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Thursday, October 16, 2008

HAUNTED GETTYSBURG-----------------------------------

One of the many graveyards of Gettysburg

Now entering the Borough of Gettysburg sign

The Gettysburg Battlefield--

On a three day slaughter in July of 1863, during the Civil War, more then 51,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured. The very earth of this town...... was saturated with human blood!

This piece of real estate is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the ENTIRE world! Ghosts have been felt, seen, photographed, heard and there are even reports of phantom scents.


---The building of Pennsylvania Hall---Located in Gettysburg College, still has ghostly soldiers patrolling the cupola. Their heavy boots can be heard pacing back and forth, still on guard after all these years.

---Gettysburg Battlefields---The most famous and talked about haunt ,would have to be the "Devil's Den". This is a triangular piece of land where your electrical equipment is most likely to go haywire. A plethora of ghosts still walk this ground, including some so solid, and real, that they are mistaken for live Civil War re-en actors!

---Cemetery Hill--- Many, many dead bodies were strewn, and piled in the July heat on this area of ground. The festering masses of flesh were rotting rapidly while awaiting burial, polluting the air with a putrid stench. The ladies of the time could not venture out of doors, without pressing scented handkerchiefs to their noses, drenched in liquids of peppermint and vanilla. These PHANTOM scents can STILL be smelled today on "Baltimore Street".

Here is a very good video about the ghosts of Gettysburg,.............................................

Here is the Gettysburg website,... that has a calendar of events for every month in the year.

Also,....... information on FREE guided walks with National Park Service Rangers!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PHANTOM OF FLATWOODS-----------------

The Flatwoods Monster--------------------

AKA/ Braxton County Monster / Green Monster. This otherworldly visitor was sighted in Flatwoods, West Virginia. It is described as being at least 10' tall with a deeply red face (which appeared to glow from within), the rest of the body was green in color. The head was bizarrely shaped like a spade, with large protruding eyes. While the arms themselves could not be seen, the witnesses did describe seeing long claw-like fingers, situated on the upper front of the body. The over all shape of the creature was very "human-like". Witnesses were even able to describe the clothing as being, a long pleated (possibly metal) skirt which was also dark green in color.

The Sighting--------
Three boys witnessed a red pulsating light cross the sky. It seemed to come down upon some farm land owned by G. Bailey Fisher. The boys ran excitedly to Kathleen May ( the mother of two of the boys) and reported the event.

The mother accompanied by three others including a National Guardsman named "Gene Lemon", traveled with the three original boys who made the initial report (named Ed and Fred May and Tommy Heyer), back to the craft landing site.

Along with their dog, the group of 7 traveled about 1/4 mile on the Fisher farm when they saw the throbbing red light upon the ground. There was a heavy and foreign mist in the air, with a strong stench, that immediately burned the nose and eyes.

While moving around the flashlight they were carrying, they found this shocking creature standing under a nearby tree! When the light from the flash light hit upon the alien, it let out a low hiss, and proceeded to "glide" towards them. The group of 7 turned and fled in absolute panic at this time.

Immediately upon returning home the group called the local Sheriff (Carr), and the co-owner of the local newspaper (Stewart) and made a report. The newspaper immediately proceeded to do numerous interviews and examine the site, where there was still a foul odor in the air. Investigators were able to find a strange, thick black liquid, that had formed on the ground, where the creature had been. The story ran in the local paper as " Braxton County Residents faint, become ill after run-in with 10' monster."

Investigators from the "Civilian Saucer Investigation in LA.", came to town where they found numerous other witnesses in town, who described seeing the same exact creature. One witness was traumatized so badly that she had to be confined to Clarksburg Hospital for 3 weeks!

Other witnesses claim to have their house shaking at the time of the sighting, and the electrical power strobing on and off.

One rather well known witness, was the local Board of Education Director, who stated he observed a craft on the morning after the group sighting.

Most of the main group suffered painful and nauseating physical symptoms, after the sightings, which included............... nose and throat irritation, a deep consuming sickness that embodied,..vomiting, convulsions and lasted for several long weeks. The dog that had accompanied the group, also became extremely ill and sadly died within two days of the event!

The town of Flatwoods now holds a annual Monster Day Festival. They also have printed brochures describing the multitude of events as they unfolded in the town. There is now a museum in town, and Green monster related artifacts are sold everywhere.

Flatwoods displays a road sign that says "Welcome to Flatwoods, Home of the Green Monster".

The town seems to have embraced this strange visitor and the events that happened there............................ and I think this would make a great road trip!

If you happen to go, be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!

Here is a great video, tying the Green Monster in with the TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF UFO ACTIVITY, that was taking place at the same time. ..........................................................................


Stanton Friedman is a brilliant, brave and highly respected nuclear physicist, who is a ROCK STAR in the Ufology world. Stanton is seen here, discussing the Flatwoods Monster in the following video.

BIGFOOT-----Has someone murdered our cousin?

The above photo is an enlargement (of a frame of film).. taken of a real Bigfoot.

