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Lake Monster caught on video camera!

Lake Monster Attacks Diver!

( Above photo is an artists creation of a lake monster and not the actual photo)

See video link below write up to see the ACTUAL creature. 





There are many BIZARRE creatures swimming in our earthly waters. Some we know, some we use to know and many we don't know exist yet. All over the planet people have witnessed these mysterious water creatures and have talked about their encounters to those who would listen.

One thing they all have in common, whether it is Turkey, Canada, the United States or Scotland,...all the waters were very deep or had crevices within them that were so. 

Hundreds of hundreds of feet deep to be more specific.

 However, as you will see below, it seems that this particular lake monster prefers, cracks in stone laden areas and caves along shore lines that are sparsely or completely uninhabited. 

  The creature has shown itself to be intelligent and territorial ( your eyes will pop when you see it) and has managed to remain elusive to the majority of the populace.

In the video below, you will see it actually attacking a diver whom had strayed into it's territory.

Written record of reptilian type creatures hiding in the deep waters go all the way to the 1600s!

Samuel De Champlain (whom  Lake Champlain is named after) documented his surprising sighting back in 1607!

The study of Cryptozoology has been proven correct time and again.  I could write a list of, when a regional group of people spoke of a creature, and the time it took science to finally figure it out,...however you would be reading all day.

It is simple, just listen to the people in a given area, and they will tell you what they see and experience. 

Ask the locals.

It is the PEOPLE who are correct, more often than not (overwhelming so) and it is SCIENCE that is wrong, more often than not (overwhelming so.) If that sounds confusing, please re- read it,....I am writing this late at night, and well,.....I tend to get a little goofy. (Giggle)

The lesson here,....PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING. They will tell you what they see.

For instance a 16 FOOT shark was introduced to the world in 1978! This massive prehistoric monster was discovered by a US Navy research vessel. Until that very moment (which was not so long ago) it was UNKNOWN to science. It is now called MEGA MOUTH.

Every year, at least 100 NEW underwater species are discovered and introduced to the science books. However, many of these species are already known to the locals,...even if they do not have a formal scientific name.

The American Indian tribes talked of sea serpents and lake monsters which they kept alive in their oral history as they taught the youth the dangers in a specific region. They also carved what was witnessed into rocks along rivers, lakes, and caves in bay areas. 

These carvings were the Photobucket of their time. (See, goofiness is coming out again. A good Reese's Peanut Butter Cup will usually keep the sillies at bay,...and by 'good' I mean REGULAR SIZE!)

Anyway,....back to the story.

Depicted by the artist (for all the world to see) is their rendition of what the creatures looked like, in that body of water. These images of sea monsters carved by North American tribes can be found all over the Internet.

Of course the Indian tribes were correct,...once again, much like the massive man/beast Sasquatch.

Read below the conversation between three men and Blake Cousins from Third Phase of Moon, as they discuss the astounding video of a lake monster attacking a diver. The woman named Cindy, sent the video to Blake to validate her experience. (Once again, video link at the end of the write up.)


Special note: I am noticing a lot of chatter regarding the temperament of lake monsters.

What I can offer is this,....there are 33 species of seals, not including the types of seals that are no longer with us. There are 78 completely different types of whale (it may be more, as no one seems to be able to agree upon a number) and there are 36 different species of dog followed by 400 breeds of domestic dogs. Many more dogs, if you include all the mixed breed dogs!


 What I am trying to say is, there can be MORE than one kind of lake monster.

Some may be passive veggie eaters as described in many regions, and others may be more aggressive as recited by numerous Indian tribes. 

So, ....keep an open mind, and know that there is SO MUCH MORE TO THIS WORLD THAN WHAT YOU SEE.


On we go.

Conversation over formidable video


Blake, "Blake Cousins, .....Third Phase Of Moon and going over photographs and we have VIDEO that has just came in from Canada, Lake Champlain known for sea creatures.

You are looking at the photographs right now. We got Preston Dennet (Mufon Investigator) from California, we got Johnny Webb from the UK, and we got Dr. J. Andy Ilias from Dr. J. Radio,....LIVE.
We are going to be going over photographs and video that is coming in. Cindy captured this when she was snorkeling with her Go-Pro camera. This creature actually darted out and ATTACKED her,....we are looking at the photograph. I wanted to get Preston Dennet's opinion, (he is in to UFOs) he has about 17 books in regards to UFOs over Los Angeles, but are you into sea creatures Preston?"

