Monday, August 11, 2008

Kelly's Krazy News ---- Read all about it!

Kelly's Krazy News

Read all about it!

Did you ever look around, with open mouthed wonder at all the wild and crazy things happening in our world today? I bet you did-----

Me too.

Well, this segment is about all those incredible moments where you just have to say, "OMG,........ wow,.......... I have something to say about this."

So, let's get going, fasten your seat belt for the exciting, upsetting, shocking, funny, sad, wild, and bizarre world of Kelly's Krazy News!
Please post only true and actual events or experiences, in the comment section.
Thank you.


  1. Recently in the news is a creature that washed ashore in Montauk, New York. The pictures circulating show the body of a dog, with the face of a gargoyle. The types of gargoyles you would see on the corners of very old structures.

    What is it?

    It needs to be investigated with respect.

  2. A group that calls themslves, "Searching for Bigfoot", claim they found Bigfoot in the North of Georgia, deep in the woods. The bigfoot is described as standing over 7' tall, with reddish colored hair, greenish colored eyes and looks exactly like a human with a hair growth problem. Bigfoot weighs in at over 500 lbs.
    Matthew Whitton and Rick Deyer are the people who found our passed away cousin. Did they find it passed away? We found at least three different stories on the internet.
    1.)--The Bigfoot was murdered by a former felon, after pursuing him dogedly, and he later died in the woods.
    2.)--The same duo claimed to have found a whole family, shot at our Bigfoot cousin, then followed it bleeding and suffering into the woods, and waited for it to die.
    3.)-- Whitton and Deyer claimed to have "stumbled" across the Bigfoot laying in the woods, while they were " hiking".
    At the time that they took the body, Whitton and Deyer said they could hear other Bigfoots screaming in the not too distant area. No doubt filled with anxiety and mourning the loss of their group member.
    Many stories out their on the Web as to how our big cousin was found. Could it be that the people involved are realizing what they did, and don't want to go to jail. Bigfoot is a member of the family hominidae. It is a bipedal primate, a member of the hominid family who is geniticly our cousin. Humans are also a bipedal primate that resides in the family hominidae. So, killing our genetic cousins ( a hominid), would be homocide. Anyone who murders a Bigfoot should be sent to jail. If this story about a murdered Bigfoot turns out to be true, (and it is only a matter of time before someone does), then we need to contact our state representatives and demand to have laws passed in every state to protect our genetic cousins.

  3. The most recent news circulating around the Web as of 8-18-08, is Whitton and Deyer can't be found.

    Only time will tell, as to what is actually going on.

    Did they trick the public on Bigfoot?

  4. Whitton and Deyer have since come forward and admitted that the whole "Bigfoot found" story was a hoax.

    Why would someone call a press conference for a hoax????????

    The whole thing is very strange indeed.

  5. Montauk Monster-------


    Originally seen on a beach in Long Island, a photo was then posted on a internet site called "Gawker". It then made it's way onto major news sites, and then finally onto television.

    The most recent news on the Web, has a TV director claiming that it is a prop from his movie, and this is all part of a marketing campaign. Most of the public is skeptical of this story, and feel he is jumping on the "fantastic news bandwagon". Most likely to cash in on the fame of the story. Whether it will actually benefit a movie or not , remains to be seen.

  6. Flying fish break boys bones!!!!------------------------------------------A teenager of 15 named Seth Russell was tubing on Lake Chicot in Arkansas, when he was struck in the face by a flying Silver Asian Carp. The fish knocked Seth out cold. Seth awoke in the hospital where he received surgery to repair a broken jaw. It seems the sound and vibration of the boat motor upsets and frightens the carp into a defense mechanism of "jumping" from the water. This fish is extremely beneficial for cleaning algae from ponds. I think they should change it's name to "popcorn fish".

  7. SCARY AND STRANGE!!!!!-------------------------------------------------------- There are many mysteries in this world that we don't understand. In Los Padres National Forest , California, located in Ventura County, has something scary and strange happening there indeed!!!
    It seems an area is heating up to 812 degrees, AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY!!

