Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What happens when we die?

It is probably the most asked question of all time and number one, on the list of greatest fears, among the people of the world.

As often as this question has been asked,...it has been answered,....by doctors, scientists, priests, ministers, inspirational speakers, psychics, just about every walk of life. However,.......the best person to answer this particular question, is a person who has actually experienced death.

Medical ability has improved vastly over the years and patients are now being resuscitated back from the grip of death,.... at a fantastic rate,....... and once returned,...they are willing to share their unique experience.

Thanks to the Internet, we can read the testimony of thousands upon thousands of regular people who have taken the final trip of clinical death and returned to life once again, to relay the details of their transforming expedition into the unknown.
Even though the death experience is unique to the individual, and there are instances where the spirit has had a negative death journey,.....we are basing our write up on the colossal majority that seem to share the same loving and positive experience. The negative spiritual experience seems very tenuous and is based upon the heinousness of the life that was lived.

So,......what happens when we die?

Is dying painful?
Is there life after death?

What will being dead feel like?

Can I see,....... and fly,........ and touch?

Will I be me,....is my personality intact?

Is there separate heavens for separate religions?

What is the meaning of life?

Why are there ghosts?

I think every person who reads this blog has a firm understanding that we indeed have a spirit. Our spirit is eternal,......it never dies,....in fact you are eternities old. Many lifetimes have been lived, by you, to get your spirit to the point that it is currently. The spiritually wise have a strong sense of intuition and compassion,...they exhibit patience and caring that is rarely seen. You probably know some of these people, or you may be highly spiritually evolved yourself. Never the less,......the vast majority of us have lived voluminous lifetimes, and it is these very experiences, that gives us the wisdom of love.

So,......we will answer all of the above questions and more in this write up.

Get comfortable, as we learn about life after death and what the world of heaven is really like.

For the people who have experienced death, they no longer are afraid to die. There is a sense of peace and calm about them as they go about enjoying their life here on Earth. The smallest things will bring the NDEer,....(near death experiencer) the greatest satisfaction, as they are once again renewed with a deep appreciation for life.

At the moment of death,.........many experience a brilliant white light,.....though it may be delayed somewhat. Some have reported, hanging around their bodies in a complete sense of wonder, while watching medical personnel perform heroic efforts to revive them. Others are actually confused as to whether or not they are actually dead, as they feel exactly the same as when they were alive,.....and believe they may be dreaming.

Experiencers feel a lifting and separating out from their body,.....as a sense of complete weightlessness takes over their spirit. If the NDEer is in a room, they will usually float up to the ceiling, where they can look down and observe the activity. As the spirit looks down upon itself, a realization comes,..... that it actually has an ethereal body and it is connected to the physical body by a very thin silvery cord at the back of the neck. If the cord completely snaps loose they will go through the rest of the death experience, if it remains attached, they can only travel as far as the cord will allow. If the cord doesn't snap off, that usually means it will be a very brief death experience. The spirit is free from all physical pain and people have stated there is no hunger or want,........for anything in the world of spirit. " I had no feelings for that poor body in the bed anymore,......I was free at last." This is one of the numerous statements, made by people who have left their body.

The out of body spirit who has witnessed loved ones, in a deeply saddened state around the bed of their body, felt an overwhelming love for their friends and family members and tried to comfort them, by tenderly holding them and whispering into their ear, " I am alright,.....I feel no pain now."

Upon being resuscitated, many will not want to discuss their experience, for fear of being ridiculed. Other patients willingly give a complete and accurate account to medical staff, of the actions that took place after their death. These reckonings include the time on the wall clock when they died,......and any objects on top of hutches or cabinets that were out of view when alive,.....as well as the conversation that went on between the medical team!

There are many doctors around the world that question the NDEer,.. upon returning to life. Some doctors keep this information in their own private logs, others have actually written out a formal survey, with a multitude of questions about the death journey. Doctors are fascinated by this,.........and most will tell you,..........whether a patient lives or dies is largely out of their hands. There have been patients who were the picture of health and were released to return home, who have up and died, throwing the hospital and medical staff into a complete frenzy. Other patients were so badly injured and in such a horrendous state upon entering the hospital,... the physicians all agreed that is was only a matter of moments until death. The doctors made statements like, " This patient was so mangled from a car accident,.......so badly crushed,.......we didn't know where to begin. We had a hard time even looking at his body. It was horrifying."

That patient the doctor spoke of,.......who was so horribly crushed in the accident,.......miraculously survived! The medical team is still in a state of amazement.