This photo shows the breasts of a real female Bigfoot.

This is a photograph of a genuine female Bigfoot. When this photo was enhanced using modern technology, were able to see a scar on the face, the teeth when it grimaced, and the eyelashes around the being's eyes.

Was our rare cousin,........Bigfoot-------murdered?

OK, I was just going to leave a comment on the "Krazy news" section of this blog, or maybe the "Unknown creatures" section, but I am reading so much wild talk on the Web on this story, that I had to give this it's own segment.


A group that calls themselves Searching for Bigfoot,... claim they found Bigfoot in the North of Georgia, very deep in the woods. The Bigfoot is described as standing over 7' tall, reddish colored hair, greenish colored eyes and looks exactly like a human with a hair growth problem. The estimated weight of our hairy friend, comes in at over 500lbs!
Matthew Whitton and Rick Deyer are the people who found our passed away cousin. Did they genuinely find it passed away? We found three different stories on the Internet.---

1.)--The pair claimed that the Bigfoot was murdered by a former felon, after pursuing it doggedly, and it died on the spot.

2.)--Whitton and Deyer claimed to have found a whole family of Bigfoots living together, shot our Bigfoot cousin, then followed it bleeding and suffering into the woods, and waited for it to die.

3.)--Whitton and Deyer claimed to have stumbled across Bigfoot while hiking,.... where they then said, "And he was just laying there."
During the time that the pair were packing up and removing the body, Whitton and Deyer said they could hear other Bigfoots screaming in the not too distant area.

Personal note: If this story is true,... there is no doubt the other hairy beings were filled with anxiety and mourning the loss of their group member.

Bigfoot is a member of the family hominidae. It is a bipedal hominid, genetically our cousins. Humans are also a bipedal primate, in the family hominidae. So, killing our genetic cousins ( a hominid),.... would be homicide.

Any person guilty of killing a Bigfoot, should immediately be sent to jail!

If this story turns out to be an actual fact, and a Bigfoot was murdered (and it is only a matter of time if it hasn't) then we need to get on the phone with our State Representatives and demand that laws get passed to protect our close relatives.

Please read the comments section for updates on this story.

Friday, August 15, 2008



Mothman---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is so much to say about Mothman, that it must have it's own blog segment.
This harborger of doom is a baleful being that is described as standing 6'-7' tall, with immense wings, a large and extremely muscular build and deep fiery red, glowing eyes, that take up the majority of it's face.
The eyes of Mothman have actually frozen witnesses in their tracks, ...rooted them into such a deep state of fear that they were unable to move another step. In some instances, they literally passed out on the spot!

Though seen all over the world, through our recorded history, including ancient cave paintings-----the most famous sightings took place over the entire town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Mothman's interaction with the townsfolk was both horrifying and consistent,................ lasting over a year, from 1966--1967, incredible period of time for a cryptid to hang around a singular location.
The frightening and perplexing West Virginia events were personally witnessed by at least 100 people!
The local police station was inundated with extremely upset and in some cases hysterical, towns people calling in, to make their reports about Mothman. The calls to the authorities were so constant, that the National Guard was summoned to search for the terrifying creature and the State Police patrolled the reported hot spots on a regular basis.
The townsfolk, filled with nervous energy and the need to protect themselves, gathered together in groups, took up flashlights and in some instances weapons and hesitantly searched the area each night.
After seeing the mysterious creature, many witnesses went into a state of shock and had to be hospitalized!
Other injuries that have been associated with Mothman include,, watering, swollen eyes and the appearance of deep, dark burns on the skin.
Sightings of this large, ominous, winged creature, are said to precede a disaster,..... and his appearance is usually accompanied by some or all of the following..............................
Electrical disturbances in homes and vehicles, poltergeist activity, UFO sightings.. (the type of craft most often seen around this time was described as cigar shaped), disembodied voices, and last but not least, Men in Black sniffing around the affected area.
The Men in Black arrived in Point Pleasant where they proceeded to quietly stalk around and terrify the people of the town. Witness after witness speak of being approached by the shadowy men and being told in a dire way to,... "STOP SPEAKING OUT ON THE CREATURE KNOWN AS MOTHMAN."
The reporter for the local paper was named Mary Hyre and she was covering the activity as it took place,..complete with police reports, witness interviews, National Guard and State Police activity. Mary relayed to her friends and family she was afraid for her very life, after repeated visits from the peculiar MIB. Mary said, " They seem to come visit me quite a bit." She also relayed to her loved ones this extremely spooky statement,
" They don't blink their eyes." Every meeting that took place between the MIB and Mary, was about Mothman, and their desire for her to stop writing about it.
The steadfast reporter refused to be intimidated and continued with covering the story, that is,....... until she died of a sudden and mysterious heart attack at 54 years old!
Keith Aeiker , whose wife was a direct witness of Mothman, speaks of Connie's run in with the MIB, during this phenomenal period of time.
In a calm and soft spoken voice, Keith tells us about Connie walking out the front door of her home, when a car quickly pulled up and stopped in front of her. A man in a black suit yelled out the window for assistance with directions and as Connie approached the car to see if she could be of some help,....... she was suddenly grabbed with painful force on her upper arm by this spooky man, he frantically tried to pull her into the car! Connie reacted immediately by fighting him off and sprinted back into her home, where she locked the door and cowered in the corner until Keith came home. When Mr. Aeiker came in he found Connie with a ripped blouse and in an absolute state of terror.
This shocking abduction attempt was followed by a hand written note the couple found on their front porch that said, " Be careful girl, I can get you yet."

