known.
The many deceptions of our human history, are to be undone,...and how the universe operates is to be understood. (Alot of this is taking place now, due to the Internet, and the black alliance is unable to stop the flow of information, as truth speakers bravely step forward.)
Analogous vibrations will find one another and our consciousness will continue to expand until it is completely restored.
The immediate changes will be barely recognizable,...however many will feel this first burst.
Our old world is coming to an end,...and a NEW world is beginning!
Remember,....YOU are creating in every moment, on the FREE WILL earth zone. Keep your focus on the world YOU want to see, experience and share with the world, .....and together we can make it happen.
Keep your concentration on ascension.
This is difficult in this time, as evil ones make themselves known and all around you are shocking and often,...quite horrifying events,....nonetheless, it is important to remember what you are heading for.
You may find, as you shed negative habits,....that many of the people who have brought you down spiritually (by hurting you emotionally, or getting you into dire situations,....or just overall making you feel bad about yourself with constant negative remarks directly to you, or said about you to others) are mysteriously moving away from your circle.
Your eating preferences and sleeping habits are shifting, quite noticeably for many. Don't become concerned, as this is part of the process.
Enjoy the infusion into your being,... on this special day!
Waves of love to you, my dear earth family!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE SWARM IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA,…near the Mexico boarder, Sunday August, 26th 2012.

This is an important alert for the residents of that region, as the media will remain useless to the masses until it is to late.

Starting with a 5.4,…then an entire succession of 3s, 4s, and 5.0 quakes can be seen on the earthquake bar for that region. (You have to see it, for it can't be overstated.)

This is a ponderous cluster of earth shaking!

Every few minutes another goes off,.... 120 quakes,... and still counting!

Multitudes of 4.0-5.0 are occurring in the same location, right on the San Andreas fault line. When this many earthquakes takes place, it is a strong indicator for large plate movement. It usually signals an even larger quake to come.

In the brief video below, Dutchsinse tells us of identical activity that took place in Japan (last year) just before the large one hit.

Do your best to be prepared for whatever may come. Stay as calm as humanly possible. PLEASE, ...please remember to INCLUDE your dear animal family members in any emergency plans. They need you and are dependent upon you, for their safety.

Waves of LOVE and blessings to you my earth family. Stay positive, and keep your heart focused on love. ♥


Here are the links to monitor earthquakes nationally and internationally. Stay informed, and be PREPARED.

Below is the link to the video of Dutch giving us a very important heads up. (About 2.50 minutes long)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Return Of Planet X


Below is a segment of a radio broadcast that was sent my way. The information is disturbing to say the least, and I’ve wrestled with myself as to whether or not to write it up.

As you learn about the paranormal,… you come to an understanding that much exists in the space outside the area, where your eyes can see. You also realize that energy never dies, it just transforms and changes shape,… and how very important our emotional and mental energy is in the creation of our day-to-day existence.
I remind you of this to keep you in touch with your personal power for your thoughts have tremendous energy and YOU have the ability to create with them. As the family of earth joins together we can create the reality we desire and the environment of the planet we wish to live upon.

If you decide to read the following radio broadcast, then I must ask you once again ( as I do with all disturbing information) to promise me you will read (or reread) the write up entitled ‘Read this to re-empower yourself after learning a traumatizing truth.’

This write up is found in the title section, on the right hand side of the page.

I don’t want to focus on the negative, en masse,…. and therefore create that timeline. I would like you to know the possibility of such and use your thoughts,… your heartfelt desires,…. to create the world you want to see.

If you will not do the positive mind / heart focus work, or read the empowerment segment I just stated, then please do NOT read the following broadcast.



The following discussion is regarding military personnel, who are being forced to sign non disclosure agreements about earth changes that are on the way.

Segment of the Radio Broadcast

John- “They had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before the briefing began.

They were told they were being put on standby for evacuation,... that they may get as much as two weeks notice,…. they may not,…..and they started talking about Nibiru,…. Planet X,…..and how this planetary size object was going to cause massive flooding on all coastal areas.
The map they were shown was very similar to the map on my DVD, ( I have to get a copy of that to you by the way, Mike if I have it) and um, that was pretty much it for that source.

The second source is under Department of Homeland Security and that source basically confirmed what the first source said without going any further on that.

Then the following day,.. or same day I should say,… you came up with your own sources Mike, and why don’t you tell us about those?”

Mike- “ Well,… the source that first told me about this,…( and I’ve been doing some digging since then) the source that first told me about this is a director level individual, for a foreign intelligence agency, that I have occasion to speak with, now and then,…..and what I was told,….. I was told this probably 60 or 90 days ago,…..and I didn’t put a lot of credence into it at the time,….. but as I have researched, I have to put more and MORE credence in it.

As a qualifier I have to say this up front,… that perhaps this is being floated as disinformation to discredit people, and to discredit,…so I have to give a caveat there. I don’t think it is,…. but,…. it could be,….just that type of effort,….. but I was told to be very prepared on the dates of August 17th, and the dates of September 26th .

A planet sized object would be passing very VERY near the Earth,…. and I was told that the closest distance would be,… maybe 5 to 10 Earth diameters,… it would come that close.

We should be prepared for massive earthquakes and as a result of those earthquakes the tsunami level flooding in the coastal areas.
Now since that time, I’ve done some more digging, and I spoke with intelligence sources within the US,…. who not only confirmed that,… but added some more fuel to the fire. One of the things is that this object is coming in at an extremely high rate of speed. The other concern,… beside the near passage is that,…as this thing passes through the asteroid belt it is going to disturb the stable orbit of many asteroids, that are out there orbiting. It will be like the cue ball on a billiard table and send these things going helter-skelter in every direction so that no one knows where they are going to end up,…. and what their ultimate destinations are going to be. We may be living with aftereffects of this for a number of years into the future.”

John- “Absolutely,… and then you had a second source, I understand as well.”

Mike- “Well the second source is the one within the US government,…. my primary source was from a foreign intelligence agency.”

John- “Right, right, right…well the distance that you described (10 times the Earth’s diameter)…. the earth is about 24,000 miles in diameter,… So 10 times that would only be a quarter of 1,000,000 miles. That’s about the distance of the moon, by the way.”

Mike- “Yeah,…that’s close. I’ve been told that the size of this object could be as big as the moon. It could be.

