Friday, June 25, 2010

Nissan LEAF - Nissan LEAF strategy

Nissan LEAF - Nissan LEAF strategy

(To see this car, click the above link.)

One heart, One mind, One intent.

Mother Earth is crying out. Can you hear her?
As planetary body,.......she IS ALIVE, is everything upon her.

When you WILL CHANGE to happen, indeed comes about. Well I, well as many I know,.... have been praying with all our emotions, to have a vehicle available to the human race, that is clean and good for the environment.

Here it is!

Oil and gas companies will no longer be able to hold the human race hostage, whenever the whim hits them,...... to take in hundreds of billions of dollars in profit!

My deepest desire is for everyone one of you to be able to buy this clean, beautiful, and extraordinary car,.....that has the ability to change the planet as we know it!
Remember your thoughts CREATE in this fantastic universe. The world is FULL OF UNSEEN ACTIVITY. This car was prayed for by people in the world,........and here it is.

Let's all imagine the stock in this astonishing company going so high, flies off the charts!

If we all imagine this together, we can watch as this company becomes one of the richest companies on the planet! We should do this for two reasons.

1.) To express our gratitude as a human family to the company that answered our deepest prayers.

2.) To demonstrate an exercise in our ability, a human family, concentrate on and IN FACT CREATE CHANGE, in our world.
You are my human family here on Earth,......Let's do this,.....right now,.......together!


The humans of the Earth thank you,.......the Animal Kingdom thanks you,.........our delicate ecosystem, ( that right now is screaming out because of oil polluting our oceans) THANKS YOU!

WE ALL thank you!

Special note:
The second line of this write up, is in fact a link, where you can see this mind-blowing car! The site has many videos and even shows you how,...... your very own power station will be installed into your garage.


We can take this a step further,..............if we install a solar panel on our garage roof and hook it up to our current electrical system,............we can drive for free!

Our imaginations are at work and doing a super-fantastic job.

Keep imagining,............put your emotions into it. (Remember,...your emotions are the key to unlock the reality you wish to see happen in our 3-D world, operates in a state of love.)

Nissan heard us,...........they have my devotion and gratitude.

What company will hear us next and create something that is a blessing to our Earthly home?

Update: 4-22-11

2011 Nissan Leaf has just been named,...............

 " World Car of the Year! "

The Audi A8 and the BMW 5 were the two remaining finalists, which the Leaf beat out for the title.

A huge congratulations to you, Nissan!

I believe the world is starting to show their trememdous gratitude, to the company who charged forward with such a stunning and brilliant solution.

Nothing but love for you Nissan,....with companies like yours,...we can change the world for the betterment of all life on planet earth.


  1. If I could,......I would wrap my arms around the CEO on Nissan and give him the biggest kiss he ever had in his life!

    Thank you Nissan, for hearing the people of the world.

    We LOVE YOU!

  2. Nissan leaf is a new car with no gas, but 100 % electric. It is a five door mid-sized hatchback electric car which is the leading, environmentally, friendly and affordable family car. It is really an eco- friendly car. Better to check it out.

  3. Dear Nissan,......

    Words simply can NOT express the astonishingly massive step you have taken,... in moving human kind and the planet FORWARD to NEW horizons!

    You were the FIRST company to hear the spiritual cries of the people of the world.

    You moved swiftly and boldly, answer our deepest prayers for transportation that has the POWER TO HEAL our earthly home,......and provide much needed security to hard working families, against the vastly fluctuating gas prices.

    Hundreds of thousands of people lost their very homes, when the gas was hiked up to record breaking levels,.. a few years back.

    The masses were left with a choice, pay thier gas to commute to work,....(which for many became well over $1,000/ per month, with two working parents who journey daily)....or pay their mortgage.

    If they didn't pay the gas prices,.....they would of course lose their job,.....which resulted in NO MONEY AT ALL,...and NO health insurance for their family.

    If they paid the unpredictable and ever escalating gas prices, (most often these families were only getting by week to week)....there was not enough left over to cover their mortgage payment.

    A job,.....or a home?

    That is not a choice any human on our beautiful earth should ever have to make.


    Out into the either.

    The people of the world were tired of this reoccurring situation,...and desperately needed help.

    YOUR COMPANY,.. rushed forward with a blessing in the form of a magnificent vehicle that answered our most profound prayers.

    Mother Earth who is VERY TIRED of being disrespected,....and polluted with neglect, singing YOUR praises.

    The majestic Animal Kingdom,...who is also tired of being defiled, the poisons being spread in our shared and scared ocean waters,..are hailing YOU.

    You,...Nissan,.....are truly a hero to our earthly home,....and ALL OF US WHO DWELL UPON HER.

    May the heavens smile upon you.
    May you be blessed beyond your imagination with the gratitude of the planet.
    May your stock go SO HIGH,....if flies off the chart.

    Dear,....sweet Nissan,.....THANK YOU FOR HEARING US!

  4. I would also like to note once again,....the second line in this write up, is infact a link, where you can see,.....

    * This earth changing car.

    * The power station, that will be installed at your home, when you make a purchase.

    * Information on where you can see and test drive this wonder!