After the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, the sightings of this mysterious creature completely faded to a halt, for a long period of time. There have been some reports of Mothman in the area, but nothing on the scale that was seen in 1966-67.

46--- people died in the bridge collapse.
Special note:
The very heavy presence of MIB in the area, leads one to believe that Mothman is in fact an alien entity of some sort.
Well what do you think?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

REALITY TV and the paranormal.

REALITY TV, has been doing a super job on paranormal shows! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A&E network,.... runs one of the best programs I have ever seen on ghost hunting. It is called "Paranormal State." It involves students from Penn State University, working sublimely together, on extremely haunted cases. This group brings the most phenomenal psychics in the country...... and when it comes to cases that have a evil or negative energy, they will actually bring in a Priest to assist in the removal of the dark entity. They are simply magnificent and they genuinely DO PROVIDE HELP AND CLOSURE to the majority of their cases. You can catch it on Monday nights, but make sure you have a friend with you, as it is spooky and riveting! On one to four stars, I rate this 4 stars. Any ghost fan will absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW!
Update: A new character has joined the original group and he has thrown a wrench into the show. His name is Chad, and he has a hard time speaking without the use of profanities. All the audience hears is,.....BLEEP, BLEEP,BLEEP,....this is disrespectful and incredibly annoying to the viewing audience. Chad's demeanor is terrible. The original crew remains FANTASTIC, however you will see Chad actually order, the other members around.
("Get over here, NOW!") All of my fan buddies do NOT CARE FOR Chad,....(he is in desperate need of manners.) Ryan, Sergey,...the rest of the crew,.....please get rid of this guy,.......before he brings your show down.
Update: Paranormal State just aired a show that THRILLED me. One of THE BEST MEDIUMS ON THE PLANET, was invited on, to assist in the investigation,....his name......JOHN OLIVER. I don't know how they got him,.....but.....WOW, I am impressed. John Oliver is a rock star in the paranormal world! Congratulations, Paranormal State! Great show!
A&E Network,.... has a new show! It aired for the first time on January 19th, 2010, at 9:30 PM, Central Time. It is called, PARANORMAL COPS. The show is an excellent documentary and the investigators are REAL COPS! These likable officers are truly the good guys and they investigate the paranormal claims with the same professionalism and expertise that you would find in a criminal case.  These cops have seen it all, and their challenging work has had them traverse into creepy locations that are charged with the energy of spirits that have crossed into death,.....but have NOT crossed over into the higher vibration of light. Earth-bound these phantoms remainYou must watch this show,.... if you love ghost hunting! I give this 3 and 1/2 stars.
( you A&E!)

Go to for a complete schedule of these shows.

The Animal Planet,....(APL on your guide), has stepped into the paranormal ring and WOW,......... have they delivered a knock out punch! A new series called "The Haunted", airs on Fridays and it is a,... MUST WATCH! A paranormal documentary, that has families relate their ghostly tail, and the effects the frightening events have on their households and their animal friends. Animals are KEENLY aware of spiritual activity and are usually the first in the home to recognize the phantom's prowlings.
First- class creep effect,.......your going to love it!
I rate this 4 stars!

More from Animal Planet,............

Finding Bigfoot- This is a new series and has been running on Sunday evenings. (Check your local guide for viewing times,.....or go to  to get the show schedule for your area.) It consists of members of the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) crisscrossing the United States looking for our large hairy friend. When hot leads come in about a recent sighting, such as film, foot prints, recorded vocalizations,...the team heads out to areas they term to be "bigfooty."
I LOVE the terminology used in this show! For instance the phrase, "Dude,........sounds Squatchy," became a favorite in my house,....and we used it as often as possible. (Silly I know,....but we relish saying it. Feel free to try it out, is a real giggle inducer.) The group's founder is Matt Moneymaker who seems to have a strong understanding of the reality of these rare beings and a wholesome respect for them. The other members of the group are Bobo, Ranae, & Cliff. You will get a kick out of Bobo, who is a GIANT of a sweetheart,......he reminds me of a Squatch who has had a good close shave, and dressed himself after wandering into a Carhartt store.

As an animal lover myself, I see no disrespect to these subtle beings, or any other animal on the show. I think I am safe in saying, this group of researchers would never hurt a Bigfoot in any way.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the show as they,.......
* Lay out the current evidence,.....
 *Take you deep into the location,.......
* Do the eerie "Squatch" calls, that echo in the silence,.....
* Get a solid thrill, as the audience sees the velvety night time view of the outlying and sometimes  very creepy sites,.......
*Last but not least,....we can't get enough of the "Bigfooty" terms.