It is being tracked currently and the primary tracking station is a large dish in Puerto Rico ( I believe it is). So I am trying to learn more,… as much as I can,… and as quickly as I can,….because this will affect a lot of people. Now,… I also have to tell you,… I have been told point blank, information that I can’t share, because I was told if I go on the air with this, that my truck is going to blow up with ME in it!

Mostly, what that has to do with,…is the high rate of speed it is traveling at and HOW it achieved that high rate of speed. The term ‘slingshot’ comes to mind.”

John- “Right,… right,….well, when this thing comes into our solar system, Mike (it is coming from the South the way) and as it gets deeper into our solar system,.. approaching our Sun, it picks up speed, does a loop to loop around the sun,… (where it slows down) and starts picking up speed as it goes back out.

Now the size you’re describing,.. is not the size I’ve been hearing forever for the tenth planet. It sounds like something far smaller,…our Moon is a fairly small rock,...compared to the size of Planet X or Nibiru,….so I’m a bit confused on that.

I have been told also that Nibiru, our tenth planet has a debris field about a quarter of a million miles wide. Which would put us well with in the debris field, if it’s coming that close.”

Mike- “Well John, ..I have to be honest here,….. I don’t know,… what I don’t know. I’m having a hard time discerning what is REAL information,… from what is disinformation,… because that’s one of the things, that the ‘powers that be’,…. will do.

‘They’ will give you bits of information,…. but they will also give you bits of DIS- formation. It is up to us to use our own discernment to try to determine what is real and what’s bunk.

I’m struggling with this.”


John- “I agree. We’ve describe this live on air,… (I know you don’t typically listen to my show) because you’re trying to get ready for your own Mike,…but typically what I do with this is,… first of all I described the quandary that I find myself in and that I think you find yourself in also,… we come across information like this from reliable sources that don’t know each other and if it’s true and we don’t report it, then we can be directly responsible for a lot of lives being lost. If it’s NOT true and we report it,… well then we get some egg on our face and life goes on.

What I’m doing Mike,… is I’m encouraging people to look at these dates as an opportunity for training,… an opportunity for us to evaluate our prudence preparedness,… develop a Plan A ,…a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C. To be able to evacuate if we live on a coastal area and be able to have a safe haven to go to.

The dates of August 17th and September 26th may or may NOT be the accurate dates on one hand,… on the other,…the scientists I work with ( I work with a number of scientists) they are all in agreement that YES,… this thing IS coming,… and when it does come, it is going to cause massive flooding on all coastal areas. As you probably know Mike,… I’ve debriefed about two dozen Navy veterans who were at the classified briefings,…. telling them that DURING their lifetime this coastal flooding would occur.

So I agree with you,… it is a quandary. It is something that we need to encourage people to do their OWN research. Achieve their own level of discernment and make decisions based on the knowledge that they gain.”

Mike- “Well John, if worse comes to worse,… it may be a good time to take the family on a camping trip. Just be away from any large urban areas,at all,…..because if something of this magnitude occurs, there’s going to be mass panic and when that happens the freeways are going to be like parking lots and you’re not going to be able to get away.

You’re going to be stuck where you are,…… temperatures are going to flare,…… people are going to become desperate,….. and it might not be a bad time to take advantage of a national park somewhere.

Take the family out camping,… be prepared,….take as much stuff as you can, …. that is useful, utilitarian to you, and just be somewhere else. If you have yourself a cabin or a vacation home or you own rural property someplace,.. then better yet.

You may just want to be OUT of the cities. Turn it into an enjoyable occasion,…(like you said) use it as a training exercise,.. if you will, so that you at least minimize the risk and you don’t get yourself caught up in a massive urban situation,… when you’re sitting on a freeway, you can't move because it’s bumper-to-bumper and the cars around you are running out of gas, because they have been sitting there for 10 hours idling.”

John - “Right, I talk occasionally, ….I did recently about the aerial photograph of Houston Texas,… when people were trying to evacuate when the hurricane was headed that way. I counted the lanes that weren’t moving all in one direction,…I think it was 12 or 14 lanes,…. Interstate Hwy and outer roads. An amazing and very scary photograph.”



*The Sumerians called this planet Nibiru,.. (meaning Point of Transition or Planet of Crossing).

*The Greeks referred to it as Phaeton.

*The Hindus Valley civilizations called it Shiva, (meaning transformer).

*The people of our generation call it Planet X.

It has been greatly written about in our ancient past, however no exact date was ever given for it's return. Some of the ancients predicted the ‘White Gods’ or benevolent extraterrestrials would arrive with the passing of this ponderous planet.

The Hopi Indians said that the Blue Kachina would appear before the Red Kachina. The Red Kachina is said to be the destroyer when our skies will be the color of blood.


If you search the web, there is enough written on planet Nibiru, to keep you reading for more than one lifetime.

Remember,.. HAARP also has the ability to create severe weather phenomenon on our planet. A quick search on the net will reveal to you weather records being broken that go back many decades,… including severe drought, biblical flooding destroying entire towns, and violent sweeping storms. As long as HAARP exists, and is in the hands of those who would do harm for profit, it will always be in the back of our minds when dangerous weather events occur.

Would the government tell the people of this planetary wide disaster ahead of time?

The answer to that question is,.. NO, I highly doubt it.

They greatly fear the panic of the people,…and if we were cared for at all, by those who are in charge, wouldn’t they be informing us of the nuclear fallout, from Fukushima? 
 We should all be getting daily announcements of the radiation that is now affecting much of the world.

As the gentleman said in the radio segment, beware of disinformation for it runs very high in the times we’re in. Please use your own discernment and do your best to be prepared.

Waves of love and blessings to you, my earth family!

Here is the video for this particular segment of the broadcast.

Update: People have been keeping a close watch on military motions and have recorded and uploaded their results. Large troop movement and tank movement are being reported on many videos. I have put the link to one of my favorite Internet heroes, who keeps a watchful eye on planet earth,....(you should know him by now)...he goes by the name of Dutchsinse. In this video, we are seeing troop transfer to an area, with recent earthquake activity.

About 2 minutes.


People are posting extraordinary sights in our sky,...and depending on where you live, the view has become very unusual. In this video, you will see TWO SUNS in our daytime sky. This video was on the Lebanon News.