It is at this moment I must tell you about the incredible power of love,.... your thoughts,..... and prayer. Anything is possible with love and your thoughts. When you send out emotional prayer for healing, it is seen on the other side as light shooting out into the heavens. This beautiful asking ,is responded to by a glorious being of light. Sometimes one will respond,........sometimes an army of lighted beings will respond. They will gather together to figure how to make your loving desire happen,.....without affecting free will. Many things are considered, including what the patient who is being prayed for wants. The people who have experienced death and were allowed to see the lighted angels respond to emotional prayers, were in a state of amazement.

The stronger the love request you send up,.....the brighter your light,......the faster the response.

Your thoughts and prayers are confoundedly powerful.

If the spirit continues on the death journey , .....a sense of deeply calming peace wraps around them, as they are lifted up. Love in all of it's wonder is described. The feeling of being loved,... completely and utterly. The feeling of being connected to everything and everyone. Enormous devotion to the world and all that you are joined with,..... flows out of you,.....a sense of tremendous gratitude for life.

The spirit then travels though a tunnel at an extremely rapid speed, towards warmth, love and the most brilliant light as to be imagined. You realise that everything around you is alive and you are apart of it.

This luminous and dazzling light is described as pure love and intelligence. Some at this point refer to this light as God,......others refer to it as their guardian spirit.

When asked by the Great Spirit, " What have you done?" ....."What have you learned?" A panoramic review of your entire life is immediately displayed like a hologram, .....it shoots out of your ethereal body, and is revealed all around you.

NO detail is left out.

All is accounted for.

Every action that was displayed during the lifetime,... that was of a Divine quality, such as,......love, compassion, generosity, understanding, patience, honesty, gives the NDEer, a beautiful feeling as they experience the emotion the recipient of this action enjoyed. Likewise ,.......every negative or evil action they took while in life, such as,.......hate, greed, fighting, jealousy, stealing, murder, trying to manipulate or control another human, deceitful, cruel to the animal kingdom,....they will experience first hand, what they put the other person or animal through and the devastating feelings that go along with it. This is known as the life review.

(It is true. It is as we have always been told by our elders,............when you hurt someone or something else,.......we truly do hurt ourselves.)

If you get to the point of a life review,......most NDEers will be told that it is not their time and they must go back. It is usually because there is something left undone, that only THEY can do,.......or it might be for a Karmic reason, that was left over from another lifetime. Some NDEers are able to stay awhile longer while they ask questions and receive all of the answers,......these particular people are usually given the gift of remembrance, so they may relay their story upon return to their body, and give the world some much needed hope.

(Special note; Some NDEer's spirits are allowed to remain in heaven, however the physical body of the patient returns to life on Earth. How can that happen? This is a bit complicated,.........and very rare. It seems as if a select few spirits are given a pass and allowed to remain in heaven, while another spirit steps into the inert body, reanimates it and fulfills their Earthly duty. This is known as a walk in. This is a great act of love on behalf of the walk in,.... and I must emphasize,........exceedingly rare.

When this very attenuate experience transpires,....it usually results in a divorce for the family if the person was married. That is because the spirit who loved you and all your mannerisms is now gone,......and the spirit that replaced them is a new and completely different person. This new person usually has no desire to be hooked up with a spirit that they have nothing in common with,....so they simply move on.

Consistently this is a very gracious and highly evolved spirit, who has stepped in to substitute for the original spirit.)

While in heaven, NDEers speak of the beauty that is all around them and music that is so exquisite as to not even be able,... to be described. NDEers that have stayed in the experience the longest speak of magnificent glittering cities that look to be made of gemstones emitting a shimmering glow of a rainbow of colors, and radiant beings of light, going about their lives learning and living while in heaven. They describe their world in heaven, as being just as real,.... as our world here on Earth.

The NDEers have a hard time with the adjectives to describe the majesty that was all about them, as colors and sounds exist that they simply can not describe. The eyes of the spirit are able to see extraordinary distances, and so powerful and sharp,..... they describe their Earth vision by comparison ,....as being clouded.

There are no separate heavens for separate religions. When the Magnificent Spirit was asked about the religions on Earth and which is the correct one,.......the answer was ,.......love. "You will be attracted to,.... that which you are looking for,.... and anything that teaches love in all of it's forms is correct. You are on Earth to develop your consciousness and learn to love."

Earth is a free will school for learning, so there are many negative and confusing religions that teach hate, or control, or dominance, and as such these spirits will have much more to learn. They will have go through the Karmic experiences of what ever they inflicted upon another human or animal while on Earth. What you project out,.....you absolutely will receive in return.

(Note: Please do not go around thinking that if bad things are happening to you, that you must have done something to deserve it,......that is not always the case. Because this Earth is a free will school, we are living in and around other people's decisions. These people are making their free will decisions, which sometimes affect you in a negative way,.......but it has nothing to do with you. If they hurt you for some reason, some day they will know that and indeed feel the pain of your hurt. You are loved beyond my ability to explain it to you,.....so always stand up for yourself as an equal and do not let anyone tread on you.)

