Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PHANTOM OF FLATWOODS-----------------

The Flatwoods Monster--------------------

AKA/ Braxton County Monster / Green Monster. This otherworldly visitor was sighted in Flatwoods, West Virginia. It is described as being at least 10' tall with a deeply red face (which appeared to glow from within), the rest of the body was green in color. The head was bizarrely shaped like a spade, with large protruding eyes. While the arms themselves could not be seen, the witnesses did describe seeing long claw-like fingers, situated on the upper front of the body. The over all shape of the creature was very "human-like". Witnesses were even able to describe the clothing as being, a long pleated (possibly metal) skirt which was also dark green in color.

The Sighting--------
Three boys witnessed a red pulsating light cross the sky. It seemed to come down upon some farm land owned by G. Bailey Fisher. The boys ran excitedly to Kathleen May ( the mother of two of the boys) and reported the event.

The mother accompanied by three others including a National Guardsman named "Gene Lemon", traveled with the three original boys who made the initial report (named Ed and Fred May and Tommy Heyer), back to the craft landing site.

Along with their dog, the group of 7 traveled about 1/4 mile on the Fisher farm when they saw the throbbing red light upon the ground. There was a heavy and foreign mist in the air, with a strong stench, that immediately burned the nose and eyes.

While moving around the flashlight they were carrying, they found this shocking creature standing under a nearby tree! When the light from the flash light hit upon the alien, it let out a low hiss, and proceeded to "glide" towards them. The group of 7 turned and fled in absolute panic at this time.

Immediately upon returning home the group called the local Sheriff (Carr), and the co-owner of the local newspaper (Stewart) and made a report. The newspaper immediately proceeded to do numerous interviews and examine the site, where there was still a foul odor in the air. Investigators were able to find a strange, thick black liquid, that had formed on the ground, where the creature had been. The story ran in the local paper as " Braxton County Residents faint, become ill after run-in with 10' monster."

Investigators from the "Civilian Saucer Investigation in LA.", came to town where they found numerous other witnesses in town, who described seeing the same exact creature. One witness was traumatized so badly that she had to be confined to Clarksburg Hospital for 3 weeks!

Other witnesses claim to have their house shaking at the time of the sighting, and the electrical power strobing on and off.

One rather well known witness, was the local Board of Education Director, who stated he observed a craft on the morning after the group sighting.

Most of the main group suffered painful and nauseating physical symptoms, after the sightings, which included............... nose and throat irritation, a deep consuming sickness that embodied,..vomiting, convulsions and lasted for several long weeks. The dog that had accompanied the group, also became extremely ill and sadly died within two days of the event!

The town of Flatwoods now holds a annual Monster Day Festival. They also have printed brochures describing the multitude of events as they unfolded in the town. There is now a museum in town, and Green monster related artifacts are sold everywhere.

Flatwoods displays a road sign that says "Welcome to Flatwoods, Home of the Green Monster".

The town seems to have embraced this strange visitor and the events that happened there............................ and I think this would make a great road trip!

If you happen to go, be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!

Here is a great video, tying the Green Monster in with the TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF UFO ACTIVITY, that was taking place at the same time. ..........................................................................


Stanton Friedman is a brilliant, brave and highly respected nuclear physicist, who is a ROCK STAR in the Ufology world. Stanton is seen here, discussing the Flatwoods Monster in the following video.


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