 This is an update on Planet X, brought to you by the John Moore on Friday the 24th of August 2012. The letter John received sounded interesting to say the least. Depending upon who you listen to, spectacular, surprising and unusual phenomena are being seen in our skies. Once again we hear the focus is on speed.

John Moore-

“I have an interesting letter here from a listener in South Africa,…I will call him Steven and we should be getting Ann Morrison calling in here shortly,……but this letter, I think is incredibly important. I want to remind everybody to check on the 'Earth Change Headlines' we have a number of them starting with fires in California going to the hurricane in Miami,…articles about the drought and others,…so just check that out.

Here is the letter.”




Hi John, greetings from the great Karoo in the middle of South Africa at 4400 feet above sea level,…and 400 miles to the nearest coastline.

This area is regarded by astronomers as the most stable place in the world and that is why they have both SALT (South African Large Telescope) and SKA (Square Kilometer Array) nearby.

I have been following your show for a while now, and I would like to pass on some information. I have moved here from my house on the coast, for the same reason, your in the Ozarks.

My first point is that Nibiru, Planet X, can not be seen at the moment, even in the Southern Hemisphere without specialized telescope equipment.

All of the images on the Internet and on Youtube are atmospheric phenomenon produced by a blue beam and/ or HAARP weather disturbances.

The best scientific source that I’ve found are the videos produced by Skyview Team, who comprise of a group of astronomers from South America and a group from North America.

The videos posted under ooskyviewteam are available on Youtube. They don’t call it Nibiru, Planet X,…but KBO, Kuiper Belt Object.

The most recent video shows footage of the KBO ,…EARTH BOUND AND SPEEDING UP.

This leads me into my second point. In 2007 a meteorite hit the ground at Coronis near Puno in Peru. It should have been traveling at 200 miles per hour, but hit the earth at 15,000 MPH,….75 times FASTER than anticipated.

It was studied extensively by professor Peter Schultz of Brown University.

From the Kolbrin Bible we know that the Destroyer,…or Nibiru, comes as ‘a thief in the night.’

After much research including the present weekly occurrence of meteorites smashing into the Sun , I believe Nibiru is traveling faster than anticipated,…..75 TIMES FASTER.

One weeks time line of a speeding object, is equal to 75 weeks in present anticipated time. In other words,…..IT COULD HAPPEN IN ONE WEEK.

What could happen in one week is approximately equal to 1.4 years.


(John Moore, interjects while reading the letter, “I’m going to skip this next paragraph, he goes into some interesting stuff. He ends up with the following sentence. This is his final sentence.”)

My present time line for the arrival of Nibiru is anywhere from NOW,… which would be August 2012,…to mid 2014.

(John Moore, “He concludes with keep up the good work, signed Steven.”)

Here is a link to the radio show, on Youtube.

Video is 39 minutes long.

The evidence continues to mount
The strangeness of another unfamiliar planetary body in the sky, is growing from around the globe. In this brief video we see two separate geographic locations seeing the same object, and it certainly looks like another Sun!
Good video, about 5 minutes long.
 Recent video (8-13) of what appears to be two suns in the sky!
Planet X..?
Have a look for yourself and tune into the up coming show of a whistleblower, from NASA.
Video about 4 min.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Operation Stardust,.... Taking Out The Cabal

Operation Stardust

An anonymous Star Seed, speaks of Star Dust being blown into the faces of the Cabal.


Permission was asked for and permission was received to bring you the following information. Very significant events are about to unfold, and it is important that the people of the world understand what is happening.

The many races that make up the light forces are unfolding a plan to free humanity from it’s current, corrupt bonds to the existing slavery system. The great theft of wealth, the hidden feudal system, corruption, false flag events, created wars for profit, blackmail and threats to the few honorable public servants, are all about to end.

Free energy, that has been long suppressed, and kept away from the masses, so the few could profit from selling electricity and fossil fuels,…are to be released.

The changes are arriving now, and much of the military and police are on board with the following plan for humanity. They have realized that evil has infiltrated into the highest of places, and it desperately needs to be removed.


As this work belongs to the family of earth, humans are encouraged to participate, by holding the light, with the power of their energy. Mass meditations are to be scheduled every Sunday, and the more who participate, the stronger the energy fields around the planet.


In the following interview ‘Cobra’ a member of the Underground Resistance Movement, validates Pentagon insider, ‘Drake’ about the upcoming events.


In a new website that went up in spring of this year called ‘2012 Portal’ Cobra informs the world of the Underground Movement, and sends coded communication to other beings in the Resistance Group.

As a Star Seed, he is one of many who have incarnated here for this very important moment in time.

You are in a very rare time.

The cabal was told to surrender, as this would make for a smooth transition, and they have refused,..... thinking that they can still manipulate much, and would like nothing more than to bring in chaos to the planet. That is how they operate through FEAR and staged events.

This will not be allowed to happen.

Operation Star Dust is a nano technology that will be used on the cabal, as a defense system, … they can NOT wreak havoc upon the family of earth.

It will be delivered by beings that can walk right through their bedroom walls, where they will breath it in. This powerful and infinitesimal technology, acts in two very distinct stages, the first being paralysis (once it is triggered)….the second being death. The second will only be activated, if they do not comply.

Those who are shown to have no light within them will be taken to the Central Sun, and returned to source. It will be a true death, for their soul is completely corrupted. As the soul shatters into light particles, it will mix up with other hopelessly corrupted souls, who have also been extinguished, and a new soul will be formed.

Those who still have light within them, will be given the chance to be rehabilitated, to become a benefit, .....instead of a drain upon the family of earth.

Lisa Harrison is a blessing to our earthly home,…. and she has shown herself to be another of the outstanding heroes to humanity.

 Lisa brings you the following informative and extraordinary interview.

If you have not yet heard of her, you are in for a joyful surprise, as Lisa is a down to earth lady, with a true understanding of the times that we are in. She conducts her interviews, in polite, easy to understand language, and is a delight to listen to with her appealing accent. ( I so LOVE  ♥ the adorable accent.)

Waves of love to you, Lisa!

READ ON TO HEAR THE UNFOLDING PLAN, brought to you by a Star Seed.




Cobra- “ Thank you for this invitation.”


