Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Alien War at Dulce New Mexico

Phil Schneider, a geologist and a structural engineer with aerospace applications.

Top secret base, Area 51.

Phil Schneider worked for 17 long years, on highly classified Black Projects for the United States Government, where he carried a level three security clearance, known as Rhyolite 38. Mr. Schneider's expertise lay in building deep underground bases and as a professional engineer and a valued geologist, his talents were highly regarded.

Phil worked in the MOST TOP SECRET of areas in the United States, such as Area 51, Los Alamos and the rarely heard of S-4 base.

Phil's achievements are many,... including the co-invention of systems used in explosives, that greatly enhanced the construction of the underground military and submarine bases.

A small army of men went down into the dank bowels of a developing underground base, located at Dulce, New Mexico. Only three humans survived to see the surface again . Phil was one of the lucky ones and he undoubtedly has a story to tell.

In August of 1979, a slaughter took place where 66 government workers and agents were indeed killed by aliens, and Phil goes public to tell the world EXACTLY what is going on.

The following write up is Phil giving a public speech, after recuperating from his devastating alien injuries,..... and he stands before you with a bullet wound in his shoulder that he received from the black alliance, 16 days before this very disclosure.

Read on.

Phil Schneider, " I'm Phil Schneider, I've spent 17 years in black budget programs, as a government geologist and an engineer ,...structural engineer with aerospace applications. I'm a self taught metallurgist, became famous in my own right. I basically would have a set of my own notes here, but,...there unavailable, in all this melee. Up here I have different artifacts,.....some of them are alien metals that have been produced both on this planet and in the confines of outer space that are now used in all Stealth Aircraft. All Stealth Aircraft for instance,...all Black Jets , Black Helicopters ,...the skins and the coatings,... the residues,.. are used predominately in the aircraft themselves, in the air frames and the rotor blades and the fans and in some cases, in submarines. Special titanium hulls in the Phoenix clad submarines now ,......ALL THIS HAS COME FROM ALIEN TECHNOLOGY.

1947 is what the public has been told,.. that something crashed in the back yard of New Mexico,..... a place called Roswell, New Mexico. Unfortunately that is what the public has been told,.....the government has KNOWN ABOUT THE ALIEN QUESTION, FOR THE BETTER PART OF 70 YEARS.

They first saw their glimpse of what was going on, as early as 1909 in the American Southwest, when our Army Calvary evidently were chasing some bandits,.. when they entered this cave,....they were holed up in a cave and what they found in there was flying discs and little grey guys and all kinds of weird things. They didn't know how to explain it,....and they wrote it down as best they could and it has been in the secret archives ever since. It's down by the Truth or Consequences area of New Mexico.

Well, the alien thing is more then just,... what I call a "non-visible threat." We on the surface,....first of all,.... all information dealing with aliens or alien reproduced technology,.... or alien reproduced vehicles,... or any of those other kind of things, WELL HIDDEN FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.

Our black budget for instance garners 1.023 trillion dollars every two years. That is over, 500 BILLION dollars a year. Right now there are a hundred and thirty one ACTIVE,..deep underground military bases in the United States. There is 1,477 of them WORLD WIDE. Each one has an average cost of seventeen - nineteen BILLION DOLLARS. Each one is built on the site, oh it use to be,.. it would take a year to two years to build each one, and now they are capable of building a couple of them a year,...with sophisticated methods.

My colleague, has actually been on some of the high speed rail ways, the Magneto Levaton Trains, that connect all the deep underground military bases, within the United States. He's been on a Mach II Train, that floats off of a single rail, 3/4 of an inch off of the rail. It's what you would call High Tech. We have nothing like this on the surface. The public basically has been TOTALLY LIED TO, we're considered stupid or even MORONIC in some cases.

It has got to stop.

It we are going to gain our country back, we MUST and I repeat MUST instill in our public officials,....anybody that goes and does public service,.....THEY MUST TELL US THE TRUTH! If they can not do this, THEN THEY MUST BE IMPEACHED. They MUST be removed from office. If this can not occur, if the truth can not totally come out, there are reasons for secrecy, for instance,..but if the truth can not totally come out,.... what is the use in us having anything called freedom?

Okay, now I have pictures here, that I am going to show you during the break,... and artifacts,... and I ask you to kind of look at them,...but not handle them. I have actual crashed retrieval metal from Roswell, New Mexico. It was given to me when I was 14 years old. I've got other things, I've got a piece of titanium, a special titanium alloy made for everything from,.. the original SR-71 Blackbird,...that's old hat now,... F-117A is their old hat now. Their making a whole new class of hyper sonic, above Mach 5, aircraft that employ extremely modern, charge particle beam weapons, they don't even use lasers anymore. Computer enhanced, imaging radar although it is used in helicopters for public surveillance and in satellite technology. The brand new kid on the block is a kind of infra-red technology,... where a satellite at 150,000 miles out in a geosynchronous orbit, or not quite geosynchronous orbit,....... but these spy satellites can literally look in and see a dime on the floor. Let's say on your kitchen floor. They have a resolution factor of 99.999961.