I only have good things to say about this show!

 (There is a negative,........but it has to do with comments on the official web-site, and NOT the show.) See my comments section below for more information on this.

 I rate this at 3 and 1/2 stars. I genuinely enjoyed the show.

Kisses to you Animal Planet,........take good care of our large hairy friend,....Bigfoot!

The Biography Channel,.... must be included on this list, as they have some marvelous paranormal shows! Check your local listing, as the shows dates and times do move around. The following is a list of paranormal programs that I have found on The Biography Channel.

*-- "Ghostly Encounters" This is a paranormal docudrama. A recreation of actual ghostly events, as told by the individuals directly involved with each story. Each show is 30 minutes long. It is pretty good.

I rate this 3 stars. A good solid thrill!

*--"More Haunted Houses" This show is a documentary and tells us all about tortured souls and restless spirits. Snuggle up with a friend or a family member, as you will want someone near when they start relaying these scary and mysterious tales.

I rate this 3 3/4 stars.

*--"Ghost Bait" Paranormal reality show, 30 minutes long. This is a different type of ghost hunting show, as they will ask the person who is most haunted by the location, to place A SACK ON THEIR HEAD, and sit in the most spiritually active spot!

The thought process behind this shocking activity, is that the fear emanating from the agonized individual, will ATTRACT the entity.
 (It should also 'attract' a roll of paper towels, for at this point I would pee my pants.)

It seems to work, for the evidence they capture falls into the 'WOW' category.

Although, I am surprised that anyone agrees to do this. I mean,...really,...would you sit in an extremely haunted spot with a burlap sack on your head?

Yeah, neither!

My first thought would be,.... 'My hair is going to get messed up'.. followed quickly by, 'Is this sack dirty?'...finally, ....'OMG, I am in a haunted location WITH A SACK ON MY HEAD!"
I feel I have the heart of a lion, but when it comes to even the commercial haunts, I will have someone in front of me, and someone behind me, at that point one can say, I become more of the type of lion, found in the Wizard of Oz. (Complete with perm and bow.)
Back to the show,...
They bring in psychics, some good, some NOT so good. One psychic showed up carrying a cat! Immediately, I knew, this was a BAD decision. Dogs travel with owners, relatively WELL, however cats do NOT.

As an animal lover, it is a violation to force an animal out of it's  comfort zone. (I hope this psychic is not used again, or if she is, LEAVE THE TERRIFIED KITTY AT HOME.)

The show is good. The history, visuals, genuine emotion, have the home viewer enjoying the excitement of the investigation.

One area they could improve upon, is the resolution. As in 'What happened?'..... 'Has the problem been solved?'
' Is the haunting diminished at all?'

Burlap sack,....OMG.

I rate it  3 1/2 stars, out of 4.

*--"Ghosts : Caught on Tape" This is a paranormal , documentary consisting of videotaped and filmed evidence of ghostly phenomena. This will satisfy your curiosity as to the numerous ways that ghosts can manifest themselves. The show also points out some ways that people can hoax this evidence. A very interesting show, although I dislike giving hoaxers and naysayers any air time. I thoroughly enjoyed this show.

I rate this 3 and 3/4 stars.

*--'My Ghost Story' –Once you see an episode of this show, the craving to see more, immediately sets in! This show consists of general people from every walk of life, relaying their individual ghostly accounts. The volume of video and audio evidence that is displayed during the show, is phenomenal!

All types of ghosts are recounted on the show, including such things as the famous Incubus,….. phantoms that continue to walk the stained floors of an old slaughterhouse,…. and rage filled spirits still stuck in the earthly homes of these experiencers.

Video and audio evidence you will get to see include such things as,………..

* Ghostly images

* Spirit voices

* Objects moving by invisible hands

* Spirit orbs of energy

* Inky and misty like substances, floating eerily in the air

The list of what you will see on the show goes on,..... it would take up too much space to list it all here.

I rate this 4 STARS!

*-- "My Ghost Story 2: Hauntings Revealed" This program is in a documentary style and includes the story of a man, who photographed actual images of the GRIM REAPER! A good enthuse, for a quite night. Guaranteed to disrupt your sleep!

I rate this 3 and 3/4 stars!

*--"Haunted History" These are ghost stories involving phantoms,.... which happen to be woven within our nation's rich history. This is a very good series and it use to run on the History Channel.

I rate this 4 stars.

*-- "Psychic Investigators" This is a brand new batch of paranormal, mystery/crime shows. They are great little 30 minute thrillers that are narrated to an actual event. The psychics themselves give their own personal account throughout the narration. Watch a psychic use their third eye, to solve a crime and help humanity. A good watch.

I rate this 3 stars.

*--"Stalked by a Ghost"  A reality, paranormal  show where a psychic comes into a property and identifies the entity that is terrifying the object of the show.