Lisa- “ Thank you for agreeing to it. I've been looking forward to this. Um, ….. I know that there is a lot you can't talk about, but as I'm not very clear on the guidelines, if it's OK with you, I'll just ask a bunch of questions and you just answer what you can.”


Cobra- “ Yes, we can go this way for sure.”


Lisa- “ OK. Now, you've talked about this resistance movement, and I was wondering if you could tell me when it was created,…. when did this resistance movement come together?”


Cobra- “ OK there are two phases of creation of the Resistance Movement. The first phase started in the mid 70's, by a certain individual, that has a code named Michael. This is NOT his real name,..... but this is his code name and he actually gathered a group of people around him, basically just to survive, because he was chased after by the cabal,….. And, by running created his base there,….. and by expanding forward where there were other beings living below the surface of the earth in under ground caverns, and he made contacts with those people, .....and so, this was the formation of the group called,’ The Organization’.

This was the first phase of the Resistance Movement. But in the late 90's this organization was under strong attacks from the cabal, which was quite more powerful at the time, and was almost completely wiped out, in 1999.

So the call for help was sent to the extraterrestrial positive forces, and they brought reinforcements, in the shape of many millions of very skilled fighters, that came from Planet X,............. and those fighters were teleported, to the upper crust of earths surface, (those underground caverns) and they regrouped there.

So,... this group actually then reorganized and made a plan to continue liberating this planet from the influence from the cabal.

So this plan is now being accelerated, as you probably already know, and we are now in the phases when we start talking about the FINAL liberation of this planet.”


Lisa- “ So these people, .....that live below the surface, are these the ones that we would know as the Agarthans?”


Cobra- “ Uh, yes, this is quite connected,…. behind the Resistance Movement there are other beings, which are not actually skilled fighters, but are very spiritual advanced people, who actually hold the balance of the situation.

 Without them doing meditations every day, without them connecting with the source everyday, this planet would be destroyed many times over. So there’s actually a spiritual part of this underground movement,...... underground civilization, ......and many channels,...... and many light workers, from that civilization,.. Agartha.

This is just one of the names.

There are actually many very evolved beings living down under there.”


Lisa- “ Interesting. Now, if I heard you correctly, in your previous interview, you said there were 300 individuals on what you would consider the front line of this resistance, and 20 MILLION around the planet,…. did I hear that right?”


Cobra_ “ OK,.... I will explain. There are about 300 which are on the SURFACE of the planet,... they infiltrated into the system of the cabal.

They infiltrated in positions high in the military and especially
in the alphabet agencies,.... intelligence agencies, ....positions of that nature,…and the rest of them, about 20 million at this time, they are not living on the surface,..... they are living under ground and never have come to the surface. They will only come to the surface if necessary.”


Lisa- “ What would be deemed,… ‘if necessary?’


Cobra- “There are actually special plans being prepared, I am not allowed to speak about yet, but in a few days I might, and I will explain these in my blog.”


Lisa- “ SO,…. these 300 and these 20 million, are primarily made up of ETS who have come here,....NOT humans?”


Cobra- “ Actually, they are in human bodies,… if you would meet one of them in the street, they would look like everybody else. Those people have incarnated on Planet X, which is a planet situated on the outer range of the solar system,...... and some of them even had some incarnations on planet earth. 

Actually one of them I know had some incarnations in Egypt but mostly, these people are,…. I would consider the same as Star Seeds on planet earth,…..... and we have about 5 million Star Seeds incarnated on planet earth,.... on the surface of the planet, that have took many earth incarnations, and I would say that both those factions are quite similar in their structure of psychology, .....and outlook.”


Lisa- “ Now,.. you said yourself that you are a Pleiadian incarnated on earth.”


Cobra- “ Yes, that’s true.”


Lisa- “Were you born with full memory, of who you are, where you came from, and why you are here,....or did that come later?”


Cobra- “ Uh yes, most of the memory, I would say not 100 percent, but I was always aware I am not coming from here,..... and I have a certain mission here. I never forgot that.”


Lisa- “ So how important was the recent Venus Transit to what’s going on here at the moment?”


Cobra- “ Venus Transit is one of the turning points for the planetary liberation, because this is the day when the Goddess energy finally returned completely, to planet earth, and has been anchored, inside the physical matter of planet earth. This is a very strong energy that
actually brings balance and peace. After ruling 5,000 years of constant wars and conflicts.

This energy influences everyone, including the cabal, so this is the reason why they were starting to consider surrendering.
 They never had that idea before.

They had this delusional thinking that they are Omni powerful and Omni present, and they can do anything they want,..... and get away with it, but now they are starting to realize that might not be the case.”


Lisa- “ Is this only a small faction that are considering surrender,….or is this across the Board?”


Cobra- “ Not everybody, but many of them,…and right now as we speak, there is actually a conflict inside the cabal, whether to surrender or not.

So we’ll see,… very soon actually, what happens.”


Lisa- “ So in addition to maybe the energy that came in with the Transit,.. was sort of the tipping point,.... but were they considering surrendering prior to that,…. and if so, why would they?

What could possibly frighten them enough to consider it?”


Cobra- “Actually, the light is getting more and more powerful day by day.

The cabal is beginning to realize their plans are not going as they wished them to be,.... so the actual situation is starting to move them in this direction.”

Lisa- “ That’s interesting. So at the moment, we’ve got several people talking about possible surrender,.... and we’ve got this, ….21st, which is only in two days time for me, deadline. The
problem I see at the moment, is that people have been hanging on, so to speak, one deadline date after another, after another, that have come and gone, ....and we've not seen any re-election, were not seeing anything break through to the mass media, we’re not,... you know,.... to our knowledge, everyone is still in place and they’re still doing what they'd always planned to do.

If this date of the 21st comes and goes again, that'll be it, that may well be the final straw,.....because theres been so much talk of it.
 How do you foresee a surrender or not, breaking through? I mean,….. are they really going to come on to mass media, on mainstream television and talk about what they've done and who they are? I mean, ....that is going to blow so many minds!”