    The high heat that is emanating has caused fire to combust the surrounding plant life, and BURNED 3 ACRES!



  8. A virgin gives birth?

    Yes, it has happened. In October of 2008, a blacktip shark spontaneously became pregnant without mating with a male shark.

    This case is the second one of its kind to be documented.

    The first "virgin birth" recorded was in Omaha Neb., with a hammerhead shark.

    This story really makes you scratch your head in wonder.

  9. Shark wants a "hot dog", lunch-----------!!!

    In the Florida Keys a shark attacked a 14 lb. terrier dog named Jake, and gets socked by the dog owner.

    Greg LeNoir was able to save the life of his beloved pet, when Jake was suddenly bit by a 5' shark while going for his daily swim.

    Greg watched as the shark nearly swallowed his entire dog. Greg immediately jumped into the water and started to punch the shark. The shark then released the dog, which was seriously injured. Jake is safely home now, and expected to make a complete recovery.

    Tell me this--------- Why would ANYONE take their pet for a "daily" swim in shark territory waters?
    I'm not a scientist, but I do know this--------------WHEN IT COMES TO SHARKS, WE ARE ALL FISH FOOD.

  10. Montauk Monster-------

    UPDATE ------

    History Channel recently ran a program with detailed photoes not seen before on the internet.

    A doctor on the show claimes the bruised and hairless body is that of a bull dog, in a state of decomposition, hence the bird like beak.

    How did this body end up in the ocean?

    Very sad.

  11. A surprise attack by an alligator leaves golfer with one less arm.

    On a golf course in South Carolina, a golfer in his 70's, reaches into a murky pond to find his golf ball....... when he is grabbed by the HUNGRY gator! With his arm in the vise of the gator's mouth, the man is pulled completely into the dark water. The friends that were present were able to rescue the man, who is now in the Medical Universitry of South Carolina.

    The 10' long alligator was found, killed and the severed arm was obtatined........WITH THE THOUGHT THAT IT MAY BE REATTACHED!


    There is a leson here people.

    DO NOT PUT ANY BODY PART, into dark water that MAY contain alligators.

    (To an alligator, we are lunch.)

  12. Half a dozen people go BOOM!

    Imagine,.... what would make six people all faint during the same airline flight........?

    Well,....NO ONE could figure out why, after medical workers were called in to examine the passengers, at the Heathrow Airport in London.

    The passengers were on a flight from Newark, NJ, when one by one,... they STARTED TO COLLAPSE!

    A spokesperson stated that it will not be treated as suspicious,......but............
    ...COME ON, something obviously happened here!
    When is the last time you witnessed 6 people randomly passing out?

    Very strange indeed!

  13. What would you think,... if after a recent snow storm you looked out your living room window and instead of seeing a beautiful blanket of sparkling white, were staring at PURPLE SNOW?!

    Aside from making sure you were indeed sober, you would say, "What in the world is going on?"

    Well, this exact scenario recently happened in the Stavropol region of Southern Russia.

    Snow fell in multiple colors, ranging from light cream colored brown, to a pinkish-purple.

    Experts are in a confused state as to why.

    Some scientists think it may be dust that mixed into the cloud system, while enviornmentalists think that the cause is heavy pollution.

    I would be wary about playing in it.

    After all,.........we have all be warned about "YELLOW SNOW."

  14. Where are the MOST HAZARDOUS rivers, on the planet for us humans to play in?

    The answer would be, Norhtern Australia.

    MANY people die here while having a blissful time on vacation. The beauty of the surroundings simply take your breath away.

    Tourists flock here,...and while they are aware of the very well known dangers, Great White Sharks and Salt Water Crocodiles,...they are not on the lookout for the innocent looking "Box Jellyfish."

    The Box Jellyfish, carelessly kills those whom it's poisonous tentacles come into contact with.

    This feeble looking jelly, slays more humans then snakes, crocks and sharks COMBINED!

    The coastal waters and river mouths on the Northern Coast, are the breeding areas for these quiet killers.

    It is not always what has the MOST TEETH, that can send you into the final good-bye of life.

