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They are here, so let's talk about them. Millions of people from around the planet, have reported every kind of experience that you can imagine!
People have been reporting this phenomena since the beginning of human kind. In every country, culture, religion, back- round, people have reported their experiences with aliens.
From seeing a space craft in our skies, to seeing a craft a stones throw from their face. People have reported direct human to alien contact, on such a massive global scale, that it is hard to find a tool with which to measure this leviathan of a chronicle.
The most commonly reported alien description is that of a "grey". A small (about 3') grey skinned creature, with a big head, extremely large almond shaped dark eyes, frail, slender, willowy limbs, with a very small nose, and a petite mouth. These make up 80%-90% of reports.
The other 10%-20% of descriptions reported have an array that rival that of the "Startrek" show.
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57 different types of aliens have been classified by the US government.
An ex-military official, makes a statement at the Disclosure Project, in the beginning of this video. All officials and professionals at the Disclosure Project, venomously agreed that they would testify before Congress with the information.

It is time for the people to know.


Remember as you see all the faces of these professionals, that they have given the majority of their life, in service to a country that they love.
They have risked their lives by coming forward, as all have been threatened with fines, jail and even death for the disclosure of the alien agenda.
These indeed are brave individuals. Many more,... are ready to come forward from around the world. There is a great wave among the people of the world to speak and know the truth.


My brothers and sisters around the world, I send you my love as well as the hope that you too will come to know some of these truths.
The following is a 6 minute video of the MANY that served in clandestine and powerful organizations,.... and as such became exposed to a truth. The alien agenda.


The world is speaking up.


One by one, individuals with exalted positions in the government and the military establishments of the world, are stepping forward to reveal the verity of this matter . This is a reality that you MUST understand.

The next video that I am sharing with you has a very famous speaker indeed,......his name is Paul Hellyer and he is a former Minister of Defense, to Canada. You will hear earth shattering truths about the United States and it's vast use of alien technology. Numerous races of alien beings, did indeed make themselves known to the government of the United States,.... more than 60 years ago!

It is time for the veil of secrecy to be lifted.

The very Honorable Minister of Defense goes on to say, that TRILLIONS of dollars, have been spent,......................... that the people of America,

Congress and most Presidents DO NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT!

Further into the speech you will hear,..... the US is in fact being run by a shadow government and as such,........ how can we continue to call ourselves a Democracy?

Former President Bill Clinton admits,.... there is a shadow

government running the United States,.........and HE





The list of Cosmonauts and Astronauts that have stepped forward and admitted to the reality of aliens, is very long indeed.
The next video shows Buzz Aldrin, an American astronaut speaking out about the alien craft buzzing their missions. The NASA professionals were very wary of reporting the UFOS , for fear that once the statement was made during the mission, they would be told to turn around and come back to base.

Along with a mountain of documentation and questioning presented to the men upon return of a mission, they were told very adamantly,..... to NEVER SPEAK OF THE ALIEN EVENTS THAT TRANSPIRED, to the public.
See Buzz Aldrin here in this video speaking about the UFOs that followed their missions.

Thank you Buzz for stepping forward and speaking truthfully to the public. We LOVE you!


(Please see the comments section, for other American Astronauts that have come forward with the alien truth.)


The PROOF of aliens interacting with humans on planet Earth is throughout our human history. It is impossible NOT TO SEE IT. You must purposefully and forcefully, put your head in the sand to avoid the fantastic amount of evidence that exists on our planet.
Here is a small list of undeniable evidence of alien interaction on our Earth. IF,.....you research ANY of the following for longer then five minutes, you can only arrive at one very obvious conclusion, ....that the aliens are indeed here.

*The Great Pyramids of Egypt

*The Nazca Lines of Peru

*Stonehenge in Great Britain

*Metal Discs, found in China,.....that match no known metal on planet Earth.

*UFOs on tape-Seen flying in space, adverting being shot at by our Star wars System. (This was recorded LIVE, and broadcast on Space TV.)

*Ancient cave paintings- Very obvious depictions of alien beings and their craft are found in caves around the world.

*Pyramids of Mexico-Known as,...." The place where the Gods touched the Earth."

*Machu Pichu

Want some more proof?