Cobra- “ OK,….. first let me explain about the deadlines. This is a huge process and each deadline is just one step in this process, until the major breakthrough happens,…and when the major break through happens it will be really major for everybody,…..and it will actually include things like the cabal stepping up to the mass media and saying what they did, or them being arrested or anything of that nature. So,…. if the 21st of June comes and goes, which is possible, then the further plans will be implemented and are being prepared right now. SO,... I would not fix myself on any certain date, I would focus more on the process itself. It, from one perspective nothing is going on and they are still in power, but if you look in the background, there are many changes happening daily,…. and also if there would not be any activity of the light forces, the situation would be much, much, much worse.

There was a lot of talk about war between Israel and Iran a few months ago and all this has been almost canceled. There
had been talk about New World Order putting everybody in the FEMA camps,…. and why has this NOT happened exactly? Because of the activity of the light forces.

 So,.. the light is real, it is proceeding.... there are no guarantees about exact date of the break through, but we’re getting close and closer,….and each of those deadlines is a step further in that process.

I will say there is a certain possibility that the cabal will surrender the 21st of June,….. and if they don’t (which is also possible)…. then further plans will be implemented and I will update people about this when it is necessary,....and when it is appropriate, on my blog.”


Lisa- “ I wanted to speak about your blog, because I had an amazing synchronistic event,…. because, I had ah,…… I don’t know whether you’d call it a vision, or a download or something about 3 years ago, and I've not had any external conformation or validation for it,… and I've been talking about it for the last few years as the rinse and repeat cycle of
reincarnation,…and you described it perfectly on your blog today,... which I just think the synchronicity of that on the day we're to speak is remarkable!”


Cobra- “ Yes. You see, synchronicities like this one, are happening exactly for the reason if people have doubts,.... to give them hope and guidance, .....that this is all happening. This is all being planned from forces much greater than all of us.

This is coming directly from the Source.”


Lisa- “ When we first corresponded, it was because of information you put out about Archons,and my question to you was, had you read any of (John Lan Leshes ?) work on the Archons. You said yes, ...and that there was some truth in it. Can I get your definition of what an Archon is,.... and where they come from?”


Cobra- “ OK. Archon is actually a being that has been subjected to very strong unnatural mutation process a long time ago in the galactic history. There was such a group of beings that were in fact very powerful angels,.... and they wanted to experience matter, so the devised very advanced technology based on electromagnetic fields, that distorted the space and time continuum, and they subjected themselves to this technology. This has change their consciousness,…. and this is the source of evil as you would describe it. Those beings had been very powerful angels before, ......and after this process, they became very powerful, I would say,….. demons.

They actually created current earth, and they ruled this planet for the last 25,000 years, and now its time, for them to go,…. their time is up.”


Lisa- “ So basically on the prophecies that have about the procession of the equinoxes, and the awakenings that happen at this time, this little experiment of theirs, was it always going
to have a time frame, …..was it always going to have to end at this time?

They had 26,000 years to mess around,.... but that was always going to be it?”


Cobra- “ Yes, actually there is a special time line which has not been disclosed to humanity yet. By that specific date, these things need to be erased,… and it will be erased.

It will end, way or the other."


Lisa- “ Its that ‘one way or the other’ thing that gets people nervous. So where do the Greys, ….(the Grey ETs) fit in with the Archons?"


Cobra- “ OK, the Greys are just ONE of the many races which were subjected genetic engineering and modification of consciousness in the galactic history,.... and they have been protected on this planet in the last I would say 50 years,….. but in the last few years, this has been cleared.
 At this moment, there are no more negative ET entities on the planet,…. at this moment, ....except those who are incarnated in human bodies, as the cabal. So there are no strange, funny looking ETS flying around in their machines, around the planet right now.”


Lisa- “ Is that interdimensionaly as well? In the 4th, or 5th or wherever?”


Cobra- “ Yes. As I have already described many times, where there is any darkness, is the thin surface layer of this planet, the physical plane and on those higher non-physical planes as well and this is what I have described in my last article. This is the only thing left.”


Lisa- “ So when you say, those who are incarnated as human beings in the cabal, it is entirely possible for these Archons to manifest physically here as humans?”


Cobra- “ Oh yes! Several of them have incarnated on the physical plane, especially among the Jesuits, because it is the only vibration which suits them.”
A few hundred years ago, there were many more incarnated, because the vibration of this planet was much lower,..... but as the vibration gets higher, it is hard for them maintain their
physical bodies, so we’ve got just few of them, on the physical plane.”


Lisa- “ So , there'll be people listening to this, who, when you said the 'Jesuits'............believe they're just a religious order."


Cobra- “ I can explain. Ninety percent of Jesuits, are good hearted people, and they really believe that everything is OK,..and they have their connection with the Source,...... but 10 percent are NOT and among that 10 percent,…. there is a certain faction, that are extremely dangerous and extremely evil, and have to be stopped. They're actually the ones leading the whole organization, and not just that organization, they’re actually in control, to a certain extent, of the physical plane on this planet.”


Lisa- “ I'm surprised to hear you say only 10 percent. I honestly thought it was a much greater percentage than that,.....and from what I understand, the Jesuits are a military order,…. they are assassins, masquerading as priests.”


Cobra- “ Something like that. They were actually a military order hundreds of years ago,..... and they have evolved, …..and now, I would say they command military forces through their connections,…. especially with the Rothschilds.

So you have a few top Archons in the Jesuit factions, and they control the Rothschilds, and the Rothschilds have very deep connections in the military industrial complex, and with that they control through the military around
the world.  They control the physical plane,…and of course, through the Rothschild faction,.... also the financial faction,...but those few Archons inside the Jesuit factions are the ones
who say what IS going to happen and what is NOT going to happen.”

Lisa- “ So at the moment, we've got a situation where the Vatican is kind of hemorrhaging whistle blowers.
Do you think that is a genuine collapse of that organization, or is it a manipulated one, to appear,…..?”


Cobra- “ You see,.... what is interesting to me to observe, always when the Resistance Movement clear some of those Archons,.... or does something about them,..... there is (unintelligible) in the Vatican.

So this has happened a few years ago, …..this is happening again, so I would say this is a reaction of the Vatican, because their power is being cut off from the Jesuits. They have less and less power each day, and this for sure triggers a reaction of those who are subordinate to the Jesuits, and of course they're reacting because there is some truth leaking out, and there is some reaction, and also some manipulation included. But yes, …..there is some reaction that is a direct consequence of the Jesuit Archons losing their power.”