This particular piece of metal, I'm going to drop it on the floor here, it will ring like a bell , can't break it. It will withstand temperatures in excess of 7,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It has Niopean in it,.... it also has Maronite in it , (element 123) , is in a non-crystalline form, this is just kind of a dripping out of the main crucible.

Here is a crystalline example, it is in the scalenohedron-crystalline form, we got this from the large Grey's technology,...this is grown in the confines of outer-space, which has not quite a super vacuum. By the way this is capable of with standing temperatures in excess of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is great for certain parts of air-craft. This kind of material I work with on a daily basis.

Up here we have a transparency of Groom Lake. (Phil points to a screen on stage.) Groom Lake is where the infamous Area 51,..S4,...S2,...a CIA base, was originally a bombing range, a nuclear test site, it was later to become the most secret base in the United States. It employees over 18,000 workers, who work in shifts of 12 hours at a whack, most of them work in the cover of darkness, us.

We built out 9 underground military bases there, each with an average capacity ,..basically a city underground,... roughly four and a quarter cubic miles hollowed out under ground. They have boring machines, for instance they don't bore,...they literally vitrify and melt the rock, inflagrate the rock, it is a very sophisticated laser, melting and deflagrating system. It reduces the rock to a power, then melts the remaining rock as a coating on the inside of the base, so you don't have to use gunites and other kinds of things like that,...... that is all old hat now.

The new technology we get,.... is the old hat of the military. I'm going to be real brief about it. I carried a level 1 security clearance, a Rhyolite 38 factor, there were very few of us. There is nobody except myself, to my knowledge,.... talking like this. NOBODY. I'm breaking the law. I'm breaking World as well as Federal law, in coming out and even talking about this to a group of people.

I love my country, more then I love my life.

Two weeks ago, I was shot in the shoulder. (Phil unbuttons his shirt and shows the audience.) I don't want to gore you women out, but I was shot in the shoulder up here. I have recently become friends with a retired FBI agent, who took me under the wing,.....he says, " I have never seen a person braver then you." I said, "Well,... there's more coming."

Our patriot movement in these United States is going to pick up the ball and we are going to KICK THE PARASITES OUT.

First of all George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and a few other Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry to mention a few,..all had visions that these United States are going to live 700 years,...from where they were standing and that was somewhere around the late 1700's early 1800's.

So, you can count this country,.......THIS COUNTRY ISN'T GOING TO GO TO A NEW WORLD ORDER. I believe firmly in Constitutional Law. I'm not very well skilled at it and that is my embarrassment. I'm going to be real blunt about it,....the government that is now instilled, ruling over us, we are surfs and they are the Kings and Queens. Now that is a feudal system, that isn't even a democracy. We are now being ruled by a autocracy and a technocracy, other words technical knowledge rules as King, with a feudal type system. Feudal systems haven't been used in the last 350 years and they are coming back with gang- busters.

If we are complacent,...if we do not SPEAK OUT IN DROVES and I'm not just talking about me, I'm talking about a bunch of us getting together,........ and getting on the stump,...... and loving our country more then we love our life. Some of us are going to get killed. I almost got killed a couple of weeks ago. If it hadn't been for a retired FBI man, who risked his life,... his career, everything,..put it all on the line,..... and he didn't know me from Adam, a week prior to that. He listened to one of my tapes I gave out in Idaho and I'm going to be very blunt about it,.....he said, " We need alot more like you, unfortunately we aren't getting anybody."

I'm not the best speaker in the world but I'm trying to relay to you, that we need to get out and SERIOUSLY GET THE MESSAGE OUT. These shows are great, this hall should absolutely be packed with standing room only. We should be getting the message out to as many people as we can,... with as many shows as we can possibly reach. We need to get on talk shows, we need to get on news shows, TV shows, and we have to really get the message out. I think we are doing it,...but it is a little bit slow.

In working with the Black Projects,..I was very loyal. I was picked because I was very strong mentally. There is a bunch of us that were picked, because we don't crack under pressure. We don't freak under pressure, to speak. Every day events don't bother us.

Now, I was involved in something very controversial,....ALMOST TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE to most of you. Some of you are religious people, and I think all religions,....ALL RELIGIONS,....have a time and a place and they definitely have a place in America.

Now, another thing I want to reach to you, is that during the unbelievable part, I was involved in building another base inside of Dulce, New Mexico,.....which is Los Alamos Laboratory. It's a biological laboratory. On the Southwest part of the Archuleta Mesa we built an underground facility better part of three cubic miles,....ALL OF THAT UNDERGROUND. To the southwest of that, we were in the early stages of building four large tunnel like holes,...some of them ran two and a half miles under the surface. A number of the original wells or drilling machines that were used, were at the rate of two miles a day, it was fairly rapid. The equipment kept coming up broken,.. so we wanted to send somebody down there. A human observer or observers in this case, to find out what was going on. Well, our total surprise,...first of all the government knew all about it, they didn't tell anybody. When I saw Green Beret and Black Beret people encamped inside of our geologist camp, I knew something was up. I knew all about the alien agenda,...I'll explain that in a few minutes.