How about a piece of an alien ship?

Despite the threats to the WHOLE TOWN of Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947,..(that included killing entire families and taking their children out to the desert to never be found again, if they didn't turn over any of the alien ship debris that they may have collected as souvenirs)........, a piece of the alien ship was indeed saved.

Yes,.....that is right ,......a piece of the alien craft was

secreted away and is presented in this next video.

The very famous Roswell crash, is the one time that the military publicly admitted in a press release, they were in fact,......... in possession of an alien craft!

After making headlines around the world, the story was changed to the utterly ridiculous cover story of,........a weather balloon.

This piece of alien craft is finally brought into the light of day and offered up for a complete scientific examination.

Dr. Roger Leir, D.P.M., who is a respected surgeon and author says, " The piece has some amazing physical properties. If you hold it and lower a small portion into cold liquid such as ice water, the piece that you are holding onto will get so cold, it will start to burn your fingers,....and if you lower the piece into liquid , which is the temperature of tea water,.....it will become so hot that you can't hold it,.......and you have to drop it. Some of the tests that were run on the Roswell piece show, that it was not only manufactured,.......BUT SUBJEDTED TO TREMENDOUSLY HIGH HEAT,.......HOTTER THAT THAT PRODUCED BY THE SUN, .....and very possibly in a hydrogen atmosphere."

Independent labratories conducted a multitude of tests on the ship fragment. The tests were preformed to determine the attomic compostition and planetary origin. The final results that came from the University of California, show that ,....ALL OF THE ELEMENTS OF THE FRAGMENT, WERE IN FACT EXTERESSTERIAL,........and as such, it could NOT HAVE COME FROM EARTH!

The entire piece does not derive from this planet!

Watch this video!


This next video is an actual clip from NASA, as it monitors an entire legion of UFOs , surrounding a broken tether.
Here we go,.... the space shuttle Columbia was equipted with an extremely sophisticated ultraviolet camera system, built to monitor the activity in space.
This video takes place 300 miles above our atmosphere, where a satellite was launched into space, with the use of a tether. The 12 mile long tether broke away and floated off into space, where it straightened itself out and had the appearance of a straight line. The cameras picked up the alien ships, as they materialize and surrounded the tether. Because we know the tether is 12 miles in lenght, as the craft fly close to it,.....we are able to measure the size of their flying units. It is estimated that the size of the ships are an unbelieveabel two & three miles in width,.........apiece!
Houston is viewing the live camera images of the broken tether and the alien ships that are surrounding it. Houston then asks the astronauts,... what are they seeing?
Response, "We are seeing alot of things swimming in the forground." The astronauts are very wary of using words like "alien & UFO", as they have been prepped by NASA to NEVER make those references.
In the video, you will clearly see the alien craft materialize into the ultraviolet spectrum, right before your eyes!
You will then also see them BLINK OUT, and dematerialize in an instant,.....exactly like UFO sightings and descriptions, given by people around the world.
Look closely at the ships. You will see a "V" or the appearance of a open notch in the bottom of the round craft. It gives the appearance to the cameras, as a cut out portion or segment of the ship. It is not. This is part of their "OPEN NOTCH PROPULSION SYSTEM." Watch,... and you will see the craft pulsing with energy.
Alien ships surrounding broken tether video,........

In this next video you will see a photograph of an alien spaceship the size of a planet! It is found extremely close to our Sun, and the image is captured. You will quickly realize that the shape of this particular craft is the exact same shape, of many of the ships seen flying around the broken tether video. (You will see a split screen for comparison.)

People who are following what is going on with the voluminous craft and ET happenings on earth, have pointed out, that the shape of the ship looks precisely like the ancient Dropa Stones.

About a minute and a half, video.

In this next video, you will see a massive alien craft, with THREE smaller craft leaving from the belly of it's body.
This video was shot by a mature lady who happened to see it out of her kitchen window, when she was walking by. Immediately, she ran for her cell phone and captured the following,..... shocking footage.

It is compelling!

Seeing is believing, people,......so take a look.

Truly jaw dropping!

Video about 12 minutes long.



