Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BIGFOOT-----Has someone murdered our cousin?

The above photo is an enlargement (of a frame of film).. taken of a real Bigfoot.

This photo shows the breasts of a real female Bigfoot.

This is a photograph of a genuine female Bigfoot. When this photo was enhanced using modern technology,...you were able to see a scar on the face, the teeth when it grimaced, and the eyelashes around the being's eyes.

Was our rare cousin,........Bigfoot-------murdered?

OK, I was just going to leave a comment on the "Krazy news" section of this blog, or maybe the "Unknown creatures" section, but I am reading so much wild talk on the Web on this story, that I had to give this it's own segment.


A group that calls themselves Searching for Bigfoot,... claim they found Bigfoot in the North of Georgia, very deep in the woods. The Bigfoot is described as standing over 7' tall, reddish colored hair, greenish colored eyes and looks exactly like a human with a hair growth problem. The estimated weight of our hairy friend, comes in at over 500lbs!
Matthew Whitton and Rick Deyer are the people who found our passed away cousin. Did they genuinely find it passed away? We found three different stories on the Internet.---

1.)--The pair claimed that the Bigfoot was murdered by a former felon, after pursuing it doggedly, and it died on the spot.

2.)--Whitton and Deyer claimed to have found a whole family of Bigfoots living together, shot our Bigfoot cousin, then followed it bleeding and suffering into the woods, and waited for it to die.

3.)--Whitton and Deyer claimed to have stumbled across Bigfoot while hiking,.... where they then said, "And he was just laying there."
During the time that the pair were packing up and removing the body, Whitton and Deyer said they could hear other Bigfoots screaming in the not too distant area.

Personal note: If this story is true,... there is no doubt the other hairy beings were filled with anxiety and mourning the loss of their group member.

Bigfoot is a member of the family hominidae. It is a bipedal hominid, genetically our cousins. Humans are also a bipedal primate, in the family hominidae. So, killing our genetic cousins ( a hominid),.... would be homicide.

Any person guilty of killing a Bigfoot, should immediately be sent to jail!

If this story turns out to be an actual fact, and a Bigfoot was murdered (and it is only a matter of time if it hasn't) then we need to get on the phone with our State Representatives and demand that laws get passed to protect our close relatives.

Please read the comments section for updates on this story.


  1. As of 8-18-08 the stories circulating on the Web state that Whitton and Deyer can not be found.

    Could they have made the whole story up?

    Personally, I hope so, the thought of a Bigfoot being murdered was sickening.

  2. As 8-21-08 ---

    Whitton and Deyer have officially come forward and admitted it was a hoax gone too far.

    We understand that one has lost their job as a police officer, since admitting the hoax, and has been fired from the force.