The large alien Greys had been encamped there for as best as believed possible,.... for about 400 or 500 years. It had been one of their internal bases and we drilled holes right on top of it. All the stinking air,.... all the black sooty air, came right out as soon as the first hole was sunk,...... and all this soot air came up,..... well,.......that is when all hell broke loose really, it all started.

Anyway, after we drilled all four holes, it took two days to drill all four of them and when you build an underground base, you drill four basic holes,...... and then you build what are called stokes or cross member holds, across--- and then you use blasting equipment, special blasting equipment by the analyzation of the rock formation,...... and you literally blast out or tunnel out,.... or you flagellate,...... or you melt rock out,.... to build the large rooms that are required for the underground base. Well, in this process I was lowered down in the basket, of one of these holes and about from me to this elderly woman here in the front (Phil gestures to an audience member) was sitting a seven foot tall alien grey. The stench was worse then the worst garbage can you can imagine. The entity was absolutely horrible, I didn't waste any time I reached for my pistol, at that time I was an engineer, I didn't have time to carry one of these big sub machine guns,... that all the Seaspray and the Yellow fruit,..... all the outer perimeter and the inner perimeter security people carry. I carried a little Walter pistol with a nine shot clip. This is in late August of 1979.

Now, you got a regular suit of clothes, plus you are in almost like a space suit environment and you are reaching for a gun, it not the easiest thing to do,.... and then to pop a clip in it...and start shooting. I killed two of them,.....yes,.. they are mortal and they do die. However in the process, one of them did this,(Phil makes a circular motion over his chest) all I remember is,..... he just kind of waved his hand in front of his chest and the next thing I know this blue beam hit me and just literally opened me up like a fish. Burnt my fingers right off of me (Phil shows his hands missing fingers) and it was some form of electrical force because it burned all my toe nails off of me, crisped crittered my left foot. It burnt the shoe right off of me. All I remember is the smoking remains, and I'm still conscious,.....but I didn't remember much. There was a Green Beret that was right behind me, that risked his life, fact he died. He shoved me back in the basket and he hit the button and took me up. I wouldn't be alive and talking to you today if it wasn't for him. So, I am forever indebted. He lost his life.

66 Secret Service Agents, Green Berets, Black Berets, crack troops,...... lost their lives because the government,......OUR UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT LIED,....did not tell us ANYTHING ABOUT THE ALIEN THREAT!

There is a war underneath there and I'm talking DEAD SERIOUS. It has been going on since that time,.....since late August of 1979, our military the Russian military, basically the militaries of the world have been in constant conflict with the outer space alien. The Small Grey, the Large Grey, the Reptilian , the whole thing. There are 11 distinct races of aliens, two are benevolent. One had to leave here in a hurry because their world is under attack, both on the surface and underground there,.... the Plieadians. Maybe some of you are familiar with that, will some of you raise your hands if you've heard of Billy Meier,..............oh very good,.....about half of the group.

Billy Meier is one of these lucky people, they figured he is kind of the simple type, we'll show him everything. These are the benevolent aliens and they have been here helping us. In fact I have a picture, of one of the aliens working for the United States Pentagon for the last 58 years,...his name is Val Valent Thore. He is right here, (Phil points to a figure in a photograph.) Here is my father in the back round. This whole place is the ready room of the USS Eldridge, (pointing to the photograph) here is a list of some of the notable people in it ,(Phil points to the list attached under the photo.) They are all the atomic bomb scientist of the day,....all of the time variant experimentalist of the day,....all of the top psysicist of that particular day. This was in August of 1943. Now, this guy has not changed one iota in 58 years. He came here, crashed here whatever,......whether he is under duress or not,....he started work for our U.S. Navy and military operations in 1937. For 58 years this man has been employed, probably under duress,.....if you don't do it as we say, we are just going use you for alien bait,.......I don't know. But anyway,.....he basically hasn't changed. He lives for 490 years, what he said is his life span is. He is a human looking type person, he has six fingers and six toes and he's got one over sized heart, one lung, a giant lung, his blood vessels are bigger, he's got copper- oxide for blood similar to an octopus. His brain capacity is 300 centimeters greater than ours. He has a thinking capacity , IQ, that if you were to measure it, would be totally off of the scale. It would be about a 1,200 IQ. He can speak 100 languages fluently,......alien as well as others. He is a remarkable person. I had a chance to meet him one time. Oh, by the way, he doesn't shake hands,...he's kind of in a space suit because all aliens regardless of benevolent or otherwise, they're carrying germs and diseases and bacterium in and on them,...they're deadly to us. If I were making policy, I would quarantine them all,...... because how do we not know that some of our diseases like Aids, Ebola, Hantavirus, a few of these other weird designer diseases are not made from the cadavers of some of these aliens, as a biological weapon to use against the people of the United States. I'm a tired American speaking out.

Now, what I'm telling you is kind of like a brain over load here. Back in 1946, we set off four atomic bomb tests in a group of islands in the South Pacific. I have an original photograph here, with original language on the photograph, that shows there is a LARGE ALIEN SPACE SHIP,... off of the wing tip of a United States air-craft. It was a drone aircraft. Right at the point where the bomb was beginning to show a neutron flash cloud, (Phil points to the picture) here is the bomb going off, here is the airplane tip here,...........HERE IS THE ALIEN SPACE CRAFT.

