Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alien craft shuts down China's Xiaoshan Airport?

UFO responsible for shutting down China's Xiaoshan Airport

UFO that presented itself during the solar eclipse of 2009.

It seems visitors from space wanted to make their presence known, so they visited a highly populated area, with a very busy airport!

Air traffic controllers were shocked by the image that was presented to them and bewildered by the cause. What or,......who could be over their highly monitored and restricted to permissible aircraft only,...airspace?

Radar screens continued to glow eerily with the object in full view, so the authorities agreed to shut down the airport.

The city of Hangzhou was instantly abuzz with the UFO,...as civilians took photos and the planes in the air were deflected from landing, at the scheduled Xiaoshan destination.

Pilots waiting on the runway to fly their passengers, were officially told to stand down and grounded until the mysterious craft vanished.

China's Airport Authority is currently undergoing an inquest, as to the UFO EVENT!

We would like to thank the country of China for coming forward and telling the people of the world the truth as to this matter. Please do not let dark secret groups come forward and convince you to tell the world a different story.

Want to see a video of the UFO?

Here is another video where the object is creating a stunning light show in the night time sky.

UFOs have had a lot of interest in China lately. During a solar eclipse on July, 22. 2009,..... a UFO appeared in the sky and hung around long enough for the scientists (who were working at the Purple Mountain Observatory) to acquire 40 minutes of film!

Civilians and students watched the daylight show and managed to photograph the amazing spectacle with cell phones and cameras. The witness claim the craft was demonstrating spectacular qualities such as,......morphing it's shape and and changing the craft's color right before their eyes!

Want to see a video of the UFO that presented itself during the solar eclipse in China?


Special note:

Remember to keep your cell phones and cameras ready for the unexpected. When you get the evidence,......upload it to the computer immediately. If we all do this,.....it will become impossible for the truth of this matter to be denied any longer. As a human family on this planet, we must look out for each other,......we need one another,..... as the dark alliances will do anything to stop the information from reaching the public.

Keep a library of important videos and content, so it is always ready to be uploaded from anywhere in the world.

As a sovereign being you are valued, loved and extremely important! We deserve the truth,.....all of it.

Let's work together,....let's make it happen.

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