Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The power to heal our Earth!

Unity Wave of healing

You are learning, as you research the paranormal that many unseen things take place, in every moment.

As you continue in your search for the truth, of the many mysteries of the Universe, you will come to a point of complete understanding, that energy never dies,....and the power you wield as a sovereign spirit is extraordinary!

You are needed now.

Your spiritual power is needed now.

It is time for you to learn to demonstrate your mastery of love and healing, as the Earth is deeply deeply wounded, and she needs our restorative energy.

What you are about to do is an act of great devotion, is something that you will feel in the core of your very being, immediately,......and if done correctly, will feel it!

You are about to send healing love energy to Mother Earth, where she needs it the most right now,......and that is in the Gulf.
The very delicate Eco-system is dying, due to this nightmarish oil spill and vast areas of our beloved ocean, are in tremendous jeopardy.

The following 16 minute video is a Unity Wave of healing,... for our Earthly home. As you listen to the words, use the creativity of your mind and the emotion of your heart, as you imagine with exquisite detail the waters being cleansed. Feel with all of your passion, as our hearts collectively reach out to send the vital love force necessary to cure her abysmal ocean wound.

Throughout the video, the words God and Love are gently said in the many languages of the world. These very words hold vibrations that are therapeutic and curative.

Find a quite place right now,.....and lets do this together.

We can do this!

Exactly one week after this healing video was uploaded to this blog,......the oil spill has been stopped. Although it is a temporary fix,.......we will continue to use our healing power, until the oil is completely blocked from poisoning our ocean.
Congratulations to all who participated and prayed the healing prayer, to save our beloved Earth!
You are indeed wonderful,......and together we are a powerful force!
Thank you Earth family!
Hugs and kisses all around. :)

This next video is an exquisite example of love and harmony in action. You will see many children of the world working together for the betterment of human kind. They are raising up their hearts and minds as one, raise the vibration of the dear planet we call home.

This is what is desperately needed by our earth,... and all who dwell upon her,.. right now. From the tiniest plant to the largest blue whale,...we must work together on behalf of love and light, we may in fact have a tomorrow, with which we may continue to grow.

The time is now. The universe is speaking to YOU. Get your groups together in your home town,.......learn the truths of the planet, towards, peace, harmony, absolute equality.......and a tomorrow that we can all enjoy in beauty, abundance, bliss, health, and ,.................LOVE.

Help us create change.

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