Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Energy Injection Today! 12-12-12


Hopefully,... you have been readying yourself for the changes about to begin. Many are doing the work to center themselves, and sending out the positive energy needed for the planet. If you are able to be free today,...that would be great,....for you can take the exquisite time to feel the energy wave.
People will have diverse experiences, as some are more prepared for this intimacy of our being.
ALL people will receive this energy as it comes into our realm, whether they know and feel it,.....or not.
Let this beautiful feeling wash over and through you.
Let composure wave out from you in this time, as it will help the anxious feelings emitting from others.
Ascension has been long in the making,...and it is a process. The dark, low vibration of FEAR, will not be present in the vibration we are headed for,....LOVE, patience and understanding will rule.
Humans accepting one another as a family upon the planet, will be matter of fact.
Our abilities are going to heighten as the process moves along and we will definitely recognize when we are in the presence of another higher vibrating being.
All around us is confusion and fear, as the masses question what is to happen. This is another reason for you to send out feelings of oneness and COMPOSURE.
ALL who have the desire for the higher vibrations, will be on the path to ascension.
Those who wish to remain in the lower density, may do so. No one is forced to make a move you are not ready for.
Also,... those who are in the lower vibratory field of hate, (in all of it's forms) will be unable to move to a vibration you are not resonating with.
It is important to keep PEACE, LOVE, and harmony in your being. What you are projecting out, will be attracted right back to you.
The portals are beginning to open,...and this time has been foretold for eons.
All truths are to be known.
The many deceptions of our human history, are to be undone,...and how the universe operates is to be understood. (Alot of this is taking place now, due to the Internet, and the black alliance is unable to stop the flow of information, as truth speakers bravely step forward.)
Analogous vibrations will find one another and our consciousness will continue to expand until it is completely restored.
The immediate changes will be barely recognizable,...however many will feel this first burst.
Our old world is coming to an end,...and a NEW world is beginning!
Remember,....YOU are creating in every moment, on the FREE WILL earth zone. Keep your focus on the world YOU want to see, experience and share with the world, .....and together we can make it happen.
Keep your concentration on ascension.
This is difficult in this time, as evil ones make themselves known and all around you are shocking and often,...quite horrifying events,....nonetheless, it is important to remember what you are heading for.
You may find, as you shed negative habits,....that many of the people who have brought you down spiritually (by hurting you emotionally, or getting you into dire situations,....or just overall making you feel bad about yourself with constant negative remarks directly to you, or said about you to others) are mysteriously moving away from your circle.
Your eating preferences and sleeping habits are shifting, quite noticeably for many. Don't become concerned, as this is part of the process.
Enjoy the infusion into your being,... on this special day!
Waves of love to you, my dear earth family!

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