Lisa- “ So,… can we say the same thing about the financial collapse,….. that this is a genuine financial collapse that is out of the control of the cabal and not one of their orchestrated collapses in order to bring in a one world currency?”


Cobra- “ There are actually 2 sides of this story. This collapse, actually I would say this way,....
The cabal was planning their collapse a long time ago, and they initiated this collapse, with the same thing they had many times before,…. to grab peoples gold, and grab more money and get more control,…but, the whole collapse was,…. there are higher forces that are leading this collapse,.. in a way, that actually will take power AWAY from the cabal.

So by triggering that, ....they are actually being their own (unintelligible) because, the light forces in the last few months have taken a lot of control,….. they have much more power over the financial system.

Which doesn't mean that the financial system is...the financial system IS still in the hands of the Rothschilds,…but,... there is a certain computer program, which actually drives the whole financial system, and this computer program has received a VIRUS on the 21st of May this year, so the light forces can actually shut down the whole system.

Just like that. They just flip the switch and it's gone,…. and this is what would happen in the case of the mass arrests scenario. If the scenario is going to be executed in the way it was planned, and the light forces just switch off the banking system and we have a banking holiday around the world, EVERYWHERE!
This for the purpose of cutting them AWAY from their money.

 Because,.... they still have access to that money, they have much less then they have in the past, ....but they still have enough to survive and run their show. As you can probably see,…. because the cabal needs, I would say a few billion dollars EVERY DAY to control everybody, … control their minions,…… to control the military, to keep the show running.

If they get less then lets say,… one or two BILLION daily, they're in big trouble!”

Lisa- “ So what about the Olympics coming up? There's a lot of talk about a terrorist attack, a FALSE FLAG EVENT. Are you aware of any plans they may have had for the Olympics?”


Cobra- “ Um, yes, they've had plans,….. but this is NOT going to happen. They've had many plans for many things, and most of them did NOT happen. Exactly because of the activity of the LIGHT FORCES.”

Lisa- “ I know there's a lot of talk, and you've mentioned it before but,….. Earth changes, ......severe Earth changes,…most of the information coming to us about earth changes that will happen,.... are coming from OFF WORLD, ……as are the information about you know,... they’ll be mitigated?"

"There’s nothing that I'm aware of, really here on the ground, to suggest, that we are in for earth changes. Nobody’s talking about it from,... you know, from studying the planet and what’s going on with it. Its been said that this is just another fear paradigm, that is being orchestrated either by the darker ETS,…. or by the cabal.

Why is, if in fact earth changes are in part of this process, .....why?”


Cobra- “ OK, this is quite a complex story, and I'll try to explain.

Actually Earth Changes,
were part of what was about to happen on this planet,…. this was PREDICTED, not (unintelligible) but,…. the activity of the light forces have diminished the impact of those changes dramatically!
So actually,… the Positive ET races had been expecting those earth changes to happen a long time ago, and they did not, because of the activity of the light forces on this planet. There might be earth changes happening, but not in 2012,.... much later than that. They might happen after a certain, ……like the critical mass of humanity will AWAKEN. The purpose of those earth changes happening is to PURIFY the planet,…but day by day the situation is brighter and brighter, so there is nothing to fear.

There is scientific evidence of those things. There is a scientist by the name of Paul (unintelligible) that uh, is speaking about the activity of the galactic Central Sun.

Actually those earth changes are happening cyclically, every 26,000 years, when the galactic Central Sun gets active, and right now, we are entering the period of increased activity of the galactic Central Sun.

We also have said the positive light forces can direct the energy of the galactic Central Sun in a balance way, so that this process is not traumatic for humanity.

So I would say that there is nothing to fear.”


Lisa- “ OK,… I don't know whether you can answer this or not, but Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, and the Post Master General,…these are all people I know you are aware of,….are they all in touch with the same group you're in touch with?”


Cobra- “ The only thing I can say,…. I will say this, one of the contacts that Drake has,…..has been contacted by one of the 300 agents of the Resistance Movement,…..and so the only contact I know,.... that has a REAL connection with the Resistance , not directly, but indirectly. Other people do not have direct access to this, but they get Intel from their various sources.”


Lisa- “ Is to your knowledge,…. is the Postmaster General genuine, and playing a positive role in all of this?”


Cobra- “ I would say that everybody needs to have their own discernment regarding to who is genuine or what. I will not give any estimates or Intel about this. So everybody needs to use their own discernment and intuition and rational mind,….  who is genuine and who is NOT.”


Lisa- ’ I'm more curious as to whether or not there is any point, to going down that road, if you know,.. what I mean,… if it’s all going to come crumbling down?”


Cobra- “ I didn't quite understand.”


Lisa- “ Oh OK,…… well,…… going through the process that the Postmaster General has proposed,.... you know, if its all going to come crashing down, is there really any point in even going down that road?”


Cobra- “ Well,….. I would say its a guided crash (unintelligible) the crash, the transformation,  its guided from above, so its not like the end of the world or anything of that nature, its actually just the mission that will lead towards a new society.”

Lisa- “ Now you've also said that the Pleiadians will initiate first contact, once the cabal is removed,…..but what constitutes removed?”


Cobra- “This means that they have NO more say in anything on this planet. Either they surrender or they are arrested, .....but they need to get out of the way, because they are blocking this everyday. The top members of the Cabal are well aware of the Pleiadians, and other positive light forces, and they are preventing this first contact,……… day after day, year after year, and the time has come to simply get them out of the way, so that first contact can happen.”


Lisa- “ How can they prevent it though? I mean, what’s stopping you guys? What’s stopping the Pleiadians from just appearing en masse?”


Cobra- “ First, the cabal is holding ALL HUMANITY HOSTAGE. So,….. for example the Pleiadians know a mass landing right now and what would this trigger, .... would be,….. the cabal would simply release all its military arsenal ON THE PEOPLE including,…… (not any more nuclear weapons at this point)… but uh, CHEMICAL WEAPONS and all the conventional things they have. They would just create a massacre around the planet. So,... they first need to be STOPPED and then the Pleiadians can appear.”


Lisa- “ So,...they're actually holding humanity as a HUMAN SHIELD against any action like that from happening?”