  15. SHARKS............


    (OK, I did.....giggle)

    Where is the MOST WICKED place on the planet to swim?

    The title goes to,.................

    drum roll please.....................

    New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


    Simple,.....the area is FILLED WITH SHARKS!

    As millions of beach goers flock to the pristine white sands and relaxing warm waters of New Smyrna, little do they know that within 10'-12' of them,...ARE HUNGRY SHARKS!

    This area leads the world in SHARK ATTACKS.

    The waters are filled with Spinner and Blacktip sharks, looking for a meal, as these are THEIR indigenous waters and feeding grounds.

    Personally,....I'm in the " Wet you feet, build a sand-castle, go to lunch,"


  16. The Death Road.

    We all love to hop into the car or van and cruise down a beautiful scenic road, with the wind blowing through our hair,... tunes on the radio,... feet on the dashboard,... singing away,.......but NOT IF YOU ARE ON THE FAMED,...............................................
    .........DEATH ROAD.

    The MOST LETHAL ROAD ON THE GLOBE, is located in Bolivia.

    The North Yungas Road is found northeast of La Paz,...and more than 300 people including those that are traveling on bikes, lose their very lives while traveling it's DEADLY CURVES.

    With a 2,000' drop off of the clif edge, road widths that are an impossible 10' wide, (in some areas).. sharp curves, ...and NO GUARD RAILS,.....I'm surprised the death toll is not larger!

    Multitudes still show up each year to see the spectacular sights along the frightening road.

    I'll settle for a postcard view.

  17. This is in response to the Death Road segment.

    300 people dying on this one stretch of road, is YEARLY.

    300 PER YEAR.

    The Death Road certainly has earned it's name.

  18. Growing trees and vegetables inside your body?

    How many people have had their mother say, " If you swallow that watermelon seed, will grow a watermelon in your stomach." Well?

    Hands up,......OK, too.

    Well as it turns out, she was kinda right,....but here is the twist,.....the raw seed must be inhaled into the wind pipe.

    (Please NEVER do this.)

    Hold on to your hats on this one,....because it is a bell ringer! It seems a man by the name of Roy Sveden, was growing vegetables in his lung!

    That's right,......vegetables.

    A an uncooked pea that had been aspirated into the lung had actually SPROUTED and begun to GROW, with the help of a dark, moist atmosphere THAT WAS INSIDE of his chest.

    The sprout was measured at a half inch long, when the doctors discovered the little pea plant.

    Mr. Sveden was then scheduled for surgery, and upon waking up to the world requested,.............
    ....... PEAS, one of his first food choices!

    I think at this point, we can all agree that Roy is one of the world's greatest lover of peas.

    Roy, I think you need to put out a pea gardening book,......a pea cookbook,......and a pea line of greeting cards. (Giggle.)

    Others who have also gardened inside of their chest, include a gentleman by the name of Artyom Sidorkin, who grew a pine tree,....5 centimeters long!

    These two unusual gardeners have made it into the medical books and the strangeness of the story, put them straight into my "weird but true" file.

    Remember,.. a small uncooked seed that gets sucked into the wind pipe and lands in the lung, can cause serious harm when it sprouts inside of your body.

    So,.....cook your food completely, chew thoroughly, and keep the gardening to outside.

    Your mom was right,.......isn't she always?


    Two days ago,people in Arkansas reported birds falling from the sky,......and landing DEAD upon the ground.

    So many birds fell to the ground, had a distinct appearance of "raining dead birds."

    Why are the birds falling out of the sky while in flight?

    People have been guessing that maybe they were hit by lighting,.....or frightened by possible fireworks,.......however the majority of people do NOT believe it is either of these two explanations.

    Days before the incident,.....witnesses state that planes had been crisscrossing the sky spraying a mysterious substance.

    What exactly was the substance?

    Who is responsible for the spraying?

    NO ONE,... is able to find out the answers to these persistent questions.

    The bird carcasses were taken in by Fish & Wildlife personnel, to be examined. At this point,... people on the internet do not even believe we can trust the result.

