Friday, December 21, 2012

DECEMBER, 21, 2012


Energy injection today.

Today marks the end of the old and the beginning of a new world.

Where are your thoughts?

What are you concentrating upon?

Have you been centering yourself and doing the work?

What timeline did you choose?

What has been long-awaited, is finally here,…. we are at the shift. We have reached the topmost point of the Ascension procedure. The portals are open and much activity is to occur.

All is on schedule.

What earth is going through,… is also being experienced by many other planets. Mighty and strong Angels,…. Ascended Masters who have walked Earth’s path,…. And spirit guides, are all here now to assist in the shift.

Though the star gates cannot be seen with your eyes, they are very real. Humanity is to receive an injection at 11:11 AM. When this time hits your dial ready yourself for what you may feel. The divine energy will cover the entirety of the planet. In comes the cosmic ultraviolet rays.

What each individual will experience is going to vary greatly. Though we are now in a process of evolutionary change,…. some because of their preparedness are going to experience more of an energetic flash.

Others may experience feelings of lightheadedness,….. even dizziness,….. a tingling feeling,…..a deep knowing, feelings of happiness and bliss.

People all over the planet,… have been feeling strange bodily changes for the past year. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something is going on with your body.

Well you are right,…. you ARE changing.

For those who have truly readied themselves for this moment, what you experience will be quite concentrated. Others who have done little,…. or even nothing at all,…are still to receive the injection,… however it may be barely perceivable to you. Please don’t feel as though you failed because you didn’t get an electrical jolt,…. you are in the first stages of the process.

Our world is going to alter greatly.

All who are ready for the shift,…. will be on the path of change. The downloads will begin coming into our being to return us to full consciousness. Not only are you to remember who you truly are,…. but your psychic abilities are going to enhance exceedingly.

Imagine being able to look at your pet and understand what they’re thinking,….. or that ‘knowing’ that you had before in your life becoming so strong,… you no longer have doubt.

The Star gate that has been opened,…. allows many of the higher vibratory beings to interact in our world with great ease.

So many are here now to assist humanity, it is hard to put into words.

Many spirits on the planet today are star seeds, who have incarnated on Earth, to assist in the planet's modification. There are also many spirits on the planet now, who were alive during the Atlantean times,… and have reincarnated to experience a successful shift. (I know this may be hard for you to understand,…. but as each day passes more and more information will be understood by your being.)

Please don’t question whether you have been ‘good’ enough,.... or not. If you choose to experience the ascension,…. you shall. We indeed are family on this planet,…. and we will do this together.

All of your human power,… lies in the moment of NOW. Not yesterday or tomorrow,….. but now.

Closed your eyes,… and concentrate upon the moment where your power lies,…. while absorbing the energies streaming toward you,…. and imagining the world you want to live in.

There is no right or wrong way to do this process. Take your power,…. and KNOW that you are so much more than you can imagine right now. If you feel you need assistance, call out to your guardian spirit in this time.

In a world long out of balance,… the sacred feminine steps in during this time of Aquarius,…. and restores the poise.

With the sacred feminine restored,… the ring is complete,.. and the masculine fire ignites the codes.

The black alliance has been hard at work trying to keep your vibrations low. Staged event after staged event continues to be played upon the family of earth, to keep you in a state of horror and shock. Understand that this is an evil and intricate core, that wishes to remain in power, by keeping humanity in fear, subjugated,… and enslaved.

Despite what happens around you,… keep your focus!

This can't be stated enough,...concentrate,… upon the world YOU want to see. As humanity does this work together, the modifications upon the planet will be great.

Continue your meditation today, at 7 AM,… 1 PM,…. 7 PM,….. 1 AM (Eastern standard Time) with beautiful visions and feelings. Envision your light body activating. Do one meditation,.. or all,... if your schedule allows,…. and of course try and be open today at 11:11 AM  (YOUR time anywhere on the planet.) If you can,….incorporate the scents of frankincense or myrrh into your meditations.

Another activity that you may wish to try today,… involves taking your hands and placing one hand in front of your face ( before your nose and forehead) and the other hand, and placing it at the base of your head. Your hands are not actually to touch your skin,…just remain slightly above.

Then in your minds eye, concentrate deeply upon your pineal, pituitary, frontal lobe, and anterior amygdala. See these areas light up,…. see them in harmony and communication.

As the alignment is upon us,…. humanity is to be in telepathic alignment.

Go out and celebrate the success of arriving at this amazing date!

Though many time lines are still possible depending upon the wishes of humanity,….. the earth is firmly on the path of the Golden age. So many humans have stepped up to the plate while using their heart and mind,…. it has impressed those who came here to watch the shift.

Remember,….the people of Earth are not alone in this process. We have MUCH assistance.

The unfolding of the New World continues, as we move into fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

Love and blessings to you all, my earth family!


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