Preston- " Ah,.. actually I am. It started with Bigfoot and I learned that there was a whole field called Cryptozoology, which involves unexplained creatures,... and new species are being discovered all the time. Bigfoot is one controversial one, lake monsters is right up there with them. I've studied several lake monsters in California,.....Lake Tahoe for example, Lake Elsinore, Lake Elizabeth,...all reportedly have lake monsters and I know about Lake Champlain for sure.

Blake, " Well, your first impression, Preston,...of these photographs, Cindy has just shared (we are hoping to get to the video shortly.)

Preston, " At first glance, they are really impressive. They appear to show what seems to be, a really LARGE creature underwater, with a long snakelike neck and a bird-like,...DRAGON-LIKE head,....and actually that is what is commonly described. There has got to be at lease (I'm guessing) 50-100 reports of the lake monster in Lake Champlain. It is called 'Champ', there is a long tradition of it,.... it goes back many MANY years,...and there are several photographs and multiple witnesses. This is an exciting case. This is breaking news, I am pretty excited to see this. I've just looked at the photographs, only moments ago, and WOW,...this thing comes right up to the witness. We are talking just a FEW FEET AWAY! This would be pretty hard to fake.

Blake, " You know that is exactly right Preston, that would be really hard to fake. You know, it could be,.... it could be a fake,...but we are not going to suppress the photos as they come into Third Phase, I think we got to get it up there. We want to get Johnny Webb from the UK, ...his opinion on the photographs."

Johnny Webb, " Yeah, guys do you got me?"

Blake, " Yeah, go ahead Johnny,...what is your opinion on the photographs?"

Johnny, " Well,.. again it is very similar to what we have got here in Scotland,...the Lock Ness Monster. It has got that sort of typical head, and like Preston said that sort of bird-like face. Um,..if it is a primitive thing, I would expect it to have more fins on it. It almost looks like it has FRONT LEGS on it, like it is a dog doing a front crawl, ya know. What brings to mind, when I look at the colors of it, it reminds me of sort of a famous HD picture of a lion underwater, and he is swimming down there, I think it might be a tiger or a leopard,... but it was one of these big beasts, and he does the front crawl, and the colors of it,...but as I look at it, it has that sort of ancient look about it. Preston seems to feel that this is some sort of prehistoric monster and it reminds me (here in England we have the Natural History Museum, which is full of skeletons and bones and all sort of like that). I can't say that I've ever seen anything like it myself, but as I look at it,... it reminds me of something prehistoric. I would like to ask Preston what does he think about on how prehistoric creatures, could suddenly live in today's domain?"

Preston, " Oh well,... we know that is absolutely true. The perfect example would be crocodiles and birds,....allot of the birds as well. Particularly the whole reptile and fish environment. So,...I am not at all surprised to see something like this still surviving today. In fact, there has been some scientific evidence on Champ, the lake monster of Lake Champlain. There has been some echo location studies, where they tried to find this creature and they put on microphones beneath the lake and they heard this creature communicate through echo location, so they know that there is a very large creature in there, using this sort of technique, only used by large creatures."

Blake, " Absolutely Preston, you are exactly right on the sonar hits have even captured, not only in Lake Champlain, but in Scotland at the Loch Ness. The Plesiosaur always come to mind, extinct over 70 million years ago, but people say that could be what is being sighted in the Loch Ness, as well as in Lake Champlain. We got Dr. J. with us from Dr. J. Radio live. Dr. J. what is your opinion? I know that there is a lot of creatures that are yet to be discovered."

Dr. J., " Yeah, what this Go-Pro image seen that your showing, ah Blake, is really amazing. OK, sure it could be a hoax, I'm not going to throw it out the window,....."

Johnny, breaks in, " It looks like some of the creatures you see in Thailand."

Dr. J., " Sure but still, truly amazing."

Blake, " Go ahead Johnny."

Johnny, " Do you think it goes into some sort of ocean and it sort of comes in and out of that lake over a sort of period, like sharks, you know, how they migrate down to South Africa, but they are not always there, you know?"

Blake, " That is a good question, Johnny,...Preston probably knows more about Lake Champlain. I know that a the Loch Ness, the Loch itself has been sealed off over millions of years and that Nessie was possibly trapped in as the mountains formed around the lock itself,....but,..does Lake Champlain have any channels to the ocean, Preston?"

Preston, " No, I don't believe it is. I believe it is a land locked lake but it is very long and narrow and has a lot of trenches to it, very deep in parts, and there is certainly a lot of places like that for a creature to hide."

Inaudible (Multiple people talking at once.)