Two different stories are portrayed in each hour long program. While the psychic is extraordinary in her compassion for the subject in need of her paranormal assistance, this show basically puts me to sleep.

Very sorry, Biography Channel, .....I love your channel dearly,.... but this particular show could be used in place of Tylenol PM, to send a person into a restful nights sleep. (Without any ghosts.)

I rate this 1 out of 4 stars.

(I would watch it again, but only if every other channel on my TV mysteriously blew out.)

*-- "Celebrity Ghost Stories" This is an excellent show that blends the paranormal with famous celebrities, they give their personal accounts with other dimensions. This show reminds you, that we are all sharing this earth experience together,....and even the most famous of the world's population, have a firm understanding that there is so much more to our world,.... and lives,...... than what you see.

I rate this 4 stars.

*-- "Celebrity Ghost Hunt" This show blends the excitement of ghost hunting, with celebrities who have discovered they have phantom in their midst. We get to see and hear our famous friends, in their own environment, as they solve the spooky mystery.
Chip Coffey is the psychic who comes in,....and he brings with him paranormal investigators,.....who,.. along with their equipment, catch some pretty spectacular evidence. Chip is emotionally intelligent,......and he works extraordinarily well with people. You will enjoy him.

This show is interesting on numerous levels. I rate it 3 and 3/4 stars.

(I just watched a Celebrity Ghost Hunt,.... which showcased Christopher Atkins, who spends his spare time digging for gold at a VERY haunted goldmine. It was absolutely fascinating. Also, on this particular episode, was Eric Roberts,....whose warm and inviting home,... is active with gentle spirits. I must say (although it is not related to the paranormal in any way) that Eric Roberts is beyond handsome,.....his face is one of those incredibly rare faces, you simply find to be magnetic. You are drawn in,.... and you can't stop watching him! Come on Hollywood,....why isn't this alluring actor all over the place? We want to see so much more of him!)

*-- "Haunted Encounters" is a new reality ghost hunting show that is currently running on Friday. I must say,.. I really did enjoy it. The members work quite well together, with no hint of completion or nastiness. The show gives a good, creepy history of the location, complete with occasional re-enactments of the particular horror that took place. I was thrilled to see the addition of a lovable dog, who barked at the unseen. (Give that four legged investigator a bone shaped cookie!) Animals have an astonishing ability to perceive what humans can not.(For the most part.) Good ghostie evidence is caught, and they even highlight the phantom’s communication they catch, on the TV screen. A new device called ‘Pandora’ is used to capture the spirit voices. (Ghost hunting equipment certainly has become the next big thing.)

The only draw back was the psychic, who did not impress me.

All in all, I would rate this 3 & ½ stars.

A good nights entertainment!

If you get a better psychic,…it would improve the show.

It would be great if you could get someone like John J.Oliver!

I love you Biography Channel!

Check for a complete listing of these great shows and the air times for your region.

Destination America, a rather new channel, and it has some very good paranormal shows. Try and get this channel if you don't have it. On this DEST you will find shows like the following,....

*-- "Monsters & MysteriesAll our old favorite monsters and some new ones,..(that I didn't even know about) come out to play in this brand new program. (April 2013)
It is done very well, with a compelling narrative, good music to set the mood, visuals (spooky enough to disturb your sleep) as well as direct eye witnesses. The cameras are taken directly to the haunted, mystery spots being discussed, and you get a visual rollercoaster ride!

 Your going to like this one!

 Get ready to find out that EVEN MORE chilling creatures, aliens, and confounding mysteries exist, then we once believed.

I rate this 3 & 3/4 stars! Set time aside for this one folks!

Go to to find the show times.

*--"Paranormal Lockdown"  - is a fantastic paranormal reality show, staring Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff as our very much loved investigators. These two together are beyond intoxicating, as there is no pecking order between the two, where some do all the work while others do all the play ( 'play' is otherwise known as energy sapping, edge of your pants, up on the top of your toes, hair standing on ends, horrifying paranormal investigating). There is also no constant 'shush,.....shush,....shush'.

These two are harmonious and genuinely care for one another as human beings.

BOTH are psychic, although I do not know if Nick is aware that he has become cerebral in this realm. His abilities have grown with the passing of time and being immersed into a field where he has had to hone his discerning abilities. Katrina has always been psychic, as in her true empathy and her heightened awareness of her surroundings. She is very perceptive and highly sensitive to her environment.

Katrina was on the super hit of a paranormal show known as 'Paranormal State' and Nick was one of the brilliant minds behind Ghost Adventures, where he was an executive producer, co host, and investigator on the show. I don't know  how these two found one another, but it was a paranormal, ghostie match made in heaven.

Paranormal Lockdown's song is the catchiest tune I have ever heard, and I do mean EVER! NO other show, on ANY other channel can even hold a candle to this song! I dare you to listen to it and not find yourself humming along. Most likely you will be tapping your foot to it also.
The cameraman is a gentle, quiet type of fella who comes off as someone they can both turn to in a time of need (which is GREAT in these types of situations). I only wish he would stay with them through the whole lock down.