    For those of you wondering about spraying by planes, need to look up "Chemtrails" it seems mysterious spraying is taking place all over the world.

  20. Haunted Beach?

    You have heard of haunted houses, haunted asylums, haunted castles,….but have you ever heard of a HAUNTED BEACH?

    Well in San Francisco an EERIE sight has been popping up in the sand and that is century-old cemetery tombstones!

    A 122-year-old, pasty grey, granite tombstone, lay half exposed in the wet sand, shocking everyone who strolled by.

    In May, of 2012, two people stumble upon ANOTHER grave stone from 1876, laying exposed on the beach, the sun glinting off of the names of the deceased.

    Speculation for the spooky water side grave sites, seem to revolve around 1900s anti-erosion efforts.


    Graves for anti-erosion efforts?

    Evidently to those at the time, using old cemetery stones, was cheaper and easier than constructing a cement barrier. (With no thought to the creepy escapades that may evolve from such a project.)

    The gravestones came from a cemetery called ‘Laurel Hill’ which was closed down, due to it’s valuable real estate location.

    Imagine being laid to rest, only to have the living eye your eternal grave site and say, “ Now that is a nice view” and decide to dig your DECAYING REMAINSre, and unceremoniously deposit you somewhere else!

    Does that sound like a recipe for a haunting to you?

    It SURE does to me.

    The overbearing pressure from the money hungry and profit driven developers resulted in the ecxavation of the land. They proceeded to dig up the remains of those buried at Laurel Hill cemetery, and relocate them to Colma.

    The claims were that the bodies were all taken and only tombstones were left behind.


    The abandoned stones were then collected and used on the beach front.

    The Ocean Beach revetment is quite evidently eroding away, leaving these spooky markers of death exposed for all the world to see.

    Are those spirits who originally had the stone placed the on their gravesite still resting after such jostling around?

    Want to take a stroll down the beach at night and find out?

    That low whistle on the ocean breeze, just may be the disturbed deceased,….. whispering out your name as you walk by.

  21. What happens if you use a knife and fork to eat FRIED CHICKEN in Gainesville, Georgia?

    Answer: You will get arrested, for it is ILLEGAL to eat fried chicken with anything other than your fingers! (These crazy laws are on the books.)

    It just so happens in 2009, Gainesville Police Chief Frank Hooper arrested Ginny Dietrick (a 91 year old Louisiana resident) for eating fried chicken with a fork!

    Luckily the mayor was on stand by to dismiss the charge, as the whole arrest was a grand joke set up for Ginny on her birthday.

    These daffy laws ACTUALLY EXIST, and it is a reminder to everyone, that just because something is a LAW,...does NOT make it correct.

    You can also say,....just because something is currently LEGAL,...does not make it automatically correct either.

    Always use your HEART in deciding if something is correct. If it doesn't make common sense,...or hurts something alive,...then it is almost ALWAYS wrong to do.

    Love & peace to you.

    Now go and take a ride on the wild side and use utensils on some fried chicken (but don't get grease on your shirt.)

  22. How much do you love your pet?

    Well, one person has shown the world that they are willing to pay $24,300 to buy their pet a SUIT OF ARMOR!

    Yes, many of us dress up the dog for Halloween, and even enter our pet in costume contests in the month of October,...but some animal lovers are on a whole new level of pampering.

    The very adorable suit of armor was not designed for a dog,..but a guinea pig!

    The unique item went up for auction on eBay for an opening bid of $5.oo and continued to rise. The funny and cute Medieval suit (consisting of a mail vest and helmet) sparked an amazing bidding war.

    Sean McCoy, the creator of the suit, privately hoped the bidding would reach $200.,..imagine his surprise at the final bid!

    The whole world seemed to have their eyes on this auction and it put the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue center squarely on the map, as all proceeds went to the organization.

    Who ever was the guinea pig, whose family won this auction, is one lucky little Guinea indeed! I fully expect her or him, to win this years pet costume contest, and set up a website, to keep us up to date.

    *Please,...always remember to spay and neuter your pet family members. ♥