Blake, " Hold on a minute, we just got some video in. We just got video in from Cindy. We have been looking over photographs, I want to watch it for the first time."

Preston, " Yeah, send it to us by all means."

Blake, " OK, we are going to play it, screen capture, we are going to watch it for the first time. OK,....lets watch. "

All start exclaiming as they watch the startling video.

Video then plays of sea monster coming out of what appears to be a crevice and swims rapidly towards the diver. Mouth in open position as it nips at the arm of the diver.

Blake, " We got this video now. Now we got the video,  we are going to have to get Cindy on Third Phase, get her side of, what went down. She actually claimed that this thing attacked her and you can see in the video right there,...that is EXACTLY what happened. Dr. J., did you get to see this?"

Dr. J., " Yeah, I'm watching it right now, is amazing!"

Blake, " I'm going to back the video up right now,....go ahead."

Preston, " So, this thing looks like it needs food and it is coming up to feed,....and it sees, ,,,,nope,,... it's a human. We don't know how intelligent these things are. I'm interested in, are they more intelligent than the average fish."

Blake, " Can you just see where it opens it's mouth for the attack? Just like that,...boom!"

Dr. J., " Yeah, right, yes,...I did too."

Johnny, " He got teeth, it looks like some sort of um,...what you would get on the bottom of an octopus or something like that,...not it's tentacles,..but it has got that sort of wavy type of mouth, that seems like skin if not a jaw bone."

Dr. J., " Gentleman, is this a carnivore or an herbivore? I mean, is it trying to EAT the woman like a SHARK?

Blake, " I don't think it,....she explained that it almost felt as if it was warning her,...just stay away. Leave me alone. "

All talking at once,...basically saying,..." We're on the surface now." Making reference to the video.

Blake, " Preston,..what do you think about the video first hand? Like you saw the attack....the dimensions,...the opening of the mouth. Now that seems, couldn't be CGI."

Preston, " No,...I mean, looks like it's coming from underwater,'s a very large creature, the video is very quick. It looks like it is coming up attacking her,  right up to the surface, then it looks like it is darting away quickly,....yeah it is pretty interesting. The photo,..the still photos of the video, allow you to examine it more closely. You get a good look, a really good look, that this is a reptilian type type thing. You can see teeth, it is hard to tell if they are like...fangs or sort of molars. You can see it's mouth right there, can see it's fins,'s little hands there, it's pretty detailed. So,'s a VERY impressive video to say the least. Lets hear what the witness has to say,..... yeah."

Blake, " As far as sharing these videos and photographs right here on Third Phase, we want to get it out (inaudible)....get other people's opinion,..and I think that is EXACTLY what we did here tonight. Everybody, stay tuned for more updates. I know Dr. J. Radio Live will have updates. We are going to be collaborating with him on getting this word out.


Blake, " Stay tuned for his channel, we are going to have the link below,.....and Johnny Webb from the UK, any last words there?

Johnny, " Yeah, um what's not to say? Because as I look at it now, the more ( inaudible) video. It's ALIVE it's REAL,'s quite shocking really to see it like that. If it is CGI, it is bloody well done, cause I do some gaming myself and I see allot of graphics and THAT looks very good. Um, looks REAL, it still gives me the impression of a tiger under water but I know it is not because that head is that bird head. Frightening to think that these things are around. I wonder, whether they are prehistoric or whether we are now putting genes together and CREATING these things. I wonder what is really going on,.....or is there a portal hole beneath that lake? What is going on there, know to bring these dimensional creatures here. It's quite concerning really,...but that is just my personal thoughts. It's frightening."

Blake, " Your exactly right John, I think there is a lot to be discovered here on planet earth and maybe this is something that people have been seeing for centuries over there at the lake,...Lake Champlain. Could this be the Champ?"

Dr. J., " There are lakes with MONSTERS,...MONSTERS that look like dinosaurs, right now HERE ON EARTH!"

Johnny, " Well, I think about the Pacific Ocean and that Fukushima that has been leaking now for nearly 4 years and some of the creatures that have been washing up. They are looking pretty, sort of zombied, jelliefied, sort of deformed creatures,...mutations you know,... what is going on. I wonder, if this is some sort of a mutation?"

Preston, " I don't think so, I know that it goes back to at least the 1600s, cause the Native Americans there were also seeing this monster. Describing it as being at least 10 feet long, and I know it goes back at least hundreds of years. There is sea monsters all throughout the oceans. All up and down the California coast. Actually, it is pretty common for a number of years throughout the 20s & 30s a number of really high reputable people, were seeing exactly this type of creature, RIVERS as well. I think it is actually allot more common than people realize."