In 1947, after Roswell debacle, our military was hauled before the U.S. Senate,.....and they said: What is going on here? We didn't know anything about discs until this happened, it flopped in our backyard. They lied to the U. S. Senate. They should have been prosecuted as traitors. Anybody lying to the United States Senator,... or the House of Representatives, President, Vice President, any Cabinet Member, lying to the American public,........IS A TRAITOR AND SHOULD BE DEALT WITH IN AN APPROPRIATE FASHION.

This is actual proof positive, that this occured in 1946. (Showing the photograph.)

U. S. military knew all about flying discs, and flying disc technology as early as 1933.

Of course, we remember the Germans did too. Now, it gets to the big question,....if all this has been hidden from us , everybody says where is the proof? I got some of the proof laying on the table. Alot of you are probably totally skeptical and say,........." Well that could be anything." In my hand here, I have a piece of what is called Corbamite, it is the heaviest element in the world. Element 140. This piece of material weighs 15 ounces. It is three and a half times the weight of Uranium , it can NOT BE MADE TO EMIT GAMMA RAYS. It can NOT be isotoped. It is totally stable. It is used in all Stealth Aircraft and ALL Phoenix Class Submarines. When combined with other alien elements, IT IS IMPREGNABLE. It can NOT be melted with a charge particle beam weapon. When properly combined with secretive compounds, it can withstand temperatures in excess of 10 MILLION DEGREES FAHRENHEIT! It is grown by aliens.

The other side of the alien question is, some of these aliens have broken off from their main stream and said: we're not getting a fair shake, and so this is what happens, (Phil holds up the alien sample.) I'm talking about the alien Greys. Some of them have broken away. Talk about not being popular.

This particular piece of metal, is an AMAZING piece of technology. It is capable of being grown in 15 different crystal systems. Now, I'm a geologist and I ,.....prior to 15 or 20 years ago, knew of only 6 crystal systems! There is actually 15, if you count all the alien metals. Now, this is only element 140, if you look at a local Periodic Table at your local library, it says 104. Somewhere down the line we have been lied to,....we've been cheated. What we have to do, is we have to literally ask for the TRUTH. If we can not ask for the truth, we must demand the truth, we must TAKE IT BEFORE COURTS OF LAW and common law systems AND WE MUST DEMAND IT. If we can not do this, our Founding Fathers told us, the only thing left is to overthrow.

To get the parasites out. I don't advocate overthrow, but it does look like this may be the only alternative.

I'm going to casually mention to you something,.. that is very scary indeed,.......and tell you what the alien agenda is,......and it is going to sound very familiar. The alien agenda is the complete take over of this planet,......the killing off of 5/6 - 7/8 of the world's population, by the year 2029. The U. S. military has known about this for 45 years. They have told NO ONE. As far as I know , I am the only person standing before a crowd talking about the alien agenda, secretively.

Back in 1954,....(I'll give you a quick overview) there was a Treaty where Eisenhower signed a pact with the known alien species of the time. There were three at the time and said we're gonna deal in high technology, but you can take a few head of cattle and a few human beings and you can experiment on them. It is unthinkable!

This stuff is straight right out of the Nazi death camps and I'm kidding you not, it's plain BS. It has got to stop. The Treaty of 1954 would have been violated, after the great fire fight of the alien-human war. I am the only living survivor talking about it world wide,........ at all. The only one. The other two are in nursing homes in Cananda,......and the Canadian government refuses to allow any U.S. people, including myself, to talk to them,......because they are afraid of kidnap. Probably, the reason I got shot to pieces and eleven attempts on my life is,........I am a direct threat to the entire system. The New World Order,........the Alien Agenda is ONE AND THE SAME. It's world takeover and the dissemination of the population of this planet. I'm going to tell you something a little bit different about the alien species. The bad news ones,.... are nine races of alien populations, that look at a human being as a bag of food. They're not cannibals, they don't eat the flesh and the bones and all that kind of stuff. They use the glandular secretions of animals and human beings, as a mixture of vitamins for their food. They get high off of our adrenal gland substances, called adrenocrome. It is something like cocaine to them.

Now, what can we do about it. Right now if we do nothing, it will continue to go on,....basicly we'll be lead in the dark, and you'll keep seeing more and more people disappear. Right now there is 100,000 children totally unaccounted for through FBI archives. They can not be traced ANYWHERE. They have not been murdered,.......nobody has ever seen them. I think they are held underneath at some of these bases and they are summarily done away with and they are literally eaten. Now, that is a scary thing indeed. I'm not asking you to believe me in total, .............I'm am asking you to seriously do your homework and go out through the public record,....through the Congressional Records, find out who is voting for what,......and go from there. Do your OWN PROGRAM. Do your own agenda. Do your own speaking out and if enough of us do this, there is some saving grace. However, we don't have a whole heap of time left.