  1. Recently in headlines was Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former NASA astronaut, who once walked on the moon. Dr. Mitchell has pubicly admitted the truth about UFO'S AND ALIENS. Yes, they are here, and the government is involved in a cover up.
    Dr. Mitchell is one of MANY proment people who have come forward to speak the truth.


    - The Zeta Reticuli, deriving from the Reticulm Solar System. The Greys have been known to abduct humans and animals. The animals are usually killed and "dropped" out of the ship, back to the earth when through. Thus the broken bones, and earth depressions found around mutilated cattle. The Greys view us sciencetificly, and have little regard for our personal rights.

  3. Another famed American hero that has come forward to speak of the truth about aliens, is the great astronaut,.......Gordon Cooper.

    Going all the way back to 1951, Gordon recorded numerous UFO sightings. After one particularly shocking sighting in 1957, Gordon contacted the Pentagon, WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF ALIEN CRAFTS.

    Cooper had full expectation of an immediate investigation, into the formidable proof that he had presented to agency .

    Not only did the information get ignored on a grand scale, but....NO PUBLIC RECORDS EXIST OF GORDON'S SUBMISSION,......TO THIS VERY DAY!

  4. A British radio talk show , featured retired Apallo 14 astronaut Mitchell, in 2008.


  5. Operational ALIEN BASES located on our planet,… include:

    * Mount Perdido (Mt. Perdu) in the Pyrenees.

    * A base located in Zimbabwe.

    * Mount Hayes in Alaska. This base is said to do much of the monitoring on earth.

    * Mount Zeil, in the Northern territory of Australia. This base is reportedly for rest and recreation.

  6. You can divide the alien races into TWO CATEGORIES. They are,…….

    Benevolent - Friendly,…these many races mean humans LOVE,.... and regard us as part of their family.

    Malevolent - Unfriendly,…they range from the species that just don’t like us,….to ones who are immensely detrimental to our existence.

    These two classifications can be divided further,….into the alien races who are PSYCHIC and the races who are NOT PSYCHIC.

    For the FRIENDLY RACES who are NON-PHYCHIC,….they are mostly traders. Earth happens to be on a backwater trade route. They offer technology in exchange for things they desire on earth.

    The UNFRIENDLY RACES, who are NON- PSYCHIC,….they have an aversion to us humans and try to avoid us at all costs. Yet these types ordinarily come to our beautiful planet, to make use of the resources.

    For the FRIENDLY aliens who ARE PSYCHIC,….. they strongly support our spiritual development and want everything that is most high for the human race. They consider us their family,….. and want us to be FREE and CARED FOR on the planet,.. upon which we were born.

    There psychic abilities are good,……and UNLIMITED in their range.

    The UNFRIENDLY ALIENS who ARE PSYCHIC,…. are the WORST of all of the alien races. They do NOT like humans AT ALL. They consider themselves FAR SUPERIOR and look at us with complete disparagement. They are terrified of our unpredictable human behavior, and basically want us dead. The only live human they want around,….is one that has been genetically engineered to be under complete control,…..or one that has been soul scalped, and replaced with a like-minded entity.

    The UNFRIENDLY ALIENS,…who ARE PSYCHIC,….have EXTREMELY strong PSI abilities,…..however they are confoundedly LIMITED in their range. (Thank goodness for that.)

  7. On 5-8-2012, the show ‘Fact or Faked’ (which runs on the Syfy Channel) ran a clip of the broken tether NASA video.

    The very famous clip of the 12 mile long tether floating in space, after it broke away during a launch, is hugely important in the UFO world.

    In the video, (which you may have watch as I have the link posted above) the space ships are flying in every direction,….at varying speeds,….pausing,….and changing direction. The fantastic amount of ships manage to fly around the stationary (appearing) tether and NOT bump into or collide with one another in the process.

    The Syfy show claims it is space debris, and poor camera focus,. according to a NASA released statement on the subject.

    This is absolute rubbish.

    Space debris DOES NOT pause and reverse directions,…or appear and disappear before your eyes.

    Always remember you are watching a show that is allowed to be on TV.

    It is important to understand,… the more important the information,….the more likely it is to be sabotaged.

    I do enjoy the hugely popular show, however they do occasionally get the ‘important’ evidence completely wrong.

    It IS spaceships in the landmark video. Watch it and enjoy.