Cobra- “ Exactly, Exactly. This is what’s happening and this has been in place for the last 2,500 - 2,600 years. The same situation.”


Lisa- “ So once they are removed,…. what does first contact look like? Does it look like mass sighting or is it going to be too mind altering for people?”


Cobra- “ It's a process, so after the cabal is removed, the Pleadians will contact a few selected public individuals, who will go to the mass media, present evidence, and then the Pleiadians will start appearing more and more publicly,…… up until the point when there will be official contact made, between the Pleiadians representative,... and the planetary representatives of human population,….and those representatives of the human population, they'll be people from the government, …. the type of government that will exist at that time, and also some other individuals, so there'll be a small group of earth population, meeting a small group of Pleiadians, and that will be an official diplomatic contact, that will be broadcast over the mass media around the planet. This will be an official invitation for the earth to be accepted inside the Galactic Confederation,….and this first contact,….. ‘OFFICIAL Diplomatic First Contact’ will happen as a response to that invitation.

That will initialize a process of the actual acceptance of
the planet. That will take some time, and then the Pleiadians and the other races will
introduce themselves and assist the (unintelligible) in this transformation.”


Lisa- “ So,… are you aware of Tolec? An individual who goes by the name of Tolec?”


Cobra- “ Uh yes, ….to a certain extent,… yes.”


Lisa- “ So much of what you say, in regard to the Pleiadians, he has very similar things to say in regards to the Andromedans. Are the two groups working together?”


Cobra- “ Actually,…. there is a whole confederation of MANY RACES that are working on this project. I'm only in contact with the Pleiadians, but not with the other races, but uh,… actually the Pleiadian race will be the first to appear, simply because they are human like beings. They look like human beings, and their psychology is, ….of all the races, is most similar to the human race. Other races will come,.. but they will not be at the fore front at the beginning. At later stages, after the FIRST CONTACT, other races will be introduced, and when humanity is ready to accept DIFFERENT types of beings,….. it will be easier that way.”


Lisa- “ The Pleiadians actually play a starring role in the dream time stories of the Australian Aboriginals. They say when you talk about our, when you tell our story, you've got to talk about the Pleiadies,… (cause that’s where we came from.)”


Cobra- “ Exactly,….. Exactly.”


Lisa- “ Now you've also been a big proponent of mass meditations,… ‘Fire the grid’… and other such things. I'm interested in this, cause I've started a project of my own, called,…The Collective Imagination’ and we have big goals to reach 3% of the population,to come together to consciously create. Just how important, and how powerful, is the collective imagination?”


Cobra- “ Actually, those connected meditations, mass meditations, can change a situation DRAMATICALLY!

If a critical mass of people gather at the same time, and they focus their consciousness in the same way, this is a very powerful stream of energy, that can CHANGE THE COURSE OF EVENTS!

Actually the offer of the surrender of the cabal that was put forth, and it was put forth exactly, a few hours after the Venus Transit meditation, …..the Return of the Goddess meditation.

 So this is the power our collective consciousness has,….and, I have just put out the call for regular WEEKLY MEDITATIONS EVERY SUNDAY,...that would continue until the planet is liberated. I would like more and more people joining those meditations,…..because when you reach a certain critical mass, this can initialize the breakthrough.

Because this unified consciousness field influences everybody, including the people in the military, including the cabal, including everybody.

There were scientific studies made exactly in Washington DC,… that the mass meditations have decreased the crime rate in a few weeks by 25 %!
This is just a few weeks of
meditating. So if we continue doing this every Sunday, ....regardless of everything else, there will be a certain moment, I can guarantee you that, that the break through will be made, and the planet will be liberated. We just need enough people doing this EVERY Sunday,….regularly. This will for sure reach a critical mass, and when this critical mass is reached, the breakthrough WILL happen.

Actually by doing these meditations we can speed up the process, and I think everybody is tired of all those delays, including me, and
including other people working on this,…and we would like this to happen as soon as possible.

If people do those meditations, they will speed up the process.”


Lisa- “ Wonderful! In your own words, what is ascension?”


Cobra- “ Ascension is the liberation of human consciousness from all limitations of the physical world,…. of the emotions, …..of the mind, so its going beyond all that.

It’s a process of complete and total enlightenment of human consciousness,….and actually entering a sphere, or dimension of enlightenment, of PURE LIGHT.”


Lisa- “ Is another, ……could there be another way of saying it,…. as in mastering the Third Dimension,… in the sense of gaining as much control, in the 3rd dimension, as we do in the 4th or 5th?

You know when people have a 4D experience, or even a 5D experience, they can walk through walls,…… they can fly,….. they can you know, …do things. Uh, if you were to turn that, having mastered those dimensions,.. are we in a process of mastering the third?”


Cobra- “ OK, … after ascension, you gain complete command over your LIGHT BODY, and that includes the possibility of manifesting in the 3rd dimension. You can materialize, or should we say,… project your light body.

You can make a light body projection in the 3rd dimension,
so that other people can see your body,… this is what you can do after ascension.

After your ascension you have no need to control or to influence the physical plane in the old way,..... you are beyond that. The only motivation why you would like to materialize or manifest your body, is simply to help others,…. it’s simply to help others to reach the same state and to help them liberate.”


Lisa- “ So this ascension process and getting to that point,….. is something that we're looking at achieving in the next 2 years?”


Cobra- “ Umm, I would not say so. This year is the START of this process, and I have received instructions from the Pleiadians, NOT to speak in detail about this before the cabal is removed. One of the reason for this is because the cabal is also listening, and they are creating counter plans that actually HINDER the ascension process until (while) they are still in power.
So I will not speak about details, until the Cabal is REMOVED. And yes, ….there is a certain process, being put there for this planet, .....and that includes ascension for some beings.”


Lisa-“ And what about the others?”


Cobra- “ It takes a certain period of time, but I will not go into details right here.”


Lisa- “ If its for just some beings, what happens to the others?”


Cobra- “ Not everybody will experience ascension in this lifetime, because its such a BIG step of consciousness. Most of regular humanity will just experience deprogramming. It means removal of the programs that they have accepted into their selves, by being exposed by the cabal. So this is going to be removed, and they will be free to choose, how,.....(unintelligible).”


Lisa- “ We are talking in my life time?”


Cobra- “ I will not give any time frame right now. Not yet.”