Technological governments on this planet are raping the planet, we're gonna run out of everything that we need and pollute everything in sight, in the better part of twenty years. Now I know you have heard some poppy-cock stories, we're gonna run out of coal, we're gonna run out of gasoline, we're gonna run out of this -that-and the other thing,.....25 and 30 years ago you heard all this hog wash. Well,.. don't believe in anything you read in the paper. You should take it with a grain of salt. Start reading what is MISSING out of the article. Ask yourself,.......what is missing in this article that I should know? Maybe that is the truth. Fill in the blank spots so to speak. Black copy is only one leg of the triangle so to speak, there are two other pieces of the puzzle.

What we have to do as a group of people,..CONCERNED PEOPLE at that, is we have to assert ourselves in a way that we never thought possible. I'm not asking you to do what I'm doing,...but I'm telling you, what I'm doing is very important. Everyone of you is equally important. You wouldn't be in this room otherwise. There are all these other people out here that didn't come to the lecture, they really don't want to hear it. Yesyerday I heard a fella say, "I am sorry to say, I belong to this military organization, I don't believe in the alien question. There is no proof of it." So, I show him an artifact and he says, " That's nice,...but that can be lead." Well, I happen to know that this isn't lead, scratches diamonds, it is harder than that. Here is a Sapphire that I found when we blew a mountain apart, all these Sapphires fell out. A Sapphire has a hardness of 9 , right next to the hardness of a diamond,......this thing (The alien piece in Phil's hand) scratches the heck out of it.

I'm going to tell you something, this technology is fine and dandy,....but at the risk of the human race, the risk of ONE HUMAN LIFE, is totally worthless!

The one beautiful thing about the United States of America is, WE VALUE A HUMAN PERSON'S LIFE. The minute we lose this, we are dead meat.

It is tantamount that we get back to Constitutional Law. For a politician to say, "Well, I believe in the U. S. Constitution,....but I believe in gun control." You can't be a master of two houses, doesn't work. What you must do is tell that politician that you are disobeying the Constitution of the United States,....that you are sworn to uphold,........and you are in treason territory. Think about what you said. You have 30 days to make that apology. If you do not make that apology, you are a treasonist individual and should be prosecuted.

Now, there is a few other things I want to run by you and they are kind of in rapid fire order.

Area 51 is only one base, one of the 131 bases . Of these 131 bases, I call Area 51 a mega base, it's got more then one base in it,....Area 51, a test range, S2, S4, Groom Lake, and a host of others. Now, these mega bases are gobbling up our gross national product. Right now we are spending 28% of the gross national product on building underground bases,.....SOLELY. That doesn't count for the defense budget. That doesn't count for the spare parts budget. It doesn't count for any of that at all. The Black Budget is dead,.....DEAD WRONG. It side- steps the United States Congress and it's Constitution of the people,......and says your a bunch of morons and you don't need to know. Well,... a need to know basis, is an executive order written during the Eisenhower era, right after the Grenada 1954 Treaty and IS TREASONOUS AND ILLEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY,.....AND SHOULD BE OVER TURNED,.....AND ABOLISHED.

I believe in military preparedness. I believe in military secrecy to some extent, because there is always going to be spies out there, and there is always going to be people who want your hunk of territory or house or your ground,.....maybe even a country like that.

I was born here in these United States, I have risked my life and limb for these United States, ..............and I LOVE my United States MORE then my life. I will defend the United States against all foreign powers,....foreign and domestic.

Now, everyone of you in this room, to some extent ,...minor or major, has done just that. THAT IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS. Patriots you are, patriots you are becoming,...patriots and Constitution builders you MUST CONTINUE TO BE.

All this alien thing is fine, except for one thing,.....alien take over is a serious threat. Kept totally out of the public view, off the surface, I'm sure the underground bases, without question are being used as a place to house alien takeover.

Alien takeover means the implementation of a one world government. Direct opposite of Constitutional Law. Direct opposite of freedom of choice.,....freedom of religion,.....and the other freedoms that go with it. The right to bear arms. WE ARE THE MILITIA OF THE UNITED STATES. Every single person who believes in the Constitution of these United States and it's Bill of Rights, IS A MILITIA MEMBER. Are we going to tolerate what we heard from Ruby Ridge? Are we going to tolerate what we heard from Waco? Are we going to tolerate , a fertilizer bomb that blew six sub-basement floors? Let me tell you something about sub-basement floors of the World Trade Center. They were 29 feet thick EACH, with 7 kinds of rebar reinforcement. The only weapon capable of doing such destruction,........melting concrete,........and extruding the rebarb and the I-beam steal,.......up to six feet in lenght longer, than they were originally,.....and melting the ends of it, a NUCLEAR WEAPON.

The people that they have in custody as fall guys, may have been able to produce weapons and bombs and kill Rabbis in New York, but I hate to tell you this, they did not have anything what so ever with the World Trade Center bombing. The only thing used was a construction nuclear weapon, was housed at Mather Airforce Base, the only place such things are kept.

Incidentally,...about Mather Airforce Base in Oklahoma City,................Mather Airforce Base trucks were seen two weeks before the Alpha Building got blown to pieces. STRANGE. I don't believe in coincidences. They are non-sequitory,....they can not be proven mathematically, ect. So,.... they don't exist. However,..Oklahoma City bombing of fertilizer and a fuel oil bomb,.....give me a break folks, can blow that one by my ears,.......BUT I'M NOT A DUMMY,.....and neither are you! We've been lied to and the lies have got to stop and they must stop immediately.