I don't know how they do it, as these two have gone to places my guardian spirit would NEVER allow me to go, not without going to an all you can eat buffet at LEAST once a day. (It would greatly help if it were a 'Golden Corral Buffet' which comes with COTTON CANDY! Sorry paranormal world but,....COTTON CANDY JUST MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER,...even ghost hunting!) Can I get a 'Hell Yeah' from all the ghosties? (We will 'high five' after you clean off your sticky ghostie fingers.)

They give you a good spooky history of the location (so you know what you are getting into at the beginning of the show) some artistic shots of the location, and the occasional guest psychic (I always love the guests, from the psychics to the experiencers) and relish what they have to say. The only thing that could make it better would be to have some creepy music scattered here and there. We want the whole ride.

They have gone to places like the Kreischer Mansion, Franklin Castle and the demon INFESTED Hindsdale House, as well as MANY other locations.

Go to to see the locations and to find the dates and times this show airs in your region of the world.

If you don't have Destination America on your TV channel line up,....GET IT, it has a whole host of paranormal shows. 

I rate this 4 STARS!

*--"Unsealed Alien Files"  Unsealed Alien Files, is a 30 minute paranormal documentary, narrated by one of the HEROES to humanity on planet earth,...John B. Wells!
If your not already a John B. Wells fan, will be once you listen to him. The 'voice' that can't be forgotten, and a heart that is filled with absolute LOVE ♥ for humanity on planet earth. John looks deep into TRUTHS that have been hidden in our world, and has a deep desire for FREEDOM to be restored to every spirited being.

You will fall in love with John,...I guarantee that.

When he is not narrating the super fantastic, MUST SEE, show 'Unsealed Alien Files' can find him hosting on certain nights (Saturday usually) Coast to Coast AM, on your late night radio.

I rate this show 4 stars!

You will find quite a list of thrilling shows at this web address,...

*--" The Paranormal Project"  This is a reality ghost hunting show, however it is NOT done by ghost investigators, as an outside group, it is done by the homeowners themselves.

Tremendous activity is captured by the homeowners, as they troll
the familiar hot spots of their home, in the dark of the night and
relay their experiences. The family members are sincere, and their
experiences are very spooky, to say the least.

Really people, if you don't believe in other realms by now, with the
colossal amount of evidence captured, well,....then I don't know
what to say, ( which is a genuine rarity.)

Destination America has grown and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels to flip on. Some truly excellent paranormal shows. This channel is proving to be a paranormal fantasy land!

I give the Paranormal Project 3 and 1/2 stars.

TRUTV,........Next on the list is,......

*--" Haunting Evidence." This show runs on the tru network. However,....I have not seen this program in a while, and sure do miss it. The BEST psychic and medium I have ever seen help to solve complicated murder and missing person cases. This marvelous team, have God given abilities, and they will positively give you goose bumps,....(especially when they go out in the dark of the night to convey with the lost spirits.)

 I rate this 3 and 3/4 stars!

UPDATE!---A new batch of Haunting Evidence shows premiered in October of 2008. These very special people are a gift to all human kind. Any police or detective agency lucky enough to meet and work with this prodigious trio, should thank the good Lord indeed.

TRUTV continued,.......

*-- " Conspiracy Theory, with Jesse Ventura." Jesse has been a beloved and trusted Governor of the state of Minnesota, Mayor of Brooklyn Park, a Navy Seal, a world recognized spokesperson and actor,.....and now he tells us some truths that you can't even begin to imagine. As a man who has been on the inside himself, Jesse is setting the record straight with extraordinary professionals of every back round and former agents that operated deep within secret divisions of our government. Do you want to know about............. Secret Societies............Global Cover ups.........Mind Control?
Jesse works together with a whole team of investigators. They take an in -depth look at the most disturbing and frightening conspiracy stories ,......of our time! Absolutely riveting!
10PM, ET on Wednesdays.
Check out for a complete schedule.
4 stars!

UPDATE: 10/15/2010,........................(New time 10PM,... Friday.)


Jesse Ventura heads to Plum Island and investigates the Bio-Terror Conspiracy. The government creation of Lime Disease as a weapon and the strange appearances of unknown creatures,.....such as the Montauk Monster are looked into. They even discuss the body of a man found washed up upon the shore line,.......who was physically very unusual to say the least. The mysterious body had hands like no other human,........with extraordinarily long fingers,.......standing well over the normal height,.........and had evidence of FIVE HOLES drilled into his head. The police refused to discuss the subject on camera,........after having previously agreeing to do so.
Who ever you are,.......where ever you are,.........YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW.

It will blow your mind!

While you are at it,........send your heart felt prayers of Divine protection, flying through the eithers, to surround our dear Jesse, Mr. Ventura is working hard to get the absolute truth,........ out to the people of the world.

We are with you Jesse!

Discovery Channel--Has some EXCELLENT shows about the paranormal,......

