Sunday, August 26, 2012


MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE SWARM IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA,…near the Mexico boarder, Sunday August, 26th 2012.

This is an important alert for the residents of that region, as the media will remain useless to the masses until it is to late.

Starting with a 5.4,…then an entire succession of 3s, 4s, and 5.0 quakes can be seen on the earthquake bar for that region. (You have to see it, for it can't be overstated.)

This is a ponderous cluster of earth shaking!

Every few minutes another goes off,.... 120 quakes,... and still counting!

Multitudes of 4.0-5.0 are occurring in the same location, right on the San Andreas fault line. When this many earthquakes takes place, it is a strong indicator for large plate movement. It usually signals an even larger quake to come.

In the brief video below, Dutchsinse tells us of identical activity that took place in Japan (last year) just before the large one hit.

Do your best to be prepared for whatever may come. Stay as calm as humanly possible. PLEASE, ...please remember to INCLUDE your dear animal family members in any emergency plans. They need you and are dependent upon you, for their safety.

Waves of LOVE and blessings to you my earth family. Stay positive, and keep your heart focused on love. ♥


Here are the links to monitor earthquakes nationally and internationally. Stay informed, and be PREPARED.

Below is the link to the video of Dutch giving us a very important heads up. (About 2.50 minutes long)


  1. Check the upper atmosphere to see if there is any heating anomalies happening.

    Atmospheric heating occurred several days before the Japan quake hit.

    Keep that in mind.

  2. A 5.9 felt is in San Diego.

    We are concerned about the enormity of the swarm.

  3. With a swarm of this size, the people of California and Mexico can expect thousands of temblers within the next few days.

    Be prepared, have your bug out bags ready, this looks very bad.

  4. The electrical power has gone out around the Brawley area.

    This whole thing creeps me out.