If our public officals can not tell us the truth,.....THEN THEY CEASE TO BE PUBLIC OFFICALS! They are automatically guilty of treasonous action and they should be tried and convicted and if necessary,...JAILED,... whether it be house arrest or otherwise,....before they can do anymore damage. Janet Reno, cheated her way through law school, it's provable it's on the Congressional Record,'s also in question, on the record at the Law School she graduated from. Her record is not spotless. There are thousands , .......TENS OF THOUSANDS of fine police women ,......who could have done an exemplary job in a similar aspect. Janet Reno is a murderer of our children and should not be tolerated to live. Those that murder children, those that abuse children, those that sexually abuse children, should not suffer to live.

The C-S gas that was poured in onto the Waco Complex of Mr. Koresh,....CS, the way ,...stands for Cesium. Cesium is an atomic element. It's an isotope. It's a raido active compound. It is DEADLY TO PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 10. They take one breath and their lungs are singed and they die in 72 hours or less. They poured that gas continuously for 48 hours, on that compound. Now, I don't believe in alot of things,....I don't believe that anybody is that wicked that you have to kill them a hundred fold over, after they are dead,......but this is the mentality of the people now ruling as Kings and Queens over us and it must stop.

If we allow another election to go by with the same ilk in the White House, then we have only ourselves to blame. Now, this room isn't going to change the outcome of an election. I personally believe,........I don't believe there is going to be another election. I believe Martial Law is going to hit this country before that happens. The way things are going,.....because we refuse to stand up,....we refuse to literally get out and risk our lives in talking. Now, some of us have jobs and families and great responsibilities,...greater then I have, and I agree,....that is tough,'s very hard. I can not sympathize with you because I'm not in your situation. I have a young family,...I have an ex-wife and child. The Defense Intelligence Agency,....Goons,.....tried to kidnap my daughter not too long ago. My ex-wife working in the State Government Services in Oregon,....picked up her 22 hand gun, shoved it in the back of the neck of this one person,......" Give me my daughter back, if you don't,...I pull the trigger." He gave the daughter back. Good choice. The remark that my ex-wife had to say to this individual was, "If I ever see you again in any way, shape or form, I will kill you ON SITE. You are an abuser of children, therefor I suffer you,.. should not live." By the way, she threatened a Federal Agent,..she should be in jail. Nothing like that has happened. These people don't want publicity .

I shot a Federal Agent,.......16 days ago,.....shot him dead,.....when I was bleeding to death with a shoulder wound. He had shot me. He had shot at a retired FBI Agent. Theoretically, it carries the same covering as a Secret Service Agent. You got protection forever,.....he is a Cop forever,....a Federal Cop forever.

That doesn't mean a whole lot. I made a report and went to the FBI. Do you know what they said? They said, " Things like this happen, Mr. Schnieder."

We don't either believe you, (I am using that as my own italics),......or we don't give a dam.

Something is wrong here. I'm not reading this right. I defended myself to the best of my ability. I was hoping I could go through life without doing such a thing. Maybe some of you have actually defended your own life in a similar fashion. It is very sad that you have to shoot or kill somebody. Maybe some of you were Police Officers and have had to do the same. I don't know if you have ever killed a human being, you are NEVER THE SAME AS A PERSON, who never has killed a human being. It is with you for the rest of your days. Whether you do it in war, you do it in murder, you do it in self- defense, have taken one of God's holy creations off this planet. There is a void there,...and I feel that,....and I'm very sorry for that,......but I had to defend myself. Otherwise,.. I wouldn't be here. My message must continue. I'm doing it on my own money,.....and I will continue to do it, as long as it takes, long as I got to live. I've got Cancer I'm dying.

The radioactive substance that I got hit with in 1979, is a similar form of Aplastic Anemia, it affects your blood and your bones. My bones are extremely brittle right now. No cure. The government never told me about that, by the way.

To sum up everything in this talk, there is going to be a few questions. I'll answer as many of them as I can, before the next speaker. However, I want to sum up and say, that everyone of you in this room is a participant in secret things and your very brave indeed, and you should all trun around to oneanother and shake eachother's hand,....and say , " Thank you for being here." Please do that, and greet your neighbor. Now, this is the way the world should be. There wouldn't be any wars, there wouldn't be any strife,.....or if there was, could be settled in a peaceful manner and a handshake. That is the origional American way and I believe that way is still there,.....however remote at the present time.

I am going to sum up this talk and mention an overview of the alien agenda. The alien agenda is to decimate the planet, to take the remaining human subjects as slaves, and the aliens would use this planet for their own means. Number one,.......THIS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. The world take over plans of The New World Order, a direct carbon- copy blueprint from Alolf Hitler's routine of 1933-1938,......MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. That includes the name, "The New World Order." That was purposely used folks,.... because most of us have been lazy,....we have not read our history and I'm talking to you because I'm one of them. We have not read our history books. Things have been omitted. Throw out basically what you have learned, I'm not asking you to believe me,....I'm asking you to re-educate each one of yourselves,......and ask the unexpected of your public officals, of the people around you, your teachers. I'm not asking you to question authority,.....I'm asking you to question the teachers of this authority. Is this right? Is this law correct?