When asked about life on other planets, the Great Spirit said, "The universe is full of life, it is ever expanding." Some were taken at this point on a brief journey around Earth to see how everything is connected and everything is alive. When looking at a tree or flower, in spirit form you could clearly see their energy,......their spirits. The Great Spirit has told many NDEers about the ripple effect. "Your thoughts go out into the universe and effect the entirety of the planet.".......This ripple effect is amazing to witness when someone is in a state of love and giving of a generous spirit. The wonderful actions that take place because of that one thought of love, are too numerous to count.

When NDEers have come this far and seen first hand the wonder and beauty,......the gleaming cities,...... and reunited with their loved ones, ....they do not want to return to Earth when they are finally told,..... they must go back. People who have given their death accounts have even reported pitching an all out fit ,.....demanding to stay in heaven! Surprisingly even those with babies and small children have no desire to come back to Earth. The love, peace, grandeur and wonder is so complete,...........so whole,............ they never wanted to leave it. They felt they were finally at home.

In their ethereal state they are,.... who they were on Earth, personality wise,... and they are able to be in any physical location, just by thinking about it. The spirit is incredibly free.

Dying for some is acutely painful,....... but short in duration. Others not only have no memory of pain,.......they didn't even know they were dead. One example was a woman who was involved in a car accident. One moment she was driving,......the next thing she remembered was standing outside her car and looking at the damage,...thinking, " Oh, great,.......this is going to be expensive!'

When she noticed cars stopping and the crowd starting to gather around a certain area, she pushed through the onlookers to see what they were gawking at. When the woman looked down upon the road, she let out a gasp as she realised it was her body laying on the asphalt.

"It is impossible,.......I am here!" When the woman looked up in a state of despair, wondering what she should do now,........she saw her guardian spirit running towards her, in a super human way. A magnificent lighted being said to her, "There has been a mistake,......you must go back to your body." The woman looked at her tattered and badly injured body and said, " There is no way I am going back into that!" The spirit chuckled and said, " You will recover quickly, I promise." With that statement, she was back in her body and on the way to the hospital.

So, the pain at death varies greatly,......but most have said it is short in duration.

Some NDEers have returned from the death experience with additional abilities,.....such as enhanced overall knowledge, increased artistic capabilities, speaking languages they didn't know before death, developing psychically, and many more.

So,..... why are there ghosts?

That is a very elaborate problem. There are many reasons for this phenomena. The first being you must choose to go into the light. Believe it or not,.......many spirits are afraid to go into the light. Most of these people believed when they were alive,...... that when they died,...... it was officially over. Imagine how surprised they are to find out,.....that there is no death!

Sadly many of these people lived their life, with the " I got mine,.....you get yours" attitude. They didn't care who they hurt or what they hurt, and figured in death, they got away with it.

When they realize that life indeed goes on, they become afraid of the judgement that awaits them,......the life review,............so they choose to ignore the light and stay in a state of limbo. This is not a good place to be.

Others want to go into the light but they are so weighted down with hate or negative emotions, that they simply can not rise up,.... until they release some of the heaviness of these base and angry feelings. After all,.......hate is not allowed in heaven.

Then there are those who take their own life.

This falls into two categories. If you are truly ill and not in control of your actions,............. then you are allowed to have the death experience and cross over into the next plane of existence, where you will awaken in a loving place that looks much like a hospital,....and remain until you are emotionally, and spiritually healed.

If you took your life simply out of selfishness, anger, boredom, just tired of it all, .....then you will have to remain in the limbo state until your time comes when you would have naturally passed in your physical life. That is just the way it is.

You can not break the rules, without consequences.

You will also have to feel the pain that everyone who loves and needs you,.... will feel in your absence,.....and that is a terrible thing.

Science that tries to tell you that it is just a chemical in the brain, responding to the act of dying,.......is plain and absolute bologna. (Aren't they going to be surprised when they die.)

Most of the patients that have returned from the death experience, have recounted or possessed one or more of the following,.......

*The conversation that took place, while they were clinically dead.

* What friends or family were doing at the time of their death. (This includes loved ones in remote locations.)

* Returned with the ability to speak another language.

* Instant and intensified math abilities.

* Enhanced artistic capabilities.

*Knowledge of what was happening in another hospital room, while they were dead.

A chemical in the brain CAN NOT do any of the above.

You are eternal.

From this day forward,......be a cautious creator of your life.

Remember in the end,.......everything is accounted for.

Love to you my friend,.... have a beautiful and adventurous life!

Here is a 10 minute video of people recounting their life after death stories. There are three other parts to this film,.....you will find them on the side bar of Youtube. Very interesting narratives by true experiencers. I think you will enjoy it.

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