*-- " World's Strangest UFO Stories." This is a 2006 documentary about the belief of aliens....... and how they are in control of the shadow government, thus controlling us humans here on earth. It is a MUST SEE! .....4 STAR RATING! take in much as you can. This world is so much more,... than what you think it is.

*--"A Haunting." This show runs on the Discovery channel every day in the early afternoon. It is a recreation, with narrating of an actual event. Lots of blood pumbing music and unearthly visuals in this one. Paranormal fans are going to love it. 

Simply excellent.

I rate it 4 stars. (Have a blanket to cover your feet and a pillow for holding, if you don't have a friend with you when you watch these chillers.)

Also on the Discovery Channel,..........

*--"Ghost Lab." This particular show is where a whole team investigates haunted locations with some very sophisticated equipment. It was well done and I did enjoy it. So far from what I have seen there is No pecking order among the team members. Let's hope it stays that way. The public wants to see respect and harmony among the members, with the focus remaining on the ghost hunting.
We are given a good history of the spooky location, excellent visuals to get us in the mood,......and then the investigation begins. The two brothers who head the investigation are the incredible HULKS of the ghost busting world. I am talking huge, strong guys! Better watch out ghosts,....these ghost bouncers are coming in to find you.

I give this 3 and 1/2 stars. VERY GOOD!

Go to for current show schedule.

The History Channel,... runs some of the best UFO shows you will ever see. One in particular is called, " UFO Hunters." In this riveting documentary you will hear startling eye-witness accounts........see actual government documents..........and watch video and photographic evidence that can't be explained or denied. It is ALL HERE in this fantastic show. Even though you will be shocked by what you see, it is just the very tip of the iceberg. Not a believer yet, get educated, and watch the History Channel. They run these shows quite often. Check your TV guide for listings in your area. I rate this 4 stars!

Also on the hot list of recent shows, is Monster Quest-4 stars,.................Mystery Quest 3-stars...................The Nostradamus Effect...............4-stars.

Go to for a complete schedule of show dates and times.

The Travel Channel,..... does a whole host of programs related to haunted sites around the world, mysterious creatures and places and they have done a superb job on these shows! Check your local listings for times.

It seems like every one gives you a thrill and the "OMG" effect when watching them.

UPDATE---The Travel channel premiered a new show on Friday the 17Th, in October of 2008 , at 9pm central time , called---- " Ghost Adventures". This show consists of three men that go into extremely haunted locations, and get locked in for the entire night! Very real, very exciting, leaves you feeling on edge. The premiere is at Bobby Mackie's Music World, located in Wilder Kentucky. This site is a former murder and suicide location and has been used in the past as a slaughter house. Two warnings for this new and exciting show----1.-Don't fall into the trap of a pecking order. One person ordering others around in a condescending way. The audience wants to see the GHOST HUNTING, and working together. 2.- Cut down on the swearing. We know that you are in a frightening situation, (we feel it with you), but when half the show is ----BEEP---BEEP----BEEP it gets irksome. Because of the items I just mentioned, I will rate this show with two different ratings.

 I rate it 4 stars for the excitement, fun, information and thrills we get on the ghost hunt.

However,..... I give it only a 2 star rating for unprofessional behavior (shhhhhh---shhhhhhh constantly) and excessive swearing.

 Even so,..... I can't wait to see these new shows. I hope they improve their demeanor.

*--"The Dead Files"- Another Travel Channel hit. I think the ‘Guinness Book Of Records’ should be contacted about this show.


Two words,…Amy Allan.

Amy is an amazingly accurate and extremely feeling Medium and the incredible array of facial expression she makes in an hour show, should be recorded in a record book. ( Just try and count the expressions, ...I made it into a game, dedicated just to this show.)

Amy works with a gentleman named Steve DiSchiavi, and he is TRULY on the 'good guy crew' of humanity. (We need a million more like him on planet earth.) The tremendous compassion that exudes from his eyes is extraordinary. Steve is retired from the NYPD, where he worked as a Homicide Detective and now he investigates these VERY spooky locations in the United States,.... assisting the LIVING in finding a solution to their other worldly problems.

I love the understanding that this professional and very kind Detective has of our physical world, ..and also the realms we can not see.

Amy is an Earth Angel, who can see both the light and the dark as she treads between the living and the dead. The powerful emotions that are displayed on Amy’s face brings the viewer into what she is feeling, as she gives of herself in every way,…going deeply into the heart of some of the creepiest and troubled places.

I really enjoy the creep factor as the location is explored, and how well these two work together.

The hour flies by when watching,…I think you will LOVE IT!

I rate it,…3 and ¾ stars!

Currently running on Friday nights (we all know how that can change) …so here is the link.

Travel Channel, YOU ROCK!
PS,.........If you don't get the Travel Channel,.......then you need to change cable companies.

 If,....... you are into the paranormal and the mysterious, can not live without this channel. ( I think it is important to note here that I have a tendency to joke around once in a while. We have to in this world,........don't we? In other words, will continue to live if you don't have the channel,......but,....I strongly recommend getting it.)

Travel Channel has a huge list of GREAT paranormal shows!
Go to.. for a complete show schedule.