One of the best statements to ever come out of the mouth of a human being , was by an incredible black man,...Martin Luther King,....he said, " An injustice anywhere, a threat to justice everywhere." That should be a motto, that we live by. Not so much for the man who said the motto,...but I'm sure George Washington said something similar,......he said, " An uninformed populous , a populous in slavery."

Our Founding Fathers had the unique gift, 250 odd years ago, of looking far in advance,...laying out the ground work of this wonderful two pieces of paper government we've got,......The Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution, and laying it out for all time. It is the best government probably since time -immemorial,....maybe the best ever.

Every freedom that we have must be fought for,....continuously. You don't need to pick up a gun to fight for something. You need to pick up your mouth. You need to pick up your brain and read a book. You need to pick up you mouth and say,...and when you hear somebody say," I believe in gun control." Then you say, "No, I don't believe in gun control, because guess what, take away that right,.....what other rights am I going to be missing latter on?"

Now, with gun control,.....there is a certain few people generally a 1-2% minority of people, that are totally irresponsible, criminal, use a gun improperly, ect., ect. I'm not talking about those kind of people. There are always going to be those kinds of people, least for the foreseeable future. The average person that owns a gun has conscious thought,... of the knowledge of right and wrong. Can and is able to defend themselves against foreign and domestic terrorists.

Gun control is an attack on your rights, if it is allowed to go through,.....all of your freedoms will be removed,.....within a 10 year period, after the last element of gun control. So, the attack of any right,....or the removal of any existing right,.... is an attack,..... an affront on everyone of us in this room and should not be tolerated.

The overview is,....about underground mountain bases,.....ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC. In future talks,...I will be giving latitudes and longitudes of every single one of these bases. I've already written a manuscript and it is at the publisher as we speak. It is a dynamite book. It lists all of the secretive agendas that our government has us believing in right now,......and why it is so much BS. Why the New World Order is so good for us,......Ha Ha. Well, don't believe it folks,......believe in only one thing, thy neighbor as thy self,......and ask continually questions about out Constitutional freedoms,.....and defend them if necessary and most of us will probably have to defend them. I hope this doesn't happen.

I am winding up this talk as best as I can without my notes in hand,.....but I have artifacts up here, you are able to look at them, I ask you not to handle them. I want all the artifacts on the table,....and don't handle the origional photograph of the flying saucer of 1946. I will take a certain few questions, I know there is going to be quite a few of them. "

Audience member, " Project HARP,... it is designed to electrify the ionosphere and they will be able to map all the underground bases. There was a crash of an Air Force plane up in Alaska last week, an AWAC plane, it was on the last day of a project HARP demonstration."

Phil, " Yes, I have heard of such projects,....actually it was invented by Nicolas Tesla,..the initial part of inoizing the atmosphere. The only trouble is with ionizing the atmosphere, that plants need night fall, as well as sunlight to survive. So lighting up the atmosphere might do extreme damage."

Audience member, "If the aliens have a 1,200 IQ and can speak all these languages and are so powerful, what prevents them from just taking over?"

Phil, " Well, that is a good question. Basically they have taken over,....all that is left is a bunch of screaming, The whole bunch of us have been very complacent. Half of the 131 deep underground military bases are basic cities for them. Right underneath our feet is a macabre sight indeed. You can bet your bottom dollar, they basically have already won the war. However, they are an alien species,.....we are an alien species to them,.....and our germs have a tendency to kill them. They are also a dying race and they are in far worse condition,..... then the worse case of terminal cancer. They are in need of us to some degree.

Audience member, " Yes, I heard a man named Stan Deyo, speaking about the same things you have been speaking about,...a guy down in Australia, you know that man?"

Phil, " Stan Deyo, yes I have heard of him,....but I don't know him."

Audience member, " Are you aware of the Nemesis Asteroid headed toward Earth?"

Phil, " Yes, Nemesis it is called, is a brown star, is probably hollow,'s maybe not a star at all. It has specific gravity of a little less than 2,.....(1.718 or something like that),...which means it is extremely hollow and light. It has a mass of ten times the size of Jupiter. It is so massive,.. it is dragging comets and meteoritic material with it ,...and space garbage and debris. Just the debris encircling our solar system is enough to destroy half the planets of it. Yes, it will be a threat. It is headed for us right now, supposedly it will be here in 2052,.....nobody knows for certain. It will be within 500 million miles, which is pleanty close indeed."

Audience member, " Do you corollate the foreign forces with Soviets?"

Phil, " The Soviet forces,....the foreign forces,.....ALL OF US have an alien war going on. The Chinese are getting it now, in full brunt. The Russians are shooting down,...per providence,....there are about nine proveniences in their mother land,.....they are shooting down 50 of these saucers per month,.....and ships. There are HEAPING PILES OF THEM in outer Mongolia. Mountains of them. They just tow them out there and let them sit out there."

Audience member, " Does the alien agenda dictate the agenda of the world globalists,...the people who want a world government?"