Blake, " Absolute, with all the mass sightings around the planet, in regards to strange creatures,....cryptozoology is something that people really keep a close eye on. I am pretty sure that people are going to keep a close eye on this. Thanks everybody for joining us,...we got Preston Dennett, we got Johnny Webb and Dr. J. Radio. EVERYBODY,...keep your eyes on the skies and UNDERWATER, never know what you are going to see. Until I see everybody again, time.

See the Lake Monster (Is it Champ?) Looks like it to me, it attacks lady diver!

See it before it is gone!

About 14 minutes long,....

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Death Of Debbie & Mark Constantino

 The death of Debbie and Mark

A dearly loved couple whom we come to know through the

Ghost Adventures Show on  the Travel Channel, has been

discovered dead.

 This is very, very sad.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring this information to

all of you who read this blog. As you well know this couple

was a genuine gift to the paranormal world and they did

develope a large following.

They had a magnetic way of communitaing with the 'other

side' and then relaying the received messages to the

audience .

It was astounding.

The spirits felt comfortable communicating with Debbie &

Mark and we enjoyed their efforts tremendously.

Here is what happened:

In an apartment with the door strongly secured, much

commotion followed by explosive gun shots bellowed out

into the air.

Debbie and Mark Constantino lay dead.

Shockingly, the death of yet another gentleman was also

linked to the calamity of the pair. (Found in a different


This was truly a rage filled and gory day for Nevada


Officials are mum about the manner in which the three

people died but did offer up that Mark Constantino fired a

gun at the police who came towards the apartment that he

and Debbie were in.

Debbie & Mark were much enjoyed on the ghost reality show that we have come to look forward to so much. 

I have written about them here on the blog, and asked to see more of them as they were such a likeable pair.

Here are some of the shows where you can find these two

talking to ghosts in some VERY HAUNTED LOCATIONS!

'Ghost Adventures Crew' on Travel Channel. The specific

shows are,....

* The Market Street Cinema in San Francisco.
* The Mustang Ranch
* The Goldfield Hotel

This is just to name some of the paranormal programs they

appeared on, as the couple was dearly enjoyed for their

gentle and fun character. Other ghost programs invited

them on and they could be found at paranormal get-

togethers that were attended to by the rock stars of the

paranormal world.

Debbie's smile could light up the dark and the two 

seemed to captivate the ghosts.

With endless spirit communications deciphered by these

dedicated investigators, they had amassed quite a ghostly


The whole traumatic situation of Debbie's & Mark's death

had rapidly turned into what is considered a hostage


Emotions escalated and gun shots rang loud in Nevada

on that fateful day.

Their adult daughter's apartment, (where this

circumstance took place) was assailed by armed men

(SWAT) in an attempt to rescue those in dire need.

It is very heart wrenching to write this, however,... when

the SWAT team finally busted into the apartment they

found the pair laying bleeding with their last breath

already spent.

Sparks police Lt. Rocky Triplett later said that when Mark

Constantino shot at police, they did not return fire to him.

A direct quote from Triplet:

"The subjects involved in this incident were not shot at or

injured by gunfire from any law enforcement personnel."

Though it is a relief to know that the police did not kill the

couple, the outcome of the day, is just as grisly and tragic.

 It seems that Debby Constantino and another lady had

been living in the Northwest Reno Nevada area , where the

other gentleman was discovered laying dead. The police

documented this fact after an emergency phone call came

into their department.

The police were then able to track Debbie's cellphone down

to a different apartment across town in Sparks, Nevada.

The police confirmed that the dead man found in Reno

and Debbie & Mark are in fact directly related in a awful

murder triangle.

The police did state that they heard numerous gunshots

when they came knocking upon the apartment door.

 A man's voice started to yell through the door, where he

said, "Give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts, or I'll kill


Police then decided to use explosives to get through the

locked door. Glass blew out in every direction, hurting one

of the police who had to be taken to the hospital.

Evidently things had turned quite badly for our dear

couple and a divorce was in the making. Debbie took out a

restraining against Mark and he was served with the

official documents sometime last week. Repeated and dark

incidences led to the necessity of obtaining the court


Lt. William Rulla told the Reno Gazette-Journal that

Debby Constantino was the victim in a former kidnapping

and domestic violence incident involving her disunited

husband Mark.

A mournful goodbye to you my paranormal friends.

No doubt, you will be speaking out from the either to those

here on earth and we await to heed your words.

Love , blessings and a speedy journey to those who love you

and have already made the spiritual trip.