Tuesday, August 12, 2008


UNIDENTIFIED CREATURES.....................

There is a very long list of creature sightings, from around the world, that are not identified by science. Recorders of knowledge, sitting behind desks in lab coats, are usually the last to know about obscure creatures that walk our planet. Local residents in a given area, will have a firm understanding of the unknown creature, that the people see from time to time. Since science is usually the last to know, tell us about your sighting.

What did you see?

What area was it in?


  1. Any one seen a werewolf lately? Well in Western Kentucky, people have been reporting sightings of what would look like the classic Hollywood horror movie werewolf. They call it "dogman." It is said to roam the woods around the area called, "the Land Between the Lakes".
    A creature matching dogman description, is said to also be in Wisconsion. The locals call it "The Beast of Bray Road". The history channel ran a show called Monster Quest that interviewed the eye witnesses in the town. All of the witnesses were given a professional lie detector test. All of them PASSED THE TEST!!

  2. Lizard Man-------------------------

    The lizard man of Scape Ore Swamp, is also known by the name "The Lizard Man of Lee County". It is said to stand between 6'5"-----7' tall on two legs, with a strong muscular build. On each foot and hand of lizard man, are three toes and three fingers, with long black nails. He has very scaly skin in shades of green and eyes that glow a very bright color.
    (Think of "the creature from the black lagoon," with a slightly pointier face.)
    The creature is reported to be agressive, chasing people and scratching cars. Most of the sightings have occurred within three miles of the swamps of Bishopville.
    Lizard man was last sighted, and officially reported in March of 2008.

  3. The lizard man sightings have taken place mostly in South Carolina, swamp reigons. The reports go back for the last two decades.

  4. Lizard man may also be what is known as a reptilian alien or reptoids.
    Reptilian beings have been talked about in many cultures around the world throughout history. We are unsure as to weather it is an actual alien, an innerterrestrial, or a crypid ( unclassified creature belonging to earth).
    On < reptoids.com> John Rhodes claims that they are an evolved reptoid, that they are descendents of dinosaurs and are a biological result of earth's natural evolution.
    The jury is out on this one.
    Who and what are they?

  5. The Demon Flyer..........

    A prehistoric pterosaur in Papua New Guinea?

    Well, according to a multitude of reports, a creature, whose description, would be considered by science to be a ptersoaur, is being sighted to this very day!

    The locals call it "Demon Flyer."

    It is described as having a head crest, larger then it's beak, long claws, sharp teeth, featherless, leathery skin for wings, with a wing span of 20', and a bio-luminescence to the creature at night.

    There have been reports of the Demon Flyer actually attacking people.

    It is even rumored to have killed numerous men.

    The villagers gave an account of a nighmarish instance to the History Channel, while filming the show, Monster Quest.
    One of the villagers had been gardening, when the Demon Flyer swooped down and grabbed him. The monster was unable to hold the fighting man, and briefly dropped him on the ground. The creature then swooped back down and grabbed the stuned and frightened man again....this time the man was taken to a near by tree top. Within sight of the rest of the village, the man was eaten ALIVE.

  6. I don't know about you....................but,

    I wouldn't even want to investigate the Demon


  7. Mokele Mbembe...............

    Is what modern scientists would call a Sauropod dinosaur. It is said to be alive and well in Western Africa. Altought rarely seen, (which means there are not that many of them), it is described as having a body twice the size of an elephant, a long neck, small head, long tail, and a frill that goes down the back ot it's neck.
    This little dino likes water, the more of it the better! Mokele Mbembe can be seen hanging in the river and swampy locations.
    See the write up called "The Last Dinosaur" on this blog for more information.

  8. I am posting a link to a 5 minute video on-----

    "The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp."

    You will find the link under the Paranormal Sites section of this blog.

    It is a good video. When you are done watching it , you are going to want to go to Lee County, South Carolina and see one for your self.

    .............OR.........maybe not.

  9. Want a million dollars?

    Well, in Kiryat Yam, Israel that is what is being offered to the person who gets a photo of the mermaids that have been reported there. It seems that mermaids are playing in the waters, located near Haifa and people are buzzing about it, non-stop.

    The beaches are filling up.......EVERYONE wants to be the one who takes the winning picture.

    I not sure if this is all real........or a fantastic publicity stunt, meant to boost the local economy.

  10. Gnomes and Fairies,........FOR REAL?

    Exquisite fairies that stand about 6 inches tall, perfectly proportioned in every way, with gossamer like wings upon their backs, pale pinkish skin and shimmering long hair...are INDEED being seen.

    Most of the sightings are taking place in an area of England called, Somerset.

    Much of England is famous for breathtaking gardens,...... and the tiny story-book like creatures are said to show up at the most unexpected of times. Utilizing wings that beat with the speed of a hummingbird, they are found near flowers and plant life, then disappear right before your eyes!

    Interdimensional beings?

    The fairies are said to interact with the plant and animal life like a nature spirit. Capable of slipping in and out of dimensions at will.

    Those who have seen them, stand in awe and watch for a considerable amount of time before the tiny being slips away. They are later described in excruciating detail, by the witnesses.

    The Gnomes that have been seen are quite different in appearance. They stand about a foot taller than the fairies and are much stockier in the body. They do NOT have wings of any sort and tend to run very quickly, usually disappearing in shurbs or brush.

    Before you shurg off the sightings of these age old creatures,......remember this,........

    These little beings have been seen and documented since the EIGHTH CENTURY!

    *The Bishop of Salzburg, named Virgilius, wrote a tenet all about tiny beings living in a subterranean world, on our planet.

    *In the twelfth century, St. Godric stated to the public, that a male fairie showed himself and inquired for apples. The fruit was given,....but the tiny man decided to reject it, and promptly disappeared. Godric goes on to say, the scent that was left behind was very unpleasant.

    Are fairies the guardian angels of the nature world? Are they interdimensional beings?

    Do Gnomes dwell underground as SO MANY witnesses claim?

    If they do,...then there must be a cave or opening of some sort that they use to access our world.

    Anyway,..... keep your eyes open and STEP CAREFULLY........there is obviously more than just "doggie business" to watch out for.

  11. August, 2013

    I know dragons exist (benevolent and malevolent) but humanity for the most part can not see them.

    Well,...that does not appear to be the case in this unusal story.

    The body of a remarkable creature was found on the beach of Villariocos, Spain. The head, complete with what looks like HORNS jutting out high and wide, was SEVERED, ...and the remaining 13 foot long body was serpentine and extremely odorous. All who gazed upon the creature were at a loss for what it may be.

    It looked like a DRAGON!

    The authorities were called in ,..where they closed off the surrounding area and proceeded to carefully examine the remains.

    The bizarre body was then buried ,...'they' claim for safety reasons.

    The tests to determine what kind of species this horned being is, remain inconclusive.

    The family of earth are throwing out all kinds of ideas, as to what they think the body is,...the most popular is Oarfish. (I did a quick search on the net, and NO Oarfish has HORNS.)

    A civil protection coordinator, named Maria Sanchez,.. said it had the appearance of a snake ,..she theorized the creature could be a dragon fish, which are native to African waters.

    There is also a theory floating around, of the body being that of a badly decomposed shark. I have seen many pictures of broken down shark carcasses ,..and NONE OF THEM HAVE HORNS!

    Here is a brief video of the horned dragon.

    It is about 1:30 long.


    (You will have to copy and past the above web address, into your browser, to see the brief video.)