Phil, " Yes, they do,....IN TOTAL and entirety. They may even be in charge."

Audience member, " Are some of our high level officals, perhaps from the President on down, are they aware of this?"

Phil, " Yes they are,.....they are ALL AWARE OF IT."

Audience member, " What is the name of your book and when will it be out?"

Phil, "Well, I have several names of the book,....basically I'm calling myself,....'Government Secrets Revealed' It should be out in two to three weeks at the outset."

Audience member, " What can we do as humans to stop this?"

Phil, " By doing exactly what we are doing right now. Gathering,....listening,.....and what I am doing,...getting out in the public and talking about it. I don't fear ridicule,...if someone wants to call me a brand X nut,....well I can't reach that person, I am sorry for them. "

Audience member, " I am well aware of what is going on with Area 51 and I know we are capable of going into the future, right now and coming back. How far can we go into knowing what is happening with the aliens,....and Area 51?"

Phil, " We are already full fledged into the knowledge of this right now. How far can we go? We can go alot further. We have to defeat the alien threat,......otherwise we have no chance at all,......there won't be a New World Order ,....either."

Audience member, " Did the United States Government intentionally enter into an agreement with the aliens back in 1954?"

Phil, " Yes, they intentionally,.....they knew full well what their capacity was, they intentionally did so supposedly on the premise,.. that they were buying time to get arranged,.....and this wasn't true. This was a lie dished out to the public or the people IN THE KNOW at the time,......all the MJ members, ect., ect. It did buy time but at a great cost. As I am speaking, about 6 million to 7 million human beings have been slaughtered by the aliens, the present time. Unaccounted for,..of course there are a thousand lies to say where they went, or where they didn't go. I am telling you right now that the lies and innuendo,....not only have to stop,....if we don't believe them anymore, they are going to stop,...guaranteed. "

Audience member, " The so called Ascension Movement ?"

Phil, " I know nothing of it."

Lecture end.

Phil was a brave individual and gave the ultimate sacrifice to bring this information to the world. His love of freedom and human rights for every American and our beloved human family on this planet, is what he was speaking so bravely for.

Phil was found dead in his apartment in January of
1996,....with a rubber cathater hose wrapped repeatedly around his neck. His body appeared to be terribly tortured, before what most have come to believe was his murder, for speaking out to the public.
The lecture you have just read, was given before his death.

Want to see a video of this lecture? This is number 1 of 7 parts. The other segments are on the side bar of the page.


  1. There is a long list of reasons why Phil did not commit suicide, as is offically stated in his death record.

    Below are a few of those reasons.

    1.--Phil announced frequently to the public he would NEVER commit suicide,.......and if he was ever found dead and they tried to label it a suicide, BELIEVE that it was infact a murder.

    2.--Items WERE STOLEN from his residence. All items that were used in his lecture, such as,....
    *The alien metal piece,
    *Pictures of UFO's from his father,
    *The alien photograph,
    *Letters verifying his facts within the Black Projects,
    *The longitudes and latitudes of the many underground bases,.....were ALL rooted out of his home and STOLEN,.....HOWEVER,.... hundreds of dollars in cash, gold coins and jewelry, were still on the premises.

    3.-- Phil was in possession of much medication to treat his numerous conditions brought on by the many attempts at his life. He could have easily and peacefully overdosed on this medication IF he was actually suicidal. Phil was a fighter who was trying to SURVIVE and was extremely intent on getting this information out to the public.

  2. Phil received a good deal of his alien evidence from his father, who was named, Captain Oscar Schneider.

    Captain Schneider was a Medical Doctor with the United States Navy and carried a Top Secret Cosmic Clearance while working with NATO.

    Phil's father also woked in Black Projects,.... including The Philadelphia Experiment and a project known as Operation Crossroads.

    Captain Oscar Schneider actually assisted in sequestering the crew from the Philadelphia Experiment, and autopsied them one by one,... as each man died.

  3. Phil was propelled to come forward and reveal the Alien Truth, to the public for many reasons,...such as,.......

    ---His love of the United States of America.

    ---His love of people in the world.

    ---His strong conscious on doing what is right.

    ---His determination to preserve the Constitution of America.

    ---His anger at being lied to,.. by the Black Alliance, and being put into a position where he was COOKED ALIVE,...or FRIED,.... by an alien being.

    ---The murder of his dear friend Ron Rummel.

    All these,....AND MORE,... made Phil rip up his Top Secret clearances and come forward.

    Especially the murder of his friend, Ron.

    Ron Rummel and Phil were collaborating on a magazine, which was recieving a large following and a positive response from the public. The magazine was called, "The Alien Digest."

    In a short period of time, Ron was found DEAD IN A PUBLIC PARK.

    ONCE AGAIN IT WAS LABELED A SUICIDE,.......however NO BLOOD WAS FOUND ON THE GUN,.....that was used to shoot Ron in the mouth. All who understand blood "blow-back", the investigation of a murder scene, KNOW THAT THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY.

    Phil knew this also.

  4. We need to speak out about this, we have to stand up! before we get crushed. Phil woke us up now it's our responsibility to finish what he started