The SciFi network is now called SyFy network.


The SyFy network,....... is currently running,.....

*-- "Scariest Places on Earth." These shows are re-runs, but fantastic! Don't watch it alone. Viewing times vary, check your guide. (4 stars)

The SciFi Channel needs to bring back the show, Sightings. This was another 4 star, paranormal reality show,...and we miss it.

*--" Ghost Hunters."...........runs on a Wednesday, and I have completely revised my rating on this show. Considering I no longer see the in-fighting among the members and a lovable STAR has recently been added, which brought their likability up by a quantum leap! Read the comments section under this write up to find out who brought about this change of heart. You will love her too!

 I can already see the fan club. I have raised my rating to 3 and 3/4 stars. Only one quarter star away from total paranormal perfection!

SyFy Network , continued:

*--"Destination Truth.".........This is a paranormal reality show, where they search the ENTIRE WORLD to find the TRUTH, on everything from the Chupacabra to ghosts and Bigfoot!

It is a SUPERB show! Josh Gates, is a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" type of guy, who is charming, a gentleman to the ladies, well mannered to his crew, and a joy to watch! The team finds the BEST INFORMATION, on bizarre cases around the planet......and head right for the heart of the phenomenon,....... NO MATTER WHERE IT IS!

I rate this show 4 stars!

I must say, that I find myself reverently praying for their safety. Please, PLEASE, be careful and proceed with caution in the extremely dangerous areas and situations that the you find yourselves in.

YOUR FANS WANT YOU HEALTHY AND SAFE, so we can continue to watch these exhilarating shows.

Syfy Channel you get an A+ on this show!

*-- "Ghost Hunters Academy." This show is about 5 applicants that were hand selected to train in ghost hunting techniques, under Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves.
This show is a good idea in concept but you need team leaders that have emotional intellect. Dave Tango is GOOD with people,....he is polite and has respect for others. Steve Gonsalves on the other hand, is a terrible leader for this show. Steve, (one of the original members of the Ghost Hunters show) is right back to the pecking order thing,..... that was done on the prototype show.

 Steve enjoys being rude and offensive,.... the ACT OF HUMILIATING nitpicking a persons speech, or actions, or minuscule mistakes. The audience wants to see a paranormal ghost hunting show! We do NOT want to see a RUDE BOOT CAMP. The focus should be on the investigating, with POLITE HARMONY among the crew.


By the way ,.......the audience gets a thrill when the ghost hunters show REAL emotion while on an investigation. Screaming in pure fear, running when filled with panic,.......the occasional tear, means it is REAL for them.......and it makes it MORE REAL FOR THE VIEWING AUDIENCE. Save the stoic robotic acting for a laboratory. We want EMOTIONAL investigators, that are polite to one another, do a fantastic and scary investigation and work in harmony together.

Either get rid of Steve.....or....sit him down and give him a lesson in manners.........or cancel the show.
Steve obnoxious behavior towards his crew was disgusting to watch.....I almost turned it off twice.

I rate this 1 out of 4 stars.

Replace Steve, and this could get a very high rating.

Syfy does a spectacular job with reality paranormal shows. Go to to see a complete list of current shows and times.

*--"STRANDED",….This is a new show running on the syfy Channel and I only have one word to describe it and that word is,…………….. perfection!

Paranormal fans,….. don't go another week without seeing it.

It reminds me of ‘Most Terrifying Places on Earth.’ (Which by the way, was another smashing success for the viewers.)

They take real people,…. and place them in some of the most ghastly places to be found. They are left there completely alone to record everything that takes place. Real everyday people,.. give you the genuine experiences they are feeling,..and the show is absolutely pure adrenaline!

Super fantastic paranormal evidence has been caught on camera. (Like the amazing ghost face of ‘Tommy’ caught on camera at the Yorktown Hospital.)

This show was originated by Josh Gates, remember him? He is the ‘Raiders of the lost Ark,.. adventure guy’ who is on the show ‘Destination Truth.’ He’s a funny and sweet charmer, who the entire world worries about when he goes on paranormal adventures. (We love you Josh, you’re a paranormal goldmine!)

I rate this 4 stars!

Like I said perfection.
To get show times go to

The National Geographic Channel,........

 *-- " UFOs: Seeing is Believing." I was pleasantly surprised that the NGC ran this landmark program. Hosted by the late Peter Jennings, it is a documentary with some of the best evidence available on UFOs.

Police officers, pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens .....all describe their encounters with the unexplained. The show was shot in 2005. It runs for about 2 hours and is a flawless documentary for UFOs.


If you have not seen this particular show, you simply must.

I rate this show 4 stars, ( I love it so much, I would like to give it 40. ;)

I have discovered a new channel, called......ID., ---it stands for Investigation Discovery Channel. Check your television guide for what channel it would be on your cable service. They have some very interesting shows and it is definitely worth watching. In the afternoon at varying times they have been running,......

 *-- " A Haunting." A paranormal documentary. As stated above, I rate this super show,....4 stars.