Lisa- “ OK. Was there anything else that you want to specifically say? Is there any news that you haven't released as yet,…. that you can?”


Cobra- “ Um.. there are a few things I would like to say. The first one is that we are now in the final phase of this epic battle between light and dark, and I would say that everybody,.... JUST KEEP FOCUSING UPON THE LIGHT. Keep doing the meditations, …..keep connecting with the Source, this is very important, for the smooth transition,……. because what we want to manifest is a smooth transition. So regardless of all the dates and all the time lines, the process IS happening, and it will continue until the final breakthrough, and after the final breakthrough there will be a big Celebration all over the world,… because people will finally be free!

 Lets keep that vision and make it a reality.”


Lisa- “ Yeah, that’s a vision we can hold,….for sure.”


Cobra- “ OK,…. very good.”


Lisa- “ Your site is obviously getting a lot of attention, people are very aware of you.”


Cobra- “ Yes,.. yes,… I realize that.”


Lisa- “ Yeah and all the information coming out of there is very good,….. very positive, so thank you for that.”


Cobra- “ OK,… actually, I was asked by the Resistance Movement, to put up this blog to inform the population, and I had some doubts at the beginning, but it's time now, its time to go for it,….. and I did. So, obviously this has some effect.”

Lisa- “ Is there more that we can be doing though,… on the ground? I mean apart from participating in meditations, and connection. Is there more action that we could be taking?”


Cobra- “ Uh, yes there are many things you can do. The first one is to spread the information, this is step number one. Step number two is also possible to put some pressure on the mass media to start reporting things you see. This pressure is actually something that light can do to bombard the mass media with letters, with calls, with emails, talking about starting to report the TRUTH,…. and also you can bombard the governments about the situation and ask questions,..... and investigate, ……and this is what many people are doing, and this is exactly why we have this progress.

So if somebody would like to have more action, they can initialize more action their own way. Because everybody has their inner guidance, and if you are guided to do something, DO IT! So I would say the key here is ACTION. This is not about just watching the show, its about actually participating in it, and making history and creating our destiny.”


Lisa- “ Definitely,….definitely. So how effective are the protests though,…. things like the Occupy movement?”


Cobra- “ It is not,…. uh,…. you see the real effect of those protests is for the mass population to become AWARE of the situation. They have not achieved much in terms of the government changing things, but they have achieved MUCH in the average person being aware of the 99% and the 1%.


Lisa- “ Absolutely.”


Cobra- “ Its a BIG achievement. So if you meet everybody on the streets, they will know about it. They will know that there is a small group of central bankers doing nasty things. One or two years ago, this was not so. So this is a big achievement! This makes our plan so much easier,…..because when the time comes for the breakthrough, for ‘The Event’ and things will be in the mass media, people will know,...... and they will understand, and most of them will agree.

So this makes things so much easier.”


Lisa- “ Yes,… when I first learned about how the banking system really works a few years ago,

there was no one to talk to about it. You had to go online, to do your OWN research to learn about these things,…. but now, it seems, everybody understands the fiat currency system and how
it works, and who operates it, and who owns it. The Occupy movement pretty much
single-handedly did that.”


Cobra- “ Exactly,… exactly. So you don't always achieve the objective at hand, but you achieve something else. It's how the light works. You put out something, you do something, and then there is a certain consequence to this and it might not be exactly what you planned, but you achieve something else,…… and so the light builds,... and at a certain point there is a breakthrough.”


Lisa- “ I know you said earlier, that humanity is being held hostage essentially, which is what has stalled the action, but is there also a great deal of concern about how humanity is going to react?”


Cobra- “ Well, one of the main concerns of the light forces is actually the reaction of the masses,..... more than the action,….. because some people will like it and some people will not like it, ……and we’ll have to deal with that. So actually,… the hostages have been programmed to the point where many of them DON’T want to be liberated. That is quite a complicated problem and were trying to resolve this right now.”


Lisa- “ Yes,…. yes, its like the victim falling in love with the perpetrator.”


Cobra- “ Yes, ..yes, Stockholm Syndrome.”


Lisa- “ Yes that’s it, that’s the one,… en masse. OK, thank you again, very, very much.”


Cobra- “ You're welcome. It was a pleasure for me to be part of this.”


Lisa- “.. And, lovely to speak with you. and good luck with everything you are doing.”


Cobra- “ Thank you. Thank you.”


Lisa- “ OK,… Bye for now!”

The website for Cobra is,.... please check it out for information on the mass mediations for humanity.

To visit Lisa Harrison go to and have a feast reading her in-depth interviews. You will get so involved, you won't sleep for a month!

Please remember my earth family, keep love alive and burning brightly in your heart, are creating in every moment!

Your steadfast work has resulted in our time line improving histrionically.


One of the lower vibratory beings, that the elite cabal listen to, follow and worship,....has been picked up in Italy, and taken to the Central Sun, to be extinguished.

This entity was shown to have NO LIGHT within it's soul. It's self service mentality, was completely corrupted and quite EVIL.

These massive ships working on behalf of the light forces, have been seen a myriad of times and photographed.

The link below will show a photograph of a ship emerging FROM the Sun.

(Less than a minute long.)

This is a bit confusing,....but here we go.

Even though Cobra in this interview agrees with MUCH of what Drake is saying,.....Drake has come out and said he does NOT agree with Cobra.

(I know,...but keep reading.)

According to a recent radio broadcast, (called Global Voice, found on Drake stated he believes Cobra to be a 'DIS-INFORMATION AGENT' and this information was based on, what those he confers with,... have told him.

I am going to leave the interview up, as all information is beneficial and it is ultimately YOUR discernment that will navigate you through the complexities that lay ahead.

This is a spiritual battle of light forces (arriving to help) and the dark forces that are controlling the planet. Much will be made confusing as the time draws nearer.
The importance of your heart and mind can not be over stated!

Keep these important keys open and use your POWER to create a world where we are FREE, at peace, in unity, with absolute EQUALITY, sharing abundance, LOVE and joy with our earth family around the world.

As you follow the star seeds who step forward, the road expands to reveal SO MUCH MORE than you ever thought possible in your life,.......and as we can see, will also take some unexpected turns.

Be love, my earth family,.....I wish you every good thing in this world has to offer! ♥